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Andalusia, Spain
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Here you can learn how to speak Spanish!

Lessons are divided into sections: nouns, verbs, and adjectives.


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Added On : Oct 08, 2017. Learn how to say Franc, Forint, Zloty, or Lira in Spanish!

Zloty, Forint, Franco, Lira!

Added On : Oct 08, 2017. Learn how to say Indonesian Rupiah, Israeli New Shekel, Japanese Yen, or Korean Won in Spanish!

Coreano ganó, Nuevo shekel israelí, Rupia indonesia, Yen japonés!

Added On : Oct 08, 2017. Learn how to say Czech Koruna, Canadian Dollar, Indian Rupee, or Russian Ruble in Spanish!

Corona Checa, Dolar canadiense, Dólar canadienseRupia india, Rublo ruso!

Added On : Oct 08, 2017. Learn how to say Mexican Peso, Chilean Peso, Chinese Renminbi, or Danish Krone in Spanish!

Peso Mexicano, Peso chileno, Corona danesa, Renminbi chino!

Added On : Oct 08, 2017. Learn how to say American Dollar, Brazilian Real, British Pound, or Euro in Spanish!

Dólar americano, Libra Brasileña RealBritish, Real brasileño, Euro!

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Added On : Oct 06, 2017. Learn how to say "This is Mr. Paine.", "How do you do, Mr. Paine?", "What's your last name?", or "What's your first name?" in Spanish!

Este es el Sr. Paine., ¿Cual es tu apellido?, ¿Cómo está, Sr. Paine?, ¿Cuál es tu primer nombre?!

Added On : Oct 07, 2017. Learn how to say "What is your opinion if I did it?", "I would say that is foolish.", "How do you approve of going to the bar after the library?", or "I know that the bar is the best place to go after the library." in Spanish!

Yo diría que es una tontería., ¿Cómo aprueba ir al bar después de la biblioteca?, Sé que el bar es el mejor lugar para ir después de la biblioteca., ¿Cuál es su opinión si lo hice?!

Added On : Jul 01, 2017. Learn how to say Purchaser, Seller, Vendor, or Correspondent in Spanish!

Corresponsal, Vendedor, Vendedor, Comprador!

Added On : Jul 16, 2017. Learn how to say Protect, Born, Shoot, or Drink in Spanish!

Proteger, Beber, Disparar, Nacido!

Added On : Jul 02, 2017. Learn how to say Amendment, Announcement, Conviction, or Draft in Spanish!

Enmienda, Anuncio, Borrador, Convicción!

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