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Learn how to say Sergeant, Tongue, Architect, or Assistant in Spanish!

Asistente, Sargento, Arquitecto, Lengua!

Learn how to say Specify, Convert, Submit, or Trust in Spanish!

Confianza, Convertir, Especificar, Enviar!

Learn how to say "Fill up the tank all the way please.", "Fill up the tank half way please.", "Where is the gas station?", or "Do you sell gas?" in Spanish!

Llena el tanque a mitad de camino por favor., Llene el tanque por completo., ¿Vendes gasolina?, ¿Donde esta la gasolinera?!

Learn how to say American Dollar, Brazilian Real, British Pound, or Euro in Spanish!

Euro, Dólar americano, Real brasileño, Libra Brasileña RealBritish!

Learn how to say Cash, Contribution, Debate, or Reform in Spanish!

Reforma, Contribución, Debate, Efectivo!

Learn how to say "Tell him we should talk.", "I will tell him you want to talk.", "Have they met her yet?", or "They haven't met her yet." in French!

Dites-lui que nous devrions parler.!

Learn how to say Focus, Habit, Input, or Efficiency in French!

Concentrer, Contribution, Efficacité, Habitude!

Learn how to say "He is a bad student.", "She is a good student.", "He thinks we're coming.", or "She thinks we don't want to come." in French!

Il est un mauvais élève., C'est une bonne élève., Il pense que nous venons.!

Learn how to say Lease, Privilege, Punishment, or Taxation in French!

Châtiment, Bail, Imposition, Privilège!

Learn how to say "Will you be back by 11 o'clock tonight?", "When do you think you will be back?", "I will try to be back soon.", or "I may be out all night." in French!

Learn how to say Focus, Habit, Input, or Efficiency in Italian!

Messa a fuoco, Efficienza, Abitudine, Ingresso!

Learn how to say Franc, Forint, Zloty, or Lira in Italian!

Franco, Fiorino, Lira, Zloty!

Learn how to say Thing, Part, Place, or Book in Italian!

Posto, Cosa, Libro, Parte!

Learn how to say "You're smarter than him.", "She is more intelligent than he is.", "They're both better at this than us.", or "We could do better at our own game." in Italian!

Potremmo fare meglio al nostro gioco., Sei più intelligente di lui., Sono entrambi migliori a questo di noi., È più intelligente di lui.!

Learn how to say Learn, Identify, Compare, or Forget in Italian!

Identificare, Confrontare, Imparare, Dimenticare!

Learn how to say Couple, Degree, Mile, or Season in German!

Meile, Jahreszeit, Paar, Grad!

Learn how to say Vast, Net, Slight, or Absolute in German!

Netz, Groß, Leicht, Absolute!

Learn how to say Student, Foot, Boy, or Back in German!

Schüler, Fuß, Zurück, Junge!

Learn how to say Win, Lie, Doctrine, or Heritage in German!

Lüge, Sieg, Lehre, Erbe!

Learn how to say Sneaky, Princely, Edgy, or Sleazy in German!

Hinterhältig, Nervös, Sleazy, Fürstlich!

Learn how to say Spirit, Official, Agent, or Artist in Japanese!

精神, アーティスト, 公式, エージェント!

Learn how to say "Nonsense!", "Terrific!", "That looks great.", or "That looks terrible." in Japanese!

素晴らしい!, ナンセンス!, それはひどいようです。, それは素晴らしいようです。!

Learn how to say Unlikely, Dry, Slow, or Clean in Japanese!

ドライ, 起こりそうもない, スロー, クリーン!

Learn how to say Cricket, Ballet, Cheerleading, or Gymnastics in Japanese!

B-ムービー, B-ムービー, チアリーディング, 体操!

Learn how to say "Do you like the book?", "What do you think of the author?", "How much would you like?", or "I would like a lot." in Japanese!

著者についてどう思いますか?, 私はたくさんのことが好きです。, あなたは本が好きですか?, あなたはどれくらい好きですか?!

Great Wall of China, Mutianyu Section,
Photo by Robin Zebrowski, CC BY License

Learn how to say Effort, Lady, Skill, or Character in Chinese!

字符, 技能, 淑女, 功夫!

Learn how to say "I hope you have a nice trip.", "I hope you and the family have a nice trip", "I don't want to bother you.", or "Is it no bother?" in Chinese!

我不想打扰你, 是不是麻烦?, 我希望你有一个愉快的旅行。, 我希望你和家人有一个愉快的旅行!

Learn how to say Listen, Visit, Admit, or Assume in Chinese!

承担, 承认, 听, 访问!

Learn how to say "What are you going to have?", "I don't know what I'm going to have.", "What on the menu do you recommend?", or "Can I see the menu?" in Chinese!

你会有什么?, 我可以看到菜单吗?, 我不知道我会有什么, 你推荐什么菜单?!

Learn how to say Disturb, Greet, Criticize, or Forgive in Chinese!

批评, 迎接, 打扰, 原谅!

Learn how to say Release, Incident, Surprise, or Creation in Hindi!

घटना, रिहाई, सृष्टि, अचरज!

Learn how to say Summary, Wish, Childhood, or Confusion in Hindi!

बचपन, तमन्ना, उलझन, सारांश!

Learn how to say "You're smarter than him.", "She is more intelligent than he is.", "They're both better at this than us.", or "We could do better at our own game." in Hindi!

Translation error, आप उससे अधिक कुशल हैं, वह जितना बुद्धिमान है उतना वह है।, ये हमारे दोनों से बेहतर हैं!

Learn how to say Sole, Spare, Lengthy, or Massive in Hindi!

लंबा, बड़ा, अतिरिक्त, एकमात्र!

Learn how to say Adult, Skin, Dad, or Employer in Hindi!

नियोक्ता, पिता, वयस्क, त्वचा!

Learn how to say Appointment, Enterprise, Assembly, or Criticism in Indonesian!

Kritik, Janji, Majelis, Perusahaan!

Learn how to say "Where is she going?", "She is going to the beach.", "When are you next planning to come?", or "We are planning to come next year." in Indonesian!

Kemana dia pergi?, Dia pergi ke pantai., Kapan kamu selanjutnya berencana datang?, Kami berencana datang tahun depan.!

Learn how to say Science, Answer, Argument, or Proposal in Indonesian!

Argumen, Usul, Menjawab, Ilmu!

Learn how to say "How long have you worked here?", "I have worked here for five years.", "How many hours per week do you work?", or "I work the standard forty-hour work week." in Indonesian!

Berapa jam per minggu Anda bekerja?, Saya bekerja di minggu kerja standar empat puluh jam., Saya telah bekerja di sini selama lima tahun., Sudah berapa lama kamu bekerja disini?!

Learn how to say Minimum, Monopoly, Motive, or Myth in Indonesian!

Monopoli, Minimum, Mitos, Motif!

Learn how to say Praise, Punish, Cheer, or Obey in Dutch!

Juichen, Gehoorzamen, Lof, Straffen!

Learn how to say Bag, Gold, Boat, or Wine in Dutch!

Boot, Zak, Wijn, Goud!

Learn how to say Knit, Copy, Research, or Invent in Dutch!

Uitvinden, Kopiëren, Breien, Onderzoek!

Learn how to say Leisure, Salary, Shopping, or Unity in Dutch!

Salaris, Vrije tijd, Eenheid, Het winkelen!

Learn how to say Hearty, Cross, Crafty, or Cuddly in Dutch!

Sluw, Hartig, Kruis, Aanhalig!

Fountain of Proserpina, Poznan, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Twist, Insert, Repair, or Assemble in Polish!

Skręcać, Naprawa, Wstawić, Gromadzić!

Learn how to say Long, Far, Low, or Likely in Polish!

Niska, Długie, Daleko, Prawdopodobne!

Learn how to say Soda, Hot Cocoa, Tea, or Iced Tea in Polish!

Herbata, Gorąca czekolada, Soda, Mrożona herbata!

Learn how to say Scream, Ban, Consult, or Request in Polish!

Konsultować, Krzyk, Request, Zakaz!

Learn how to say Finger, Employee, Band, or Partner in Polish!

Partner, Pracownik, Zespół muzyczny, Palec!

Learn how to say Democracy, Monarchy, Parliamentarianism, or Party Politics in Portuguese!

Monarquia, Democracia!

Learn how to say Club, Material, Window, or Air in Portuguese!

Clube, Janela, Material, Ar!

Learn how to say Branch, Copy, Wind, or Train in Portuguese!

Cópia de, Ramo, Vento, Trem!

Learn how to say Philippine, Egyptian, Vietnamese, or Portuguese in Portuguese!

Vietnamita, Português, Filipino, Egípcio!

Learn how to say Brash, Gaudy, Sporty, or Stealthy in Portuguese!

Chamejante, Desportivo, Furtivo, Impetuoso!

Learn how to say Rose, String, Wheel, or Hat in Russian!

шапка, строка, колесо, Роза!

Learn how to say Health, Patient, Mind, or Staff in Russian!

пациент, здоровье, сотрудники, разум!

Learn how to say Create, Work, Need, or Provide in Russian!

необходимость, Работа, предоставлять, Создайте!

Learn how to say Have, Get, Make, or Take in Russian!

принимать, иметь, делать, получить!

Learn how to say Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Weekday in Russian!

будний день, Четверг, суббота, пятница!

Boshingak, Jongno, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Distinction, Enemy, Fashion, or God in Korean!

하나님, 유행, 구별, 적!

Learn how to say Autocracy, Bill Of Rights, Partisan, or Bourgeois in Korean!

권리 장전, 독재 정치, 부르주아, 도당!

Learn how to say French Fries, Potatoes, Hamburger, or Hotdog in Korean!

핫도그, 감자들, 햄버거, 감자 튀김!

Learn how to say Cry, Rumour, Compromise, or Portfolio in Korean!

소문, 포트폴리오, 울음 소리, 타협!

Learn how to say Twist, Insert, Repair, or Assemble in Korean!

트위스트, 끼워 넣다, 모으다, 수리!

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