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"मैं कुछ इन्डोनेशियाई आज सीखा!"

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Here you can learn how to speak Indonesian!

Lessons are divided into sections: nouns, verbs, and adjectives.


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Added On : Oct 27, 2017. Learn how to say "Can you fix this?", "I can fix that for you.", "Where are my glasses?", or "Your glasses are on the book shelf." in Indonesian!

Aku bisa memperbaikinya untukmu, Apa bisa anda perbaiki ini?, Dimana kacamata saya?, Kacamata Anda ada di rak buku.!

Added On : Oct 27, 2017. Learn how to say "Can you carry this for me?", "I will carry this for you.", "Did you break that?", or "I didn't break it on purpose." in Indonesian!

Aku tidak mematahkannya dengan sengaja., Bisakah kamu membawa ini untukku, Aku akan membawa ini untukmu, Apakah kamu melanggar itu?!

Added On : Oct 27, 2017. Learn how to say "Where is your luggage?", "My luggage is missing.", "My watch was stolen.", or "Did you see who stole my watch?" in Indonesian!

Apakah kamu melihat siapa yang mencuri arlojiku?, Jam tangan saya dicuri., Koper saya hilang, Dimana barang bawaan anda?!

Added On : Oct 27, 2017. Learn how to say "I have it in my car.", "My luggage is still on the plane.", "Who made the salad?", or "I made this salad." in Indonesian!

Saya memilikinya di mobil saya., Siapa yang membuat salad?, Koper saya masih di pesawat., Aku membuat salad ini.!

Added On : Oct 27, 2017. Learn how to say "Did you send me flowers?", "I will send her flowers.", "Do you sell batteries?", or "Where do they sell batteries?" in Indonesian!

Dimana mereka menjual baterai?, Aku akan mengiriminya bunga., Apakah Anda menjual baterai?, Apakah kamu mengirimiku bunga?!

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These are random lessons.

Added On : Oct 27, 2017. Learn how to say "Is there any mail for me?", "When does the mail come?", "I'm waiting for a letter in the mail.", or "The mailbox is just over there." in Indonesian!

Kapan surat itu datang?, Saya sedang menunggu surat di surat., Apa ada surat untuk saya?, Kotak surat ada di sana.!

Added On : Sep 04, 2017. Learn how to say Regionalism, Localism, Centralization, or Decentralization in Indonesian!

Desentralisasi, Regionalisme, Sentralisasi, Lokalisme!

Added On : Jul 11, 2017. Learn how to say Position, Course, Lot, or Street in Indonesian!

Posisi, Banyak, Jalan, Tentu saja!

Added On : Jul 11, 2017. Learn how to say Essay, Lock, Machinery, or Particle in Indonesian!

Mesin, Partikel, Karangan, Mengunci!

Added On : Jun 28, 2017. Learn how to say Fear, Cope, Hate, or Hurt in Indonesian!

Menyakiti, Takut, Benci, Mengatasinya!

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