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Sierra de Ayllón, Madrid, Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Settlement, Fee, Grant, or Recognition in Spanish!

Reconocimiento, Conceder, Asentamiento, Cuota!

Learn how to say Sergeant, Tongue, Architect, or Assistant in Spanish!

Asistente, Arquitecto, Lengua, Sargento!

Learn how to say Owe, Purchase, Retire, or Finance in Spanish!

Jubilarse, Deber, Compra, Financiar!

Learn how to say Sell, Increase, Maintain, or Share in Spanish!

Incrementar, Vender, Compartir, Mantener!

Learn how to say Heat, Priority, Spot, or Motion in Spanish!

Calor, Lugar, Movimiento, Prioridad!

Learn how to say "I know it.", "Everyone knows it.", "He's wrong.", or "She's right." in French!

Elle a raison., Translation error, Je sais cela., Il a tort.!

Learn how to say Bell, Brick, Movie, or Reward in French!

Cloche, Film, Récompense, Brique!

Learn how to say Brave, Secure, Boring, or Calm in French!

Ennuyeuse, Garantir, Courageux, Calme!

Learn how to say Dog, Cheetah, Grasshopper, or Elephant in French!

Sauterelle, Chien, Guépard, Éléphant!

Learn how to say Setting, Landscape, Laboratory, or Peak in French!

De pointe, Réglage, Laboratoire, Paysage!

Learn how to say "Turn around.", "Go straight.", "Turn left.", or "Turn right." in Italian!

Girare a destra., Gira a sinistra., Vai dritto., Girarsi.!

Learn how to say "I have many things to buy.", "Are you looking to buy many things?", "Is it ready?", or "When will it be ready?" in Italian!

Quando sarà pronto?, Stai cercando di comprare molte cose?, Ho molte cose da comprare., È pronto?!

Learn how to say "How's the wind?", "It's very windy.", "Can you fly a kite in this weather?", or "A kite would fly in weather like this." in Italian!

Un aquilone volava in un tempo come questo., Come è il vento?, È molto ventoso., Puoi volare un aquilone in questo tempo?!

Learn how to say Mouth, Sister, Miss, or Executive in Italian!

Esecutivo, Perdere, Bocca, Sorella!

Learn how to say "Do you travel with your family?", "Yes, we travel with our family.", "Our family always travels together.", or "Where is your family going?" in Italian!

Sì, viaggiamo con la nostra famiglia., La nostra famiglia viaggia sempre insieme., Dove va la tua famiglia?, Viaggia con la tua famiglia?!

Zwinger Palace, Dresden, Germany,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Personnel, Priest, Consultant, or Journalist in German!

Journalist, Personal, Priester, Berater!

Learn how to say "Where can I buy a scarf?", "There is a store over there selling scarves.", "Do you like it here?", or "I like it here very much." in German!

Wo kann ich einen Schal kaufen?, Ich mag es hier sehr., Magst du es hier?, Dort gibt es ein Geschäft, in dem Schals verkauft werden.!

Learn how to say Collectivism, Individualism, Conformity, or Non-Conformity in German!

Nichtkonformität, Konformität, Individualismus, Kollektivismus!

Learn how to say Producer, Actor, Guy, or Relative in German!

Darsteller, Relativ, Hersteller, Kerl!

Learn how to say Outline, Ride, Tragedy, or Triumph in German!

Triumph, Tragödie, Reiten, Skizzieren!

Learn how to say Amendment, Announcement, Conviction, or Draft in Japanese!

信念, ドラフト, 改正, 発表!

Learn how to say Medium, Version, Visit, or Advantage in Japanese!

利点, 訪問, バージョン, 中!

Learn how to say Participatory Democracy, Dystopia, Elector, or Electorate in Japanese!

有権者, 選挙人, ディスコピア, 参加型民主主義!

Learn how to say Aunt, Host, Human, or Peasant in Japanese!

ホスト, 人間, 叔母, 農民!

Learn how to say Abandon, Separate, Expand, or Overcome in Japanese!

克服する, 別々の, 拡大する, 放棄する!

Learn how to say "Have you been in Hanoi yet?", "Which direction is the hotel in?", "How do I get to the public park?", or "How long does it take to get there?" in Chinese!

你去过河内吗, 如何到公园?, 到达那里需要多长时间?, 酒店在哪个方向?!

Learn how to say Solve, Sort, Detect, or Doubt in Chinese!

检测, 分类, 怀疑, 解决!

Learn how to say "Nonsense!", "Terrific!", "That looks great.", or "That looks terrible." in Chinese!

废话!, 看起来不错, 那看起来很可怕, 了不起!!

Learn how to say "Can you count this for me?", "I will count it for you.", "Do you have a clean cup?", or "I don't have a cup." in Chinese!

你能算这个吗?, 我没有杯子, 我会算你的。, 你有干净的杯子吗?!

Learn how to say Session, Conversation, Loan, or Theater in Chinese!

剧院, 会议, 贷款, 会话!

Learn how to say "Do you have a garden?", "Are your vegetables being grown organically?", "What's the expiration date?", or "When is it the most fresh?" in Hindi!

क्या आपकी सब्जियों को व्यवस्थित किया जा रहा है?, समाप्ति तिथि क्या है?, क्या आपके पास एक बगीचा है?, यह सबसे ताज़ा कब है?!

Learn how to say "Do you believe me?", "I believe you.", "Shopping is the main reason I visited.", or "Do you want to go shopping?" in Hindi!

मुझे तुम पर विश्वास है।, शॉपिंग का मुख्य कारण मैंने दौरा किया है।, क्या आप मुझ पर विश्वास करते हैं?, क्या तुम ख़रीदारी करने चलना चाहते हो?!

Learn how to say Fleet, Gear, Illustration, or Counter in Hindi!

बेड़ा, गियर, चित्रण, काउंटर!

Learn how to say Rope, Server, Butter, or Crystal in Hindi!

सर्वर, मक्खन, रस्सी, क्रिस्टल!

Learn how to say Greedy, Blunt, Prudent, or Clumsy in Hindi!

विवेकी, अनाड़ी, कुंद, लालची!

Learn how to say Sell, Increase, Maintain, or Share in Indonesian!

Bagikan, Menjual, Meningkat, Mempertahankan!

Learn how to say Responsibility, Concern, Duty, or Claim in Indonesian!

Klaim, Tanggung jawab, Tugas, Perhatian!

Learn how to say "How many brothers do you have?", "I have two sisters.", "Where is your daughter?", or "My daughter is right here." in Indonesian!

Berapa saudara yang anda miliki?, Putriku ada di sini., Saya mempunyai dua saudara perempuan., Dimana anak perempuanmu?!

Learn how to say Fast, Grand, Brief, or Near in Indonesian!

Cepat, Singkat, Agung, Dekat!

Learn how to say Spell, Spread, Timing, or Beam in Indonesian!

Balok, Mengeja, Penyebaran, Waktu!

Wijnstraat, Dordrecht, Netherlands,
Photo by Paul van de Velde, CC BY License

Learn how to say Person, City, Girl, or Father in Dutch!

Vader, Stad, Meisje, Persoon!

Learn how to say January, February, March, or April in Dutch!

Januari-, April, Februari, Maart!

Learn how to say Abandon, Separate, Expand, or Overcome in Dutch!

Overwinnen, Scheiden, Uitbreiden, In de steek laten!

Learn how to say House, World, Area, or Home in Dutch!

Huis-, Gebied, Wereld-, Huis!

Learn how to say Pigeon, Zebra, Snail, or Turkey in Dutch!

Zebra, Turkije, Duif, Slak!

National Library of Poland, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by photobeppus, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Essay, Lock, Machinery, or Particle in Polish!

Praca pisemna, Zamek, Maszyneria, Cząstka!

Learn how to say Shy, Noisy, Rude, or Dumb in Polish!

Nieśmiały, Głupi, Niegrzeczny, Głośny!

Learn how to say Ocean, Garage, Planet, or Terrace in Polish!

Ocean, Planeta, Garaż, Taras!

Learn how to say Consider, Expect, Read, or Remember in Polish!

Czytać, Zapamiętaj, Rozważać, Oczekiwać!

Learn how to say Depend, Gain, Collect, or Employ in Polish!

Zależeć, Zatrudniać, Zebrać, Zdobyć!

Learn how to say Heel, Hint, Indicator, or Launch in Portuguese!

Salto, Lançamento, Indicador, Sugestão!

Learn how to say Fancy, Dim, Daft, or Frank in Portuguese!

Frank, Chique, Daft, Fraca!

Learn how to say Hummingbird, Coyote, Firefly, or Duck in Portuguese!

Coiote, Vaga-lume, Beija Flor, Pato!

Learn how to say Deficit, Participation, Pride, or Summit in Portuguese!

Cimeira, Orgulho, Participação, Déficit!

Learn how to say China, India, United States, or Indonesia in Portuguese!

Indonésia, China, Estados Unidos, Índia!

Learn how to say Owe, Purchase, Retire, or Finance in Russian!

выходить на пенсию, покупка, финансы, задолжать!

Learn how to say Spirit, Official, Agent, or Artist in Russian!

агент, дух, официальный, художник!

Learn how to say Navy, Raid, Rhythm, or Shortage in Russian!

набег, флот, ритм, нехватка!

Learn how to say Twenty-One, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Three, or Twenty-Four in Russian!

двадцать три, двадцать два, двадцать один, двадцать четыре!

Learn how to say Influence, Call, Opposition, or Network in Russian!

вызов, сеть, оппозиция, влияние!

Sungnyemun, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Twin, Clerk, Fellow, or Folk in Korean!

서기, 쌍, 사람들, 사람!

Learn how to say Load, Expansion, Ratio, or Variable in Korean!

변하기 쉬운, 비율, 하중, 확장!

Learn how to say Pregnancy, Scholar, Teenager, or Poet in Korean!

시인, 학자, 십대, 임신!

Learn how to say User, Brother, Husband, or Chairman in Korean!

사용자, 의장, 남편, 동료!

Learn how to say Curious, Unfair, Hungry, or Just in Korean!

배고픈, 다만, 불공정, 이상한!

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