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Caldoveiro Peak, Asturias, North Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Nutrition, Nutrient, Health, or Healthy in Spanish!

Nutritivo, Nutrición, Saludable, Salud!

Learn how to say Profession, Protest, Recommendation, or Restriction in Spanish!

Restricción, Profesión, Recomendación, Protesta!

Learn how to say "What's your address?", "What's the address of the hospital.", "Don't worry, I will find the address.", or "The address has to be here somewhere." in Spanish!

¿Cual es tu direccion?, ¿Cuál es la dirección del hospital?, La dirección tiene que estar aquí en alguna parte., No te preocupes, encontraré la dirección.!

Learn how to say Evening, Standard, Page, or Size in Spanish!

Tamaño, Página, Estándar, Noche!

Learn how to say Commonwealth, Concession, Coup, or Delegation in Spanish!

Concesión, Mancomunidad, Golpe, Delegación!

Learn how to say Shirt, Apple, Furniture, or Pipe in French!

Meubles, Pomme, Tuyau, Chemise!

Learn how to say Injury, Threat, Background, or Exhibition in French!

Blessure, Contexte, Exposition, Menace!

Learn how to say "I need your help.", "Let me know if you need my help.", "Do you have a headache?", or "I have a headache." in French!

J'ai besoin de ton aide.!

Learn how to say Caucus, Confederalism, Common Law, or Constituent in French!

Constituant, Caucus, Confedéralisme, Loi commune!

Learn how to say Pull, Hit, Push, or Lay in French!

Frappé, Pousser, Allonger, Tirer!

Learn how to say Replace, Improve, Discover, or Prevent in Italian!

Sostituire, Migliorare, Impedire, Scoprire!

Learn how to say Dank, Fishy, Dreamy, or Breezy in Italian!

Sognante, Umido, Fresco, Di pesce!

Learn how to say Leaflet, Mud, Nail, or Skirt in Italian!

Opuscolo, Chiodo, Fango, Gonna!

Learn how to say Rusty, Hardy, Hairy, or Gold in Italian!

Arrugginito, Oro, Peloso, Ardito!

Learn how to say Breath, Winner, Deputy, or Specialist in Italian!

Vice, Vincitore, Respiro, Specialista!

Neuschwanstein Schloss, Bavaria, Germany,
Photo by Pedro Paulo Boaventura, CC BY License

Learn how to say Attitude, Technique, Advice, or Memory in German!

Rat, Technik, Haltung, Erinnerung!

Learn how to say Fear, Cope, Hate, or Hurt in German!

Verletzen, Angst, Hass, Bewältigen!

Learn how to say User, Brother, Husband, or Chairman in German!

Mann, Bruder, Benutzer, Vorsitzende!

Learn how to say Tin, Alarm, Cable, or Craft in German!

Zinn, Kunst, Kabel, Alarm!

Learn how to say "I hope you have a nice trip.", "I hope you and the family have a nice trip", "I don't want to bother you.", or "Is it no bother?" in German!

Ist es nicht ärgerlich?, Ich will dich nicht belästigen., Ich hoffe, Sie und die Familie haben eine schöne Reise, Ich hoffe, Sie haben eine schöne Reise.!

Learn how to say Commonwealth, Concession, Coup, or Delegation in Japanese!

代表団, 連邦, クーデター, 租界!

Learn how to say Title, Discussion, Institution, or Profit in Japanese!

利益, 機関, タイトル, 討論!

Learn how to say Setting, Landscape, Laboratory, or Peak in Japanese!

研究室, 設定, ピーク, 風景!

Learn how to say Oxygen, Truck, Nest, or Pavement in Japanese!

舗装, ネスト, トラック, 酸素!

Learn how to say "What are they studying?", "Are they studying English?", "What did you think of learning English?", or "What did they think of learning English?" in Japanese!

彼らは何を勉強していますか?, 彼らは英語を学ぶことについて何を考えましたか?, 英語を勉強するのはどう思いましたか?, 彼らは英語を勉強していますか?!

Learn how to say Mail, Medicine, Paragraph, or Print in Chinese!

邮件, 打印, 段, 医学!

Learn how to say Bend, Print, Swing, or Drag in Chinese!

打印, 摇摆, 弯曲, 拖动!

Learn how to say Instance, Curve, Pace, or Delay in Chinese!

例, 步伐, 延迟, 曲线!

Learn how to say Catalogue, Cheese, Dish, or Shell in Chinese!

起司, 碟, 目录, 贝壳!

Learn how to say "Can you please tell me?", "I will tell you.", "When will you tell me?", or "I will tell you soon." in Chinese!

我会尽快告诉你, 你能告诉我吗, 你什么时候会告诉我, 我会告诉你。!

Learn how to say "What do you want to do?", "I want to quit my job.", "What school did you go to?", or "I went to the school that everyone dropped out of." in Hindi!

मैं उस स्कूल के पास गया जो सभी को बाहर निकाल दिया गया।, मैं अपना काम छोड़ना चाहता हूं, आप का परिवार कितना बड़ा है?, आप कौन से स्कूल जाते थे?!

Learn how to say "Do you have a map of the city?", "I do have a map of the city.", "Do you have a non-smoking section?", or "Yes, we have a non-smoking section." in Hindi!

क्या आपके पास शहर का नक्शा है?, हां, हमारे पास एक गैर-धूम्रपान खंड है, क्या आपके यहां धूम्रपान वर्जित क्षेत्र है?, मेरे पास शहर का मानचित्र है!

Learn how to say Water, Car, Door, or Matter in Hindi!

मामला, गाड़ी, पानी, द्वार!

Learn how to say "Why did you say that?", "I said that because I have actually seen it happen.", "Did you forget?", or "I forgot it." in Hindi!

क्या तुम भूल गए?, मै भूल गया।, तुमने ये क्यों कहा?, मैंने कहा था कि क्योंकि मैंने वास्तव में इसे देखा है।!

Learn how to say "Are you feeling better?", "Are you feeling worse?", "Do you need anything?", or "What do you need?" in Hindi!

तबियत पहले से कैसी है?, क्या आप बदतर महसूस कर रहे हैं?, तुम्हे क्या चाहिए?, क्या आपको किसी चीज़ की ज़रूरत है?!

Learn how to say Wine, Champagne, Mixed Drink, or Martini in Indonesian!

Minuman campuran, Anggur, Sampanye, Martini!

Learn how to say Mouth, Sister, Miss, or Executive in Indonesian!

Mulut, Kehilangan, Eksekutif, Saudara!

Learn how to say Tame, Lowly, Trendy, or Needy in Indonesian!

Miskin, Jinak, Rendah, Trendi!

Learn how to say Rome, Italy, Kiev, Ukraine, Taipei, Taiwan, or Paris, France in Indonesian!

Paris, Prancis, Roma, Italia, Taipei, Taiwan, Kiev, Ukraina!

Learn how to say "Not recently.", "Not today.", "Not yet.", or "Not this month." in Indonesian!

Belum., Tidak hari ini., Tidak baru, Tidak bulan ini.!

Windmill 'Prinsenmolen', Rotterdam, Netherlands,
Photo by Vincent_AF, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Achieve, Choose, Fail, or Serve in Dutch!

Dienen, Bereiken, Kiezen, Mislukken!

Learn how to say Stroke, Trace, Worry, or Bonus in Dutch!

Beroerte, Spoor, Zorgen, Bonus!

Learn how to say Golf, Rc Racing, Sailing, or Walking in Dutch!

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey!

Learn how to say Fleshy, Crusty, Dumpy, or Bushy in Dutch!

Vlezig, Kort en dik, Korstig, Ruig!

Learn how to say Boil, Carve, Crush, or Rip in Dutch!

Verpletteren, Kerven, Rust in vrede, Koken!

Barbican, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Christmas, Ramadan, Hanukkah, or Vesākha in Polish!

Ramadan, Boże Narodzenie, Vesākha, Hanukkah!

Learn how to say Lunch, Photograph, Block, or Publication in Polish!

Lunch, Fotografia, Blok, Opublikowanie!

Learn how to say Small, Large, Big, or Full in Polish!

Duży, Duży, Mały, Pełny!

Learn how to say Goth Music, Caribbean Music, Chiptune, or Electro Rock Music in Polish!

Chiptune, Muzyka elektro rocka, Muzyka karaibska, Goth muzyka!

Learn how to say Shout, Contact, Recall, or Welcome in Polish!

Witamy, Kontakt, Krzyczeć, Odwołanie!

Learn how to say Institute, Silence, Treaty, or Congress in Portuguese!

Silêncio, Congresso, Tratado, Instituto!

Learn how to say Menu, Productivity, Proposition, or Sociology in Portuguese!

Cardápio, Produtividade, Sociologia, Proposição!

Learn how to say Prove, Introduce, Ensure, or Refer in Portuguese!

Garantir, Referir, Introduzir, Provar!

Learn how to say Achieve, Choose, Fail, or Serve in Portuguese!

Servir, Falhou, Alcançar, Escolher!

Learn how to say Nude, Scruffy, Homely, or Cute in Portuguese!

Desalinhado, Caseiro, Fofa, Nu!

Hermitage and Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Meter, Quantity, Depth, or Inch in Russian!

дюймовый, глубина, количество, метр!

Learn how to say Historian, Operator, Princess, or Professional in Russian!

профессиональный, оператор, историк, принцесса!

Learn how to say Calculation, Hypothesis, Logic, or Poetry in Russian!

поэзия, гипотеза, расчет, логика!

Learn how to say House Of Commons, Incumbent, Jingoism, or Lobbyist in Russian!

возложенный, палата общин, джингоизм, лоббист!

Learn how to say Medium, Version, Visit, or Advantage in Russian!

версия, посещение, средний, преимущество!

Boshingak, Jongno, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Lease, Privilege, Punishment, or Taxation in Korean!

처벌, 임차권, 특권, 과세!

Learn how to say Organ, Detective, Competitor, or Creditor in Korean!

형사, 오르간, 경쟁자, 채권자!

Learn how to say Lizard, Chipmunk, Woodpecker, or Donkey in Korean!

당나귀, 도마뱀, 다람쥐, 딱따구리!

Learn how to say Juice, Orange Juice, Apple Juice, or Lemonade in Korean!

주스, 오렌지 주스, 사과 주스, 레몬 에이드!

Learn how to say Militarist, Theocrat, Military Officer, or Inquisitor in Korean!

무관, 조사자, 군국주의 자, 신자!

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