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Casa Milà, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain,
Photo by Rick Ligthelm, CC BY License

Learn how to say Science, Answer, Argument, or Proposal in Spanish!

Propuesta, Responder, Ciencia, Argumento!

Learn how to say Mellow, Frosty, Lousy, or Moody in Spanish!

Meloso, Escarchado, Temperamental, Malísimo!

Learn how to say Suggestion, Impression, Being, or Lesson in Spanish!

Lección, Sugerencia, Siendo, Impresión!

Learn how to say Deficit, Participation, Pride, or Summit in Spanish!

Cumbre, Orgullo, Participación, Déficit!

Learn how to say "Does it snow a lot in Patagonia?", "Patagonia doesn't get much snow.", "Does it rain a lot in Vietnam?", or "Rain is regular in Vietnam for half of the year." in Spanish!

¿Llova mucho en Vietnam?, La lluvia es regular en Vietnam durante la mitad del año., Patagonia no consigue mucha nieve., ¿Nieve mucho en la Patagonia?!

Learn how to say Worm, Giraffe, Spider, or Fox in French!

Araignée, Renard, Ver, Girafe!

Learn how to say Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, or Bangladesh in French!

Nigeria, Bangladesh, Brésil, Pakistan!

Learn how to say Madrid, Spain, Pyongyang, North Korea, Kabul, Afghanistan, or Athens, Greece in French!

Kaboul, Afghanistan, Madrid, Espagne, Athènes, Grèce, Pyongyang, Corée du Nord!

Learn how to say Development, Form, Level, or Effect in French!

Développement, Forme, Effet, Niveau!

Learn how to say September, October, November, or December in French!

Novembre, Décembre, Octobre, Septembre!

Learn how to say "Can you hear me?", "I can't hear you.", "She is hearing us.", or "He cannot hear us." in Italian!

Riesci a sentirmi?, Non posso sentirti., Lei ci ascolta., Non può sentirci.!

Learn how to say Spirit, Official, Agent, or Artist in Italian!

Agente, Spirito, Ufficiale, Artista!

Learn how to say Successor, Widow, Analyst, or Builder in Italian!

Successore, Vedova, Analista, Costruttore!

Learn how to say Blanket, Bronze, Brush, or Cab in Italian!

Coperta, Bronzo, Taxi, Spazzola!

Learn how to say "I am on the way.", "Are you coming?", "I will be leaving soon.", or "Are you going home?" in Italian!

Stai venendo?, Io sono sulla strada., Stai andando a casa?, Andrò presto.!

Hameln, Lower Saxony, Germany,
Photo by Pom Angers, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Deliver, Measure, Retain, or Handle in German!

Behalten, Griff, Liefern, Messen!

Learn how to say Evening, Standard, Page, or Size in German!

Größe, Abend, Standard, Seite!

Learn how to say United, Quiet, Lovely, or Wild in German!

Wild, Schön, Vereinigt, Ruhig!

Learn how to say Channel, Temperature, Phase, or Sequence in German!

Temperatur, Sequenz, Kanal, Phase!

Learn how to say Mayor, Governor, City Council, or Town Council in German!

Linker flügelspieler, Linker flügelspieler, Linker flügelspieler, Linker flügelspieler!

Learn how to say Generate, Afford, Earn, or Gather in Japanese!

余裕, 生成する, ギャザー, 獲得する!

Learn how to say Meeting, Game, Role, or Stage in Japanese!

役割, 会議, ステージ, ゲーム!

Learn how to say "What is your house like?", "Is your house like this one?", "Your house is beautiful.", or "I wish my house was as beautiful as yours." in Japanese!

あなたの家は美しいです。, あなたの家はどうですか?, 私の家はあなたのものほど美しいと思う。, あなたの家はこのようなものですか?!

Learn how to say Consciousness, Probability, Thesis, or Communism in Japanese!

確率, 共産主義, 意識, 論文!

Learn how to say Overnight, Minute, Obscure, or Hollow in Japanese!

一晩, あいまいな, 分, 中空!

Learn how to say Unit, Date, Amount, or Bit in Chinese!

量, 位, 日期, 单元!

Learn how to say Be, Do, Go, or See in Chinese!

是, 走, 看到, 做!

Learn how to say "How long is our stay?", "Our stay is only for three days.", "How long will you be in Aoteoroa for?", or "We plan to stay in Oaxaca overnight." in Chinese!

我们住多久?, 我们的住宿只有三天。, 你在Aotearoa多久了?, 我们打算一夜之间留在瓦哈卡。!

Learn how to say Conclude, Direct, Investigate, or Remind in Chinese!

提醒, 调查, 直接, 得出结论!

Learn how to say Syndicalist, Totalitarian, Marxist, or Soviet in Chinese!

工团, 马克思主义, 苏联, 极权主义!

Learn how to say "Can you come here?", "I am on the way.", "How are the roads?", or "The roads are slippery." in Hindi!

मैं रास्ते मे हूँ।, क्या तुम यहाँ आ सकते हो?, सड़कों कैसे हैं?, सड़कों फिसलन हैं!

Learn how to say Influence, Call, Opposition, or Network in Hindi!

विरोध, नेटवर्क, पु का र ना, प्रभाव!

Learn how to say "Where does it hurt?", "It hurts right here.", "Are you tired?", or "I am tired." in Hindi!

मैं थक गया हूं।, यह ठीक है यहाँ दर्द होता है।, इससे कहां पर दर्द होता है?, क्या तुम थके हुए हो?!

Learn how to say "I'm not ready yet.", "Are you ready?", "When will you be ready?", or "I'll be ready soon." in Hindi!

मैं अभी तैयार नहीं हूँ।, आप कब तैयार होंगे?, मैं जल्द ही तैयार हो जाऊंगा, तुम तैयार हो?!

Learn how to say "Can you please put this in the car for me?", "I will put it in the car.", "Where did you put it?", or "I put it in the car." in Hindi!

मैं इसे कार में डालूंगा।, आपने इसे कहाँ डाल दिया था?, क्या आप इसे मेरे लिए कार में डाल सकते हैं?, मैं इसे कार में डाल दिया!

Learn how to say "Do you need more?", "I don't need anymore.", "Do you have any more?", or "We have plenty more." in Indonesian!

Aku tidak butuh lagi., Apakah kamu punya lagi, Apakah kamu membutuhkan lebih banyak?, Kami punya banyak lagi.!

Learn how to say "Is she a nurse?", "She doesn't look like a nurse.", "Where does your girlfriend work?", or "My girlfriend works at the laboratory." in Indonesian!

Pacarku bekerja di laboratorium., Dimana pacar anda bekerja?, Dia tidak terlihat seperti perawat., Apakah dia perawat?!

Learn how to say Five Hundred, Six Hundred, Seven Hundred, or Eight Hundred in Indonesian!

Tujuh ratus, Lima ratus, Enam ratus, Delapan ratus!

Learn how to say Impact, Danger, Reaction, or Aim in Indonesian!

Reaksi, Bahaya, Tujuan, Dampak!

Learn how to say Attitude, Technique, Advice, or Memory in Indonesian!

Teknik, Nasihat, Ingatan, Sikap!

Learn how to say Simple, Close, Happy, or Sorry in Dutch!

Eenvoudig, Dichtbij, Gelukkig, Sorry!

Learn how to say Stay, Contain, Reduce, or Establish in Dutch!

Verblijf, Bevatten, Tot stand brengen, Verminderen!

Learn how to say Pay, Produce, Offer, or Require in Dutch!

Aanbod, Produceren, Vereisen, Betalen!

Learn how to say Attempt, Emerge, Approach, or Repeat in Dutch!

Herhaling, Nadering, Opduiken, Poging!

Learn how to say Concept, Target, Failure, or Turn in Dutch!

Concept, Mislukking, Doel, Beurt!

National Library of Poland, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by photobeppus, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Comedy Film, Romantic Comedy Film, Musical, or Documentary Polish!

Film dokumentalny, Komedia, Romantyczny film komediowy, Musical!

Learn how to say Calculate, Glance, Question, or Suspect in Polish!

Obliczać, Posądzać, Spojrzenie, Pytanie!

Learn how to say Assignment, Panic, Pity, or Contest in Polish!

Zawody, Panika, Zadanie, Szkoda!

Learn how to say Pay, Produce, Offer, or Require in Polish!

Zapłacić, Produkować, Wymagać, Oferta!

Learn how to say Injury, Threat, Background, or Exhibition in Polish!

Zagrożenie, Zranienie, Wystawa, Tło!

Learn how to say Reject, Impose, Invite, or Warn in Portuguese!

Advertir, Convite, Rejeitar, Impor!

Learn how to say Dainty, Classy, Fussy, or Arty in Portuguese!

Arty, Espalhafatoso, Elegante, Guloseima!

Learn how to say Interview, Tour, Tradition, or Traffic in Portuguese!

Tour, Tradição, Entrevista, Tráfego!

Learn how to say Education, Act, Industry, or Class in Portuguese!

Aja, Classe, Indústria, Educação!

Learn how to say Egg, Notice, Tape, or Weapon in Portuguese!

Arma, Ovo, Aviso prévio, Fita!

Learn how to say Monopoly, Muckraker, Oligarchy, or Political Platform in Russian!

выгребатель мусора, политическая платформа, олигархия, монополия!

Learn how to say Reflect, Intend, Regard, or Teach in Russian!

намереваться, отражать, учат, что касается!

Learn how to say Screen, Map, Metal, or Pool in Russian!

металл, карта, бассейн, экран!

Learn how to say Apply, Cover, Grow, or Cut in Russian!

расти, подать заявление, порез, обложка!

Learn how to say Swift, Sticky, Bleak, or Sandy in Russian!

Сэнди, липкий, мрачный, быстрый!

Gyeonghuigung Palace, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by travel oriented, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Guitar, Violin, Drumset, or Saxophone in Korean!

대중 음악, 대중 음악, 대중 음악, 대중 음악!

Learn how to say Purchaser, Seller, Vendor, or Correspondent in Korean!

사는 사람, 거래처, 벤더, 파는 사람!

Learn how to say Transfer, Ride, Attach, or Wash in Korean!

타기, 이전, 붙이다, 빨래!

Learn how to say Disability, Equity, Era, or Explosion in Korean!

공평, 무능, 폭발, 연대!

Learn how to say Calculation, Hypothesis, Logic, or Poetry in Korean!

시, 가설, 논리, 계산!

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