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Learn how to say "I will come back later.", "Can you come back later?", "I don't have time now.", or "Do you have time now?" in Spanish!

¿Puedes volver más tarde?, Regresaré más tarde., ¿Tienes tiempo ahora?, No tengo tiempo ahora.!

Learn how to say Kill, Occur, Enter, or Arrive in Spanish!

Entrar, Ocurrir, Llegar, Matar!

Learn how to say Soft, Quick, Joint, or Average in Spanish!

Suave, Articulación, Rápido, Promedio!

Learn how to say Appoint, Order, Reply, or Propose in Spanish!

Respuesta, Orden, Proponer, Nombrar!

Learn how to say Sexist, Racist, Homophobe, or Bigot in Spanish!

Fanático, Racista, Homófobo, Sexista!

Learn how to say "More than 100 miles.", "More than 2,000 kilometers.", "The bar is close to the library.", or "It's near the library." in French!

Plus de 2 000 kilomètres., Plus de 100 milles.!

Learn how to say Doctor, Population, Player, or Individual in French!

Individuel, Docteur, Population, Joueur!

Learn how to say Duration, Fantasy, Heading, or Installation in French!

Durée, Installation, Titre, Fantaisie!

Learn how to say Tray, Bush, Ambulance, or Diagram in French!

Buisson, Ambulance, Diagramme, Plateau!

Learn how to say Weak, Sick, Angry, or Well in French!

Malade, Faible, En colère, Bien!

Learn how to say Oak, Rod, Sandwich, or Sculpture in Italian!

Sandwich, Quercia, Asta, Scultura!

Learn how to say Weakness, Assault, Constraint, or Expertise in Italian!

Competenza, Costrizione, Assalto, Debolezza!

Learn how to say "I need your help.", "Let me know if you need my help.", "Do you have a headache?", or "I have a headache." in Italian!

Ho mal di testa., Fammi sapere se hai bisogno del mio aiuto., Ho bisogno del tuo aiuto., Hai mal di testa?!

Learn how to say Capacity, Decade, Reduction, or Module in Italian!

Decennio, Riduzione, Modulo, Capacità!

Learn how to say Cut, Waste, Weather, or Connection in Italian!

Connessione, Tagliare, Tempo metereologico, Rifiuto!

Neuschwanstein Schloss, Bavaria, Germany,
Photo by Pedro Paulo Boaventura, CC BY License

Learn how to say Vehicle, Hole, Package, or Telephone in German!

Fahrzeug, Paket, Loch, Telefon!

Learn how to say Channel, Temperature, Phase, or Sequence in German!

Phase, Sequenz, Kanal, Temperatur!

Learn how to say Breed, Classification, Density, or Diagnosis in German!

Rasse, Diagnose, Einstufung, Dichte!

Learn how to say "I am on the way.", "Are you coming?", "I will be leaving soon.", or "Are you going home?" in German!

Ich werde bald gehen., Gehst du nach Hause?, Kommst du?, Ich bin auf dem Weg.!

Learn how to say Republic, Expenditure, Experiment, or Program in German!

Experiment, Programm, Ausgaben, Republik!

Learn how to say "How hot is it?", "How cold is it?", "What's the temperature?", or "What's the temperature in Fahrenheit?" in Japanese!

気温は?, どのように暑いですか?, どのように寒いですか?, 華氏の温度は何ですか?!

Learn how to say Disease, Ability, Pupil, or Speaker in Japanese!

スピーカー, 能力, 疾患, 瞳!

Learn how to say Football, Acrobatics, Archery, or Badminton in Japanese!

B-ムービー, B-ムービー, B-ムービー, B-ムービー!

Learn how to say "Which is better?", "Do you prefer either more?", "What do you recommend?", or "Do you have a good recommendation?" in Japanese!

あなたは良い推薦をしていますか?, あなたはどちらかを好むか?, 何がお勧めですか?, どちらが良いですか?!

Learn how to say Glossy, Lean, Filthy, or Bald in Japanese!

脱毛, リーン, 光沢のある, 汚い!

Learn how to say Strict, Loud, Modest, or Wise in Chinese!

响, 谦虚, 明智的, 严格!

Learn how to say "She said you like movies.", "Well, do you like movies?", "What do people do in the Summer here normally?", or "The Summer is a great time for the beaches." in Chinese!

人们在夏天在这里正常工作?, 她说你喜欢电影。, 夏天是海滩的好时光。, 嗯,你喜欢电影吗?!

Learn how to say "I need your help.", "Let me know if you need my help.", "Do you have a headache?", or "I have a headache." in Chinese!

让我知道如果你需要我的帮助。, 我头疼。, 我需要你的帮助。, 你有头痛吗!

Learn how to say "It is 12 dollars.", "It is free.", "It is only 50 cents.", or "It will be 2 dollars cheaper if you buy it together." in Chinese!

只有50美分, 这是免费的。, 如果您一起购买便宜2美元。, 是12美元!

Learn how to say Glance, Horror, Margin, or Passion in Chinese!

恐怖, 余量, 情, 一瞥!

Learn how to say "In 2 hours.", "The last 2 hours.", "The next 2 hours.", or "Every 2 hours." in Hindi!

हर 2 घंटे, 2 घंटे में।, अगले 2 घंटे, पिछले 2 घंटे!

Learn how to say Avoid, Finish, Save, or Tend in Hindi!

समाप्त, से बचने, देते हैं, बचाना!

Learn how to say Owe, Purchase, Retire, or Finance in Hindi!

देना है, वित्त, रिटायर, खरीद फरोख्त!

Learn how to say Education, Act, Industry, or Class in Hindi!

शिक्षा, कक्षा, अधिनियम, उद्योग!

Learn how to say Apply, Cover, Grow, or Cut in Hindi!

लागू करें, कट गया, बढ़ने, आवरण!

Learn how to say Thinking, Premise, Poem, or Average in Indonesian!

Berpikir, Premis, Sajak, Rata-rata!

Learn how to say Shop, Environment, Garden, or Region in Indonesian!

Taman, Lingkungan Hidup, Toko, Wilayah!

Learn how to say Release, Incident, Surprise, or Creation in Indonesian!

Penciptaan, Melepaskan, Kejadian, Mengherankan!

Learn how to say Minimum, Monopoly, Motive, or Myth in Indonesian!

Monopoli, Minimum, Mitos, Motif!

Learn how to say Sleep, Destroy, Nod, or Train in Indonesian!

Anggukan, Tidur, Melatih, Menghancurkan!

Windmill 'Prinsenmolen', Rotterdam, Netherlands,
Photo by Vincent_AF, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Sleep, Destroy, Nod, or Train in Dutch!

Knikken, Trein, Slaap, Vernietigen!

Learn how to say Rome, Italy, Kiev, Ukraine, Taipei, Taiwan, or Paris, France in Dutch!

Rome, Italië, Kiev, Oekraïne, Parijs, Frankrijk, Taipei, Taiwan!

Learn how to say Eggs, Dip, Sauce, or Seasoning in Dutch!

Saus, Onderdompeling, Eieren, Kruiderij!

Learn how to say Cell, Energy, Growth, or Treatment in Dutch!

Behandeling, Groei, Energie, Cel!

Learn how to say Harbour, Landing, Shore, or Avenue in Dutch!

Laan, Landen, Haven, Kust-!

Fountain of Proserpina, Poznan, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Run, Move, Stand, or Sit in Polish!

Stoisko, Ruszaj się, Biegać, Siedzieć!

Learn how to say Five Hundred, Six Hundred, Seven Hundred, or Eight Hundred in Polish!

Osiemset, Pięćset, Siedemset, Sześćset!

Learn how to say Item, Drug, Press, or Blood in Polish!

Krew, Pozycja, Narkotyk, Naciśnij!

Learn how to say Stocky, Ruddy, Burly, or Lumpy in Polish!

Tęgi, Krępy, Grudkowaty, Rumiany!

Learn how to say Cell, Energy, Growth, or Treatment in Polish!

Komórka, Wzrost, Energia, Leczenie!

Learn how to say Frown, Respect, Instruct, or Confess in Portuguese!

Confessar, Instruir, Franzir a testa, Respeito!

Learn how to say Development, Form, Level, or Effect in Portuguese!

Nível, Formato, Efeito, Desenvolvimento!

Learn how to say Prince, Princess, Duke, or Duchess in Portuguese!

Principe, Duquesa, Duque, Princesa!

Learn how to say Calculation, Hypothesis, Logic, or Poetry in Portuguese!

Lógica, Poesia, Hipótese, Cálculo!

Learn how to say Patchy, Supple, Excessive, or Impoverished in Portuguese!

Excessivo, Desigual, Empobrecido, Flexível!

Learn how to say Give, Use, Find, or Want in Russian!

использование, хотеть, найти, дайте!

Learn how to say Turtle, Chicken, Squid, or Frog in Russian!

черепаха, Лягушка, Курица, Кальмар!

Learn how to say Stony, Flimsy, Ghostly, or Shady in Russian!

призрачный, непрочный, сомнительный, каменистый!

Learn how to say Robust, Tricky, Frail, or Ripe in Russian!

созревший, запутанный, хилый, крепкий!

Learn how to say Pop Star, Rock Star, Rapper, or Performer in Russian!

исполнитель, рэппер, поп-звезда, рок-звезда!

Sungnyemun, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Estimate, Count, Focus, or List in Korean!

견적, 카운트, 초점, 명부!

Learn how to say Mr, Mrs, Company, or Hand in Korean!

부인, 씨, 회사, 손!

Learn how to say Cricket, Ballet, Cheerleading, or Gymnastics in Korean!

크리켓, 발레, 치어 리더, 체조!

Learn how to say House, World, Area, or Home in Korean!

집, 지역, 세계, 집!

Learn how to say Sleep, Destroy, Nod, or Train in Korean!

목례, 자다, 멸하다, 기차!

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