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Caldoveiro Peak, Asturias, North Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Conversion, Friendship, Pass, or Registration in Spanish!

Amistad, Registro, Conversión, Pasar!

Learn how to say Crowd, Curriculum, Violence, or Ministry in Spanish!

Multitud, Ministerio, Violencia, Plan de estudios!

Learn how to say "How's the wind?", "It's very windy.", "Can you fly a kite in this weather?", or "A kite would fly in weather like this." in Spanish!

¿Cómo está el viento?, Una cometa volaría en un clima así., Hace mucho viento., ¿Puedes volar una cometa con este tiempo?!

Learn how to say Stairs, Bomb, Camera, or Silver in Spanish!

Cámara, Bomba, Escalera, Plata!

Learn how to say "Are you feeling better?", "Are you feeling worse?", "Do you need anything?", or "What do you need?" in Spanish!

¿Necesitas algo?, ¿Te sientes peor?, ¿Te sientes mejor?, ¿Qué necesitas?!

Learn how to say "Is there anything cheaper?", "We don't have anything cheaper than that.", "How much money do you have?", or "I have 15 dollars." in French!

Combien d'argent as tu?, Nous n'avons rien de moins cher que cela., Y a-t-il quelque chose de moins cher?, J'ai 15 dollars.!

Learn how to say Income, Organization, Technology, or Behavior in French!

Le revenu, Comportement, La technologie, Organisation!

Learn how to say "Do you hear that?", "I cannot hear that.", "Can you speak louder?", or "I will speak louder for you." in French!

Je parlerai plus fort pour vous., Pouvez-vous parler plus fort?, Entends-tu cela?, Je ne peux pas entendre ça.!

Learn how to say "Excellent.", "Good idea.", "He likes it.", or "She likes it very much." in French!

Bonne idée., Elle l'aime beaucoup., Il aime ça., Excellent.!

Learn how to say Oak, Rod, Sandwich, or Sculpture in French!

Chêne, Sculpture, Sandwich, Barre!

Learn how to say "Can I borrow some money?", "You cannot borrow my money.", "How much does it cost in hours?", or "It costs twenty dollars per hour." in Italian!

Posso prendere in prestito un po 'di soldi?, Costa venti dollari all'ora., Non puoi prendere in prestito i miei soldi., Quanto costa in ore?!

Learn how to say "Can you take me there?", "Please take me there.", "When will we be there?", or "It will take two hours to get there." in Italian!

Quando saremo lì?, Puoi portarmi lì?, Vi prego di portarmi lì., Ci vorranno due ore per arrivarci.!

Learn how to say Hummingbird, Coyote, Firefly, or Duck in Italian!

Lucciola, Coyote, Colibrì, Anatra!

Learn how to say Recover, Score, Exclude, or Pursue in Italian!

Perseguire, Escludere, Punto, Recuperare!

Learn how to say Tiger, Seal, Seahorse, or Mouse in Italian!

Topo, Cavalluccio marino, Foca, Tigre!

Hameln, Lower Saxony, Germany,
Photo by Pom Angers, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Mouth, Sister, Miss, or Executive in German!

Fräulein, Mund, Schwester, Exekutive!

Learn how to say Outcome, Shadow, Shock, or Touch in German!

Schatten, Berühren, Schock, Ergebnis!

Learn how to say Channel, Temperature, Phase, or Sequence in German!

Kanal, Temperatur, Sequenz, Phase!

Learn how to say Bag, Gold, Boat, or Wine in German!

Boot, Wein, Tasche, Gold!

Learn how to say Impure, Spanish, Proud, or Holy in German!

Spanisch, Heilig, Unrein, Stolz!

Learn how to say "He is French.", "She is Russian.", "They are Italian.", or "We are Brazilian." in Japanese!

彼女はロシア語です。, 彼はフランス人。, 私たちはブラジル人です。, 彼らはイタリア語です。!

Learn how to say Run, Move, Stand, or Sit in Japanese!

走る, 座る, 動く, スタンド!

Learn how to say Knit, Copy, Research, or Invent in Japanese!

ニット, 研究, 発明する, コピー!

Learn how to say "There are some books on the table.", "There are some mats behind the chair.", "There are several tables beneath the cabinets.", or "There are several lawn chairs in the yard." in Japanese!

庭にはいくつかの芝生の椅子があります。, 椅子の後ろにはマットがいくつかあります。, キャビネットの下にはいくつかのテーブルがあります。, テーブルにはいくつかの本があります。!

Learn how to say Decline, Guarantee, Whisper, or Assure in Japanese!

保証, ささやき, 低下, 保証する!

Summer Palace, Beijing, China,
Photo by David Stanley, CC BY License

Learn how to say Action-Adventure Game, Turned-Based Strategy Game, Survival Game, or Horror Game in Chinese!

动作冒险游戏, 恐怖游戏, 基于转型的策略游戏, 生存游戏!

Learn how to say Cook, Kick, Race, or Breathe in Chinese!

呼吸, 种族, 踢, 厨师!

Learn how to say "Can you hear me?", "I can't hear you.", "She is hearing us.", or "He cannot hear us." in Chinese!

我听不见你, 你能听到我吗?, 她在听我们说, 他听不见我们!

Learn how to say "Who is calling?", "This is Brian.", "Who's that person over there?", or "That is Abigail." in Chinese!

那个人在那边呢?, 那是阿比盖尔, 是谁打来的?, 这是布莱恩。!

Learn how to say Mill, Tower, Port, or Cottage in Chinese!

塔, 茅屋, 磨, 港口!

Learn how to say Drama Novel, Biography, Autobiography, or Non-Fiction Novel in Hindi!

जीवनी, गैर-कथा उपन्यास, नाटक उपन्यास, आत्मकथा!

Learn how to say "Do you trust me?", "I trust you.", "Why did you do that?", or "I did it for luck." in Hindi!

आपने ऐसा क्यों किया?, क्या आप मुझ पर भरोसा करते हैं?, मैंने इसे भाग्य के लिए किया था, मुझे आप पर विश्वास है।!

Learn how to say Twenty-Nine, Thirty, Forty, or Fifty in Hindi!

चालीस, तीस, उन्तीस, पचास!

Learn how to say Race, Sex, Crime, or Message in Hindi!

लिंग, संदेश, दौड़, अपराध!

Learn how to say Heat, Priority, Spot, or Motion in Hindi!

गर्मी, प्राथमिकता, प्रस्ताव, स्थान!

Learn how to say "I have it in my car.", "My luggage is still on the plane.", "Who made the salad?", or "I made this salad." in Indonesian!

Aku membuat salad ini., Saya memilikinya di mobil saya., Siapa yang membuat salad?, Koper saya masih di pesawat.!

Learn how to say Increase, Measure, Sector, or Direction in Indonesian!

Arah, Sektor, Meningkat, Mengukur!

Learn how to say Meter, Quantity, Depth, or Inch in Indonesian!

Meter, Kuantitas, Kedalaman, Inci!

Learn how to say Favorite, Integration, Junction, or Plot in Indonesian!

Favorit, Merencanakan, Persimpangan jalan, Integrasi!

Learn how to say "When are you leaving?", "When did they leave?", "When will you arrive?", or "When do they all arrive?" in Indonesian!

Kapan kau meninggalkan?, Kapan kamu akan tiba, Kapan mereka pergi?, Kapan mereka semua tiba?!

Learn how to say Honest, Silly, Mean, or Clever in Dutch!

Eerlijk, Gemiddelde, Knap, Dwaas!

Learn how to say Decline, Guarantee, Whisper, or Assure in Dutch!

Fluisteren, Verzekeren, Afwijzen, Garantie!

Learn how to say Vile, Heady, Dreary, or Sublime in Dutch!

Koppig, Verachtelijk, Subliem, Somber!

Learn how to say Deal, Payment, Agency, or Collection in Dutch!

Transactie, Verzameling, Betaling, Agentschap!

Learn how to say Law, Authority, War, or Society in Dutch!

Oorlog, Wet, Maatschappij, Autoriteit!

Learn how to say Cash, Contribution, Debate, or Reform in Polish!

Cash, Debate, Reform, Contribution!

Learn how to say Dance Dance Revolution, Pinball, Bicycling, or Parachuting in Polish!

Pinball, Spadochroniarstwo, Jazda na rowerze, Taniec tańca!

Learn how to say Candidate, Driver, Master, or Queen in Polish!

Kierowca, Kandydat, Królowa, Mistrz!

Learn how to say Bend, Print, Swing, or Drag in Polish!

Huśtawka, Opór, Wydrukować, Zakręt!

Learn how to say Couple, Degree, Mile, or Season in Polish!

Stopień, Mila, Para, Pora roku!

Learn how to say Tunnel, Bathroom, Classroom, or Complex in Portuguese!

Sala de aula, Banheiro, Túnel, Complexo!

Learn how to say Diary, Dust, Leather, or Paint in Portuguese!

Diário, Poeira, Couro, Pintura!

Learn how to say Dead, Chief, Fresh, or Cheap in Portuguese!

Morto, Fresco, Barato, Chefe!

Learn how to say Stone, Image, Oil, or Seat in Portuguese!

Imagem, Pedra, óleo, Assento!

Learn how to say Reflect, Intend, Regard, or Teach in Portuguese!

Ensinar, Refletir, Pretende, Que diz respeito!

Learn how to say Factor, Love, Performance, or Pressure in Russian!

люблю, давление, представление, фактор!

Learn how to say Killer, Offender, Auditor, or Lung in Russian!

легкое, аудитор, убийца, правонарушитель!

Learn how to say Custom, Dollar, Possession, or Promotion in Russian!

обычай, владение, продвижение, доллар!

Learn how to say Iran, Turkey, Thailand, or Congo in Russian!

Иран, Таиланд, Конго, Турция!

Learn how to say Wedding, Dance, Promise, or Retirement in Russian!

танец, свадьба, обещание, выход на пенсию!

Boshingak, Jongno, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Romance Novel, Fantasy Novel, Horror Novel, or Poetry in Korean!

대중 음악, 대중 음악, 대중 음악, 대중 음악!

Learn how to say Rusty, Hardy, Hairy, or Gold in Korean!

털이 많은, 녹슨, 금, 튼튼한!

Learn how to say Strike, Survive, Charge, or Touch in Korean!

생존하다, 요금, 접촉, 스트라이크!

Learn how to say Divorce, Glory, Liberation, or Reign in Korean!

이혼, 영광, 군림, 해방!

Learn how to say Trend, Warning, Achievement, or Democracy in Korean!

경향, 경고, 민주주의, 성취!

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