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Learn how to say Step, Attempt, Feature, or Difficulty in Spanish!

Intento, Característica, Dificultad, Paso!

Learn how to say Coal, Crown, Literature, or Wing in Spanish!

Literatura, Ala, Corona, Carbón!

Learn how to say Dead, Chief, Fresh, or Cheap in Spanish!

Muerto, Fresh, Cheap, Jefe!

Learn how to say "Did it rain?", "Did it snow?", "Will it rain?", or "Will it snow?" in Spanish!

¿Llovio?, ¿Va a nevar?, ¿Nieve?, ¿Lloverá?!

Learn how to say Lizard, Chipmunk, Woodpecker, or Donkey in Spanish!

Lagartija, Burro, Pájaro carpintero, Chipmunk!

Learn how to say Remark, Evaluation, Consultation, or Turnover in French!

Rotation, Consultation, Remarque, évaluation!

Learn how to say Organ, Detective, Competitor, or Creditor in French!

Organe, Concurrent, Détective, Créancier!

Learn how to say Twenty-Five, Twenty-Six, Twenty-Seven, or Twenty-Eight in French!

Vingt sept, Vingt-huit, Vingt-six, Vingt cinq!

Learn how to say Vulture, Deer, Lion, or Gerbil in French!

Vautour, Gerbil, Cerf, Lion!

Learn how to say "Tell him we should talk.", "I will tell him you want to talk.", "Have they met her yet?", or "They haven't met her yet." in French!

Dites-lui que nous devrions parler.!

Learn how to say Tube, Fabric, Label, or Pot in Italian!

Pentola, Etichetta, Tessuto, Tubo!

Learn how to say "Are they the same?", "Are they different?", "He is faster than me.", or "She is slower than me." in Italian!

È più lenta di me., Sono diversi?, È più veloce di me., Sono gli stessi?!

Learn how to say "Where does it hurt?", "It hurts right here.", "Are you tired?", or "I am tired." in Italian!

Dove ti fa male?, Sei stanco?, Sono stanco., Fa male qui.!

Learn how to say Two Thousand, Thirteen, Two Thousand, Fourteen, Two Thousand, Fifteen, or Two Thousand, Sixteen in Italian!

Duemila, quindici, Duemila, sedici, 2013, Duemilaquattordici!

Learn how to say "Sorry to bother you.", "Sorry if I'm interrupting.", "Do you mind if I take some of your time?", or "Do you have a minute to spare?" in Italian!

Hai un minuto da risparmiare?, Mi dispiace disturbarla., Ti dispiace se ti prendo un po 'del tuo tempo?, Mi dispiace se interrompe.!

Zwinger Palace, Dresden, Germany,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Inquiry, License, Resolution, or Struggle in German!

Lösung, Kampf, Lizenz, Anfrage!

Learn how to say South Korea, North Korea, Colombia, or Spain in German!

Nord Korea, Spanien, Kolumbien, Südkorea!

Learn how to say "I've heard that Barcelona is a beautiful place.", "Is Barcelona a beautiful place?", "St. Petersburg is a wonderful place, too.", or "Have you been to St. Petersburg?" in German!

Ich habe gehört, dass Barcelona ein wunderschöner Ort ist., Ist Barcelona ein schöner Ort?, Waren Sie schon in St. Petersburg?, St. Petersburg ist auch ein wunderbarer Ort.!

Learn how to say "What are you going to have?", "I don't know what I'm going to have.", "What on the menu do you recommend?", or "Can I see the menu?" in German!

Ich weiß nicht, was ich haben werde., Was empfehlen Sie auf der Speisekarte?, Kann ich die Speisekarte sehen?, Was wirst du haben?!

Learn how to say Cold, Completion, Disorder, or Evolution in German!

Kalt, Fertigstellung, Störung, Evolution!

Learn how to say "Are you going to the movie?", "I am going tonight to the theater.", "How was the movie?", or "I heard the show was really good." in Japanese!

映画はどうでしたか?, 私は今夜劇場に行くつもりです。, あなたは映画に行くのですか?, ショーが本当によかったと聞きました。!

Learn how to say Travel, Layer, Recovery, or Perspective in Japanese!

層, 旅行, 視点, 回復!

Learn how to say "What do you do?", "I'm a teacher.", "What does he do for work?", or "He's an engineer." in Japanese!

職業はなんですか?, 彼はエンジニアです。, 私は先生です。, 彼は仕事のために何をしていますか?!

Learn how to say Tennis, Volleyball, Iceskating, or Basketball in Japanese!

B-ムービー, B-ムービー, B-ムービー, B-ムービー!

Learn how to say Insect, Whale, Walrus, or Mantis in Japanese!

鯨, ワルラス, 昆虫, マンティス!

Learn how to say Sure, Real, Easy, or Hard in Chinese!

真实, 简单, 当然, 硬!

Learn how to say "Sorry, we don't accept checks.", "Yes, we accept credit cards.", "Everywhere accepts cash.", or "Nobody around here will barter, though." in Chinese!

无处不在接受现金。, 对不起,我们不接受支票。, 是的,我们接受信用卡。, 没有人会在这里交换物品。!

Learn how to say Discount, Innovation, Excuse, or Identification in Chinese!

鉴定, 革新, 折扣, 借口!

Learn how to say "Are you feeling okay?", "I don't feel well.", "I have a pain in my leg.", or "My feet are sore." in Chinese!

我的脚疼了, 你感觉好吗?, 我的腿有疼痛感。, 我感觉不舒服!

Learn how to say "Wait for me.", "We will wait for you.", "Will you wait for me?", or "We cannot wait for you." in Chinese!

你可以等等我么?, 等等我。, 我们会等你, 我们不能等你!

Learn how to say Envelope, Fluid, Juice, or Missile in Hindi!

तरल पदार्थ, मिसाइल, लिफ़ाफ़ा, रस!

Learn how to say "Does it taste good?", "I don't like the taste at all.", "Is the restaurant crowded?", or "There's not many people at the restaurant." in Hindi!

क्या इसका स्वाद अच्छा है?, रेस्तरां में बहुत से लोग नहीं हैं, रेस्तरां में भीड़ है?, मुझे स्वाद बिल्कुल पसंद नहीं है I!

Learn how to say Justice, Debt, Offer, or Battle in Hindi!

न्याय, लड़ाई, का कर्ज, प्रस्ताव!

Learn how to say Purchaser, Seller, Vendor, or Correspondent in Hindi!

विक्रेता, विक्रेता, ग्राहक, संवाददाता!

Learn how to say "How long is your stay?", "How long is your voyage?", "How long will it take?", or "Will it be a short amount of time?" in Hindi!

आपकी यात्रा कितनी देर तक है?, कितनी देर लगेगी?, क्या यह समय की एक छोटी राशि होगी?, कब तक आपका ठहरने का समय है?!

Learn how to say Aunt, Host, Human, or Peasant in Indonesian!

Tuan rumah, Bibi, Petani, Manusia!

Learn how to say Swim, Wander, Rub, or Bite in Indonesian!

Berenang, Gigitan, Mengembara, Menggosok!

Learn how to say Warm, Strange, Ill, or Alienated in Indonesian!

Teralienasi, Sakit, Hangat, Aneh!

Learn how to say Brave, Secure, Boring, or Calm in Indonesian!

Membosankan, Aman, Tenang, Berani!

Learn how to say Responsibility, Concern, Duty, or Claim in Indonesian!

Perhatian, Klaim, Tanggung jawab, Tugas!

Learn how to say Gross, Sheer, Neat, or Dull in Dutch!

Bruto, Zeeg, Netjes, Saai!

Learn how to say Insect, Whale, Walrus, or Mantis in Dutch!

Mantis, Walvis, Beestje, Walrus!

Learn how to say Walk, Defendant, Neighbor, or Engineer in Dutch!

Ingenieur, Verweerder, Buurman, Lopen!

Learn how to say Chemical, Circuit, Clock, or Cream in Dutch!

Chemisch, Room, Circuit, Klok!

Learn how to say Impact, Danger, Reaction, or Aim in Dutch!

Gevaar, Botsing, Reactie, Doel!

Barbican, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Stout, Messy, Bulky, or Shadowy in Polish!

Cienisty, Gruby, Niechlujny, Gruby!

Learn how to say Harbour, Landing, Shore, or Avenue in Polish!

Wybrzeże, Lądowanie, Port, Aleja!

Learn how to say Refusal, Restoration, Laugh, or Speculation in Polish!

Odmowa, śmiech, Przywrócenie, Spekulacja!

Learn how to say Damage, Requirement, Option, or Aid in Polish!

Pomoc, Opcja, Uszkodzić, Wymaganie!

Learn how to say First-Person Shooter, Mmorpg, Real-Time Strategy Game, or Third-Person Shooter in Polish!

Mmorpg, Pierwszoosobowa strzelanka, Trzecia osoba strzelecka, Gra strategiczna w czasie rzeczywistym!

Learn how to say Jew, Bahá'í, Jainist, or Pagan in Portuguese!

Judeu, Pagão, Jainista, Bahá'í!

Learn how to say Darling, Mayor, Stranger, or Voter in Portuguese!

Desconhecido, Prefeito, Eleitor, Querida!

Learn how to say Self, Soul, Angle, or Philosophy in Portuguese!

Filosofia, Auto, ângulo, Alma!

Learn how to say Rusty, Hardy, Hairy, or Gold in Portuguese!

Oxidado, Ouro, Peludo, Robusto!

Learn how to say Stuffy, Dour, Cheery, or Grimy in Portuguese!

Severo, Abafado, Alegre, Sujo!

Hermitage and Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Law, Authority, War, or Society in Russian!

закон, общество, власть, война!

Learn how to say Decline, Guarantee, Whisper, or Assure in Russian!

уверять, снижение, шептать, гарантия!

Learn how to say Avoid, Finish, Save, or Tend in Russian!

Конец, иметь тенденцию, спасти, избежать!

Learn how to say Fan, Servant, Cancer, or Champion in Russian!

рак, чемпион, служащий, поклонник!

Learn how to say Commonwealth, Concession, Coup, or Delegation in Russian!

концессия, делегация, содружество, переворот!

Boshingak, Jongno, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Injury, Threat, Background, or Exhibition in Korean!

전시회, 위협, 배경, 해!

Learn how to say Look, Element, Aspect, or Division in Korean!

분할, 양상, 보기, 요소!

Learn how to say Imagine, Associate, Aim, or Observe in Korean!

상상하다, 관찰하다, 동무, 목표!

Learn how to say Diet, Expectation, Signal, or Charity in Korean!

자선, 기대, 신호, 다이어트!

Learn how to say Soft, Quick, Joint, or Average in Korean!

평균, 부드러운, 관절, 빨리!

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