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Sierra de Ayllón, Madrid, Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Fish, Shark, Owl, or Rabbit in Spanish!

Tiburón, Búho, Pescado, Conejo!

Learn how to say Filter, Flexibility, Fraction, or Ghost in Spanish!

Fracción, Fantasma, Flexibilidad, Filtrar!

Learn how to say Frilly, Squeaky, Starry, or Fizzy in Spanish!

Con volantes, Chirriador, Estrellado, Gaseoso!

Learn how to say Song, Consumer, Gentleman, or Lip in Spanish!

Labio, Consumidor, Hidalgo, Canción!

Learn how to say Walk, Defendant, Neighbor, or Engineer in Spanish!

Ingeniero, Vecino, Caminar, Acusado!

Learn how to say Writer, Colleague, Expert, or Farmer in French!

écrivain, Expert, Collègue, Agriculteur!

Learn how to say Search, Trip, Display, or Drive in French!

Chercher, Voyage, Conduire, Afficher!

Learn how to say Bother, Review, Assist, or Resolve in French!

Déranger, Aider, Résoudre, La revue!

Learn how to say "Can you open the door?", "I will open the door for you.", "Is it okay if I open this window?", or "I'm going to open a window." in French!

Je vous ouvrirai la porte., Est-ce d'accord si j'ouvre cette fenêtre?, Je vais ouvrir une fenêtre., Pouvez-vous ouvrir la porte?!

Learn how to say Example, Difference, Quality, or Pound in French!

Qualité, Exemple, Différence, Livre!

Learn how to say "It is North of here.", "That is to the West of here.", "That can be found to the East.", or "You want to head South from there." in Italian!

Quello è all'Occidente di qui., Volete dirigersi da sud da lì., È a nord di qui., Ciò può essere trovato in Oriente.!

Learn how to say Christianity, Islam, Atheism, or Hinduism in Italian!

Induismo, Cristianesimo, Islam, Ateismo!

Learn how to say Deck, Clay, Diamond, or Dictionary in Italian!

Dizionario, Argilla, Ponte, Diamante!

Learn how to say Beer, Cider, Cocktail, or Liquor in Italian!

Birra, Liquore, Cedro, Cocktail!

Learn how to say Canal, Cinema, Dock, or Apartment in Italian!

Cinema, Appartamento, Canale, Bacino!

Castle of Ludwig II, Bavaria, Germany,
Photo by Moyan Brenn, CC BY License

Learn how to say Fiery, Sturdy, Bland, or Split in German!

Robust, Fade, Feurig, Teilt!

Learn how to say Setting, Landscape, Laboratory, or Peak in German!

Rahmen, Landschaft, Haupt, Labor!

Learn how to say Head, Eye, Body, or Face in German!

Gesicht, Körper, Kopf, Auge!

Learn how to say Worm, Giraffe, Spider, or Fox in German!

Spinne, Gusano, Giraffe, Fuchs!

Learn how to say Play, Hear, Include, or Live In German!

Einschließen, Hören, Spielen, Leben!

Learn how to say Boil, Carve, Crush, or Rip in Japanese!

刻む, 煮る, RIP, 粉砕する!

Learn how to say Sexist, Racist, Homophobe, or Bigot in Japanese!

セクシスト, ぞんざい, 人種差別主義者, 同性愛者!

Learn how to say "Do you like the book?", "What do you think of the author?", "How much would you like?", or "I would like a lot." in Japanese!

私はたくさんのことが好きです。, あなたは本が好きですか?, 著者についてどう思いますか?, あなたはどれくらい好きですか?!

Learn how to say "How tall are you?", "I am six foot three inches.", "Do you want to share?", or "Let's share." in Japanese!

私は6フィート3インチです。, あなたは共有しますか?, あなたの身長はどれくらいですか?, Let's share。!

Learn how to say Award, Emphasize, Participate, or Satisfy in Japanese!

満たす, 強調する, 参加する, 賞!

Learn how to say Roleplaying Game, Dungeons And Dragons, Open World Game, or Puzzle Game in Chinese!

开放的世界游戏, 益智游戏, 地下城和龙, 角色扮演游戏!

Learn how to say Weekend, Sample, Volume, or Category in Chinese!

类别, 样品, 卷, 周末!

Learn how to say Pizza, Corn, Energy Bar, or Falafel in Chinese!

沙拉三明治, 玉米, 比萨, 能量棒!

Learn how to say Church, Bank, Team, or Town in Chinese!

镇, 球队, 银行, 教会!

Learn how to say Cyan, Blue, Indigo, or Violet in Chinese!

紫色, 靛青, 青色, 蓝色!

Learn how to say Thank, Indicate, Publish, or Express in Hindi!

धन्यवाद, व्यक्त, प्रकाशित करना, संकेत मिलता है!

Learn how to say "His family will be here tomorrow.", "Her family will be here next week.", "My coming is not coming.", or "Our family is already here." in Hindi!

मेरा आना नहीं आ रहा है, उनका परिवार अगले सप्ताह यहां होगा।, हमारे परिवार पहले से ही यहाँ हैं, उनका परिवार कल यहां होगा।!

Learn how to say "I'm not ready yet.", "Are you ready?", "When will you be ready?", or "I'll be ready soon." in Hindi!

आप कब तैयार होंगे?, मैं जल्द ही तैयार हो जाऊंगा, मैं अभी तैयार नहीं हूँ।, तुम तैयार हो?!

Learn how to say Guardian, Infant, Psychology, or Companion in Hindi!

मनोविज्ञान, अभिभावक, शिशु, साथी!

Learn how to say "She said you like movies.", "Well, do you like movies?", "What do people do in the Summer here normally?", or "The Summer is a great time for the beaches." in Hindi!

उसने कहा कि तुम फिल्मों की तरह, अच्छा, क्या आपको फिल्में पसंद हैं?, ग्रीष्मकालीन समुद्र तटों के लिए एक महान समय है, आम तौर पर ग्रीष्म में लोग क्या करते हैं?!

Learn how to say "Is this a safe area?", "Yes, this area is very quiet.", "Is this area always so safe?", or "You will be safe, as long as you don't stay out past midnight." in Indonesian!

Ya, daerah ini sangat sepi., Apakah daerah ini selalu aman?, Anda akan aman, selama Anda tidak tinggal di luar lewat tengah malam., Apakah ini daerah yang aman?!

Learn how to say Buddhist, Sikh, Animist, or Spiritist in Indonesian!

Spiritual, Animis, Budha, Sikh!

Learn how to say Hearty, Cross, Crafty, or Cuddly in Indonesian!

Menyeberang, Yg suka diemong, Licik, Hangat!

Learn how to say Injury, Threat, Background, or Exhibition in Indonesian!

Latar Belakang, Ancaman, Cedera, Pameran!

Learn how to say Tough, Friendly, Keen, or Pure in Indonesian!

Murni, Sulit, Ramah, Tajam!

Geulle aan de Maas, Geulle Castle, Netherlands,
Photo by Bert Kaufmann, CC BY License

Learn how to say Hope, Meaning, Assessment, or Consideration in Dutch!

Hoop, Beoordeling, Betekenis, Overweging!

Learn how to say Publisher, Talent, Designer, or Lover in Dutch!

Ontwerper, Minnaar, Talent, Uitgever!

Learn how to say House Of Commons, Incumbent, Jingoism, or Lobbyist in Dutch!

Chauvinisme, Lobbyist, Zittende, Tweede Kamer!

Learn how to say Crash, Disposal, Dose, or Fate in Dutch!

Beschikking, Lot, Neerstorten, Dosis!

Learn how to say Bag, Gold, Boat, or Wine in Dutch!

Goud, Wijn, Boot, Zak!

Barbican, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Piano, Toy, Champagne, or Vessel in Polish!

Zabawka, Szampan, Fortepian, Statek!

Learn how to say Response, Army, Economy, or Investment in Polish!

Investment, Economy, Response, Army!

Learn how to say Paint, Sing, View, or Acknowledge in Polish!

Widok, Uznać, śpiewać, Farba!

Learn how to say Favorite, Integration, Junction, or Plot in Polish!

Wątek, Ulubiony, Węzeł, Integracja!

Learn how to say Breath, Winner, Deputy, or Specialist in Polish!

Specjalista, Oddech, Zwycięzca, Zastępca!

Learn how to say Alternative, Total, Variation, or Index in Portuguese!

Alternativa, Total, índice, Variação!

Learn how to say Condition, Activity, Death, or Sense in Portuguese!

Morte, Sentido, Atividade, Condição!

Learn how to say Polish, Canadian, Moroccan, or Peruvian in Portuguese!

Peruano, Polonês, Canadense, Marroquino!

Learn how to say Peace, Review, Speech, or Sport in Portuguese!

Paz, Esporte, Reveja, Discurso!

Learn how to say Gray, Sunny, Brown, or Yellow in Portuguese!

Cinzento, Ensolarado, Castanho, Amarelo!

Learn how to say Grain, Mineral, Molecule, or Needle in Russian!

игла, зерно, молекула, минеральная!

Learn how to say Boney, Reliable, Durable, or Resistant in Russian!

надежный, резистентный, прочный, Boney!

Learn how to say Observation, Shot, Strike, or Origin in Russian!

происхождения, забастовка, наблюдение, выстрел!

Learn how to say Register, Storm, Album, or Bench in Russian!

альбом, буря, скамейка, регистр!

Learn how to say Heat, Priority, Spot, or Motion in Russian!

место, движение, высокая температура, приоритет!

Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Illness, Muscle, Uncle, or Chancellor in Korean!

병고, 장관, 근육, 삼촌!

Learn how to say Cross, Rail, Breakfast, or Column in Korean!

레일, 아침 식사, 기둥, 십자가!

Learn how to say Diary, Dust, Leather, or Paint in Korean!

일기, 가죽, 먼지, 페인트!

Learn how to say Jet, Packet, Wool, or Blade in Korean!

잎, 패킷, 양모, 제트기!

Learn how to say Oak, Rod, Sandwich, or Sculpture in Korean!

샌드위치, 조각, 막대, 참나무!

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