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Caldoveiro Peak, Asturias, North Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say "I need a doctor.", "I need a police officer.", "I need someone.", or "I need water." in Spanish!

Necesito un oficial de policía., Necesito un médico., Necesito a alguien., Necesito agua.!

Learn how to say Simple, Close, Happy, or Sorry in Spanish!

Cerca, Lo siento, Contento, Simple!

Learn how to say Snappy, Weedy, Dusky, or Earthy in Spanish!

Maleza, Oscuro, Terroso, Rápido!

Learn how to say "How is the path?", "The path is dangerous.", "What is the room rate?", or "The room rate is fifty dollars per day." in Spanish!

El camino es peligroso., La tarifa de la habitación es de cincuenta dólares por día., ¿Cómo es el camino?, ¿Cuál es el precio de la habitación?!

Learn how to say "Give me the pen.", "I will give you a pen.", "What are you wearing?", or "What should I wear?" in Spanish!

¿Que deberia vestir?, Qué llevas puesto?, Dame el bolígrafo., Te daré una pluma.!

Learn how to say Successor, Widow, Analyst, or Builder in French!

Constructeur, Veuve, Analyste, Successeur!

Learn how to say Stretch, Knock, Occupy, or Surround in French!

Occuper, étendue, Frappe, Entourer!

Learn how to say Rule, Appeal, Challenge, or Restrict in French!

Défi, Charme, Règle, Restreindre!

Learn how to say Cricket, Ballet, Cheerleading, or Gymnastics in French!

Criquet, Ballet, Cheerleading, Gymnastique!

Learn how to say Attack, Clear, Clean, or Sweep in French!

Clair, Nettoyer, Balayage, Attaque!

Learn how to say Inspection, Advertisement, Ceremony, or Domain in Italian!

Cerimonia, Annuncio pubblicitario, Dominio, Ispezione!

Learn how to say Rose, String, Wheel, or Hat in Italian!

Corda, Rosa, Cappello, Ruota!

Learn how to say "I get out of work at 6.", "I am going to the part at 7.", "I am drinking until midnight.", or "I am sleeping in tomorrow morning." in Italian!

Dormo domani mattina., Vado alla parte alle 7., Sto bevendo fino a mezzanotte., Io esco dal lavoro al 6.!

Learn how to say Stormy, Creamy, Stale, or Void in Italian!

Vuoto, Tempestoso, Stantio, Cremoso!

Learn how to say "Turn around.", "Go straight.", "Turn left.", or "Turn right." in Italian!

Girare a destra., Girarsi., Vai dritto., Gira a sinistra.!

Learn how to say Put, Hold, Keep, or Bring in German!

Stellen, Bringen, Behalten, Halt!

Learn how to say Harbour, Landing, Shore, or Avenue in German!

Landung, Ufer, Hafen, Avenue!

Learn how to say "I don't like him.", "I like her.", "I'm from America.", or "I'm American." in German!

Ich komme aus Amerika., Ich mag ihn nicht., Ich bin Amerikaner., Ich mag sie.!

Learn how to say Brash, Gaudy, Sporty, or Stealthy in German!

Schürzen, Verstohlen, Sportlich, Bunt!

Learn how to say Format, Nerve, Reflection, or Specimen in German!

Probe, Betrachtung, Format, Nerv!

Learn how to say "When do you arrive?", "I will arrive on Tuesday.", "Where do you want to go?", or "Let's go to the bar." in Japanese!

いつ到着しますか?, バーに行きましょう。, どこへ行きたい?, 私は火曜日に到着します。!

Learn how to say "Where are you from?", "I am from New York.", "Where is she from?", or "She is from Morocco." in Japanese!

彼女はどこから来たの?, 彼女はモロッコ出身です。, 出身はどちらですか?, 私はニューヨーク出身です。!

Learn how to say Judgment, Penalty, Presentation, or Resistance in Japanese!

プレゼンテーション, 判定, ペナルティ, 抵抗!

Learn how to say Unlucky, Shaky, Floppy, or Brisk in Japanese!

活発な, 不安定な, 不運, フロッピー!

Learn how to say Achieve, Choose, Fail, or Serve in Japanese!

失敗します, サーブ, 達成する, 選択する!

Learn how to say Factor, Love, Performance, or Pressure in Chinese!

因子, 压力, 性能, 爱!

Learn how to say "What's wrong?", "Is anything wrong?", "No, nothing is wrong.", or "Everything is all right." in Chinese!

有什么问题吗?, 不,没有什么是错的。, 怎么了?, 一切都没事。!

Learn how to say Alternative, Total, Variation, or Index in Chinese!

总, 替代, 变异, 指数!

Learn how to say Effort, Lady, Skill, or Character in Chinese!

字符, 淑女, 功夫, 技能!

Learn how to say "Can you pick up your clothes?", "I will pick up my clothes.", "When will you clean your room?", or "I'm cleaning my room right now." in Chinese!

我会拿起我的衣服, 我正在清理我的房间。, 你什么时候清理房间?, 你能拿起你的衣服吗?!

Learn how to say Liberalism, Conservativism, Socialism, or Fascism in Hindi!

रूढ़िवाद, फ़ैसिस्टवाद, उदारतावाद, समाजवाद!

Learn how to say Set, Space, Sea, or Hotel in Hindi!

अंतरिक्ष, समुद्र, सेट, होटल!

Learn how to say "Are you okay?", "I am okay.", "Is everything okay?", or "Everything is okay." in Hindi!

सब ठीक है?, मैं ठीक हूँ।, आप ठीक है न?, सब कुछ ठीक है।!

Learn how to say Spirit, Official, Agent, or Artist in Hindi!

एजेंट, कलाकार, आत्मा, आधिकारिक!

Learn how to say "She said you like movies.", "Well, do you like movies?", "What do people do in the Summer here normally?", or "The Summer is a great time for the beaches." in Hindi!

ग्रीष्मकालीन समुद्र तटों के लिए एक महान समय है, आम तौर पर ग्रीष्म में लोग क्या करते हैं?, अच्छा, क्या आपको फिल्में पसंद हैं?, उसने कहा कि तुम फिल्मों की तरह!

Learn how to say Address, Declare, Influence, or Recommend in Indonesian!

Menyatakan, Mempengaruhi, Alamat, Sarankan!

Learn how to say One Hundred, Two Hundred, Three Hundred, or Four Hundred in Indonesian!

Dua ratus, Tiga ratus, Empat ratus, Seratus!

Learn how to say Interval, Acre, Equivalent, or Ton in Indonesian!

Selang, Ton, Setara, Acre!

Learn how to say Grip, Verse, Merit, or Premium in Indonesian!

Pegangan, Ayat, Pantas, Premium!

Learn how to say Snake, Horse, Alligator, or Bat in Indonesian!

Ular, Buaya, Kuda, Kelelawar!

Windmill 'Prinsenmolen', Rotterdam, Netherlands,
Photo by Vincent_AF, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Summer, Winter, Fall, or Spring in Dutch!

De lente, Vallen, Winter, Zomer!

Learn how to say Walk, Defendant, Neighbor, or Engineer in Dutch!

Ingenieur, Buurman, Verweerder, Lopen!

Learn how to say Beijing, China, New Delhi, India, Tokyo, Japan, or Manila, Philippines in Dutch!

Beijing, China, Manila, Filippijnen, New Delhi, India, Tokio, Japan!

Learn how to say Science, Answer, Argument, or Proposal in Dutch!

Argument, Wetenschap, Antwoord, Voorstel!

Learn how to say Ocean, Garage, Planet, or Terrace in Dutch!

Oceaan, Planeet, Terras, Garage!

Fountain of Proserpina, Poznan, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Christianity, Islam, Atheism, or Hinduism in Polish!

Ateizm, Hinduizm, Chrześcijaństwo, Islam!

Learn how to say Calculate, Glance, Question, or Suspect in Polish!

Spojrzenie, Pytanie, Posądzać, Obliczać!

Learn how to say Repair, Stand, Uncertainty, Closure in Polish!

Stoisko, Zamknięcie, Naprawa, Niepewność!

Learn how to say Coal, Crown, Literature, or Wing in Polish!

Literatura, Węgiel, Skrzydło, Korona!

Learn how to say Leadership, Marketing, Mass, or Revolution in Polish!

Revolution, Marketing, Leadership, Mass!

Learn how to say Petrol, Silk, Bike, or Flame in Portuguese!

Seda, Chama, Bicicleta, Gasolina!

Learn how to say Nine, Ten, Eleven, or Twelve in Portuguese!

Doze, Dez, Onze, Nove!

Learn how to say Decline, Guarantee, Whisper, or Assure in Portuguese!

Assegurar, Sussurro, Declínio, Garantia!

Learn how to say Lively, Crude, Ugly, or Slim in Portuguese!

Feio, Fino, Bruto, Animado!

Learn how to say Stony, Flimsy, Ghostly, or Shady in Portuguese!

Espectral, Frágil, Sombrio, Pedregoso!

Learn how to say Flee, Creep, Depart, or Crawl in Russian!

отходить, ползать, ползать, бежать!

Learn how to say Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila, or Rum in Russian!

ром, виски, водка, текила!

Learn how to say Hell, Castle, Lane, or Passage in Russian!

ад, прохождение, замок, полоса дороги!

Learn how to say Operation, Opportunity, Source, or Color in Russian!

цвет, источник, возможность, операция!

Learn how to say Successor, Widow, Analyst, or Builder in Russian!

аналитик, преемник, вдова, строитель!

Boshingak, Jongno, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Freedom, Limit, Pension, or Respect in Korean!

연금, 자유, 존경, 한도!

Learn how to say Example, Difference, Quality, or Pound in Korean!

품질, 차, 예, 파운드!

Learn how to say Answer, Record, Notice, or Define in Korean!

밝히다, 기록, 주의, 대답!

Learn how to say Carry, Let, Break, or Wear in Korean!

단절, 방해, 입고 있다, 나르다!

Learn how to say Interaction, Mortgage, Permission, or Rank in Korean!

허가, 상호 작용, 계급, 저당!

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