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Casa Milà, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain,
Photo by Rick Ligthelm, CC BY License

Learn how to say "I'm married.", "Are you married?", "Do you have mangoes for sale?", or "We are sold out." in Spanish!

¿Trabajas mañana?, ¿Has visto esa película?, ¿Qué hace la gente en el verano aquí normalmente?, Me gustan las películas de terror y ciencia ficción., Quieres compartir?!

Learn how to say Stop, Receive, Decide, or Return in Spanish!

Detener, Recibir, Regreso, Decidir!

Learn how to say Manta Ray, Ostrich, Lobster, or Ladybug in Spanish!

Rayo manta, Avestruz, Langosta, Mariquita!

Learn how to say "There are some books on the table.", "There are some mats behind the chair.", "There are several tables beneath the cabinets.", or "There are several lawn chairs in the yard." in Spanish!

Hay algunas esteras detrás de la silla., Hay varias sillas de jardín en el patio., Hay varias mesas debajo de los gabinetes., Hay algunos libros sobre la mesa.!

Learn how to say Envelope, Fluid, Juice, or Missile in Spanish!

Fluido, Misil, Jugo, Envelope!

Learn how to say "Can I have some more bread please?", "Yes, there is bread for everyone.", "Can we have a menu please?", or "This is what I want from the menu." in French!

Learn how to say Race, Sex, Crime, or Message in French!

Message, Sexe, La criminalité, Course!

Learn how to say Adjustment, Anniversary, Bulk, or Delight in French!

Ajustement, Délice, Masse, Anniversaire!

Learn how to say "I don't have any money.", "Do you have any money?", "I'll order the same thing.", or "Can I buy the same thing?" in French!

Translation error, Je commanderai la même chose., Je commanderai la même chose., As tu de l'argent?!

Learn how to say Argentinian, Ukrainian, Algerian, or Iraqi in French!

Algérien, Argentin, Ukrainien, Irakien!

Learn how to say Sweet, Rough, Cool, or Extreme in Italian!

Dolce, Ruvido, Estremo, Freddo!

Learn how to say Range, History, Account, or Record in Italian!

Disco, Account, Storia, Gamma!

Learn how to say Prague, Czech Republic, Brussels, Belgium, Dublin, Ireland, or Ottawa, Canada in Italian!

Praga, Repubblica Ceca, Ottawa, Canada, Bruxelles, Belgio, Dublino, Irlanda!

Learn how to say "What time is it?", "It's 5 o'clock.", "It will be 5 o'clock soon.", or "Is it time yet?" in Italian!

È alle 5 del mattino., Sarà presto alle cinque., Che ore sono?, È ancora tempo?!

Learn how to say Play, Hear, Include, or Live In Italian!

Sentire, Vivere, Includere, Giocare!

Learn how to say Brash, Gaudy, Sporty, or Stealthy in German!

Schürzen, Bunt, Verstohlen, Sportlich!

Learn how to say Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila, or Rum in German!

Whiskey, Rum, Tequila, Wodka!

Learn how to say Merry, Rocky, Dire, or Jolly in German!

Fröhlich, Lustig, Schmerz, Felsig!

Learn how to say Dainty, Classy, Fussy, or Arty in German!

Zierlich, Nobel, Pingelig, Arty!

Learn how to say Experience, Plan, Art, or Story in German!

Geschichte, Planen, Kunst, Erfahrung!

Learn how to say System, Number, Point, or Word in Japanese!

数, ポイント, システム, ワード!

Learn how to say Grip, Verse, Merit, or Premium in Japanese!

グリップ, 値する, プレミアム, 詩!

Learn how to say "Do you like Chinese or Japanese food better?", "I like Chinese food better, because I love the noodles.", "I like Japanese food better, because I love the sushi.", or "I like either Chinese or Japanese food." in Japanese!

中国料理や日本食が好きですか?, 寿司が大好きなので、私は日本食が好きです。, 私は麺が好きなので、私は中国の食べ物が好きです。, 私は中国や日本の食べ物が好きです。!

Learn how to say Dismiss, Interpret, Search, or Analyze in Japanese!

解釈する, 却下する, サーチ, 分析する!

Learn how to say Look, Element, Aspect, or Division in Japanese!

見える, 分割, アスペクト, 素子!

Learn how to say Misty, Roast, Smelly, or Down in Chinese!

蒙蒙, 下, 臭, 烤!

Learn how to say Sane, Shrill, Numb, or Silky in Chinese!

尖锐, 柔滑, 麻木, 明智的!

Learn how to say Avoid, Finish, Save, or Tend in Chinese!

完, 保存, 趋向, 避免!

Learn how to say "Are you afraid?", "I'm not afraid.", "Are you sick?", or "I am sick." in Chinese!

我不怕。, 我病了。, 你生病了吗?, 你害怕吗?!

Learn how to say "Can you try to say it?", "I am trying to say it.", "What do you mean?", or "What does that mean?" in Chinese!

你什么意思?, 我想说, 这意味着什么?, 你能试试说吗?!

Learn how to say "The book is on the shelf.", "The cat is underneath the bed.", "The dog is outside the house.", or "The cat is inside its cat-house." in Hindi!

बिल्ली अपने बिल्ली-घर के अंदर है, कुत्ते घर के बाहर है, पुस्तक शेल्फ पर है, बिल्ली बिस्तर के नीचे है!

Learn how to say Youth, Will, Kid, or Neck in Hindi!

गरदन, जवानी, मर्जी, बच्चा!

Learn how to say Put, Hold, Keep, or Bring in Hindi!

रखना, लाओ, डाल, पकड़!

Learn how to say Success, Attention, Relation, or Principle in Hindi!

सफलता, ध्यान, रिश्ता, सिद्धांत!

Learn how to say Ankara, Turkey, Santiago, Chile, Berlin, Hindiy, or Damascus, Syria in Hindi!

बर्लिन, हिंदी, सेंटियागो, चिली, दमिश्क, सीरिया, अंकारा, तुर्की!

Learn how to say Proportion, Speed, Half, or Distance in Indonesian!

Proporsi, Kecepatan, Jarak, Setengah!

Learn how to say Cloud, Chip, Cigarette, or Jacket in Indonesian!

Chip, Awan, Jaket, Rokok!

Learn how to say "Has your father been there?", "My father has been there.", "Is this your first time here?", or "It is my first time here." in Indonesian!

Ayahku ada di sana., Ini adalah pertama kalinya saya di sini., Apakah ini pertama kalinya kamu di sini?, Apakah ayahmu ada di sana?!

Learn how to say "Please fill out the form.", "Do you need help filling out the form?", "Do you know how to cook?", or "I will cook for you whatever you want." in Indonesian!

Aku akan memasak untukmu apapun yang kamu mau., Silahkan isi formulirnya., Apakah Anda memerlukan bantuan untuk mengisi formulir?, Apakah kamu tahu cara memasak?!

Learn how to say Station, Village, County, or College in Indonesian!

Desa, Daerah, Stasiun, Perguruan tinggi!

Geulle aan de Maas, Geulle Castle, Netherlands,
Photo by Bert Kaufmann, CC BY License

Learn how to say Mill, Tower, Port, or Cottage in Dutch!

Molen, Toren, Huisje, Haven!

Learn how to say Glance, Horror, Margin, or Passion in Dutch!

Verschrikking, Oogopslag, Marge, Passie!

Learn how to say Stairs, Bomb, Camera, or Silver in Dutch!

Zilver, Camera, Bom, Trap!

Learn how to say Attack, Clear, Clean, or Sweep in Dutch!

Aanval, Schoon, Duidelijk, Vegen!

Learn how to say Fear, Opinion, Exchange, or Arrangement in Dutch!

Arrangement, Angst, Mening, Uitwisseling!

Barbican, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Conclude, Direct, Investigate, or Remind in Polish!

Przypominać, Bezpośredni, Zbadać, Wyciągnąć wniosek!

Learn how to say Unlucky, Shaky, Floppy, or Brisk in Polish!

Miękki, Nieszczęśliwy, Energiczny, Chwiejny!

Learn how to say Generate, Afford, Earn, or Gather in Polish!

Generować, Zbierać, Zarabiać, Pozwolić sobie!

Learn how to say Prove, Introduce, Ensure, or Refer in Polish!

Okazać się, Odnosić się, Przedstawiać, Zapewnić!

Learn how to say Purchaser, Seller, Vendor, or Correspondent in Polish!

Seller, Correspondent, Vendor, Purchaser!

Learn how to say Prompt, Negligent, Grubby, or Unkind in Portuguese!

Pronto, Negligente, Sujo, Desagradável!

Learn how to say Vile, Heady, Dreary, or Sublime in Portuguese!

Aborrecido, Vil, Sublime, Inebriante!

Learn how to say Shame, Sin, Succession, or Autonomy in Portuguese!

Vergonha, Sucessão, Autonomia, Pecado!

Learn how to say Roof, Shoe, Soil, or Tank in Portuguese!

Solo, Sapato, Cobertura, Tanque!

Learn how to say Pole, Shelf, Stick, or Timber in Portuguese!

Madeira, Pólo, Bastão, Estante!

Hermitage and Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Pay, Produce, Offer, or Require in Russian!

требовать, производить, платить, предлагает!

Learn how to say Kill, Occur, Enter, or Arrive in Russian!

убийство, войти, прибыть, происходить!

Learn how to say Militarism, Theocracy, Conscription, or Inquisition in Russian!

милитаризм, призыв на военную службу, инквизиция, теократия!

Learn how to say Spirit, Official, Agent, or Artist in Russian!

агент, художник, дух, официальный!

Learn how to say Prove, Introduce, Ensure, or Refer in Russian!

вводить, обеспечивать, обращаться, доказывать!

Boshingak, Jongno, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Candidate, Driver, Master, or Queen in Korean!

후보자, 석사, 운전사, 퀸!

Learn how to say Sexist, Racist, Homophobe, or Bigot in Korean!

인종 차별 주의자, 성 차별 주의자, 동성애 혐오증, 뱃머리!

Learn how to say Representation, Request, Championship, or Clause in Korean!

절, 의뢰, 선수권 대회, 대표!

Learn how to say Respond, Threaten, Feed, or Insist in Korean!

위협하다, 응창 성가, 고집, 먹이!

Learn how to say Red, Green, Bright, or Dark in Korean!

어두운, 빨간, 선명한, 녹색!

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