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Caldoveiro Peak, Asturias, North Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Brave, Secure, Boring, or Calm in Spanish!

Seguro, Aburrido, Brave, Calm!

Learn how to say Golf, Rc Racing, Sailing, or Walking in Spanish!

Para caminar, Navegación, Rc racing, Golf!

Learn how to say "How many brothers do you have?", "I have two sisters.", "Where is your daughter?", or "My daughter is right here." in Spanish!

¿Cuántos hermanos tiene usted?, Tengo dos hermanas., Mi hija está aquí., ¿Dónde está tu hija?!

Learn how to say Hill, Farm, Studio, or Museum in Spanish!

Museo, Estudio, Granja, Colina!

Learn how to say Youngster, Accountant, Constable, or Miner in Spanish!

Contador, Minero, Joven, Alguacil!

Learn how to say "Can you call me later?", "I'll call you.", "Do you understand?", or "I understand." in French!

Translation error, Comprenez vous?, Pouvez-vous me rappeler plus tard?, Je t'appellerai.!

Learn how to say Care, Project, Nature, or Structure in French!

Structure, La nature, Projet, Se soucier!

Learn how to say "Who is paying for dinner?", "I will pay for dinner.", "All of us will pay for dinner.", or "What is the cost of dinner?" in French!

Je commanderai la même chose., Je commanderai la même chose., Je commanderai la même chose., Je commanderai la même chose.!

Learn how to say "Will it rain tomorrow?", "Will it snow today?", "Will it storm tomorrow?", or "Will it flood today?" in French!

Est-ce que ça va demain?, Est-ce qu'il va inonder aujourd'hui?, Est-ce qu'il pleut demain?, Est-ce que ça neige aujourd'hui?!

Learn how to say Greedy, Blunt, Prudent, or Clumsy in French!

Maladroit, Prudent, émousser, Glouton!

Learn how to say Industrial Music, Rave Music, Drum And Bass, or Dubstep in Italian!

Dubstep, Rave musica, Musica industriale, Batteria e basso!

Learn how to say "Why did you say that?", "I said that because I have actually seen it happen.", "Did you forget?", or "I forgot it." in Italian!

Perché hai detto che?, Ho detto che perché ho visto realmente accadere., L'ho dimenticato., Hai dimenticato?!

Learn how to say Trial, League, Nation, or Contact in Italian!

Lega, Nazione, Prova, Contatto!

Learn how to say Prompt, Negligent, Grubby, or Unkind in Italian!

Sporco, Richiesta, Negligente, Scortese!

Learn how to say Leadership, Marketing, Mass, or Revolution in Italian!

Massa, Comando, Rivoluzione, Marketing!

Neuschwanstein Schloss, Bavaria, Germany,
Photo by Pedro Paulo Boaventura, CC BY License

Learn how to say Collectivism, Individualism, Conformity, or Non-Conformity in German!

Nichtkonformität, Kollektivismus, Individualismus, Konformität!

Learn how to say Russia, Mexico, Japan, or Ethiopia in German!

Mexiko, Japan, Äthiopien, Russland!

Learn how to say Concentration, Instruction, Teaching, or Desire in German!

Verlangen, Lehren, Konzentration, Anweisung!

Learn how to say Mellow, Frosty, Lousy, or Moody in German!

Launisch, Eisig, Lausig, Mellow!

Learn how to say Question, Information, Interest, or Idea in German!

Information, Interessieren, Frage, Idee!

Learn how to say "Where is the bus stop?", "Where is the post office?", "Where is the airport?", or "Where is the marina?" in Japanese!

郵便局はどこですか?, マリーナはどこですか?, バス停はどこですか?, 空港はどこですか?!

Learn how to say "Do you trust me?", "I trust you.", "Why did you do that?", or "I did it for luck." in Japanese!

どうしてそんなことをしました?, あなたを信頼する。, あなたは私を信じますか?, 私は運のためにそれをしました。!

Learn how to say Outcome, Shadow, Shock, or Touch in Japanese!

影, ショック, タッチ, 結果!

Learn how to say Dozen, Estimate, Frequency, or Qualification in Japanese!

推定, 資格, ダース, 周波数!

Learn how to say Church, Bank, Team, or Town in Japanese!

タウン, チーム, バンク, 教会!

Learn how to say Argentina, Ukraine, Algeria, or Iraq in Chinese!

伊拉克, 阿尔及利亚, 乌克兰, 阿根廷!

Learn how to say Officer, President, Son, or Director in Chinese!

导向器, 官, 主席, 儿子!

Learn how to say Bend, Print, Swing, or Drag in Chinese!

弯曲, 打印, 拖动, 摇摆!

Learn how to say Purchaser, Seller, Vendor, or Correspondent in Chinese!

购买者, 供应商, 通信者, 卖家!

Learn how to say Cabinet, Engine, Stuff, or Bus in Chinese!

发动机, 东东, 总线, 内阁!

Learn how to say Cross, Rail, Breakfast, or Column in Hindi!

स्तंभ, सुबह का नाश्ता, पार करना, रेल!

Learn how to say Mandarin, English, Hindi, or Arabic in Hindi!

अंग्रेज़ी, चटनी, अकर्मण्य, डुबोना, अरबी!

Learn how to say "I don't have any money.", "Do you have any money?", "I'll order the same thing.", or "Can I buy the same thing?" in Hindi!

क्या मैं एक ही चीज़ खरीद सकता हूं?, मेरे पास कोई पैसा नहीं है, क्या तुम्हारे पास कुछ पैसे हैं?, मैं एक ही चीज़ का आदेश दूंगा!

Learn how to say "How long is your stay?", "How long is your voyage?", "How long will it take?", or "Will it be a short amount of time?" in Hindi!

कब तक आपका ठहरने का समय है?, कितनी देर लगेगी?, आपकी यात्रा कितनी देर तक है?, क्या यह समय की एक छोटी राशि होगी?!

Learn how to say Hell, Castle, Lane, or Passage in Hindi!

मार्ग, महल, नरक, गली!

Learn how to say Science, Answer, Argument, or Proposal in Indonesian!

Usul, Menjawab, Argumen, Ilmu!

Learn how to say "Nonsense!", "Terrific!", "That looks great.", or "That looks terrible." in Indonesian!

Itu terlihat mengerikan., Itu terlihat bagus., Hebat!, Omong kosong!!

Learn how to say Chapel, Resort, Clinic, or Bath in Indonesian!

Resor, Mandi, Kapel, Klinik!

Learn how to say "What's wrong?", "Is anything wrong?", "No, nothing is wrong.", or "Everything is all right." in Indonesian!

Tidak, tidak ada yang salah., Apakah ada yang salah?, Semuanya baik-baik saja., Apa yang salah?!

Learn how to say Criterion, Billion, Characteristic, or Square in Indonesian!

Kotak, Kriteria, Milyar, Ciri!

Learn how to say Manta Ray, Ostrich, Lobster, or Ladybug in Dutch!

Lieveheersbeestje, Kreeft, Struisvogel, Mantarog!

Learn how to say Harbour, Landing, Shore, or Avenue in Dutch!

Haven, Landen, Laan, Kust-!

Learn how to say Society, Money, Council, or Policy in Dutch!

Het beleid, Raad, Maatschappij, Geld!

Learn how to say Institute, Silence, Treaty, or Congress in Dutch!

Congres, Verdrag, Stilte, Instituut!

Learn how to say Carry, Let, Break, or Wear in Dutch!

Laat, Slijtage, Dragen, Breken!

National Library of Poland, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by photobeppus, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Pancakes, Onion Ring, Peanut Butter, or Nuts in Polish!

Masło orzechowe, Naleśniki, Krążek cebulowy, Orzechy!

Learn how to say King, Queen, President, or Prime Minister in Polish!

Prezydent, Premier, Król, Królowa!

Learn how to say Riot, Scandal, Subsidiary, or Subsidy in Polish!

Pomocniczy, Zamieszki, Skandal, Subsydium!

Learn how to say Deal, Payment, Agency, or Collection in Polish!

Agency, Deal, Payment, Collection!

Learn how to say Meat, Vegetables, Grains, or Protein in Polish!

Białko, Ziarna, Mięso, Warzywa!

Learn how to say Patchy, Supple, Excessive, or Impoverished in Portuguese!

Desigual, Empobrecido, Flexível, Excessivo!

Learn how to say Five Hundred, Six Hundred, Seven Hundred, or Eight Hundred in Portuguese!

Quatrocentos, Quatrocentos, Quatrocentos, Quatrocentos!

Learn how to say Cloudy, Hasty, Rainy, or Weighty in Portuguese!

Chuvoso, Pesado, Apressado, Nublado!

Learn how to say Offense, Absence, Error, or Transfer in Portuguese!

Erro, Ofensa, Ausência, Transferir!

Learn how to say First-Person Shooter, Mmorpg, Real-Time Strategy Game, or Third-Person Shooter in Portuguese!

Jogo de estratégia em tempo real, Atirador em primeira pessoa, Atirador em terceira pessoa, Mmorpg!

Learn how to say Medium, Version, Visit, or Advantage in Russian!

версия, посещение, преимущество, средний!

Learn how to say Sweet, Rough, Cool, or Extreme in Russian!

грубый, милая, круто, экстремальный!

Learn how to say Autocracy, Bill Of Rights, Partisan, or Bourgeois in Russian!

буржуазный, самодержавие, пристрастный, Билль о правах!

Learn how to say Goth Music, Caribbean Music, Chiptune, or Electro Rock Music in Russian!

чиптюна, готическая музыка, карибская музыка, электро рок-музыка!

Learn how to say Coach, Lifespan, Mood, or Personality in Russian!

настроение, тренер, личность, продолжительность жизни!

Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Capacity, Decade, Reduction, or Module in Korean!

기준 치수, 절감, 로사리오 염주, 생산 능력!

Learn how to say Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Weekday in Korean!

목요일, 주일, 금요일, 토요일!

Learn how to say Delivery, Framework, Obligation, or Regime in Korean!

배달, 제도, 의무, 뼈대!

Learn how to say Bag, Gold, Boat, or Wine in Korean!

가방, 보트, 금, 포도주!

Learn how to say Madrid, Spain, Pyongyang, North Korea, Kabul, Afghanistan, or Athens, Greece in Korean!

마드리드, 스페인, 북한, 북한, 그리스 아테네, 카불, 아프가니스탄!

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