How do I Say and Write
"Resolution" in Polish?

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How do I Say "Resolution" in Polish?

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How do I Write "Resolution" in Polish?

"Resolution" in Polish : Resolution

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Pronunciation : Res`o*lu"tion (-l"shn)
Part of Speech : n.
Etymology : [F. résolution. L. resolutio a loosening, solution. See Resolve.]
Definition : 1. The act, operation, or process of resolving. Specifically: (a) The act of separating a compound into its elements or component parts. (b) The act of analyzing a complex notion, or solving a vexed question or difficult problem. The unraveling and resolution of the difficulties that are met with in the execution of the design are the end of an action. Dryden.

2. The state of being relaxed; relaxation. [Obs.]

3. The state of being resolved, settled, or determined; firmness; steadiness; constancy; determination. Be it with resolution then to fight. Shak.

4. That which is resolved or determined; a settled purpose; determination. Specifically: A formal expression of the opinion or will of an official body or a public assembly, adopted by vote; as, a legislative resolution; the resolutions of a public meeting.

5. The state of being resolved or firm in opinion or thought; conviction; assurance. [Obs.] Little resolution and certainty there is as touching the islands of Mauritania. Holland.

6. (Math.)

Defn: The act or process of solving; solution; as, the resolution of an equation or problem.

7. (Med.)

Defn: A breaking up, disappearance; or termination, as of a fever, a tumor, or the like.

8. (Mus.)

Defn: The passing of a dissonant into a consonant chord by the rising or falling of the note which makes the discord. Joint resolution. See under Joint, a. -- Resolution of a force or motion (Mech.), the separation of a single force or motion into two or more which have different directions, and, taken together, are an equivalent for the single one; -- the opposite of Ant: composition of a force. -- Resolution of a nebula (Astron.), the exhibition of it to the eye by a telescope of such power as to show it to be composed of small stars.

Syn. -- Decision; analysis; separation; disentanglement; dissolution; resolvedness; resoluteness; firmness; constancy; perseverance; steadfastness; fortitude; boldness; purpose; resolve. See Decision.
Source : Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, 1913



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