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Caldoveiro Peak, Asturias, North Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Imply, Advise, Inform, or Approve in Spanish!

Informar, Aprobar, Implicar, Aconsejar!

Learn how to say Right-Winger, Left-Winger, Communist, or Capitalist in Spanish!

Comunista, Extremo izquierdo, Capitalista, Extremo derecho!

Learn how to say Thank, Indicate, Publish, or Express in Spanish!

Indicar, Gracias, Exprimir, Publicar!

Learn how to say "Can I take a message?", "Okay, I'm writing a message for you.", "Can you take a message for me?", or "Yes, I will take a message for you." in Spanish!

¿Puede usted tomar un mensaje para mí?, Sí, tomaré un mensaje para usted., Bien, estoy escribiendo un mensaje para usted., ¿Puedo recibir un mensaje?!

Learn how to say Symptom, Core, Phenomenon, or Secret in Spanish!

Secreto, Fenómeno, Núcleo, Síntoma!

Learn how to say Construction, Discipline, Distribution, or Housing in French!

La discipline, Construction, Logement, Distribution!

Learn how to say "Can I exchange this for dollars?", "I want to exchange this for euros.", "Do you have money?", or "I have money." in French!

Avez-vous de l'argent?, Je veux échanger cela pour des euros., Puis-je échanger cela en dollars?, J'ai de l'argent.!

Learn how to say Mixture, Anger, Darkness, or Disaster in French!

Catastrophe, Colère, Mélange, Obscurité!

Learn how to say Summer, Winter, Fall, or Spring in French!

Printemps, été, Hiver, Tomber!

Learn how to say Fish, Shark, Owl, or Rabbit in French!

Requin, Hibou, Lapin, Poisson!

Learn how to say Vulture, Deer, Lion, or Gerbil in Italian!

Leone, Cervo, Avvoltoio, Gerbil!

Learn how to say South Korea, North Korea, Colombia, or Spain in Italian!

Corea del Sud, Corea del nord, Spagna, Colombia!

Learn how to say "Are these seats taken?", "No, these seats are not taken.", "May we sit here?", or "Yes, you may sit here." in Italian!

Possiamo stare qui?, No, questi posti non vengono presi., Sì, puoi sedere qui., Sono questi posti presi?!

Learn how to say "You speak English very well.", "You don't speak English very well.", "That's not English.", or "Is this English?" in Italian!

Parli inglese molto bene., È questo inglese?, Non è inglese., Non parli molto bene l'inglese.!

Learn how to say Five, Six, Seven, or Eight in Italian!

Sette, Otto, Cinque, Sei!

Learn how to say "What's your address?", "What's the address of the hospital.", "Don't worry, I will find the address.", or "The address has to be here somewhere." in German!

Was ist deine Adresse?, Wie lautet die Adresse des Krankenhauses?, Die Adresse muss irgendwo hier sein., Keine Sorge, ich werde die Adresse finden.!

Learn how to say "How far away is it?", "How close is it?", "Is it far?", or "Is it close?" in German!

Ist es nahe?, Wie nahe ist es?, Wie weit ist es entfernt?, Ist es weit?!

Learn how to say Prague, Czech Republic, Brussels, Belgium, Dublin, Ireland, or Ottawa, Canada in German!

Brüssel, Belgien, Ottawa, Kanada, Prag, Tschechische Republik, Dublin, Irland!

Learn how to say "Are you afraid?", "I'm not afraid.", "Are you sick?", or "I am sick." in German!

Hast du Angst?, Bist du krank?, Ich fürchte mich nicht., Ich bin krank.!

Learn how to say "Can I get a single room?", "I would like a double room.", "Do you have TV here?", or "I don't like to watch TV." in German!

Ich mag es nicht, fernzusehen., Kann ich ein Einzelzimmer bekommen?, Hast du hier TV?, Ich hätte gerne ein Doppelzimmer.!

Learn how to say House Of Commons, Incumbent, Jingoism, or Lobbyist in Japanese!

コモンズの家, ロビイスト, ジンゴリズム, 現職!

Learn how to say Spirit, Official, Agent, or Artist in Japanese!

アーティスト, 公式, エージェント, 精神!

Learn how to say Run, Move, Stand, or Sit in Japanese!

走る, 動く, 座る, スタンド!

Learn how to say "I would like to make a reservation.", "Do you have a reservation?", "Yes, here is my reservation.", or "Are your rooms reserved?" in Japanese!

はい、私の予約です。, 予約を入れたいです。, 予約はありますか?, あなたの部屋は予約されていますか?!

Learn how to say "What are they studying?", "Are they studying English?", "What did you think of learning English?", or "What did they think of learning English?" in Japanese!

彼らは何を勉強していますか?, 彼らは英語を勉強していますか?, 彼らは英語を学ぶことについて何を考えましたか?, 英語を勉強するのはどう思いましたか?!

Summer Palace, Beijing, China,
Photo by David Stanley, CC BY License

Learn how to say "Is the room a mess?", "The room is a little bit messy.", "What is its color?", or "The color is red." in Chinese!

颜色是红色的, 房间是乱七八糟吗, 房间有点混乱。, 它的颜色是什么?!

Learn how to say Employment, Affair, Appeal, or Sign in Chinese!

事务, 标志, 上诉, 雇用!

Learn how to say "Where is it?", "Where was it?", "Where would you like to go?", or "Want to go with me?" in Chinese!

它在哪里?, 在哪里, 想和我一起去吗, 你想去哪里?!

Learn how to say Resignation, Sympathy, Allocation, or Declaration in Chinese!

宣言, 同情, 分配, 辞职!

Learn how to say "Are these seats taken?", "No, these seats are not taken.", "May we sit here?", or "Yes, you may sit here." in Chinese!

我们可以坐在这里吗, 不,这些座位没有被拿走。, 是的,你可以坐在这里。, 这些座位是否被占用?!

Learn how to say "Where is the bus stop?", "Where is the post office?", "Where is the airport?", or "Where is the marina?" in Hindi!

मरीना कहां है?, हवाई अड्डा कहां है?, बस स्टॉप कहा है?, डाकघर कहां है?!

Learn how to say Pregnancy, Scholar, Teenager, or Poet in Hindi!

कवि, किशोर, पंडित, गर्भावस्था!

Learn how to say "How are you?", "How is he?", "I am doing well.", or "I am doing badly." in Hindi!

मैं अच्छा हूँ।, मैं बुरी तरह से कर रहा हूँ।, वह कैसा है?, क्या हाल है?!

Learn how to say Twenty-Nine, Thirty, Forty, or Fifty in Hindi!

पचास, तीस, चालीस, उन्तीस!

Learn how to say Edge, Stock, Radio, or Corner in Hindi!

स्टॉक, रेडियो, धार, कोना!

Learn how to say Relief, Contrast, Description, or Code in Indonesian!

Bantuan, Kode, Kontras, Deskripsi!

Learn how to say "How long have you been here?", "I have been here for two days.", "When do you leave?", or "I am leaving here very soon." in Indonesian!

Sudah berapa lama kamu di sini?, Saya akan segera berangkat dari sini., Saya telah berada di sini selama dua hari., Kapan Anda pergi?!

Learn how to say Dismiss, Interpret, Search, or Analyze in Indonesian!

Pencarian, Menafsirkan, Menganalisa, Memberhentikan!

Learn how to say Outline, Ride, Tragedy, or Triumph in Indonesian!

Garis besar, Mengendarai, Kemenangan, Tragedi!

Learn how to say Sleek, Skinny, Baggy, or Murky in Indonesian!

Longgar, Licin, Kurus, Suram!

Learn how to say Button, Cap, Chart, or Coin in Dutch!

Munt, Pet, Knop, Tabel!

Learn how to say Pop Star, Rock Star, Rapper, or Performer in Dutch!

Rockster, Performer, Popster, Rapper!

Learn how to say Breath, Winner, Deputy, or Specialist in Dutch!

Specialist, Plaatsvervanger, Adem, Winnaar!

Learn how to say Calculate, Glance, Question, or Suspect in Dutch!

Vraag, Verdachte, Berekenen, Oogopslag!

Learn how to say Trend, Warning, Achievement, or Democracy in Dutch!

Neiging, Waarschuwing, Democratie, Prestatie!

National Library of Poland, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by photobeppus, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say May, June, July, or August in Polish!

Może, Sierpień, Czerwiec, Lipiec!

Learn how to say Petrol, Silk, Bike, or Flame in Polish!

Płomień, Rower, Jedwab, Benzyna!

Learn how to say Deep, Huge, Light, or Broad in Polish!

Głęboki, Szeroki, Olbrzymi, Lekki!

Learn how to say Celebration, Colony, Controversy, or Fiction in Polish!

Spór, Fikcja, Uroczystość, Kolonia!

Learn how to say Church, Bank, Team, or Town in Polish!

Town, Team, Church, Bank!

Learn how to say Peace, Review, Speech, or Sport in Portuguese!

Reveja, Discurso, Paz, Esporte!

Learn how to say Poland, Canada, Morocco, or Peru in Portuguese!

México, México, México, México!

Learn how to say Tunnel, Bathroom, Classroom, or Complex in Portuguese!

Banheiro, Túnel, Complexo, Sala de aula!

Learn how to say Machiavellian, Mandate, Mercantilism, or Mixed Economy in Portuguese!

Mandato, Economia mista, Maquiavélico, Mercantilismo!

Learn how to say Complaint, Corporation, Inflation, or Score in Portuguese!

Queixa, Corporação, Ponto, Inflação!

Learn how to say Award, Emphasize, Participate, or Satisfy in Russian!

награда, принимать участие, подчеркивать, удовлетворять!

Learn how to say Guess, Distinguish, Locate, or Predict in Russian!

Угадай, разместить, прогнозировать, выделить!

Learn how to say Apply, Cover, Grow, or Cut in Russian!

порез, подать заявление, расти, обложка!

Learn how to say One Hundred, Two Hundred, Three Hundred, or Four Hundred in Russian!

четыре сотни, три сотни, Сто, двести!

Learn how to say File, Sentence, Balance, or Length in Russian!

предложение, файл, длина, баланс!

Learn how to say Award, Emphasize, Participate, or Satisfy in Korean!

어느 정도 가지다, 풀다, 장학금, 강조하다!

Learn how to say Adventure Film, Animation, War Film, or Romantic Film in Korean!

전쟁 영화, 낭만적 인 영화, 모험 영화, 생기!

Learn how to say Action-Adventure Game, Turned-Based Strategy Game, Survival Game, or Horror Game in Korean!

턴 기반 전략 게임, 생존 게임, 공포 게임, 액션 어드벤처 게임!

Learn how to say Twin, Clerk, Fellow, or Folk in Korean!

서기, 사람들, 쌍, 사람!

Learn how to say End, Fact, Side, or Change in Korean!

측면, 변화, 종료, 것!

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