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Casa Milà, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain,
Photo by Rick Ligthelm, CC BY License

Learn how to say Brave, Secure, Boring, or Calm in Spanish!

Brave, Calm, Aburrido, Seguro!

Learn how to say Tight, Steady, Raw, or Acute in Spanish!

Estable, Crudo, Agudo, Apretado!

Learn how to say Pale, Mere, Fit, or Pink in Spanish!

Mero, Pink, Pálido, Ajuste!

Learn how to say Abuse, Alliance, Bid, or Certificate in Spanish!

Oferta, Abuso, Alianza, Certificado!

Learn how to say Surfing, Skateboarding, Dodgeball, or Rock Climbing in Spanish!

Escalada de roca, Skateboarding, Surf, Esquivar!

Learn how to say "Have you decided?", "I have not decided yet.", "Anything else?", or "Nothing else." in French!

As-tu décidé?, Rien d'autre., Je n'ai pas encore décidé., Rien d'autre?!

Learn how to say Crash, Disposal, Dose, or Fate in French!

Crash, Disposition, Dose, Sort!

Learn how to say Medium, Version, Visit, or Advantage in French!

Visite, Moyen, Version, Avantage!

Learn how to say Stormy, Creamy, Stale, or Void in French!

Orageux, Vide, Vicié, Crémeux!

Learn how to say "I have it in my car.", "My luggage is still on the plane.", "Who made the salad?", or "I made this salad." in French!

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Learn how to say "I haven't seen it.", "I have already seen it.", "Did they have any apples at the store?", or "They had no apples at the store." in Italian!

Non l'ho visto., Avevano delle mele nel negozio?, L'ho già visto., Non avevano mele al negozio.!

Learn how to say "It's not supposed to rain today.", "It's supposed to snow today.", "It's supposed to rain tomorrow.", or "It's not supposed to be sunny tomorrow." in Italian!

Dovrebbe piovere domani., Non dovrebbe essere soleggiato domani., Non dovrebbe piovere oggi., Dovrebbe essere la neve oggi.!

Learn how to say "Do you need more?", "I don't need anymore.", "Do you have any more?", or "We have plenty more." in Italian!

Hai bisogno di più?, Ne hai ancora?, Abbiamo molto di più., Non ho più bisogno.!

Learn how to say Care, Project, Nature, or Structure in Italian!

Natura, Cura, Progetto, Struttura!

Learn how to say Blues Music, Indie Music, Latin Music, or Trip Hop in Italian!

Viaggio hop, Musica indie, Musica blues, Musica latina!

Learn how to say Profound, Shallow, Bold, or Cruel in German!

Fett gedruckt, Tiefgründig, Flach, Grausam!

Learn how to say "I don't like him.", "I like her.", "I'm from America.", or "I'm American." in German!

Ich mag sie., Ich bin Amerikaner., Ich komme aus Amerika., Ich mag ihn nicht.!

Learn how to say Wonder, Suppose, Determine, or Design in German!

Wunder, Entwurf, Bestimmen, Annehmen!

Learn how to say "How many people are coming?", "There are ten people on the way.", "How big is your city?", or "New York is home to millions of people." in German!

Es sind zehn Leute unterwegs., In New York leben Millionen von Menschen., Wie groß ist deine Stadt?, Wie viele Leute werden kommen?!

Learn how to say Vote, Ballot, Majority, or Minority in German!

Abstimmung, Mehrheit, Minderheit, Abstimmung!

Learn how to say "Can you open the door?", "I will open the door for you.", "Is it okay if I open this window?", or "I'm going to open a window." in Japanese!

私は窓を開けるつもりです。, ドアを開けてくれますか?, この窓を開けば大丈夫ですか?, 私はあなたのためにドアを開けるでしょう。!

Learn how to say Connect, Construct, Defend, or Damage in Japanese!

損傷, 構成する, 接続する, 守る!

Learn how to say "Do you know what the weather is going to be?", "It depends on the weather.", "Is it cold outside?", or "Is it warm outside?" in Japanese!

天気がどうなっているのか知っていますか?, 外は寒いですか?, それは外の暖かいですか?, 天候によって異なります。!

Learn how to say Lazy, Wary, Icy, or Gloomy in Japanese!

氷, 暗い, 注意深い, 怠惰な!

Learn how to say "I don't know how to use it.", "How do I use it?", "I will buy it.", or "I will take it." in Japanese!

どうやって使うの?, 私はそれを取る。, 私はそれを購入する。, 私はそれを使う方法を知らない。!

Learn how to say Flute, Cello, Bass Guitar, or Yukelele in Chinese!

大提琴, 四弦琴, 低音吉他, 长笛!

Learn how to say Assess, Divide, Recognize, or Select in Chinese!

选择, 划分, 评估, 认识!

Learn how to say "Fill up the tank all the way please.", "Fill up the tank half way please.", "Where is the gas station?", or "Do you sell gas?" in Chinese!

请填满坦克一半。, 加油站在哪里?, 请填满坦克。, 你卖气吗!

Learn how to say "It's here.", "It's there.", "It's everywhere.", or "It's nowhere." in Chinese!

没有地方, 在那。, 无处不在, 它在这里。!

Learn how to say "Where is the bus stop?", "Where is the post office?", "Where is the airport?", or "Where is the marina?" in Chinese!

邮局在哪儿?, 码头在哪里?, 机场在哪里?, 公交车站在哪?!

Learn how to say Surface, Return, Variety, or Access in Hindi!

विविधता, वापसी, पहुंच, सतह!

Learn how to say Fast, Grand, Brief, or Near in Hindi!

उपवास, बड़ा, संक्षिप्त करें, पास!

Learn how to say "Can I use your phone?", "You may borrow my phone.", "Do you have a number for a taxi?", or "Here is a number for a driving service." in Hindi!

क्या मैं आपका फोन इस्तेमाल कर सकता हूँ?, क्या आपके पास टैक्सी के लिए एक नंबर है?, यहां ड्राइविंग सेवा के लिए एक संख्या है, आप मेरा फोन उधार ले सकते हैं!

Learn how to say Slide, Grab, Practice, or Pose in Hindi!

ढोंग, अभ्यास, लपकना, फिसल पट्टी!

Learn how to say Impact, Danger, Reaction, or Aim in Hindi!

प्रतिक्रिया, प्रभाव, खतरा, लक्ष्य!

Learn how to say "Are you busy?", "I am busy.", "Do you need medicine?", or "Did you take your medicine?" in Indonesian!

Saya sibuk., Apakah kamu butuh obat?, Apakah kamu sibuk?, Apakah kamu minum obatmu?!

Learn how to say Practitioner, Stomach, Democrat, or Republican in Indonesian!

Praktisi, Demokrat, Republik, Perut!

Learn how to say "Are you new to this?", "I'm a beginner.", "Are you single?", or "I'm single." in Indonesian!

Apa kamu belum punya pasangan?, Apakah kamu baru dalam hal ini?, Saya lajang., Saya seorang pemula!

Learn how to say King, Queen, President, or Prime Minister in Indonesian!

Ratu, Raja, Perdana Menteri, Presiden!

Learn how to say Edge, Stock, Radio, or Corner in Indonesian!

Radio, Sudut, Tepi, Persediaan!

Geulle aan de Maas, Geulle Castle, Netherlands,
Photo by Bert Kaufmann, CC BY License

Learn how to say Listen, Visit, Admit, or Assume in Dutch!

Bezoek, Toegeven, Luister, Uitgaan van!

Learn how to say Diet, Expectation, Signal, or Charity in Dutch!

Signaal, Dieet, Goed doel, Verwachting!

Learn how to say Fight, Hearing, Shift, or Sake in Dutch!

Verschuiving, Sake, Gehoor, Strijd!

Learn how to say Free Trade, Private Property, Nationalization, or Cooperative in Dutch!

Vrijhandel, Coöperatieve, Het nationaliseren, Prive-bezit!

Learn how to say Fill, Drop, Operate, or Shake in Dutch!

Laten vallen, Vullen, Bedienen, Schudden!

Barbican, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Pigeon, Zebra, Snail, or Turkey in Polish!

Indyk, Gołąb, Ślimak, Zebra!

Learn how to say Wood, Sheet, Tv, or Asset in Polish!

Drewno, Kapitał, Telewizja, Arkusz!

Learn how to say Empty, Narrow, Thick, or Severe in Polish!

Wąska, Gruby, Silny, Pusty!

Learn how to say Injury, Threat, Background, or Exhibition in Polish!

Zranienie, Zagrożenie, Wystawa, Tło!

Learn how to say Counterpart, Disappointment, Engagement, or Complexity in Polish!

Rozczarowanie, Odpowiednik, Złożoność, Zaręczynowy!

Learn how to say Remark, Condemn, Convince, or Free in Portuguese!

Condenar, Convencer, Observação, Livre!

Learn how to say Dainty, Classy, Fussy, or Arty in Portuguese!

Espalhafatoso, Arty, Elegante, Guloseima!

Learn how to say Pop Star, Rock Star, Rapper, or Performer in Portuguese!

Artista, Rapper, Pop star, Estrela do rock!

Learn how to say London, England, Lima, Peru, Bangkok, Thailand, or Bogotá, Colombia in Portuguese!

Bogotá, Colômbia, Bangkok, Tailândia, Lima, Peru, Londres, Inglaterra!

Learn how to say Recover, Score, Exclude, or Pursue in Portuguese!

Recuperar, Perseguir, Ponto, Excluir!

Learn how to say Light, Bed, Wall, or Computer in Russian!

стена, легкий, постель, компьютер!

Learn how to say Reject, Impose, Invite, or Warn in Russian!

отклонять, предупреждать, приглашать, облагать!

Learn how to say Construction, Discipline, Distribution, or Housing in Russian!

строительство, распределение, Корпус, дисциплина!

Learn how to say Right-Wing, Left-Wing, Communism, or Capitalism in Russian!

правое крыло, коммунизм, капитализм, левое крыло!

Learn how to say Diet, Expectation, Signal, or Charity in Russian!

диета, ожидание, сигнал, благотворительная деятельность!

Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Trusty, Trite, Canny, or Awkward in Korean!

신뢰할 수 있는, 흔한, 영리한, 어색한!

Learn how to say Happen, Appear, Continue, or Win in Korean!

승리, 나타나다, 잇다, 우연히 있다!

Learn how to say Defense, Resource, Style, or Feeling in Korean!

스타일, 감각, 의지, 방어!

Learn how to say Tennis, Volleyball, Iceskating, or Basketball in Korean!

농구, 아이스 스케이팅, 테니스, 배구!

Learn how to say Eggs, Dip, Sauce, or Seasoning in Korean!

담그다, 양념, 소스, 달걀!

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