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Sierra de Ayllón, Madrid, Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Salt, Pack, Seed, or Tail in Spanish!

Semilla, Cola, Sal, Paquete!

Learn how to say Weekend, Sample, Volume, or Category in Spanish!

Categoría, Fin de semana, Volumen, Muestra!

Learn how to say Burn, Jump, Slip, or Exercise in Spanish!

Saltar, Ejercicio, Resbalón, Quemar!

Learn how to say Jet, Packet, Wool, or Blade in Spanish!

Paquete, Chorro, Blade, Lana!

Learn how to say "I'm sorry.", "That is my mistake.", "I apologize.", or "I didn't mean to do that." in Spanish!

Ese es mi error., Lo siento., No quise hacer eso., Me disculpo.!

Learn how to say Television, Article, Chair, or Object in French!

Article, Objet, Chaise, Télévision!

Learn how to say Win, Lie, Doctrine, or Heritage in French!

Doctrine, Patrimoine, Gagner, Mensonge!

Learn how to say Brash, Gaudy, Sporty, or Stealthy in French!

Furtif, Impétueux, Sportif, Voyant!

Learn how to say "Just this.", "Nothing else.", "Can you wrap this?", or "I need someone to carry this." in French!

J'ai besoin de quelqu'un pour le porter., Je l'ai déjà vu., Je l'ai déjà vu., Je l'ai déjà vu.!

Learn how to say Dank, Fishy, Dreamy, or Breezy in French!

Frais, Rêveur, De poisson, Humide!

Learn how to say "This is boring.", "Are you bored?", "This is exciting.", or "I can't wait." in Italian!

Non vedo l'ora., Questo è noioso., Questo è eccitante., Sei annoiato?!

Learn how to say Overnight, Minute, Obscure, or Hollow in Italian!

Minuto, Durante la notte, Cavo, Oscuro!

Learn how to say Impact, Danger, Reaction, or Aim in Italian!

Urto, Pericolo, Scopo, Reazione!

Learn how to say "How is the weather?", "The weather is good today.", "Is the weather going to be bad?", or "How is the weather tomorrow?" in Italian!

Il tempo sarà male?, Il tempo è buono oggi., Come è il tempo domani?, Com'è il tempo?!

Learn how to say Recover, Score, Exclude, or Pursue in Italian!

Recuperare, Perseguire, Punto, Escludere!

Hameln, Lower Saxony, Germany,
Photo by Pom Angers, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say "Can I come with you?", "You can come with me.", "How long has your sister been here?", or "Has your brother been to Paris?" in German!

War dein Bruder schon in Paris?, Kann ich mit dir kommen?, Wie lange war deine Schwester hier?, Du kannst mit mir kommen.!

Learn how to say Funeral, Ideology, Jury, or Kingdom in German!

Beerdigung, Ideologie, Jury, Königreich!

Learn how to say "Where does it hurt?", "It hurts right here.", "Are you tired?", or "I am tired." in German!

Bist du müde?, Wo tut es weh?, Ich bin müde., Es tut weh, genau hier.!

Learn how to say Personnel, Priest, Consultant, or Journalist in German!

Personal, Journalist, Berater, Priester!

Learn how to say "When do you want to meet?", "I'm available any time after 7:00 PM.", "When should we all get together?", or "Let's get together this week." in German!

Lass uns diese Woche zusammenkommen., Wann sollten wir alle zusammenkommen?, Ich bin jederzeit nach 19.00 Uhr erreichbar., Wann willst du dich treffen?!

Learn how to say Dismiss, Interpret, Search, or Analyze in Japanese!

却下する, サーチ, 解釈する, 分析する!

Learn how to say Song, Consumer, Gentleman, or Lip in Japanese!

消費者, リップ, 紳士, 歌!

Learn how to say Painter, Pensioner, Pope, or Receiver in Japanese!

法王, 年金受給者, 画家, 受信機!

Learn how to say King, Queen, President, or Prime Minister in Japanese!

マックラーカー, マックラーカー, マックラーカー, マックラーカー!

Learn how to say Room, Road, Office, or Center in Japanese!

事務所, センター, ルーム, 道路!

Learn how to say Remark, Evaluation, Consultation, or Turnover in Chinese!

周转, 评测, 备注, 会诊!

Learn how to say Nutrition, Nutrient, Health, or Healthy in Chinese!

养分, 健康, 营养, 健康!

Learn how to say "There are some books on the table.", "There are some mats behind the chair.", "There are several tables beneath the cabinets.", or "There are several lawn chairs in the yard." in Chinese!

院子里有几把草坪椅子。, 椅子后面有一些垫子。, 橱柜下面有几张桌子。, 桌上有一些书。!

Learn how to say "What do you think of these shoes?", "These shoes are beautiful.", "Where is my shirt?", or "You left your shirt on the chair." in Chinese!

你把你的衬衫放在椅子上。, 这些鞋子很漂亮, 你觉得这些鞋子怎么样?, 我的衬衫在哪里?!

Learn how to say "You're smarter than him.", "She is more intelligent than he is.", "They're both better at this than us.", or "We could do better at our own game." in Chinese!

我们可以在自己的游戏中做得更好。, 他们比我们都好。, 你比他聪明, 她比他聪明得多。!

Learn how to say Song, Consumer, Gentleman, or Lip in Hindi!

गाना, उपभोक्ता, ओंठ, सज्जन!

Learn how to say Happen, Appear, Continue, or Win in Hindi!

जारी रहना, दिखाई, होना, जीत!

Learn how to say "Do you have a car available for rent?", "I would like to rent a car.", "Where can I find a car to rent?", or "You can find a car rental agency two blocks down the street." in Hindi!

मैं एक कार किराए पर करना चाहता हूँ, आपको सड़क पर एक कार किराए पर लेने की एजेंसी दो ब्लॉकों मिल सकती हैं।, क्या आपके पास किराए के लिए एक कार उपलब्ध है?, मुझे किराए पर कार कहां मिल सकती है?!

Learn how to say Comfort, Imagination, Mystery, or Profile in Hindi!

प्रोफ़ाइल, रहस्य, कल्पना, आराम!

Learn how to say Lose, Add, Change, or Remain In Hindi!

रहना, खोना, जोड़ना, परिवर्तन!

Learn how to say "Where are you going tonight?", "I am going to the bar tonight.", "Where were you?", or "I was by the tavern." in Indonesian!

Saya pergi ke bar malam ini., Saya berada di dekat kedai., Di mana kamu?, Kemana kamu pergi malam ini!

Learn how to say United, Quiet, Lovely, or Wild in Indonesian!

Serikat, Menyenangkan, Liar, Diam!

Learn how to say "Are they coming?", "Let me know when they're coming.", "Who are you looking for?", or "I am looking for Brian." in Indonesian!

Siapa yang kamu cari?, Apakah mereka datang, Saya mencari Brian., Beritahu saya kapan mereka akan datang.!

Learn how to say Cat, Eagle, Bird, or Killer Whale in Indonesian!

Burung, Kucing, Burung rajawali, Paus pembunuh!

Learn how to say "Can I have one glass of water please?", "Can I have two glasses of water please?", "Can I have three glasses of water please?", or "Can I have four glasses of water please?" in Indonesian!

Bisakah saya minum empat gelas air?, Bisakah saya meminum tiga gelas air?, Bisakah saya meminum satu gelas air?, Bisakah saya minum dua gelas air?!

Learn how to say Hanoi, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Baghdad, Iraq, or Singapore, Singapore in Dutch!

Hanoi, Vietnam, Singapore, Singapore, Bagdad, Irak, Hong Kong, China!

Learn how to say Squirrel, Camel, Skunk, or Goat in Dutch!

Kameel, Eekhoorn, Stinkdier, Geit!

Learn how to say Medium, Version, Visit, or Advantage in Dutch!

Versie, Bezoek, Voordeel, Medium!

Learn how to say Christian, Muslim, Atheist, or Hindu in Dutch!

Hindoe, Christelijk, Atheïst, Moslim!

Learn how to say Coach, Lifespan, Mood, or Personality in Dutch!

Persoonlijkheid, Trainer, Humeur, Levensduur!

Learn how to say Offense, Absence, Error, or Transfer in Polish!

Błąd, Wykroczenie, Transfer, Brak!

Learn how to say Employment, Affair, Appeal, or Sign in Polish!

Employment, Affair, Appeal, Sign!

Learn how to say Leisure, Salary, Shopping, or Unity in Polish!

Jedność, Wolny czas, Wynagrodzenie, Zakupy!

Learn how to say Plebeian, Patrician, Plutocracy, or Poll in Polish!

Plutokracja, Plebejski, Głosowanie, Patrycjusz!

Learn how to say Member, State, Family, or Business in Polish!

Member, Business, Family, State!

Learn how to say Ankara, Turkey, Santiago, Chile, Berlin, Portuguesey, or Damascus, Syria in Portuguese!

Santiago, Chile, Ancara, Turquia, Berlim, Português, Damasco, Síria!

Learn how to say Pile, Roll, Rubbish, or Cloth in Portuguese!

Lixo, Pilha, Lista, Pano!

Learn how to say Approval, Crew, Export, or Funding in Portuguese!

Exportar, Financiamento, Equipe técnica, Aprovação!

Learn how to say Opening, Prospect, Flow, or Mistake in Portuguese!

Perspectiva, Abertura, Fluxo, Erro!

Learn how to say Appoint, Order, Reply, or Propose in Portuguese!

Resposta, Ordem, Nomear, Propor!

Learn how to say Leaflet, Mud, Nail, or Skirt in Russian!

юбка, гвоздь, листовка, грязи!

Learn how to say Fight, Hearing, Shift, or Sake in Russian!

сдвиг, борьба, ради, слух!

Learn how to say Branch, Copy, Wind, or Train in Russian!

поезд, филиал, копия, ветер!

Learn how to say Roleplaying Game, Dungeons And Dragons, Open World Game, or Puzzle Game in Russian!

ролевая игра, игра в открытый мир, игра-головоломка, подземелья и драконы!

Learn how to say Run, Move, Stand, or Sit in Russian!

бег, переехать, сидеть, стоять!

Gyeonghuigung Palace, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by travel oriented, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Right-Winger, Left-Winger, Communist, or Capitalist in Korean!

우익, 공산주의자, 좌익, 자본가!

Learn how to say Lazy, Wary, Icy, or Gloomy in Korean!

게으른, 우울한, 쌀쌀한, 조심성 있는!

Learn how to say Notion, Beauty, Topic, or Phrase in Korean!

구, 개념, 아름다움, 이야기!

Learn how to say Villa, Abbey, Cliff, or Compound in Korean!

대사원, 별장, 낭떠러지, 화합물!

Learn how to say Attempt, Emerge, Approach, or Repeat in Korean!

시도, 반복, 접근, 나타나다!

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