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Learn how to say "Do you care?", "I don't care.", "Do you give up?", or "I give up." in Spanish!

¿Te importa?, No me importa., ¿Te rindes?, Me doy por vencido.!

Learn how to say Swift, Sticky, Bleak, or Sandy in Spanish!

Pegajoso, Arenoso, Rápido, Desolado!

Learn how to say "Where is the embassy?", "I need to contact the American embassy.", "Where can I send a package?", or "I want to send a package to America." in Spanish!

Quiero enviar un paquete a América., ¿Dónde puedo enviar un paquete?, ¿Dónde está la embajada?, Necesito entrar en contacto con la embajada americana.!

Learn how to say "Why did you say that?", "I said that because I have actually seen it happen.", "Did you forget?", or "I forgot it." in Spanish!

¿Lo olvidaste?, ¿Has olvidado?, Lo dije porque lo he visto realmente suceder., ¿Por qué dijiste eso?!

Learn how to say Lose, Add, Change, or Remain In Spanish!

Perder, Añadir, Cambio, Permanecer!

Learn how to say Hundred, Department, Morning, or Event in French!

Département, Matin, Cent, Un événement!

Learn how to say Thinking, Premise, Poem, or Average in French!

Moyenne, Prémisse, Poème, En pensant!

Learn how to say "Please don't be mad at me.", "I'm not mad at you.", "That was thoughtless of me.", or "I was being careless and I'm sorry." in French!

Cela ne m'a pas pensé., Je ne suis pas en colère contre vous., Ne me fous pas contre moi.!

Learn how to say Autocracy, Bill Of Rights, Partisan, or Bourgeois in French!

Déclaration des droits, Partisan, Autocratie, Bourgeois!

Learn how to say Awareness, Tendency, Discovery, or Equation in French!

Conscience, Tendance, Découverte, équation!

Learn how to say "How do you spell the word 'Paris'?", "How do you say the word 'Paris'?", "Can you hear me?", or "I can't hear you." in Italian!

Come dici la parola "Parigi"?, Come scrivi la parola "Parigi"?, Riesci a sentirmi?, Non posso sentirti.!

Learn how to say Vegetable, Belt, Ceiling, or Check in Italian!

Soffitto, Verdura, Cintura, Dai un'occhiata!

Learn how to say "Cheers!", "Excuse me!", "Do you need help?", or "Can I help you?" in Italian!

Hai bisogno di aiuto?, Saluti!, Scusami!, Posso aiutarti?!

Learn how to say "Do you need to take a shower?", "I have to take shower.", "Do you need to brush your teeth?", or "I need to brush my teeth." in Italian!

Ho bisogno di spazzolare i denti., Hai bisogno di spazzolare i denti?, Devo fare la doccia., Hai bisogno di fare una doccia?!

Learn how to say Mechanism, Panel, Tear, or Drawing in Italian!

Lacrima, Meccanismo, Disegno, Pannello!

Hameln, Lower Saxony, Germany,
Photo by Pom Angers, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Heel, Hint, Indicator, or Launch in German!

Hacke, Hinweis, Indikator, Einführung!

Learn how to say Person, City, Girl, or Father in German!

Stadt, Mädchen, Person, Vater!

Learn how to say Search, Trip, Display, or Drive in German!

Suche, Ausflug, Fahrt, Anzeigen!

Learn how to say Paint, Sing, View, or Acknowledge in German!

Aussicht, Singen, Farbe, Bestätigen!

Learn how to say Iran, Turkey, Thailand, or Congo in German!

Thailand, Truthahn, Kongo, Ich rannte!

Learn how to say "Can I get a single room?", "I would like a double room.", "Do you have TV here?", or "I don't like to watch TV." in Japanese!

私は1つの部屋を得ることができますか?, ここにテレビがありますか?, 私はテレビを見るのが好きではありません。, 私はダブルルームが欲しいです。!

Learn how to say "Can I try it on?", "Yes, you may try it on.", "What size is this?", or "It is a size 9." in Japanese!

私はそれを試すことができますか?, サイズ9です。, はい、試してみてください。, これのサイズは何ですか?!

Learn how to say "Can you do me a favor?", "I can do you a favor.", "Can you help me?", or "I can help you." in Japanese!

手伝って頂けますか?, 私はあなたに恩恵を与えることができます。, お手伝いしましょう。, ちょっとお願いできますか?!

Learn how to say "Do you need to take a shower?", "I have to take shower.", "Do you need to brush your teeth?", or "I need to brush my teeth." in Japanese!

私はシャワーを浴びなければならない。, 私は私の歯を磨く必要があります。, シャワーをする必要がありますか?, あなたの歯を磨く必要がありますか?!

Learn how to say Match, Strategy, Truth, or Doubt in Japanese!

疑問に思う, 一致, 真実, 戦略!

Learn how to say "He said this was a good place.", "She said we would like it here.", "They suggested we avoid the bar down the street.", or "They did not like the music at the concert." in Chinese!

她说我们希望在这里。, 他说这是一个好地方。, 他们建议我们避开街上的酒吧。, 他们不喜欢音乐会的音乐。!

Learn how to say Two Thousand, One Hundred, One, Two Thousand, One Hundred, Two, Two Thousand, One Hundred, Three, or Two Thousand, One Hundred, Four in Chinese!

二千一百二, 两千一百三, 二千一百一, 二千一百四!

Learn how to say Election, Animal, Music, or Charge in Chinese!

收费, 选举, 动物, 音乐!

Learn how to say "What's wrong?", "Is anything wrong?", "No, nothing is wrong.", or "Everything is all right." in Chinese!

不,没有什么是错的。, 怎么了?, 一切都没事。, 有什么问题吗?!

Learn how to say "What time do you go to work everyday?", "I go to work everyday at 8:00 AM.", "What time do you get out of work?", or "I get out of work at 4:00 PM everyday." in Chinese!

我每天下午4点才下班。, 你什么时候每天去上班?, 我上午8:00每天上班。, 你什么时候下班?!

Learn how to say "How is the path?", "The path is dangerous.", "What is the room rate?", or "The room rate is fifty dollars per day." in Hindi!

कमरे की दर क्या है?, कमरे की दर प्रति दिन पचास डॉलर है।, मार्ग कैसा है?, पथ खतरनाक है!

Learn how to say Perceive, Highlight, Outline, or Trace in Hindi!

निशान, मुख्य आकर्षण, रूपरेखा, समझना!

Learn how to say Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, or Intolerance in Hindi!

लिंगभेद, होमोफोबिया, जातिवाद, असहिष्णुता!

Learn how to say Five, Six, Seven, or Eight in Hindi!

सात, छह, आठ, पंज!

Learn how to Damp, Steep, Mild, or Harsh in Hindi!

खड़ी, कठोर, नम, सौम्य!

Learn how to say "Can I have one glass of water please?", "Can I have two glasses of water please?", "Can I have three glasses of water please?", or "Can I have four glasses of water please?" in Indonesian!

Bisakah saya minum dua gelas air?, Bisakah saya meminum satu gelas air?, Bisakah saya meminum tiga gelas air?, Bisakah saya minum empat gelas air?!

Learn how to say Nightmare, Organism, Radiation, or Redundancy in Indonesian!

Mimpi buruk, Radiasi, Redundansi, Organisme!

Learn how to say Onions, Garlic, Butter, or Parsley in Indonesian!

Mentega, Bawang putih, Bawang, Peterseli!

Learn how to say Awareness, Tendency, Discovery, or Equation in Indonesian!

Persamaan, Kesadaran, Penemuan, Kecenderungan!

Learn how to say Pole, Shelf, Stick, or Timber in Indonesian!

Tiang, Kayu, Rak, Tongkat!

Learn how to say Share, Agreement, Contract, or Security in Dutch!

Contract, Delen, Veiligheid, Overeenkomst!

Learn how to say Mean, Sign, Attend, or Perform in Dutch!

Teken, Uitvoeren, Bijwonen, Gemiddelde!

Learn how to say Dutch Fries, Potatoes, Hamburger, or Hotdog in Dutch!

Aardappelen, Hollandse frietjes, Hamburger, Hotdog!

Learn how to say Household, Sky, Gallery, or Location in Dutch!

Galerij, Hemel, Huishouden, Plaats!

Learn how to say Tone, Circle, Nose, or Height in Dutch!

Toon, Cirkel, Hoogte, Neus-!

Fountain of Proserpina, Poznan, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say United, Quiet, Lovely, or Wild in Polish!

śliczny, Dziki, Zjednoczony, Cichy!

Learn how to say Mouth, Sister, Miss, or Executive in Polish!

Siostra, Usta, Tęsknić, Wykonawczy!

Learn how to say South Korea, North Korea, Colombia, or Spain in Polish!

Korea Północna, Hiszpania, Korea Południowa, Kolumbia!

Learn how to say Vile, Heady, Dreary, or Sublime in Polish!

Wzniosły, Mocny, Ponury, Podły!

Learn how to say Know, Think, Write, or Believe in Polish!

Uwierzyć, Wiedzieć, Myśleć, Pisać!

Learn how to say List, Film, Cup, or Machine in Portuguese!

Filme, Copo, Lista, Máquina!

Learn how to say Frown, Respect, Instruct, or Confess in Portuguese!

Respeito, Confessar, Instruir, Franzir a testa!

Learn how to say Guitar, Violin, Drumset, or Saxophone in Portuguese!

Conjunto de tambores, Saxofone, Violão, Violino!

Learn how to say Horror Film, Action Film, Thriller Film, or Western Film in Portuguese!

Filme de ação, Filmes de Velho Oeste, Filme de terror, Filme de suspense!

Learn how to say Twin, Clerk, Fellow, or Folk in Portuguese!

Gêmeo, Escriturário, Folk, Companheiro!

Learn how to say Justify, Appreciate, Blame, or Complain in Russian!

ценить, обосновывать, вина, жаловаться!

Learn how to say Distinction, Enemy, Fashion, or God in Russian!

различие, Бог, мода, враг!

Learn how to say Cook, Kick, Race, or Breathe in Russian!

готовить, удар, раса, дышать!

Learn how to say Extent, Second, Survey, or Weight in Russian!

второй, вес, опрос, степень!

Learn how to say Determination, Import, Replacement, or Strain in Russian!

замена, определение, напряжение, Импортировать!

Learn how to say Procedure, Circumstance, Help, or Goal in Korean!

골, 순서, 도움, 상황!

Learn how to say Appoint, Order, Reply, or Propose in Korean!

제안하다, 주문, 댓글, 정하다!

Learn how to say Robust, Tricky, Frail, or Ripe in Korean!

무른, 교활한, 익은, 건장한!

Learn how to say Ankara, Turkey, Santiago, Chile, Berlin, Koreany, or Damascus, Syria in Korean!

베를린, 한국, 앙카라, 터키, 시리아 다마스커스, 산티아고, 칠레!

Learn how to say Comfort, Imagination, Mystery, or Profile in Korean!

신비, 위로, 윤곽, 상상력!

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