How do I Say and Write
"Influence" in Chinese?

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How do I Say "Influence" in Chinese?

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How do I Write "Influence" in Chinese?

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Pronunciation : In"flu*ence
Part of Speech : n.
Etymology : [F. influence, fr. L. influens, -entis, See Influent, and cf. Influenza.]
Definition : 1. A flowing in or upon; influx. [Obs.] God hath his influence into the very essence of all things. Hooker.

2. Hence, in general, the bringing about of an effect, phusical or moral, by a gradual process; controlling power quietly exerted; agency, force, or tendency of any kind which the sun exerts on animal and vegetable life; the influence of education on the mind; the influence, according to astrologers,of the stars over affairs. Astrologers call the evil influences of the stars,evil aspects. Bacon. Cantsthou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion Job xxxviii. 31. She said : influence bad " Spenser.

3. Power or authority arising from elevated station, excelence of character or intellect, wealth, etc.; reputation; acknowledged ascendency; as, he is a man of influence in the community. Such influence hath your excellency. Sir P. Sidney.

4. (Elec.)

Defn: Induction.

Syn. -- Control; persuasion; ascendency; sway; power; authority; supremacy; mastery; management; restraint; character; reputation; prestige.
Source : Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, 1913

Pronunciation : In"flu*ence
Part of Speech : v.
Definition : Defn: To control or move by power, physical or moral; to affect by gentle action; to exert an influence upon; to modify, bias, or sway; to move; to persuade; to induce. Theseexperiments succeed after the same manner in vacuo as in the open air,and therefore are not influenced by the weight or pressure of the atmosphere. Sir I. Newton. This standing revelation . . . is sufficient to influence their faith and practice, if they attend. Attebury. The principle which influenced their obedience has lost its efficacy. Rogers.

t. [imp. & p. p. Influenced; p. pr. & vb. n. Influencing.]
Source : Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, 1913



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