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Caldoveiro Peak, Asturias, North Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Federalism, Grass Roots, Hegemony, or Senate in Spanish!

Hegemonía, Raíces, Senado, Federalismo!

Learn how to say "I sent you an e-mail.", "Did you get my e-mail?", "Yes, I got your e-mail.", or "I will respond to your e-mail." in Spanish!

Te envié un correo electrónico., Sí, recibí tu correo electrónico., ¿Recibiste mi correo electrónico?, Responderé a su correo electrónico.!

Learn how to say United, Quiet, Lovely, or Wild in Spanish!

Unido, Encantador, Tranquilo, Salvaje!

Learn how to say Formation, Break, Emergency, or Fault in Spanish!

Emergencia, Formación, Descanso, Culpa!

Learn how to say Discount, Innovation, Excuse, or Identification in Spanish!

Descuento, Innovación, Excusa, Identificación!

Learn how to say Democrat, Monarchist, Parliamentarian, or Political Party in French!

Officier de police, Officier de police, Officier de police, Officier de police!

Learn how to say "You are beautiful.", "She is smart.", "I am nice.", or "He is handsome." in French!

Je suis gentil., Tu es belle., Il est beau., Elle est intelligente.!

Learn how to say Recover, Score, Exclude, or Pursue in French!

Poursuivre, But, Exclure, Récupérer!

Learn how to say "I feel good.", "I feel bad.", "I love you.", or "Do you love me?" in French!

Je t'aime., Je me sens mal., Je me sens bien., Est-ce que tu m'aimes?!

Learn how to say "I am on the way.", "Are you coming?", "I will be leaving soon.", or "Are you going home?" in French!

Viens-tu?, Je suis sur le chemin., Rentres-tu à la maison?, Je pars bientôt.!

Learn how to say "You are beautiful.", "She is smart.", "I am nice.", or "He is handsome." in Italian!

È bello., Sono carino., Lei è intelligente., Sei bello.!

Learn how to say Machiavellian, Mandate, Mercantilism, or Mixed Economy in Italian!

Economia mista, Mandato, Mercantilismo, Machiavellico!

Learn how to say Russian, Mexican, Japanese, or Ethiopian in Italian!

Giapponese, Messicano, Russo, Etiope!

Learn how to say Mad, Smooth, Pleasant, or Welcome in Italian!

Pazzo, Benvenuto, Liscio, Piacevole!

Learn how to say Care, Project, Nature, or Structure in Italian!

Cura, Struttura, Progetto, Natura!

Schloss Münster, Münster, Germany,
Photo by Polybert49, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Interior, Stability, Statute, or Taxi in German!

Innere, Taxi, Satzung, Stabilität!

Learn how to say Alone, Bloody, Busy, or Rare in German!

Blutig, Beschäftigt, Selten, Allein!

Learn how to say Directory, Discretion, Forum, or Fraud in German!

Betrug, Forum, Verzeichnis, Diskretion!

Learn how to say Candidate, Driver, Master, or Queen in German!

Meister, Königin, Kandidat, Treiber!

Learn how to say Suit, Beer, Bread, or Cake in German!

Anzug, Bier, Brot, Kuchen!

Learn how to say Robust, Tricky, Frail, or Ripe in Japanese!

ロバストな, 虚弱, トリッキー, 熟した!

Learn how to say Damage, Requirement, Option, or Aid in Japanese!

オプション, 援助, 要件, 損傷!

Learn how to say "Just this.", "Nothing else.", "Can you wrap this?", or "I need someone to carry this." in Japanese!

他に何もない。, 私はこれを運ぶために誰かが必要です。, ちょうどこれ。, これを包みますか?!

Learn how to say "We like it a lot.", "We don't like it at all.", "We also agree.", or "We disagree." in Japanese!

我々は同意しない。, 我々はまた同意する。, 私たちはそれをまったく気に入らない。, 私たちはそれが大好きです。!

Learn how to say "Do you believe me?", "I believe you.", "Shopping is the main reason I visited.", or "Do you want to go shopping?" in Japanese!

ショッピングが私が訪れた主な理由です。, 私はあなたを信じています。, 私を信じてる?, 買い物に行きたいですか?!

Learn how to say Pull, Hit, Push, or Lay in Chinese!

铺设, 击中, 拉, 推!

Learn how to say "Who sent this?", "Thomas sent this.", "Would you like to buy this.", or "I don't want to buy anything." in Chinese!

托马斯发了这个。, 我不想买任何东西, 谁发这个?, 你想买这个吗!

Learn how to say "Can you ask them to come over here?", "Are you going by train or by plane?", "I am going by train.", or "I am going by plane." in Chinese!

我正在飞机上, 你乘火车还是飞机吗?, 你能请他们过来吗, 我乘火车去!

Learn how to say Philippines, Egypt, Vietnam, or Germany in Chinese!

德国, 埃及, 菲律宾, 越南!

Learn how to say Worth, Wound, Adventure, or Airline in Chinese!

冒险, 价值, 航空公司, 伤口!

Learn how to say South Korea, North Korea, Colombia, or Spain in Hindi!

दक्षिण कोरिया, उत्तर कोरिया, कोलम्बिया, स्पेन!

Learn how to say Stay, Contain, Reduce, or Establish in Hindi!

को कम, रहना, स्थापित करना, शामिल!

Learn how to say "When is the bus station open?", "When does the bus leave?", "When do we arrive?", or "When do we leave?" in Hindi!

बस कब चलता है?, हम कब जाएंगे?, बस स्टेशन कब खुला है?, हम कब आते हैं?!

Learn how to say "I'm not ready yet.", "Are you ready?", "When will you be ready?", or "I'll be ready soon." in Hindi!

मैं अभी तैयार नहीं हूँ।, तुम तैयार हो?, मैं जल्द ही तैयार हो जाऊंगा, आप कब तैयार होंगे?!

Learn how to say Judge, Steal, Comment, or Withdraw in Hindi!

निकालना, टिप्पणी, चुराना, न्यायाधीश!

Learn how to say "Next time.", "Last time.", "This time.", or "Either time." in Indonesian!

Lain kali., Kali ini., Terakhir kali., Baik waktu!

Learn how to say "That's too much.", "That's too little.", "Can you take away some?", or "Can you add some more?" in Indonesian!

Itu terlalu sedikit., Dapatkah Anda menambahkan lagi?, Itu terlalu banyak., Bisakah kamu mengambil beberapa?!

Learn how to say Connect, Construct, Defend, or Damage in Indonesian!

Menghubungkan, Kerusakan, Membangun, Membela!

Learn how to say "He works for a firm in Barcelona.", "His friend works in a café downtown.", "She works at the factory outside of town.", or "I work as a software developer." in Indonesian!

Temannya bekerja di kafe di pusat kota., Saya bekerja sebagai pengembang perangkat lunak., Dia bekerja di pabrik di luar kota., Dia bekerja untuk sebuah perusahaan di Barcelona.!

Learn how to say Cousin, Mate, Printer, or Traveller in Indonesian!

Pencetak, Sepupu, Pasangan, Wisatawan!

Learn how to say Fish, Shark, Owl, or Rabbit in Dutch!

Haai, Uil, Vis, Konijn!

Learn how to say Remedy, Slope, Stop, or Strip in Dutch!

Helling, Strip, Hou op, Remedie!

Learn how to say Proletariat, Lumpenproletariat, Marxism, or Sovietism in Dutch!

Politiek platform, Politiek platform, Politiek platform, Politiek platform!

Learn how to say Assurance, Attraction, Audit, or Blow in Dutch!

Aantrekkelijkheid, Zekerheid, Blazen, Audit!

Learn how to say Strike, Survive, Charge, or Touch in Dutch!

Aanraken, In rekening brengen, Overleven, Staking!

Barbican, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Cat, Eagle, Bird, or Killer Whale in Polish!

Eagle, Orka, Kot, Ptak!

Learn how to say Guilty, Glad, Healthy, or Sad in Polish!

Winny, Zadowolony, Zdrowy, Smutny!

Learn how to say Understand, Describe, Draw, or Explain in Polish!

Zrozumieć, Describe, Wyjaśniać, Rysować!

Learn how to say Hanoi, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Baghdad, Iraq, or Singapore, Singapore in Polish!

Bagdad, Irak, Hanoi, Wietnam, Hong Kong, Chiny, Singapur, Singapur!

Learn how to say Publisher, Talent, Designer, or Lover in Polish!

Talent, Publisher, Designer, Lover!

Learn how to say Come, Look, Become, or Leave in Portuguese!

Veja, Sair, Venha, Tornar-se!

Learn how to say Pack, Store, Waste, or Mount in Portuguese!

Loja, Desperdício, Pacote, Monte!

Learn how to say Poland, Canada, Morocco, or Peru in Portuguese!

México, México, México, México!

Learn how to say Horror Film, Action Film, Thriller Film, or Western Film in Portuguese!

Filme de terror, Filme de suspense, Filme de ação, Filmes de Velho Oeste!

Learn how to say Railway, Forest, Kitchen, or Scene in Portuguese!

Cozinha, Floresta, Estrada de ferro, Cena!

Learn how to say Petrol, Silk, Bike, or Flame in Russian!

бензин, шелк, пламя, велосипед!

Learn how to say Plebeian, Patrician, Plutocracy, or Poll in Russian!

голосование, плутократия!

Learn how to say Sleek, Skinny, Baggy, or Murky in Russian!

тощий, мешковатый, гладкий, темный!

Learn how to say Singer, Delegate, Fool, or Hip in Russian!

дурачить, тазобедренный, делегат, певец!

Learn how to say Vote, Ballot, Majority, or Minority in Russian!

голос, большинство, меньшинство, голосование!

Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Twenty-Five, Twenty-Six, Twenty-Seven, or Twenty-Eight in Korean!

이십오, 스물 여덟, 스물 일곱, 이십 육!

Learn how to say Alone, Bloody, Busy, or Rare in Korean!

혼자, 바쁜, 피의, 드문!

Learn how to say Theory, Pattern, Design, or Knowledge in Korean!

이론, 디자인, 지식, 무늬!

Learn how to say Walk, Defendant, Neighbor, or Engineer in Korean!

기사, 산책, 이웃 사람, 피고!

Learn how to say Fuzzy, Furry, Gaunt, or Spooky in Korean!

모피, 유령 같은, 쓸쓸한, 흐린!

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