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Learn how to say Damage, Requirement, Option, or Aid in Spanish!

Dañar, Ayuda, Opción, Requisito!

Learn how to say Care, Project, Nature, or Structure in Spanish!

Naturaleza, Proyecto, Cuidado, Estructura!

Learn how to say Militia, Socialism, Guilt, or Motivation in Spanish!

Milicia, Socialismo, Motivación, Culpa!

Learn how to say Button, Cap, Chart, or Coin in Spanish!

Gorra, Acuñar, Gráfico, Botón!

Learn how to say Jazz, Swing, Classical, or Folk in Spanish!

Gente, Jazz, Clásico, Oscilación!

Learn how to say Water, Car, Door, or Matter in French!

Voiture, Eau, Porte, Matière!

Learn how to say Stuffy, Dour, Cheery, or Grimy in French!

Austère, Bouché, Gai, Crasseux!

Learn how to say Infection, Policeman, Witness, or Adviser in French!

Témoin, Policier, Conseiller, Infection!

Learn how to say Reggae, Ska, Hip Hop, or Electronic Music in French!

Reggae, Hip hop, Ska, Musique électronique!

Learn how to say Oak, Rod, Sandwich, or Sculpture in French!

Sandwich, Barre, Sculpture, Chêne!

Learn how to say Potato Chips, Junk Food, Fast Food, or Unhealthy Food in Italian!

Cibo malsano, Patatine, Fast food, Cibo spazzatura!

Learn how to say Shop, Environment, Garden, or Region in Italian!

Negozio, Ambiente, Regione, Giardino!

Learn how to say Lively, Crude, Ugly, or Slim in Italian!

Vivace, Greggio, Sottile, Brutta!

Learn how to say Date, Monitor, Behave, or Compromise in Italian!

Tenere sotto controllo, Data, Compromesso, Comportarsi!

Learn how to say Avoid, Finish, Save, or Tend in Italian!

Salvare, Evitare, Tendere, Finire!

Learn how to say Setting, Landscape, Laboratory, or Peak in German!

Labor, Landschaft, Haupt, Rahmen!

Learn how to say Rosey, Drab, Darling, or Scary in German!

Liebling, Rosey, Düster, Beängstigend!

Learn how to say Spicy, Prickly, Slimey, or Salty in German!

Stachelig, Würzig, Schlank, Salzig!

Learn how to say Net, Snow, Tip, or Bowl in German!

Spitze, Schüssel, Netz, Schnee!

Learn how to say Race, Sex, Crime, or Message in German!

Rennen, Nachricht, Sex, Kriminalität!

Learn how to say Borders, Nation, Nationality, or Ethnicity in Japanese!

民族性, 国家, 国籍, 国境!

Learn how to say Light, Bed, Wall, or Computer in Japanese!

ベッド, コンピューター, 光, 壁!

Learn how to say Dig, Shrug, Block, or Stir in Japanese!

掘る, 肩をすくめた, かき混ぜる, ブロック!

Learn how to say Rosey, Drab, Darling, or Scary in Japanese!

ダーリン, 怖い, 卑劣な, ローズ!

Learn how to say Syndicalist, Totalitarian, Marxist, or Soviet in Japanese!

全体主義者, マルクス主義者, 分業主義者, ソビエト!

Learn how to say Month, Night, Rate, or Hour in Chinese!

小时, 月, 率, 晚!

Learn how to say Pocket, Ring, Device, or Fruit in Chinese!

设备, 水果, 环, 口袋!

Learn how to say Fish, Shark, Owl, or Rabbit in Chinese!

兔子, 鲨鱼, 猫头鹰, 鱼!

Learn how to say Calculation, Hypothesis, Logic, or Poetry in Chinese!

逻辑, 诗歌, 计算, 假设!

Learn how to say Recipe, Sensation, Separation, or Stance in Chinese!

食谱, 感觉, 分割, 姿态!

Learn how to say Recording, Substance, Carpet, or Curtain in Hindi!

रिकॉर्डिंग, पदार्थ, गलीचा, परदा!

Learn how to say Trusty, Trite, Canny, or Awkward in Hindi!

भरोसेमंद, घिसे-पिटे, चालाक, भद्दा!

Learn how to say Cold, Ready, Complete, or Hot in Hindi!

गरम, पूर्ण, तैयार, सर्दी!

Learn how to say Judge, Visitor, Author, or Victim in Hindi!

आगंतुक, न्यायाधीश, लेखक, शिकार!

Learn how to say Guideline, Objection, Prosecution, or Reception in Hindi!

दिशानिर्देश, स्वागत, आपत्ति, अभियोग!

Learn how to say Rose, String, Wheel, or Hat in Indonesian!

Mawar, Roda, Tali, Topi!

Learn how to say Defense, Resource, Style, or Feeling in Indonesian!

Perasaan, Pertahanan, Gaya, Sumber!

Learn how to say Offense, Absence, Error, or Transfer in Indonesian!

Pelanggaran, Transfer, Ketiadaan, Kesalahan!

Learn how to say Specification, Spectrum, Sphere, or Cube in Indonesian!

Bola, Kubus, Spesifikasi, Spektrum!

Learn how to say Agenda, Charter, Conservation, or Dividend in Indonesian!

Konservasi, Jadwal acara, Dividen, Piagam!

Learn how to say Mayor, Governor, City Council, or Town Council in Dutch!

Gouverneur, Burgemeester, Gemeenteraad, Gemeenteraad!

Learn how to say One Hundred, Two Hundred, Three Hundred, or Four Hundred in Dutch!

Honderd, Tweehonderd, Driehonderd, Vierhonderd!

Learn how to say Prison, Yard, Mountain, or Bridge in Dutch!

Gevangenis, Berg-, Werf, Brug!

Learn how to say Favor, Grade, Acceptance, or Constituency in Dutch!

Gunst, Rang, Kiesdistrict, Aanvaarding!

Learn how to say Mechanism, Panel, Tear, or Drawing in Dutch!

Tekening, Scheur, Paneel, Mechanisme!

Learn how to say Route, Path, Track, or Estate in Polish!

Majątek, Trasa, ścieżka, Tor!

Learn how to say Transaction, Assistance, Currency, or Minority in Polish!

Currency, Transaction, Assistance, Minority!

Learn how to say Police, Community, Price, or Control in Polish!

Police, Community, Control, Price!

Learn how to say Smart, Wealthy, Drunk, or Kind in Polish!

Mądry, Uprzejmy, Pijany, Zamożny!

Learn how to say Boney, Reliable, Durable, or Resistant in Polish!

Odporny, Boney, Niezawodny, Trwały!

Learn how to say Sexist, Racist, Homophobe, or Bigot in Portuguese!

Sexista, Racista, Homofóbico, Intolerante!

Learn how to say Wry, Windy, Chilly, or Dizzy in Portuguese!

Wry, Tonto, Ventoso, Frio!

Learn how to say Station, Village, County, or College in Portuguese!

Aldeia, Faculdade, Estação, Município!

Learn how to say Red, Green, Bright, or Dark in Portuguese!

Vermelho, Brilhante, Sombrio, Verde!

Learn how to say Aunt, Host, Human, or Peasant in Portuguese!

Humano, Camponês, Tia, Hospedeiro!

Learn how to say Continent, Residence, Shower, or Inn in Russian!

резиденция, континент, душ, гостиница!

Learn how to say Exclusion, Execution, Gesture, or Squad in Russian!

жест, команда, выполнение, исключение!

Learn how to say Perceive, Highlight, Outline, or Trace in Russian!

воспринимать, след, контур, основной момент!

Learn how to say Understanding, Conclusion, Content, or Confidence in Russian!

понимание, уверенность, вывод, содержание!

Learn how to say Situation, University, Hospital, or Site in Russian!

больница, Университет, сайт, ситуация!

Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Television, Article, Chair, or Object in Korean!

텔레비전, 목적, 조, 의자!

Learn how to say True, Poor, French, or Nice in Korean!

참된, 좋은, 가난한, 프랑스 국민!

Learn how to say Impact, Danger, Reaction, or Aim in Korean!

반응, 충격, 목표, 위험!

Learn how to say Be, Do, Go, or See in Korean!

해야 할 것, 만나다, 있다, 가기!

Learn how to say Abuse, Alliance, Bid, or Certificate in Korean!

매기다, 증명서, 남용, 동맹!

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