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Learn how to say "He always does that.", "She never does that.", "He broke the chair.", or "She fixed the computer." in Spanish!

Ella nunca hace eso., Ella arregló la computadora., Él siempre hace eso., Rompió la silla.!

Learn how to say Slide, Grab, Practice, or Pose in Spanish!

Agarrar, Diapositiva, Pose, Práctica!

Learn how to say Youngster, Accountant, Constable, or Miner in Spanish!

Contador, Alguacil, Joven, Minero!

Learn how to say "What is the right way to do it?", "That is the wrong way to do it.", "What do you think I should do?", or "Let me think about what you should do." in Spanish!

Esa es la manera incorrecta de hacerlo., Déjame pensar en lo que debes hacer., ¿Cuál es la manera correcta de hacerlo?, ¿Que crees que deberia hacer?!

Learn how to say Institute, Silence, Treaty, or Congress in Spanish!

Instituto, Silencio, Tratado, Congreso!

Learn how to say Imply, Advise, Inform, or Approve in French!

Informer, Impliquer, Approuver, Conseiller!

Learn how to say Navy, Raid, Rhythm, or Shortage in French!

Raid, Pénurie, Rythme, Marine!

Learn how to say "It will be hot tomorrow.", "It will be cold tonight.", "It will be hotter tomorrow.", or "It will be colder next week." in French!

Il sera froid ce soir., Ce sera plus froid la semaine prochaine., Ce sera plus chaud demain., Ce sera chaud demain.!

Learn how to say "Is this a safe area?", "Yes, this area is very quiet.", "Is this area always so safe?", or "You will be safe, as long as you don't stay out past midnight." in French!

Oui, cette zone est très calme., Cette zone est-elle toujours si sûre?, Est-ce une zone sûre?!

Learn how to say Workshop, Heaven, Mine, or Moon in French!

Atelier, Lune, Mien, Paradis!

Learn how to say "What is the nightly charge?", "What time is check out?", "Where is the airport?", or "Where is the mailbox?" in Italian!

Qual è il momento di controllare?, Qual è la carica notturna?, Dov'è l'aereoporto?, Dove si trova la cassetta postale?!

Learn how to say Flight, Challenge, Mark, or Output in Italian!

Produzione, Volo, Sfida, Marchio!

Learn how to say Leisure, Salary, Shopping, or Unity in Italian!

Unità, Tempo libero, Shopping, Stipendio!

Learn how to say Dolphin, Wolf, Panda, or Pelican in Italian!

Delfino, Pellicano, Lupo, Panda!

Learn how to say "How many people are coming?", "There are ten people on the way.", "How big is your city?", or "New York is home to millions of people." in Italian!

Quante persone stanno arrivando?, Quanto è grande la tua città?, Ci sono dieci persone in viaggio., New York ospita milioni di persone.!

Zwinger Palace, Dresden, Germany,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Shame, Sin, Succession, or Autonomy in German!

Autonomie, Nachfolge, Sünde, Schande!

Learn how to say Guitar, Violin, Drumset, or Saxophone in German!

Geige, Schlagzeug, Saxophon, Gitarre!

Learn how to say Tiger, Seal, Seahorse, or Mouse in German!

Tiger, Seehund, Seahorse, Maus!

Learn how to say Petrol, Silk, Bike, or Flame in German!

Fahrrad, Seide, Flamme, Benzin!

Learn how to say Senator, Congress, Congressman, or Congresswoman in German!

Linker flügelspieler, Linker flügelspieler, Linker flügelspieler, Linker flügelspieler!

Learn how to say Inspection, Advertisement, Ceremony, or Domain in Japanese!

式, 検査, ドメイン, 広告!

Learn how to say Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Weekday in Japanese!

金曜日, 平日, 木曜日, 土曜日!

Learn how to say "Can you show me?", "I will show you.", "Do you believe that?", or "I don't believe it." in Japanese!

それを信じますか?, 見せてもらえますか?, 私はそれを信じていない。, あなたに見せるね。!

Learn how to say Ankara, Turkey, Santiago, Chile, Berlin, Japanesey, or Damascus, Syria in Japanese!

ダマスカス、シリア, ベルリン、日本語, アンカラ、トルコ, サンティアゴ、チリ!

Learn how to say Die, Wait, Accept, or Watch in Japanese!

死ぬ, 時計, 受け入れる, 待つ!

Learn how to say Sure, Real, Easy, or Hard in Chinese!

当然, 简单, 真实, 硬!

Learn how to say "Just this.", "Nothing else.", "Can you wrap this?", or "I need someone to carry this." in Chinese!

你能包装吗, 只是这个。, 没有其他的。, 我需要有人携带这个。!

Learn how to say Shout, Contact, Recall, or Welcome in Chinese!

欢迎, 喊, 联系, 召回!

Learn how to say "Can I have a receipt please?", "Can it be cheaper?", "I only have 5 dollars.", or "Don't you have anymore money?" in Chinese!

我只有5美元。, 请问有收据吗?, 可以便宜吗, 你不再有钱了吗?!

Learn how to say Fence, Kit, Lamp, or Processor in Chinese!

篱笆, 处理器, 套件, 灯!

Learn how to say Eggs, Dip, Sauce, or Seasoning in Hindi!

Learn how to say Painter, Pensioner, Pope, or Receiver in Hindi!

पोप, पेंशनभोगी, रिसीवर, चित्रकार!

Learn how to say "Is it hot?", "Is it freezing?", "Is it raining?", or "IS it snowing?" in Hindi!

क्या बारिश हो रही है?, क्या बर्फबारी हो रही है?, क्या यह गरम है?, क्या यह ठंड है?!

Learn how to say Free Trade, Private Property, Nationalization, or Cooperative in Hindi!

सहयोगी, मुक्त व्यापार, निजी संपत्ति, राष्ट्रीयकरण!

Learn how to say "What are you thinking about?", "I'm not thinking about anything.", "What are you two talking about?", or "We two are just talking about the weather." in Hindi!

हम दोनों सिर्फ मौसम के बारे में बात कर रहे हैं।, आप दो के बारे में क्या बात कर रहे हैं?, मैं कुछ भी नहीं सोच रहा हूँ, आप द्वारा किस बारे में सोचा जा रहा है?!

Learn how to say Leaf, Chain, Present, or Desk in Indonesian!

Daun, Menyajikan, Meja tulis, Rantai!

Learn how to say "All day.", "A long time ago.", "As soon as possible.", or "At 6 o'clock in the evening." in Indonesian!

Dahulu kala., Secepatnya., Pukul 6 sore., Sepanjang hari.!

Learn how to say Oxygen, Truck, Nest, or Pavement in Indonesian!

Oksigen, Trotoar, Truk, Sarang!

Learn how to say Fierce, Stiff, Blank, or Compact in Indonesian!

Sengit, Kompak, Kosong, Kaku!

Learn how to say "Have you been in Hanoi yet?", "Which direction is the hotel in?", "How do I get to the public park?", or "How long does it take to get there?" in Indonesian!

Apakah Anda pernah berada di Hanoi?, Berapa lama waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk sampai kesana?, Bagaimana saya bisa sampai ke taman umum?, Arah mana hotel?!

Learn how to say Rule, Appeal, Challenge, or Restrict in Dutch!

Regel, Uitdaging, In beroep gaan, Beperken!

Learn how to say Duration, Fantasy, Heading, or Installation in Dutch!

Looptijd, Fantasie, Titel, Installatie!

Learn how to say Militarist, Theocrat, Military Officer, or Inquisitor in Dutch!

Inquisitoir, Theocrat, Militaire officier, Militarist!

Learn how to say Turtle, Chicken, Squid, or Frog in Dutch!

Inktvis, Kikker, Kip, Schildpad!

Learn how to say Diary, Dust, Leather, or Paint in Dutch!

Dagboek, Stof, Leer, Verf!

Learn how to say Text, Cause, Trouble, or Possibility in Polish!

Tekst, Możliwość, Kłopot, Przyczyna!

Learn how to say Seoul, South Korea, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Mexico City, Mexico, or Tehran, Iran in Polish!

Miasto Meksyk, Meksyk, Teheran, Iran, Seul, Korea Południowa, Dhaka, Bangladesz!

Learn how to say Symptom, Core, Phenomenon, or Secret in Polish!

Sekret, Zjawisko, Objaw, Rdzeń!

Learn how to say Join, Represent, Discuss, or Argue in Polish!

Omawiać, Przyłączyć się, Spierać się, Przedstawiać!

Learn how to say Pole, Shelf, Stick, or Timber in Polish!

Kij, Drzewny, Polak, Półka!

Learn how to say Owe, Purchase, Retire, or Finance in Portuguese!

Se aposentar, Compra, Deve, Finança!

Learn how to say Petrol, Silk, Bike, or Flame in Portuguese!

Seda, Bicicleta, Gasolina, Chama!

Learn how to say Trend, Warning, Achievement, or Democracy in Portuguese!

Democracia, Realização, Atenção, Tendência!

Learn how to say Drama Novel, Biography, Autobiography, or Non-Fiction Novel in Portuguese!

Novela de não ficção, Novela de drama, Biografia, Autobiografia!

Learn how to say Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, or Bangladesh in Portuguese!

Paquistão, Brasil, Nigéria, Bangladesh!

Learn how to say Directive, Entertainment, Federation, or Incentive in Russian!

директива, федерация, развлекательная программа, стимул!

Learn how to say Suit, Beer, Bread, or Cake in Russian!

костюм, кекс, хлеб, пиво!

Learn how to say Complaint, Corporation, Inflation, or Score in Russian!

Гол, жалоба, корпорация, инфляции!

Learn how to say Join, Represent, Discuss, or Argue in Russian!

спорить, представлять, присоединиться, обсуждать!

Learn how to say Glance, Horror, Margin, or Passion in Russian!

поле, взгляд, страсть, ужастик!

Learn how to say Foggy, Fluffy, Arch, or Springy in Korean!

흐린, 모호한, 아치, 경쾌한!

Learn how to say Development, Form, Level, or Effect in Korean!

형태, 수평, 개발, 효과!

Learn how to say Husky, Chunky, Glassy, or Meek in Korean!

에스키모 개의, 순한, 유리 같은, 무뚝뚝한!

Learn how to say Writer, Colleague, Expert, or Farmer in Korean!

작가, 농장주, 동료, 전문가!

Learn how to say Tube, Fabric, Label, or Pot in Korean!

구조, 튜브, 상표, 냄비!

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