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Caldoveiro Peak, Asturias, North Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say "How is the weather?", "The weather is good today.", "Is the weather going to be bad?", or "How is the weather tomorrow?" in Spanish!

Cómo va el tiempo mañana, El clima es bueno hoy., ¿El clima va a ser malo?, ¿Como está el clima?!

Learn how to say "How much all together?", "I don't have enough money.", "I'm not looking for anything in particular.", or "I'm just looking." in Spanish!

No estoy buscando nada en particular., No tengo suficiente dinero., ¿Cuánto están todos juntos?, Solo estoy mirando.!

Learn how to say Fight, Hearing, Shift, or Sake in Spanish!

Cambio, Audición, Lucha, Motivo!

Learn how to say Discount, Innovation, Excuse, or Identification in Spanish!

Innovación, Identificación, Descuento, Excusa!

Learn how to say Lonely, Casual, Handsome, or Mature in Spanish!

Casual, Hermoso, Lonely, Maduro!

Learn how to say "I have to go to the library.", "Do you have to go to the market?", "Is this the bus to Barcelona?", or "This is the bus to Barcelona." in French!

Je dois aller à la bibliothèque.!

Learn how to say Dictator, Ruler, Police Officer, or Soldier in French!

Officier de police, Officier de police, Dictateur, Règle!

Learn how to say "When are you moving?", "I am moving next year.", "Is there a bar in town?", or "What is there to do in town?" in French!

Je déménage l'année prochaine., Y a-t-il un bar en ville?, Quand déménagez-vous?, Qu'y a-t-il à faire en ville?!

Learn how to say "Where is your friend from?", "Is your friend from Paris, too?", "Have you been there?", or "I have been there." in French!

J'ai été là-bas., Votre ami de Paris aussi est-il?, Avez-vous été là-bas?, D'où vient votre ami?!

Learn how to say Governor, Creature, Critic, or Guard in French!

Créature, Gouverneur, Gardien, Critique!

Learn how to say Register, Storm, Album, or Bench in Italian!

Panchina, Registrare, Tempesta, Album!

Learn how to say "When will it arrive?", "It will arrive shortly.", "How do I use this?", or "Use this by pressing here." in Italian!

Quando arriverà?, Come posso usare questo?, Arriverà presto., Usalo premendo qui.!

Learn how to say "He is a bad student.", "She is a good student.", "He thinks we're coming.", or "She thinks we don't want to come." in Italian!

Lui è uno studente cattivo., È una brava studentessa., Pensa che stiamo venendo., Pensa che non vogliamo venire.!

Learn how to say Trick, Withdrawal, Angel, or Coverage in Italian!

Angelo, Ritiro, Trucco, Copertura!

Learn how to say Room, Road, Office, or Center in Italian!

Camera, Centro, Strada, Ufficio!

Learn how to say Menu, Productivity, Proposition, or Sociology in German!

Aussage, Soziologie, Produktivität, Menü!

Learn how to say "Where is Fifth Street?", "Fifth Street is far away.", "When do we get to Seventh Street?", or "Seventh Street is only ten minutes away." in German!

Die Siebte Straße ist nur zehn Minuten entfernt., Wann kommen wir zur Siebten Straße?, Die Fifth Street ist weit weg., Wo liegt Fifth Street?!

Learn how to say Development, Form, Level, or Effect in German!

Entwicklung, Ebene, Bilden, Bewirken!

Learn how to say "When are you leaving?", "When did they leave?", "When will you arrive?", or "When do they all arrive?" in German!

Wann wirst du ankommen?, Wann kommen sie alle an?, Wann gehst du?, Wann sind sie gegangen?!

Learn how to say Operation, Opportunity, Source, or Color in German!

Farbe, Gelegenheit, Quelle, Betrieb!

Learn how to say "Can I get a single room?", "I would like a double room.", "Do you have TV here?", or "I don't like to watch TV." in Japanese!

私はダブルルームが欲しいです。, 私はテレビを見るのが好きではありません。, 私は1つの部屋を得ることができますか?, ここにテレビがありますか?!

Learn how to say Cash, Contribution, Debate, or Reform in Japanese!

改革, 現金, 貢献, ディベート!

Learn how to say "Do you have a car available for rent?", "I would like to rent a car.", "Where can I find a car to rent?", or "You can find a car rental agency two blocks down the street." in Japanese!

私は車を借りたいです。, レンタルする車はどこで見つけることができますか?, レンタル可能な車がありますか?, 路上2ブロックのレンタカー会社を見つけることができます。!

Learn how to say Link, Reality, Sight, or Objective in Japanese!

現実, 視力, 目的, リンク!

Learn how to say "I lost my watch.", "I cannot find my watch.", "Do you see a watch?", or "Can you help me find my watch?" in Japanese!

私の時計を見つけるのを助けることができますか?, あなたは時計を見ますか?, 私は時計を失った。, 私は私の時計を見つけることができません。!

Learn how to say "It's on the left.", "It's on the right.", "It's on the first floor.", or "It's on the second floor." in Chinese!

在二楼。, 它在左侧。, 在一楼。, 这是在右边。!

Learn how to say Flesh, Patch, Pen, or Portrait in Chinese!

肉, 肖像, 补丁, 钢笔!

Learn how to say "What's your address?", "What's your e-mail address?", "What's your username?", or "What's your city?" in Chinese!

你的地址是什么?, 你的电子邮箱地址是什么?, 你的城市是什么?, 你的用户名是什么?!

Learn how to say Shame, Sin, Succession, or Autonomy in Chinese!

自治, 罪, 演替, 耻辱!

Learn how to say "Good morning.", "Good afternoon.", "Good evening.", or "Good night." in Chinese!

晚上好。, 下午好。, 晚安。, 早上好。!

Learn how to say Spoken Word, Dance, Party, or Festival in Hindi!

त्यौहार, कैरेबियन संगीत, पार्टी, कैरेबियन संगीत!

Learn how to say Guide, Inspire, Murder, or Admire in Hindi!

मार्गदर्शक, को प्रेरित, हत्या, प्रशंसा!

Learn how to say Cricket, Ballet, Cheerleading, or Gymnastics in Hindi!

क्रिकेट, चीयरलीडिंग, बैले, कसरत!

Learn how to say "Have you done this before?", "Don't worry, I have done this before.", "Do you have an appointment?", or "I have an appointment." in Hindi!

मेरा एक नियुक्ति है।, क्या आपने इसे पहले किया है?, चिंता मत करो, मैंने यह पहले किया है।, क्या आपको नियोजित समय दिया गया है?!

Learn how to say Observation, Shot, Strike, or Origin in Hindi!

शॉट, अवलोकन, मूल, धरना!

Learn how to say Institute, Silence, Treaty, or Congress in Indonesian!

Diam, Perjanjian, Lembaga, Kongres!

Learn how to say "Are you new to this?", "I'm a beginner.", "Are you single?", or "I'm single." in Indonesian!

Saya lajang., Apa kamu belum punya pasangan?, Apakah kamu baru dalam hal ini?, Saya seorang pemula!

Learn how to say Aunt, Host, Human, or Peasant in Indonesian!

Tuan rumah, Petani, Manusia, Bibi!

Learn how to say Influence, Call, Opposition, or Network in Indonesian!

Jaringan, Berlawanan, Panggilan, Mempengaruhi!

Learn how to say Luck, Survival, Barrier, or Climate in Indonesian!

Pembatas, Bertahan hidup, Keberuntungan, Iklim!

Wijnstraat, Dordrecht, Netherlands,
Photo by Paul van de Velde, CC BY License

Learn how to say Breed, Classification, Density, or Diagnosis in Dutch!

Dichtheid, Ras, Diagnose, Classificatie!

Learn how to say Lazy, Wary, Icy, or Gloomy in Dutch!

Lui, Omzichtig, Ijzig, Somber!

Learn how to say Defense, Resource, Style, or Feeling in Dutch!

Hulpbron, Verdediging, Gevoel, Stijl!

Learn how to say Bind, Fix, Alter, or Mix in Dutch!

Binden, Wijzigen, Repareren, Mengen!

Learn how to say Candidate, Driver, Master, or Queen in Dutch!

Koningin, Meester, Bestuurder, Kandidaat!

National Library of Poland, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by photobeppus, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Spirit, Official, Agent, or Artist in Polish!

Artysta, Agent, Urzędnik, Duch!

Learn how to say Resignation, Sympathy, Allocation, or Declaration in Polish!

Rezygnacja, Współczucie, Przydział, Deklaracja!

Learn how to say Tournament, Tribunal, Attendance, or Discrimination in Polish!

Frekwencja, Turniej, Trybunał, Dyskryminacja!

Learn how to say Participatory Democracy, Dystopia, Elector, or Electorate in Polish!

Wyborca, Dystopia, Elektorat, Demokracja uczestnicząca!

Learn how to say Split, Wipe, Balance, or Equip in Polish!

Rozdzielać, Wycierać, Wyposażyć, Bilansowy!

Learn how to say Two Thousand, Nine, Two Thousand, Ten, Two Thousand, Eleven, or Two Thousand, Twelve in Portuguese!

Dois mil e nove, Dois mil e dez, Dois mil e onze, Dois mil e doze!

Learn how to say Anarchist, Libertarian, Statist, or Authoritarian in Portuguese!

Autoritário, Anarquista, Libertário, Estatista!

Learn how to say Caterpillar, Otter, Pig, or Moose in Portuguese!

Lagarta, Lontra, Alce, Porco!

Learn how to say Sound, Mighty, Deadly, or Handy in Portuguese!

Poderoso, Mortal, Som, Acessível!

Learn how to say Judaism, Baha'i, Jainism, or Paganism in Portuguese!

Judaísmo, Paganismo, Jainismo, Baha'i!

Learn how to say Search, Trip, Display, or Drive in Russian!

поиск, водить машину, поездка, дисплей!

Learn how to say Corrupt, Apt, Discreet, or Sincere in Russian!

сдержанный, склонный, продажный, искренний!

Learn how to say Ticket, Bone, Fuel, or Gift in Russian!

топливо, кость, билет, подарок!

Learn how to say Decorate, Explode, Scatter, or Spill in Russian!

взрываться, декорировать, проливать, разброс!

Learn how to say Patriotism, Patriot, Subject, or Rank And File in Russian!

предмет, патриот, ранг и файл, патриотизм!

Boshingak, Jongno, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Impure, Spanish, Proud, or Holy in Korean!

교만한, 스페인 사람, 더러운, 거룩한!

Learn how to say Prompt, Negligent, Grubby, or Unkind in Korean!

태만 한, 신속한, 불친절한, 더러운!

Learn how to say Stairs, Bomb, Camera, or Silver in Korean!

폭탄, 카메라, 은, 계단!

Learn how to say Grave, Memorial, Labor Hall, or Headquarters in Korean!

묘, 본부, 기념물, 노동당!

Learn how to say Trade, Training, Relationship, or Rule in Korean!

관계, 훈련, 규칙, 무역!

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