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Learn how to say Five, Six, Seven, or Eight in Spanish!

Cinco, Ocho, Siete, Seis!

Learn how to say Society, Money, Council, or Policy in Spanish!

Sociedad, Dinero, Consejo, Política!

Learn how to say Dismiss, Interpret, Search, or Analyze in Spanish!

Buscar, Interpretar, Analizar, Despedir!

Learn how to say "I'm across the street from the pub.", "How many miles until we get to the pub?", "How far away is the capital?", or "I am going to the capital across 1,000 miles." in Spanish!

Voy a la capital a través de 1.000 millas., Estoy al otro lado de la calle del pub., ¿Cuántas millas hasta llegar al pub?, ¿A qué distancia está la capital?!

Learn how to say "Can I make a call here?", "I'd like to call the United States.", "Have you been there?", or "We have been there." in French!

Puis-je faire un appel ici?!

Learn how to say Position, Course, Lot, or Street in French!

Lot, Position, Rue, Cours!

Learn how to say Adult, Skin, Dad, or Employer in French!

Employeur, Peau, Papa, Adulte!

Learn how to say "That way.", "The bus arrives at 12:00.", "We arrived yesterday.", or "From here to there." in French!

De cette façon., D'ici à là-bas., Nous sommes arrivés hier., Le bus arrive à 12h00.!

Learn how to say Christianity, Islam, Atheism, or Hinduism in French!

Athéisme, Hindouisme, Islam, Christianisme!

Learn how to say "I have never seen that before.", "I have already seen that.", "Just a little.", or "Too much." in Italian!

Solo un po., Troppo., Lo ho già visto., Non l'ho mai visto prima.!

Learn how to say Stormy, Creamy, Stale, or Void in Italian!

Cremoso, Tempestoso, Stantio, Vuoto!

Learn how to say Machiavellian, Mandate, Mercantilism, or Mixed Economy in Italian!

Machiavellico, Mandato, Economia mista, Mercantilismo!

Learn how to say Flute, Cello, Bass Guitar, or Yukelele in Italian!

Violoncello, Flauto, Basso, Ukulele!

Learn how to say Luck, Survival, Barrier, or Climate in Italian!

Barriera, Clima, Sopravvivenza, Fortuna!

Neuschwanstein Schloss, Bavaria, Germany,
Photo by Pedro Paulo Boaventura, CC BY License

Learn how to say Lizard, Chipmunk, Woodpecker, or Donkey in German!

Esel, Chipmunk, Specht, Eidechse!

Learn how to say Jew, Bahá'í, Jainist, or Pagan in German!

Jude, Bahá'í, Heidnischen, Jainist!

Learn how to say Football, Acrobatics, Archery, or Badminton in German!

Akrobatik, Bogenschießen, Badminton, Fußball!

Learn how to say Vast, Net, Slight, or Absolute in German!

Groß, Netz, Absolute, Leicht!

Learn how to say Member, State, Family, or Business in German!

Geschäft, Bundesland, Familie, Mitglied!

Learn how to say "How late will you be out?", "It's too late to go out now.", "How important is it?", or "It is very important." in Japanese!

それは非常に重要です。, どのくらい遅く出かけますか?, 今は外出するのが遅すぎる。, それはどれくらい重要ですか?!

Learn how to say Cook, Kick, Race, or Breathe in Japanese!

クック, 呼吸する, キック, レース!

Learn how to say Recipe, Sensation, Separation, or Stance in Japanese!

スタンス, 感覚, レシピ, 分離!

Learn how to say Setting, Landscape, Laboratory, or Peak in Japanese!

風景, 設定, 研究室, ピーク!

Learn how to say Reason, Figure, Research, or Decision in Japanese!

決定, 研究, 図形, 理由!

Great Wall of China, Mutianyu Section,
Photo by Robin Zebrowski, CC BY License

Learn how to say Toilet, Uniform, Cupboard, or Doorway in Chinese!

厕所, 橱柜, 制服, 门口!

Learn how to say Rosey, Drab, Darling, or Scary in Chinese!

宠儿, 罗西, 单调, 害怕!

Learn how to say "May 1st.", "October 17th.", "December 10th.", or "July 22nd." in Chinese!

10月17日, 7月22日, 五月一号, 十二月十号!

Learn how to say Weary, Foul, Cozy, or Coarse in Chinese!

粗, 舒适, 厌倦, 犯规!

Learn how to say Recover, Score, Exclude, or Pursue in Chinese!

排除, 得分了, 恢复, 追求!

Learn how to say "Is it going to get hotter?", "Is it going to get colder?", "Is this weather going to change today?", or "Will the weather change tomorrow?" in Hindi!

कल मौसम परिवर्तन होगा?, क्या आज मौसम बदल रहा है?, क्या यह ठंडा होने वाला है?, क्या यह गरम हो रहा है?!

Learn how to say Lack, Permit, Possess, or Invest in Hindi!

अधिकारी, परमिट, कमी, निवेश!

Learn how to say "I know it.", "Everyone knows it.", "He's wrong.", or "She's right." in Hindi!

मुझे यह पता है।, वह ठीक कह रही है।, हर कोई इसे जानता है, वह गलत है!

Learn how to say "I sent you an e-mail.", "Did you get my e-mail?", "Yes, I got your e-mail.", or "I will respond to your e-mail." in Hindi!

हां, मुझे आपका ई-मेल मिला, क्या आपको मेरा ईमेल मिला?, मैं आपके ई-मेल का जवाब दूंगा, मै तुम्हे ईमेल भेजा है।!

Learn how to say Prayer, Ownership, Indication, or Mission in Hindi!

दुआ, स्वामित्व, मिशन, संकेत!

Learn how to say Commissioner, Earl, Emperor, or Maker in Indonesian!

Pangeran, Kaisar, Komisaris, Pembuat!

Learn how to say Criterion, Billion, Characteristic, or Square in Indonesian!

Milyar, Kotak, Ciri, Kriteria!

Learn how to say "Where is the coffee?", "Do you have any coffee?", "I'll make some coffee.", or "Or will you make the coffee?" in Indonesian!

Dimana kopi itu?, Apakah kamu punya kopi?, Atau maukah kamu membuat kopi?, Aku akan membuat kopi.!

Learn how to say "Was there an accident?", "There was a car accident.", "Where was the accident?", or "The accident happened at the store two streets away." in Indonesian!

Kecelakaan itu terjadi di toko dua jalan jauhnya., Terjadi kecelakaan mobil., Apakah ada kecelakaan?, Dimana kecelakaan itu?!

Learn how to say House, World, Area, or Home in Indonesian!

Rumah, Daerah, Rumah, Dunia!

Learn how to say Regionalism, Localism, Centralization, or Decentralization in Dutch!

Decentralisatie, Centralisatie, Localism, Regionalisme!

Learn how to say Mixture, Anger, Darkness, or Disaster in Dutch!

Boosheid, Ramp, Mengsel, Duisternis!

Learn how to say Writing, Finance, Victory, or Examination in Dutch!

Examen, Financiën, Zege, Schrift!

Learn how to say Flag, Bureau, Carrier, or Crack in Dutch!

Bureau, Vlag, Carrier, Barst!

Learn how to say Crash, Swallow, Tap, or Brush in Dutch!

Neerstorten, Kraan, Slikken, Borstel!

Learn how to say Know, Think, Write, or Believe in Polish!

Uwierzyć, Wiedzieć, Myśleć, Pisać!

Learn how to say Reason, Figure, Research, or Decision in Polish!

Powód, Badania, Decyzja, Postać!

Learn how to say Replace, Improve, Discover, or Prevent in Polish!

Zastąpić, Zapobiec, Ulepszać, Odkryć!

Learn how to say Construction, Discipline, Distribution, or Housing in Polish!

Distribution, Construction, Housing, Discipline!

Learn how to say Cold, Completion, Disorder, or Evolution in Polish!

Ewolucja, Ukończenie, Nieład, Zimno!

Learn how to say Harm, Humor, Interface, or Invitation in Portuguese!

Humor, Interface, Prejuízo, Convite!

Learn how to say Cry, Rumour, Compromise, or Portfolio in Portuguese!

Boato, Carteira, Chorar, Compromisso!

Learn how to say Breath, Winner, Deputy, or Specialist in Portuguese!

Vencedora, Especialista, Respiração, Deputado!

Learn how to say Pregnancy, Scholar, Teenager, or Poet in Portuguese!

Poeta, Adolescente, Gravidez, Estudioso!

Learn how to say Couple, Degree, Mile, or Season in Portuguese!

Estação, Milha, Grau, Casal!

Learn how to say Rose, String, Wheel, or Hat in Russian!

Роза, строка, колесо, шапка!

Learn how to say Redistribution, Referendum, Republic, or Repatriation in Russian!

референдум, республика, репатриация, перераспределение!

Learn how to say September, October, November, or December in Russian!

Декабрь, ноябрь, сентябрь, октября!

Learn how to say Directory, Discretion, Forum, or Fraud in Russian!

мошенничество, каталог, осмотрительность, Форум!

Learn how to say Feel, Like, Hope, or Wish in Russian!

Чувствовать, надежда, желание, как!

Sungnyemun, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Attitude, Technique, Advice, or Memory in Korean!

태도, 조언, 기억, 기술!

Learn how to say Establishment, Liability, Negotiation, or Welfare in Korean!

협상, 책임, 설립, 복지!

Learn how to say Competition, Majority, Parliament, or Talk in Korean!

의회, 경쟁, 과반수, 이야기!

Learn how to say Salt, Pepper, Apple Sauce, or Cookie in Korean!

후추, 쿠키, 소금, 사과 소스!

Learn how to say Shirt, Apple, Furniture, or Pipe in Korean!

사과, 셔츠, 가구, 파이프!

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