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Learn how to say Flag, Bureau, Carrier, or Crack in Spanish!

Crack, Bandera, Portador, Oficina!

Learn how to say Throat, Tourist, Birthday, or Hero in Spanish!

Garganta, Cumpleaños, Héroe, Turista!

Learn how to say Edge, Stock, Radio, or Corner in Spanish!

Borde, Esquina, Radio, Valores!

Learn how to say "Can I come with you?", "You can come with me.", "How long has your sister been here?", or "Has your brother been to Paris?" in Spanish!

¿Cuánto tiempo lleva su hermana aquí?, ¿Puedo ir contigo?, ¿Tu hermano ha estado en París?, Puedes venir conmigo.!

Learn how to say Branch, Copy, Wind, or Train in Spanish!

Dupdo, Viento, Tren, Rama!

Learn how to say Guest, Guide, Nurse, or Captain in French!

Guider, Infirmière, Client, Capitaine!

Learn how to say Petrol, Silk, Bike, or Flame in French!

Essence, Bicyclette, Soie, Flamme!

Learn how to say Justice, Debt, Offer, or Battle in French!

Justice, Offre, Bataille, Dette!

Learn how to say Student, Foot, Boy, or Back in French!

Pied, étudiant, Garçon, Arrière!

Learn how to say Opening, Prospect, Flow, or Mistake in French!

Perspective, Erreur, Couler, Ouverture!

Learn how to say Promote, Attract, Belong, or Promise in Italian!

Promuovere, Attirare, Appartenere, Promettere!

Learn how to say "How much does it cost per day?", "How much do I owe you?", "How much is a ticket to Berlin?", or "How much money do you make?" in Italian!

Quanto le devo?, Quanti soldi fai?, Quanto è un biglietto a Berlino?, Quanto costa al giorno?!

Learn how to say Program, Force, Order, or Value in Italian!

Vigore, Valore, Programma, Ordine!

Learn how to say "How long is our stay?", "Our stay is only for three days.", "How long will you be in Aoteoroa for?", or "We plan to stay in Oaxaca overnight." in Italian!

Quanto tempo è il nostro soggiorno?, Il nostro soggiorno è solo per tre giorni., Quanto tempo sarai a Aotearoa?, Abbiamo intenzione di soggiornare a Oaxaca durante la notte.!

Learn how to say "Nonsense!", "Terrific!", "That looks great.", or "That looks terrible." in Italian!

Che sembra terribile., Che sembra grande., Senza senso!, Terrific!!

Schloss Münster, Münster, Germany,
Photo by Polybert49, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Eggs, Dip, Sauce, or Seasoning in German!

Würze, Eier, Soße, Tauchen!

Learn how to say Lofty, Worldly, Uncanny, or Unruly in German!

Hoch, Unheimlich, Weltlich, Widerspenstig!

Learn how to say Achieve, Choose, Fail, or Serve in German!

Wählen, Fehlschlagen, Erreichen, Dienen!

Learn how to say Provision, Floor, Bill, or Glass in German!

Stock, Rechnung, Glas, Bereitstellung!

Learn how to say Constituency, Constitution, Demagogue, or Direct Democracy in German!

Direkte Demokratie, Verfassung, Wahlkreis, Demagoge!

Learn how to say Personnel, Priest, Consultant, or Journalist in Japanese!

人員, 祭司, ジャーナリスト, コンサルタント!

Learn how to say "Is it hot?", "Is it freezing?", "Is it raining?", or "IS it snowing?" in Japanese!

暑いですか?, 雨が降っていますか?, 雪が降っています?, それは凍っていますか?!

Learn how to say Chinese, Indian, American, or Indonesian in Japanese!

中国語, インディアン, インドネシア語, アメリカ人!

Learn how to say Cover, Initiative, Journey, or Noise in Japanese!

イニシアチブ, 旅, カバー, ノイズ!

Learn how to say Dictator, Ruler, Police Officer, or Soldier in Japanese!

マックラーカー, マックラーカー, マックラーカー, マックラーカー!

Learn how to say Experience, Plan, Art, or Story in Chinese!

经验, 故事, 计划, 艺术!

Learn how to say Commonwealth, Concession, Coup, or Delegation in Chinese!

代表团, 让步, 政变, 联邦!

Learn how to say New, Old, Great, or High in Chinese!

高, 大, 新, 旧!

Learn how to say "Where is the radical bookstore?", "One way ticket or round trip ticket?", "One way ticket to Japan, please.", or "Please take me to the pub." in Chinese!

单程票还是往返机票?, 请到日本单程票。, 激进的书店在哪里?, 请带我去酒吧。!

Learn how to say Glance, Horror, Margin, or Passion in Chinese!

余量, 恐怖, 一瞥, 情!

Learn how to say Shrewd, Kindly, Cunning, or Stately in Hindi!

चालाक, की कृपा करे, आलीशान, चालाक!

Learn how to say Witty, Vain, Cheeky, or Posh in Hindi!

व्यर्थ, परिहास युक्त, आलीशान, मुखर!

Learn how to say Spiky, Steely, Sloppy, or Slick in Hindi!

मैला, काँटेदार, चालाक, दृढ़!

Learn how to say Prompt, Negligent, Grubby, or Unkind in Hindi!

गंदा, शीघ्र, लापरवाह, निर्दयी!

Learn how to say Fear, Cope, Hate, or Hurt in Hindi!

डर, सामना, चोट, नफ़रत!

Learn how to say Twenty-Five, Twenty-Six, Twenty-Seven, or Twenty-Eight in Indonesian!

Dua puluh enam, Dua puluh tujuh, Dua puluh lima, Dua puluh delapan!

Learn how to say Effort, Lady, Skill, or Character in Indonesian!

Wanita, Upaya, Ketrampilan, Karakter!

Learn how to say "What kind of music do you like?", "Are you a morning person?", "Want to have dinner with me?", or "Can I take you to the movies?" in Indonesian!

Mau makan malam bersamaku?, Jenis musik apa yang kamu suka?, Dapatkah saya membawa Anda ke bioskop?, Apakah kamu orang pagi!

Learn how to say Immigration, Immigrant, Nationalism, or Nationalist in Indonesian!

Imigrasi, Nasionalis, Nasionalisme, Imigran!

Learn how to say Organ, Detective, Competitor, or Creditor in Indonesian!

Detektif, Organ, Kreditor, Saingan!

Learn how to say Freedom, Limit, Pension, or Respect in Dutch!

Pensioen, Eerbied, Vrijheid, Begrenzing!

Learn how to say Provision, Floor, Bill, or Glass in Dutch!

Verdieping, Bill, Glas, Voorziening!

Learn how to say Sexist, Racist, Homophobe, or Bigot in Dutch!

Onverdraaglijke, Translation error, Racist, Homophobe!

Learn how to say Divine, Worthy, Costly, or Polite in Dutch!

Waardig, Duur, Beleefd, Goddelijk!

Learn how to say Harm, Humor, Interface, or Invitation in Dutch!

Kwaad, Uitnodiging, Interface, Humor!

Learn how to say Cabinet, Engine, Stuff, or Bus in Polish!

Rzeczy, Gabinet, Autobus, Silnik!

Learn how to say Russian, Mexican, Japanese, or Ethiopian in Polish!

Meksykańskie, Etiopczyk, Język japoński, Rosyjski!

Learn how to say Goth Music, Caribbean Music, Chiptune, or Electro Rock Music in Polish!

Muzyka karaibska, Muzyka elektro rocka, Chiptune, Goth muzyka!

Learn how to say Water, Bottled Water, Seltzer Water, or Water With Ice in Polish!

Woda, Woda butelkowana, Woda z lodem, Woda seltzer!

Learn how to say Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday in Polish!

Wtorek, środa, Poniedziałek, Niedziela!

Learn how to say Prompt, Negligent, Grubby, or Unkind in Portuguese!

Negligente, Desagradável, Sujo, Pronto!

Learn how to say Button, Cap, Chart, or Coin in Portuguese!

Gráfico, Boné, Moeda, Botão!

Learn how to say Success, Attention, Relation, or Principle in Portuguese!

Relação, Sucesso, Princípio, Atenção!

Learn how to say Hall, Park, Sun, or River in Portuguese!

Corredor, Dom, Parque, Rio!

Learn how to say Mixture, Anger, Darkness, or Disaster in Portuguese!

Raiva, Mistura, Desastre, Trevas!

Learn how to say Tie, Watch, Alcohol, or Crop in Russian!

смотреть, культура, алкоголь, галстук!

Learn how to say Spoken Word, Dance, Party, or Festival in Russian!

вечеринка, произнесенное слово, фестиваль, танец!

Learn how to say Cricket, Ballet, Cheerleading, or Gymnastics in Russian!

крикет, гимнастика, черлидинг, балет!

Learn how to say Room, Road, Office, or Center in Russian!

Дорога, центр, офис, комната!

Learn how to say Satire, Fictional Novel, Essay, or Mystery Novel in Russian!

вымышленный роман, детективный роман, сочинение, сатира!

Sungnyemun, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Militia, Socialism, Guilt, or Motivation in Korean!

사회주의, 시민군, 죄, 자극!

Learn how to say Kayaking, Canoeing, Unicycling, or Billiards in Korean!

당구, 외바퀴 자전거 타기, 카누 타기, 카약!

Learn how to say Deficit, Participation, Pride, or Summit in Korean!

참여, 부족, 자부심, 정상 회담!

Learn how to say Mortality, Pop, Shade, or Stimulus in Korean!

자극, 팝, 그늘, 인류!

Learn how to say Beijing, China, New Delhi, India, Tokyo, Japan, or Manila, Philippines in Korean!

뉴 델리, 인도, 일본 도쿄, 베이징, 중국, 필리핀 마닐라!

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