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Casa Milà, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain,
Photo by Rick Ligthelm, CC BY License

Learn how to say "He is French.", "She is Russian.", "They are Italian.", or "We are Brazilian." in Spanish!

Ella es rusa., Él es francés., Son italianos., Somos brasileños.!

Learn how to say Language, Evidence, Union, or Support in Spanish!

Evidencia, Union, Idioma, Apoyo!

Learn how to say Sound, Mighty, Deadly, or Handy in Spanish!

Práctico, Poderoso, Sound, Mortal!

Learn how to say Hill, Farm, Studio, or Museum in Spanish!

Estudio, Museo, Colina, Granja!

Learn how to say Capability, Clash, Correlation, or Entity in Spanish!

Correlación, Capacidad, Entidad, Choque!

Learn how to say Health, Patient, Mind, or Staff in French!

Santé, Patient, Esprit, Personnel!

Learn how to say "Fill up the tank all the way please.", "Fill up the tank half way please.", "Where is the gas station?", or "Do you sell gas?" in French!

Learn how to say Vulture, Deer, Lion, or Gerbil in French!

Cerf, Vautour, Lion, Gerbil!

Learn how to say "I'm good, and you?", "Please, come in.", "I'm inviting you in.", or "Would you like to join us?" in French!

Je vous invite à entrer., Je vais bien et toi?, Veuillez entrer., Voulez-vous vous joindre à nous?!

Learn how to say Disturb, Greet, Criticize, or Forgive in French!

Saluer, Critiquer, Déranger, Pardonner!

Learn how to say Cash, Contribution, Debate, or Reform in Italian!

Contanti, Discussione, Riforma, Contributo!

Learn how to say Valley, Lake, Pub, or Restaurant in Italian!

Pub, Ristorante, Valle, Lago!

Learn how to say Directory, Discretion, Forum, or Fraud in Italian!

Frode, Elenco, Forum, Riservatezza!

Learn how to say Twenty-One, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Three, or Twenty-Four in Italian!

Ventuno, Ventitré, Venti quattro, Ventidue!

Learn how to say Heat, Priority, Spot, or Motion in Italian!

Individuare, Movimento, Priorità, Calore!

Neuschwanstein Schloss, Bavaria, Germany,
Photo by Pedro Paulo Boaventura, CC BY License

Learn how to say Mill, Tower, Port, or Cottage in German!

Turm, Hütte, Mühle, Hafen!

Learn how to say Vehicle, Hole, Package, or Telephone in German!

Loch, Fahrzeug, Telefon, Paket!

Learn how to say Labor, Demand, Capital, or Association in German!

Arbeit, Nachfrage, Hauptstadt, Verband!

Learn how to say Item, Drug, Press, or Blood in German!

Drücken Sie, Blut, Droge, Artikel!

Learn how to say Dead, Chief, Fresh, or Cheap in German!

Tot, Frisch, Chef, Billig!

Learn how to say Inspection, Advertisement, Ceremony, or Domain in Japanese!

広告, 式, ドメイン, 検査!

Learn how to say "Cheers!", "Excuse me!", "Do you need help?", or "Can I help you?" in Japanese!

乾杯!, いかがなさいましたか?, すみません!, 何か手伝いましょうか?!

Learn how to say Say, Tell, Ask, or Show in Japanese!

Tell, いう, ショー, 尋ねる!

Learn how to say "I'm leaving tomorrow.", "I have to get there by tomorrow.", "Are you leaving?", or "I have to leave right now." in Japanese!

私は今すぐ出なければなりません。, 私は明日までそこに着く必要があります。, 私は明日出発します。, 出発ですか?!

Learn how to say Caterpillar, Otter, Pig, or Moose in Japanese!

キャタピラー, 豚, オッター, ムース!

Summer Palace, Beijing, China,
Photo by David Stanley, CC BY License

Learn how to say Border, Engineering, Foundation, or Religion in Chinese!

工程, 基础, 宗教, 边境!

Learn how to say Satire, Fictional Novel, Essay, or Mystery Novel in Chinese!

神秘小说, 文章, 讽刺, 虚构小说!

Learn how to say "Hi, is John there?", "No, John is not here.", "Do you know when John will be back?", or "John will be back at 4:30." in Chinese!

嗨,约翰在那里吗?, 约翰会回来的时候你知道吗, 约翰将在4点半回来。, 不,约翰不在这里。!

Learn how to say "What did he say?", "He said to go away.", "I thought he said something.", or "I could not understand him." in Chinese!

我以为他说了些什么, 我听不懂他, 他说什么?, 他说要离开了。!

Learn how to say "How much is this?", "How much is that?", "Is there more?", or "There is no more." in Chinese!

没有更多, 有更多吗?, 这个多少钱?, 那个多少钱?!

Learn how to say Supplier, Conservative, Observer, or Opponent in Hindi!

देखने वाला, अपरिवर्तनवादी, प्रदायक, प्रतिद्वंद्वी!

Learn how to say Gang, Gender, Hierarchy, or Loyalty in Hindi!

निष्ठा, गिरोह, लिंग, अनुक्रम!

Learn how to say Meeting, Game, Role, or Stage in Hindi!

खेल, मुलाकात, मंच, भूमिका!

Learn how to say Kill, Occur, Enter, or Arrive in Hindi!

दर्ज, आने, हत्या, पाए जाते हैं!

Learn how to say Gas, Fig, Flower, or Video in Hindi!

वीडियो, गैस, अंजीर, फूल!

Learn how to say "Have you been in Hanoi yet?", "Which direction is the hotel in?", "How do I get to the public park?", or "How long does it take to get there?" in Indonesian!

Bagaimana saya bisa sampai ke taman umum?, Berapa lama waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk sampai kesana?, Arah mana hotel?, Apakah Anda pernah berada di Hanoi?!

Learn how to say Freedom, Limit, Pension, or Respect in Indonesian!

Membatasi, Menghormati, Pensiun, Kebebasan!

Learn how to say September, October, November, or December in Indonesian!

September, November, Desember, Oktober!

Learn how to say Response, Army, Economy, or Investment in Indonesian!

Tanggapan, Investasi, Ekonomi, Tentara!

Learn how to say Wave, Communicate, Protest, or Interview in Indonesian!

Menyampaikan, Gelombang, Wawancara, Protes!

Learn how to say Distinction, Enemy, Fashion, or God in Dutch!

Mode, Vijand, Onderscheid, God!

Learn how to say Misty, Roast, Smelly, or Down in Dutch!

Nevelig, Stinkend, Gebraden, Naar beneden!

Learn how to say State, Judiciary, Executive, or Legislative in Dutch!

Wetgevend, Staat, Rechterlijke macht, Uitvoerend!

Learn how to say Peace, Review, Speech, or Sport in Dutch!

Sport, Beoordeling, Vrede, Toespraak!

Learn how to say Personnel, Priest, Consultant, or Journalist in Dutch!

Personeel, Journalist, Priester, Consultant!

Barbican, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Hope, Meaning, Assessment, or Consideration in Polish!

Oszacowanie, Nadzieja, Znaczenie, Wynagrodzenie!

Learn how to say Cold, Completion, Disorder, or Evolution in Polish!

Ukończenie, Nieład, Zimno, Ewolucja!

Learn how to say Dead, Chief, Fresh, or Cheap in Polish!

Nie żyje, Tani, Szef, świeży!

Learn how to say Justice, Debt, Offer, or Battle in Polish!

Offer, Justice, Debt, Battle!

Learn how to say Bag, Gold, Boat, or Wine in Polish!

łódź, Torba, Złoto, Wino!

Learn how to say Ample, Scarce, Sparse, or Scant in Portuguese!

Escasso, Amplo, Escasso, Escasso!

Learn how to say Mess, Necessity, Therapy, or Transformation in Portuguese!

Bagunça, Terapia, Necessidade, Transformação!

Learn how to say Scientist, Professor, Soldier, or Tooth in Portuguese!

Dente, Soldado, Cientista, Professor!

Learn how to say One, Two, Three, or Four in Portuguese!

Três, Dois, Quatro, 1!

Learn how to say Clue, Devil, Disadvantage, or Essence in Portuguese!

Diabo, Desvantagem, Pista, Essência!

Learn how to say Sure, Real, Easy, or Hard in Russian!

легко, конечно, жесткий, реальный!

Learn how to say Answer, Record, Notice, or Define in Russian!

запись, уведомление, ответ, определять!

Learn how to say Bother, Review, Assist, or Resolve in Russian!

обзор, беспокоить, разрешить, помощь!

Learn how to say Have, Get, Make, or Take in Russian!

делать, иметь, получить, принимать!

Learn how to say One Hundred, Two Hundred, Three Hundred, or Four Hundred in Russian!

четыре сотни, три сотни, Сто, двести!

Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Pregnancy, Scholar, Teenager, or Poet in Korean!

십대, 시인, 임신, 학자!

Learn how to say Cloud, Chip, Cigarette, or Jacket in Korean!

칩, 담배, 구름, 재킷!

Learn how to say Stairs, Bomb, Camera, or Silver in Korean!

은, 카메라, 계단, 폭탄!

Learn how to say Play, Hear, Include, or Live In Korean!

포함, 놀이, 살고 있다, 듣다!

Learn how to say Baby, Daughter, Customer, or Client in Korean!

고객, 아가, 고객, 딸!

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