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Sierra de Ayllón, Madrid, Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Counterpart, Disappointment, Engagement, or Complexity in Spanish!

Contrapartida, Complejidad, Decepción, Compromiso!

Learn how to say "I was just about to leave the restaurant.", "Are you coming to the restaurant?", "I can wait here, if you let me know that you are coming.", or "Do you know how to get to the restaurant?" in Spanish!

Estaba a punto de salir del restaurante., Puedo esperar aquí, si me haces saber que vienes., ¿Vienes al restaurante?, ¿Sabes cómo llegar al restaurante?!

Learn how to say "Can you please put this in the car for me?", "I will put it in the car.", "Where did you put it?", or "I put it in the car." in Spanish!

Lo pondré en el auto., ¿Donde lo pusiste?, ŻPuedes poner esto en el auto para mí?, La puse en el auto.!

Learn how to say Meat, Vegetables, Grains, or Protein in Spanish!

Vegetales, Carne, Granos, Proteína!

Learn how to say Fish, Shark, Owl, or Rabbit in Spanish!

Pescado, Tiburón, Conejo, Búho!

Learn how to say Transaction, Assistance, Currency, or Minority in French!

Devise, Transaction, Minorité, Assistance!

Learn how to say Vile, Heady, Dreary, or Sublime in French!

Morne, Sublime, Capiteux, Vil!

Learn how to say Octopus, Koala Bear, Penguin, or Scorpion in French!

Manchot, Scorpion, Koala, Poulpe!

Learn how to say Gross, Sheer, Neat, or Dull in French!

Terne, Pur, Soigné, Brut!

Learn how to say "I get out of work at 6.", "I am going to the part at 7.", "I am drinking until midnight.", or "I am sleeping in tomorrow morning." in French!

Je bois jusqu'à minuit., Je sors du travail à 6 heures., Je vais à la partie à 7.!

Learn how to say Station, Village, County, or College in Italian!

Università, Stazione, Contea, Villaggio!

Learn how to say Theme, Combination, Faith, or Interpretation in Italian!

Combinazione, Tema, Interpretazione, Fede!

Learn how to say Dank, Fishy, Dreamy, or Breezy in Italian!

Fresco, Di pesce, Umido, Sognante!

Learn how to say "Can I get your opinion on something?", "I have have no opinion.", "Are you in favor of the idea?", or "I am not in favor of the idea." in Italian!

Non sono favorevole all'idea., Posso avere la tua opinione su qualcosa?, Posso avere la tua opinione su qualcosa? Non ho opinioni., Sei a favore dell'idea?!

Learn how to say Free Trade, Private Property, Nationalization, or Cooperative in Italian!

Cooperativa, Nazionalizzazione, Proprietà privata, Libero commercio!

Learn how to say Octopus, Koala Bear, Penguin, or Scorpion in German!

Koala-Bär, Skorpion, Tintenfisch, Pinguin!

Learn how to say Breed, Classification, Density, or Diagnosis in German!

Diagnose, Einstufung, Rasse, Dichte!

Learn how to say Pigeon, Zebra, Snail, or Turkey in German!

Truthahn, Schnecke, Taube, Zebra!

Learn how to say "Can you please be quiet?", "Where is the noise coming from?", "I need to sleep.", or "When are you going to sleep?" in German!

Wann wirst du schlafen gehen?, Woher kommt der Lärm?, Ich muss schlafen., Kannst du bitte ruhig sein?!

Learn how to say Gate, Gun, Instrument, or Tool in German!

Instrument, Tor, Werkzeug, Gewehr!

Learn how to say Flag, Bureau, Carrier, or Crack in Japanese!

局, キャリア, 亀裂, フラグ!

Learn how to say Resist, Pause, Relax, or Rush in Japanese!

ラッシュ, リラックス, 一時停止, レジスト!

Learn how to say "See you later.", "See you tomorrow.", "See you tonight.", or "See you in a few minutes." in Japanese!

数分で会いましょう。, 今夜お会いしましょう。, じゃあまたね。, また明日ね。!

Learn how to say Judge, Steal, Comment, or Withdraw in Japanese!

コメント, スチール, 裁判官, 撤退する!

Learn how to say Gate, Gun, Instrument, or Tool in Japanese!

計器, ゲート, 銃, ツール!

Learn how to say "How much all together?", "I don't have enough money.", "I'm not looking for anything in particular.", or "I'm just looking." in Chinese!

我不是在寻找任何东西。, 我没有足够的钱, 多少在一起?, 我只是随便看看。!

Learn how to say "Abigail is Steve's girlfriend.", "Steve is Abigail's boyfriend.", "How is your dog?", or "How are your cats?" in Chinese!

阿比盖是史蒂夫的女朋友。, 史蒂夫是阿比盖尔的男朋友。, 你的狗怎么样?, 你的猫怎么样?!

Learn how to say Nine Hundred, One Thousand, One Thousand, One Hundred, or One Thousand, Two Hundred in Chinese!

九百, 一千, 1200, 一千一百!

Learn how to say Jazz, Swing, Classical, or Folk in Chinese!

爵士乐, 古典, 民间, 摇摆!

Learn how to say Dozen, Estimate, Frequency, or Qualification in Chinese!

合格, 估计, 频率, 打!

Learn how to say Sound, Mighty, Deadly, or Handy in Hindi!

ध्वनि, सुविधाजनक, घातक, शक्तिमान!

Learn how to say "When is the next bus to Portland?", "The next bus to Portland is at 5:15.", "For how long?", or "For how many nights?" in Hindi!

कितनी देर के लिए?, पोर्टलैंड की अगली बस 5:15 बजे है, कितनी रातों के लिए?, पोर्टलैंड के लिए अगले बस कब है?!

Learn how to say Bay, Zone, Chamber, or Entrance in Hindi!

प्रवेश, खाड़ी, कक्ष, क्षेत्र!

Learn how to say Need, Kind, Action, or Cost in Hindi!

जरुरत, कार्य, मेहरबान, लागत!

Learn how to say Stout, Messy, Bulky, or Shadowy in Hindi!

स्टाउट, बड़ा, गंदा, छायादार!

Learn how to say Robust, Tricky, Frail, or Ripe in Indonesian!

Kuat, Rumit, Lemah, Matang!

Learn how to say Cell, Energy, Growth, or Treatment in Indonesian!

Pertumbuhan, Sel, Energi, Pengobatan!

Learn how to say Assurance, Attraction, Audit, or Blow in Indonesian!

Daya tarik, Audit, Jaminan, Pukulan!

Learn how to say Apply, Cover, Grow, or Cut in Indonesian!

Tumbuh, Menerapkan, Memotong, Penutup!

Learn how to say Format, Nerve, Reflection, or Specimen in Indonesian!

Contoh, Refleksi, Format, Saraf!

Learn how to say Avoid, Finish, Save, or Tend in Dutch!

Af hebben, Besparen, Vermijden, De neiging hebben!

Learn how to say Release, Arrange, Press, or Lift in Dutch!

Vrijlating, Regelen, Lift, Pers!

Learn how to say Calculation, Hypothesis, Logic, or Poetry in Dutch!

Logica, Poëzie, Berekening, Hypothese!

Learn how to say Judgment, Penalty, Presentation, or Resistance in Dutch!

Weerstand, Presentatie, Boete, Oordeel!

Learn how to say Flesh, Patch, Pen, or Portrait in Dutch!

Lap, Vlees, Pen, Portret!

Learn how to say Leader, King, Secretary, or Lord in Polish!

Sekretarz, Lider, Lord, Król!

Learn how to say Format, Nerve, Reflection, or Specimen in Polish!

Odbicie, Format, Okaz, Nerw!

Learn how to say Burden, Admission, Schedule, or Conduct in Polish!

Wstęp, Postępek, Rozkład, Obciążenie!

Learn how to say Roleplaying Game, Dungeons And Dragons, Open World Game, or Puzzle Game in Polish!

Gra Puzzle, Lochy i Smoki, Otwarta gra światowa, Gra RPG!

Learn how to say Meet, Talk, Suggest, or Speak in Polish!

Mówić, Spotykać się, Sugerować, Rozmowa!

Learn how to say Deficit, Participation, Pride, or Summit in Portuguese!

Cimeira, Déficit, Orgulho, Participação!

Learn how to say Cell, Energy, Growth, or Treatment in Portuguese!

Crescimento, Tratamento, Energia, Célula!

Learn how to say Platform, Stream, Airport, or Province in Portuguese!

Província, Corrente, Aeroporto, Plataforma!

Learn how to say Judgment, Penalty, Presentation, or Resistance in Portuguese!

Pena, Apresentação, Julgamento, Resistência!

Learn how to say Jazz, Swing, Classical, or Folk in Portuguese!

Jazz, Balanço, Clássico, Folk!

Learn how to say Awareness, Tendency, Discovery, or Equation in Russian!

осознание, тенденция, открытие, уравнение!

Learn how to say Decline, Guarantee, Whisper, or Assure in Russian!

гарантия, шептать, уверять, снижение!

Learn how to say Flag, Bureau, Carrier, or Crack in Russian!

бюро, флаг, трещина, перевозчик!

Learn how to say Drama Novel, Biography, Autobiography, or Non-Fiction Novel in Russian!

романтический роман, драматический роман, биография, автобиография!

Learn how to say Villa, Abbey, Cliff, or Compound in Russian!

аббатство, вилла, утес, соединение!

Gyeonghuigung Palace, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by travel oriented, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say End, Fact, Side, or Change in Korean!

것, 변화, 종료, 측면!

Learn how to say Cousin, Mate, Printer, or Traveller in Korean!

항해사, 인쇄기, 사촌, 여행자!

Learn how to say Football, Acrobatics, Archery, or Badminton in Korean!

재주 넘기, 축구, 양궁, 배드민턴!

Learn how to say Rusty, Hardy, Hairy, or Gold in Korean!

금, 튼튼한, 녹슨, 털이 많은!

Learn how to say Acid, Bottle, Wave, or Component in Korean!

병, 산, 구성 요소, 웨이브!

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