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Caldoveiro Peak, Asturias, North Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say "Hello.", "Goodbye.", "What is your name?", or "My name is john." in Spanish!

Adiós., ¿Cuál es su nombre?, Hola., Mi nombre es John.!

Learn how to say "Where should I get a taxi?", "Do you know where I can order a driver?", "Are the taxis any good in this city?", or "Should I avoid taxis here and use a driving service?" in Spanish!

¿Son buenos los taxis en esta ciudad?, ¿Dónde debo tomar un taxi?, ¿Debo evitar los taxis aquí y utilizar un servicio de conducción?, ¿Sabes dónde puedo pedir un conductor?!

Learn how to say Lease, Privilege, Punishment, or Taxation in Spanish!

Castigo, Impuestos, Arrendamiento, Privilegio!

Learn how to say "I don't like him.", "I like her.", "I'm from America.", or "I'm American." in Spanish!

Soy de América., Ella me gusta., Soy americana., No me gusta.!

Learn how to say Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, or Bangladesh in Spanish!

Brasil, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistán!

Learn how to say "Can you open the door?", "I will open the door for you.", "Is it okay if I open this window?", or "I'm going to open a window." in French!

Je vous ouvrirai la porte., Est-ce d'accord si j'ouvre cette fenêtre?, Pouvez-vous ouvrir la porte?, Je vais ouvrir une fenêtre.!

Learn how to say Joy, Limitation, Transition, or Venture in French!

Limitation, Entreprise, Joie, Transition!

Learn how to say "I have never seen that before.", "I have already seen that.", "Just a little.", or "Too much." in French!

Je l'ai déjà vu., Je l'ai déjà vu., Je n'ai jamais vu cela auparavant., Je l'ai déjà vu.!

Learn how to say "Which is better?", "Do you prefer either more?", "What do you recommend?", or "Do you have a good recommendation?" in French!

Que recommandez-vous?, Ce qui est mieux?, Vous préférez plus?!

Learn how to say Condition, Activity, Death, or Sense in French!

Décès, Sens, Condition, Activité!

Learn how to say "Where did you work before here?", "Where do you work now?", "Your children are well-behaved.", or "How well-behaved do you expect them to be?" in Italian!

Come ti rendi bene che ti aspetti?, Dove lavori adesso?, Dove hai lavorato qui prima?, I tuoi figli sono ben educati.!

Learn how to say Very, Thin, Fat, or Tiny in Italian!

Minuscolo, Molto, Grasso, Magro!

Learn how to say "What did you say?", "I just said 'hello.'", "Can I ask you again?", or "Forget it." in Italian!

Posso chiederti di nuovo?, Ho appena detto "ciao"., Cosa hai detto?, Dimenticalo.!

Learn how to say Prison, Yard, Mountain, or Bridge in Italian!

Prigione, Ponte, Cortile, Montagna!

Learn how to say "I'm ready now.", "She's getting ready.", "He's ready now.", or "They were ready before." in Italian!

Adesso è pronto., Sono pronto adesso., Erano pronti prima., Sta preparando.!

Zwinger Palace, Dresden, Germany,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Delivery, Framework, Obligation, or Regime in German!

Rahmen, Verpflichtung, Lieferung, Regime!

Learn how to say Mellow, Frosty, Lousy, or Moody in German!

Launisch, Mellow, Eisig, Lausig!

Learn how to Damp, Steep, Mild, or Harsh in German!

Mild, Steil, Hart, Feucht!

Learn how to say Seoul, South Korea, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Mexico City, Mexico, or Tehran, Iran in German!

Dhaka, Bangladesch, Teheran, Iran, Mexiko-Stadt, Mexiko, Seoul, Südkorea!

Learn how to say Evening, Standard, Page, or Size in German!

Abend, Größe, Seite, Standard!

Learn how to say Hope, Meaning, Assessment, or Consideration in Japanese!

希望, 考慮, 評価, 意味!

Learn how to say Assess, Divide, Recognize, or Select in Japanese!

評価する, 選択する, 認識する, 分ける!

Learn how to say "Have you done this before?", "Don't worry, I have done this before.", "Do you have an appointment?", or "I have an appointment." in Japanese!

お約束はございますか?, 心配しないで、私は前にこれをやった。, 私は約束があります。, あなたはこれを前にしたことがありますか?!

Learn how to say Dictator, Ruler, Police Officer, or Soldier in Japanese!

マックラーカー, マックラーカー, マックラーカー, マックラーカー!

Learn how to say Action-Adventure Game, Turned-Based Strategy Game, Survival Game, or Horror Game in Japanese!

サバイバルゲーム, アクションアドベンチャーゲーム, ターンベースの戦略ゲーム, ホラーゲーム!

Learn how to say Alternative, Total, Variation, or Index in Chinese!

总, 指数, 替代, 变异!

Learn how to say Reason, Figure, Research, or Decision in Chinese!

原因, 数字, 研究, 决定!

Learn how to say "Can you swim?", "I can swim.", "Can you surf?", or "No, I cannot surf." in Chinese!

我会游泳。, 不,我不能冲浪。, 你会游泳吗?, 你能冲浪吗?!

Learn how to say "Can I have the bill please?", "Here is your bill.", "Can I borrow some money please?", or "You may borrow 5 dollars." in Chinese!

我可以借一些钱吗?, 这是你的账单。, 请问可以吗?, 你可以借5美元。!

Learn how to say Injury, Threat, Background, or Exhibition in Chinese!

威胁, 伤, 背景, 展览!

Learn how to say Anarchist, Libertarian, Statist, or Authoritarian in Hindi!

मुक्तिवादी, अराजकतावादी, सांख्यिकीविद, सत्तावादी!

Learn how to say Isle, Pond, Nursery, or Temple in Hindi!

मंदिर, नर्सरी, तालाब, टापू!

Learn how to say Prisoner, Knee, Lawyer, or Councillor in Hindi!

घुटना, बंदी, सभासद, वकील!

Learn how to say Rose, String, Wheel, or Hat in Hindi!

तार, टोपी, गुलाब का फूल, पहिया!

Learn how to say Killer, Offender, Auditor, or Lung in Hindi!

अपराधी, फेफड़ा, लेखा परीक्षक, हत्यारा!

Learn how to say Borders, Nation, Nationality, or Ethnicity in Indonesian!

Etnisitas, Bangsa, Kebangsaan, Perbatasan!

Learn how to say "I'm cleaning up.", "I'm cleaning my room.", "I will clean soon.", or "Can you help with cleaning?" in Indonesian!

Dapatkah Anda membantu membersihkan?, Saya akan bersihkan segera, Saya sedang membersihkan, Aku sedang membersihkan kamarku.!

Learn how to say Protein Bar, Tomato Soup, Ramen Soup, or Rice in Indonesian!

Sup ramen, Nasi, Sup tomat, Batang protein!

Learn how to say Militarist, Theocrat, Military Officer, or Inquisitor in Indonesian!

Militeris, Theocrat, Jaksa pengadilan, Perwira militer!

Learn how to say Cash, Contribution, Debate, or Reform in Indonesian!

Kas, Perdebatan, Kontribusi, Pembaruan!

Learn how to say Damage, Requirement, Option, or Aid in Dutch!

Eis, Keuze, Steun, Schade!

Learn how to say Drive, Eat, Act, or Manage in Dutch!

Eten, Handelen, Drive, Beheren!

Learn how to say Meeting, Game, Role, or Stage in Dutch!

Stadium, Rol, Spel, Vergadering!

Learn how to say Imagine, Associate, Aim, or Observe in Dutch!

Doel, Associëren, Waarnemen, Stel je voor!

Learn how to say Social Justice, Social Engineering, Syndicalism, or Totalitarianism in Dutch!

Politiek platform, Politiek platform, Totalitarisme, Politiek platform!

Fountain of Proserpina, Poznan, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Berry Juice, Energy Drink, Coffee, or Espresso in Polish!

Napój energetyczny, Sok jagodowy, Espresso, Kawa!

Learn how to say Nude, Scruffy, Homely, or Cute in Polish!

Niechlujny, Przytulny, Uroczy, Nagi!

Learn how to say Empty, Narrow, Thick, or Severe in Polish!

Silny, Gruby, Wąska, Pusty!

Learn how to say South Korean, North Korean, Colombian, or Polish in Polish!

Korea Południowa, Kolumbijczyk, Polskie, Korea Północna!

Learn how to say Mixture, Anger, Darkness, or Disaster in Polish!

Gniew, Mieszanina, Ciemność, Katastrofa!

Learn how to say Examine, Study, Recognize, or Stare in Portuguese!

Examinar, Reconhecer, Estude, Olhar fixamente!

Learn how to say Beer, Cider, Cocktail, or Liquor in Portuguese!

Cerveja, Coquetel, Cidra, Licor!

Learn how to say Mellow, Frosty, Lousy, or Moody in Portuguese!

Temperamental, Nojento, Gelado, Maduro!

Learn how to say Mail, Medicine, Paragraph, or Print in Portuguese!

Enviar, Impressão, Parágrafo, Remédio!

Learn how to say Vegetable, Belt, Ceiling, or Check in Portuguese!

Cinto, Vegetal, Teto, Verifica!

Learn how to say Riot, Scandal, Subsidiary, or Subsidy in Russian!

дочернее предприятие, бунт, скандал, субсидия!

Learn how to say Heel, Hint, Indicator, or Launch in Russian!

индикатор, намек, пятка, запуск!

Learn how to say Senator, Congress, Congressman, or Congresswoman in Russian!

сенатор, конгресс, конгрессмен, женщина - член конгресса США!

Learn how to say Directory, Discretion, Forum, or Fraud in Russian!

осмотрительность, Форум, мошенничество, каталог!

Learn how to say Fish, Shark, Owl, or Rabbit in Russian!

Рыба, Кролик, Акула, Сова!

Learn how to say Agriculture, Empire, Poll, or Purchase in Korean!

투표, 농업, 매수, 제국!

Learn how to say Warm, Strange, Ill, or Alienated in Korean!

이상한, 따뜻한, 악, 소외 된!

Learn how to say Ocean, Garage, Planet, or Terrace in Korean!

테라스, 행성, 대양, 차고!

Learn how to say People, Man, Woman, or Child in Korean!

사람들, 남자, 어린이, 여자!

Learn how to say Repair, Stand, Uncertainty, Closure in Korean!

대, 불확실성, 수리, 폐쇄!

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