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Learn how to say Win, Lie, Doctrine, or Heritage in Spanish!

Patrimonio, Ganar, Mentira, Doctrina!

Learn how to say Accommodation, Boundary, Dispute, or Identity in Spanish!

Disputa, Alojamiento, Identidad, Límite!

Learn how to say "Are you full?", "I'm full.", "I usually have coffee with breakfast.", or "I don't drink with breakfast." in Spanish!

Estoy lleno., No bebo con el desayuno., Normalmente tomo café con desayuno., ¿Estás lleno?!

Learn how to say Vile, Heady, Dreary, or Sublime in Spanish!

Embriagador, Sublime, Vil, Triste!

Learn how to say "I will come back later.", "Can you come back later?", "I don't have time now.", or "Do you have time now?" in Spanish!

Regresaré más tarde., ¿Puedes volver más tarde?, ¿Tienes tiempo ahora?, No tengo tiempo ahora.!

Learn how to say Achieve, Choose, Fail, or Serve in French!

Atteindre, Servir, échouer, Choisir!

Learn how to say Flee, Creep, Depart, or Crawl in French!

Partir, Se glisser, Fuir, Crawl!

Learn how to say "Where is it?", "Where was it?", "Where would you like to go?", or "Want to go with me?" in French!

Où voudrais-tu aller?, Voulez-vous aller avec moi?, Où est-ce?, Où était-il?!

Learn how to say Aunt, Host, Human, or Peasant in French!

Hôte, Paysan, Tante, Humain!

Learn how to say Summer, Winter, Fall, or Spring in French!

Printemps, Tomber, Hiver, été!

Learn how to say Commissioner, Earl, Emperor, or Maker in Italian!

Creatore, Commissario, Conte, Imperatore!

Learn how to say "How is business?", "Business is good.", "Do you have any of these?", or "Sorry, we don't have any." in Italian!

Come vanno gli affari?, Avete uno di questi?, Il commercio è buono., Spiacente, non abbiamo nessuno.!

Learn how to say Link, Reality, Sight, or Objective in Italian!

Vista, La realtà, Obbiettivo, Collegamento!

Learn how to say Observation, Shot, Strike, or Origin in Italian!

Origine, Tiro, Osservazione, Sciopero!

Learn how to say Stormy, Creamy, Stale, or Void in Italian!

Vuoto, Stantio, Tempestoso, Cremoso!

Schloss Münster, Münster, Germany,
Photo by Polybert49, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Crash, Disposal, Dose, or Fate in German!

Dosis, Absturz, Verfügung, Schicksal!

Learn how to say Border, Engineering, Foundation, or Religion in German!

Rand, Religion, Stiftung, Ingenieurwesen!

Learn how to say Seem, Try, Begin, or Going in German!

Start, Scheinen, Versuchen, Gehen!

Learn how to say "Barcelona is very different from St. Petersburg.", "Barcelona is more beautiful than St. Petersburg.", "St. Petersburg is more serene than Barcelona.", or "I would rather live in Barcelona than in St. Petersburg." in German!

Barcelona unterscheidet sich sehr von St. Petersburg., Barcelona ist schöner als St. Petersburg., St. Petersburg ist heiterer als Barcelona., Ich würde lieber in Barcelona leben als in St. Petersburg.!

Learn how to say Bet, Beg, Exchange, or Hire in German!

Mieten, Wette, Austausch-, Bitten!

Learn how to say Profession, Protest, Recommendation, or Restriction in Japanese!

職業, 制限, 勧告, 抗議!

Learn how to say Joke, Perception, Architecture, or Symbol in Japanese!

冗談で, 建築, 知覚, シンボル!

Learn how to say Hockey, Racing, Soccer, or Baseball in Japanese!

B-ムービー, B-ムービー, B-ムービー, B-ムービー!

Learn how to say Rose, String, Wheel, or Hat in Japanese!

ローズ, ホイール, 帽子, 文字列!

Learn how to say "Is it hot?", "Is it freezing?", "Is it raining?", or "IS it snowing?" in Japanese!

雨が降っていますか?, それは凍っていますか?, 雪が降っています?, 暑いですか?!

Learn how to say Tin, Alarm, Cable, or Craft in Chinese!

手艺, 锡, 报警, 电缆!

Learn how to say "Stop!", "Stop now!", "Don't do that!", or "Can you stop that?" in Chinese!

你能阻止吗, 停止!, 现在停止吧!, 不要这样做!

Learn how to say "I would like to go to the bakery.", "What's at the bakery?", "Do you need a napkin?", or "I need a napkin." in Chinese!

你需要一张餐巾吗?, 我想去面包店。, 我需要一张餐巾, 面包店里有什么?!

Learn how to say Atmosphere, Coast, Beach, or Convention in Chinese!

大气层, 海滩, 惯例, 滨!

Learn how to say "When does it start?", "When do you think they will get here?", "When will you be back?", or "When are you going to pick up John?" in Chinese!

你什么时候去拿约翰?, 什么时候开始?, 你什么时候认为他们会来这里?, 你什么时候回来?!

Learn how to say Notion, Beauty, Topic, or Phrase in Hindi!

मुहावरा, धारणा, विषय, सुंदरता!

Learn how to say Cold, Completion, Disorder, or Evolution in Hindi!

विकार, क्रमागत उन्नति, समापन, सर्दी!

Learn how to say "Do you have the number for the hotel?", "The number of the hotel is 555-555-1234.", "Do you sell phone cards?", or "I'd like to buy a phone card." in Hindi!

क्या आपके पास होटल के लिए नंबर है?, होटल की संख्या 555-555-1234 है, क्या आप फोन कार्ड बेचते हैं?, मैं फोन कार्ड खरीदना चाहता हूं!

Learn how to say Singer, Delegate, Fool, or Hip in Hindi!

प्रतिनिधि, गायक, कमर, बुद्धू!

Learn how to say Station, Village, County, or College in Hindi!

गाँव, स्टेशन, कॉलेज, काउंटी!

Learn how to say Lame, Staunch, Dodgy, or Smug in Indonesian!

Cerdik, Sombong, Timpang, Setia!

Learn how to say Connect, Construct, Defend, or Damage in Indonesian!

Membela, Menghubungkan, Membangun, Kerusakan!

Learn how to say Divorce, Glory, Liberation, or Reign in Indonesian!

Kejayaan, Perceraian, Pembebasan, Memerintah!

Learn how to say "Is this mine?", "This is mine.", "Are these yours?", or "This is yours." in Indonesian!

Apa ini milikmu?, Apakah ini milikku, Ini adalah milikku., Ini milikmu.!

Learn how to say Counterpart, Disappointment, Engagement, or Complexity in Indonesian!

Kompleksitas, Mitra, Kekecewaan, Pertunangan!

Wijnstraat, Dordrecht, Netherlands,
Photo by Paul van de Velde, CC BY License

Learn how to say Birth, Ear, Solicitor, or Brain in Dutch!

Notaris, Geboorte, Oor, Hersenen!

Learn how to say Cousin, Mate, Printer, or Traveller in Dutch!

Neef, Printer, Stuurman, Reiziger!

Learn how to say Interview, Tour, Tradition, or Traffic in Dutch!

Tour, Verkeer, Interview, Traditie!

Learn how to say Grain, Mineral, Molecule, or Needle in Dutch!

Graan, Naald-, Molecuul, Mineraal!

Learn how to say Robust, Tricky, Frail, or Ripe in Dutch!

Fragiel, Tricky, Robuust, Rijp!

National Library of Poland, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by photobeppus, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Look, Element, Aspect, or Division in Polish!

Aspekt, Element, Popatrz, Podział!

Learn how to say Darling, Mayor, Stranger, or Voter in Polish!

Voter, Stranger, Darling, Mayor!

Learn how to say Enthusiasm, Implementation, Satisfaction, or Storage in Polish!

Przechowywanie, Realizacja, Entuzjazm, Zadowolenie!

Learn how to say Potato, Van, Vat, or Chocolate in Polish!

Awangarda, Faktura VAT, Czekolada, Ziemniak!

Learn how to say Nine Hundred, One Thousand, One Thousand, One Hundred, or One Thousand, Two Hundred in Polish!

Tysiąc sto, Tysiąc dwieście, Dziewięćset, Tysiąc!

Learn how to say Christianity, Islam, Atheism, or Hinduism in Portuguese!

Ateísmo, Hinduísmo, Islamismo, Cristandade!

Learn how to say Spirit, Official, Agent, or Artist in Portuguese!

Agente, Artista, Oficial, Espírito!

Learn how to say Dress, Iron, Milk, or Motor in Portuguese!

Vestir, Motor, Leite, Ferro!

Learn how to say Throat, Tourist, Birthday, or Hero in Portuguese!

Turista, Garganta, Herói, Aniversário!

Learn how to say Nutrition, Nutrient, Health, or Healthy in Portuguese!

Nutrição, Nutriente, Saudável, Saúde!

Learn how to say Tennis, Volleyball, Iceskating, or Basketball in Russian!

баскетбол, волейбол, катание на коньках, большой теннис!

Learn how to say Defense, Resource, Style, or Feeling in Russian!

защита, стиль, чувство, ресурс!

Learn how to say Mixture, Anger, Darkness, or Disaster in Russian!

смесь, катастрофа, темнота, гнев!

Learn how to say Tone, Circle, Nose, or Height in Russian!

тон, нос, круг, высота!

Learn how to say Prayer, Ownership, Indication, or Mission in Russian!

владение, молитва, миссия, индикация!

Boshingak, Jongno, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Generation, Insurance, Commitment, or Conflict in Korean!

보험, 헌신, 세대, 충돌!

Learn how to say Recover, Score, Exclude, or Pursue in Korean!

점수, 들어오지 못하게 하다, 추구하다, 다시 덮다!

Learn how to say Weakness, Assault, Constraint, or Expertise in Korean!

폭행, 약점, 전문적 지식, 강제!

Learn how to say Sleep, Destroy, Nod, or Train in Korean!

목례, 멸하다, 자다, 기차!

Learn how to say Thank, Indicate, Publish, or Express in Korean!

가리키다, 게시하다, 감사, 표하다!

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