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Learn how to say "How far away until May 1st?", "It is August 5th.", "What week in October?", or "It is the second week of July." in Spanish!

Es el 5 de agosto., ¿En qué semana de octubre?, Es la segunda semana de julio., ¿Qué tan lejos está hasta el 1 de mayo?!

Learn how to say Know, Think, Write, or Believe in Spanish!

Escribir, Pensar, Saber, Creer!

Learn how to say Pop Star, Rock Star, Rapper, or Performer in Spanish!

Estrella del pop, Ejecutante, Estrella de rock, Rapero!

Learn how to say "Who is calling?", "This is Brian.", "Who's that person over there?", or "That is Abigail." in Spanish!

¿Quien esta llamando?, Este es Brian.!

Learn how to say Publisher, Talent, Designer, or Lover in Spanish!

Talento, Diseñador, Editor, Amante!

Learn how to say Prince, Princess, Duke, or Duchess in French!

Duc, Princesse, Prince, Duchesse!

Learn how to say Juice, Orange Juice, Apple Juice, or Lemonade in French!

Jus de pomme, Limonade, Du jus d'orange, Jus!

Learn how to say "What's the address?", "This is my address.", "Where are you going?", or "I will tell you where I am going." in French!

Quelle est l'adresse?, Où allez-vous?, C'est mon adresse.!

Learn how to say "Occasionally.", "From time to time.", "He's coming soon.", or "He's coming late." in French!

Translating..., Il viendra bientôt., De temps en temps., Parfois.!

Learn how to say Month, Night, Rate, or Hour in French!

Heure, Nuit, Taux, Mois!

Learn how to say Climb, Step, Dress, or Escape in Italian!

Vestito, Passo, Fuga, Scalata!

Learn how to say Piano, Toy, Champagne, or Vessel in Italian!

Pianoforte, Nave, Champagne, Giocattolo!

Learn how to say Eggs, Dip, Sauce, or Seasoning in Italian!

Uova, Salsa, Tuffo, Stagionatura!

Learn how to say "It's only two miles.", "It's five kilometers away.", "It's more than twenty yards.", or "It's fewer than five feet." in Italian!

Sono più di venti metri., Dista cinque chilometri., È meno di cinque piedi., Sono solo due miglia.!

Learn how to say "Do you play any sports?", "What sports do you play?", "Are there any fun sporting events going?", or "Where can I play a game of baseball?" in Italian!

Ci sono eventi sportivi divertenti?, Quali sport svolti?, Fai qualche sport?, Dove posso giocare a baseball?!

Schloss Münster, Münster, Germany,
Photo by Polybert49, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Workshop, Heaven, Mine, or Moon in German!

Himmel, Mond, Bergwerk, Werkstatt!

Learn how to say Fortune, Hold, Pitch, or Smell in German!

Geruch, Halt, Tonhöhe, Vermögen!

Learn how to say Action-Adventure Game, Turned-Based Strategy Game, Survival Game, or Horror Game in German!

Horrorspiel, Überlebens Spiel, Turn-basiertes Strategiespiel, Action-Abenteuer Spiel!

Learn how to say Clue, Devil, Disadvantage, or Essence in German!

Teufel, Hinweis, Nachteil, Wesen!

Learn how to say Race, Sex, Crime, or Message in German!

Nachricht, Rennen, Sex, Kriminalität!

Learn how to say Constituency, Constitution, Demagogue, or Direct Democracy in Japanese!

憲法, 直接民主主義, デマゴーグ, 選挙区!

Learn how to say Hilly, Bumpy, Leafy, or Dingy in Japanese!

丘陵, 葉っぱ, 凹凸のある, ディンギー!

Learn how to say Rome, Italy, Kiev, Ukraine, Taipei, Taiwan, or Paris, France in Japanese!

ローマ、イタリア, ローマ、イタリア, ローマ、イタリア, ローマ、イタリア!

Learn how to say Theft, Accent, Capitalism, or Dialogue in Japanese!

アクセント, 盗難, 対話, 資本主義!

Learn how to say Inspection, Advertisement, Ceremony, or Domain in Japanese!

検査, ドメイン, 式, 広告!

Summer Palace, Beijing, China,
Photo by David Stanley, CC BY License

Learn how to say "Where is the bathroom?", "I need to use the bathroom.", "Where is that?", or "Can you tell me where?" in Chinese!

洗手间在哪里?, 哪里是?, 我需要上一趟洗手间。, 你能告诉我哪里?!

Learn how to say Function, Risk, Sound, or Task in Chinese!

任务, 风险, 功能, 声音!

Learn how to say Branch, Copy, Wind, or Train in Chinese!

风, 复制, 培养, 科!

Learn how to say Jew, Bahá'í, Jainist, or Pagan in Chinese!

巴哈伊, 异教徒, 耆那教, 犹!

Learn how to say "Where is your friend from?", "Is your friend from Paris, too?", "Have you been there?", or "I have been there." in Chinese!

你的朋友也来自巴黎吗?, 你的朋友在哪里?, 你到过那里吗?, 我去过那里。!

Learn how to say Wonder, Ambition, Collapse, or Conception in Hindi!

धारणा, महत्वाकांक्षा, गिरावट, आश्चर्य!

Learn how to say Harm, Humor, Interface, or Invitation in Hindi!

चोट, निमंत्रण, इंटरफेस, हास्य!

Learn how to say Collectivism, Individualism, Conformity, or Non-Conformity in Hindi!

व्यक्तिवाद, अनुपालन, समष्टिवाद, गैर अनुरूप!

Learn how to say Replace, Improve, Discover, or Prevent in Hindi!

सुधारें, रोकना, पता चलता है, बदलने के!

Learn how to say Gate, Gun, Instrument, or Tool in Hindi!

साधन, बंदूक, साधन, द्वार!

Learn how to say Accommodation, Boundary, Dispute, or Identity in Indonesian!

Akomodasi, Perselisihan, Batas, Identitas!

Learn how to say "Can you throw that away for me?", "I will throw it away for you.", "Do you have a pencil?", or "I have a pencil." in Indonesian!

Apakah kamu punya pensil, Aku akan membuangnya untukmu, Saya punya pensil, Bisakah kamu membuangnya untukku?!

Learn how to say Grave, Memorial, Labor Hall, or Headquarters in Indonesian!

Markas besar, Kuburan, Ruang kerja, Peringatan!

Learn how to say Experience, Plan, Art, or Story in Indonesian!

Pengalaman, Rencana, Cerita, Seni!

Learn how to say "Do you play basketball?", "Want to play basketball?", "I love basketball.", or "Basketball is my favorite sport." in Indonesian!

Saya suka bermain basket., Ingin bermain bola basket?, Basket adalah olahraga favorit saya., Apakah kamu bermain bola basket?!

Geulle aan de Maas, Geulle Castle, Netherlands,
Photo by Bert Kaufmann, CC BY License

Learn how to say Consciousness, Probability, Thesis, or Communism in Dutch!

Communisme, Waarschijnlijkheid, Scriptie, Bewustzijn!

Learn how to say Militarist, Theocrat, Military Officer, or Inquisitor in Dutch!

Militarist, Militaire officier, Theocrat, Inquisitoir!

Learn how to say Routine, Allowance, Consent, or Commune in Dutch!

Gemeente, Toestemming, Toelage, Routine-!

Learn how to say Dig, Shrug, Block, or Stir in Dutch!

Graven, Blok, Roeren, De schouders ophalen!

Learn how to say Enthusiasm, Implementation, Satisfaction, or Storage in Dutch!

Implementatie, Tevredenheid, Opslagruimte, Enthousiasme!

Barbican, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Snappy, Weedy, Dusky, or Earthy in Polish!

Mroczny, Zachwaszczony, Ziemisty, żwawy!

Learn how to say Appearance, Existence, Improvement, or Crisis in Polish!

Kryzys, Wygląd, Poprawa, Istnienie!

Learn how to say Producer, Actor, Guy, or Relative in Polish!

Actor, Guy, Producer, Relative!

Learn how to say Leaf, Chain, Present, or Desk in Polish!

łańcuch, Liść, Biurko, Teraźniejszość!

Learn how to say Have, Get, Make, or Take in Polish!

Mieć, Otrzymać, Brać, Robić!

Learn how to say Factory, Address, Bedroom, or Store in Portuguese!

Fábrica, Quarto, Loja, Endereço!

Learn how to say User, Brother, Husband, or Chairman in Portuguese!

Irmão, Do utilizador, Presidente, Marido!

Learn how to say Tray, Bush, Ambulance, or Diagram in Portuguese!

Diagrama, Arbusto, Ambulância, Bandeja!

Learn how to say Paint, Sing, View, or Acknowledge in Portuguese!

Reconhecer, Visão, Pintura, Cantar!

Learn how to say Duration, Fantasy, Heading, or Installation in Portuguese!

Fantasia, Encabeçando, Duração, Instalação!

Learn how to say Christianity, Islam, Atheism, or Hinduism in Russian!

индуизм, ислам, Атеизм, христианство!

Learn how to say Joy, Limitation, Transition, or Venture in Russian!

радость, переход, ограничение, предприятие!

Learn how to say Boney, Reliable, Durable, or Resistant in Russian!

прочный, Boney, резистентный, надежный!

Learn how to say Merchant, Magistrate, Participant, or Refugee in Russian!

беженец, магистрат, торговец, участник!

Learn how to say Horror Film, Action Film, Thriller Film, or Western Film in Russian!

боевик, вестерн, фильм триллера, ужастик!

Gyeonghuigung Palace, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by travel oriented, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Christmas, Ramadan, Hanukkah, or Vesākha in Korean!

베 짜카, 하누카, 크리스마스, 라마단!

Learn how to say Judge, Steal, Comment, or Withdraw in Korean!

판사, 논평, 훔치다, 빼다!

Learn how to say Soda, Hot Cocoa, Tea, or Iced Tea in Korean!

소다, 아이스 티, 뜨거운 코코아, 차!

Learn how to say Collectivism, Individualism, Conformity, or Non-Conformity in Korean!

개인주의, 비국교도, 적합성, 집단주의!

Learn how to say Person, City, Girl, or Father in Korean!

아버지, 사람, 시티, 소녀!

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