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Learn how to say "It is 8 AM.", "It will be 10 PM in about a half hour.", "It's 8:45 PM.", or "He just woke up at 11 AM." in Spanish!

Son las 8:45 PM., Son las 8 de la mañana., Será las 10 PM en aproximadamente una media hora., Acaba de despertar a las 11 de la mañana.!

Learn how to say "Barcelona is very different from St. Petersburg.", "Barcelona is more beautiful than St. Petersburg.", "St. Petersburg is more serene than Barcelona.", or "I would rather live in Barcelona than in St. Petersburg." in Spanish!

Prefiero vivir en Barcelona que en San Petersburgo., Barcelona es más hermosa que San Petersburgo., Barcelona es muy diferente de San Petersburgo., San Petersburgo es más sereno que Barcelona.!

Learn how to say Mess, Necessity, Therapy, or Transformation in Spanish!

Necesidad, Lío, Terapia, Transformación!

Learn how to say "Does the room come with air conditioning?", "Does the room come with cable?", "Are you going?", or "Why aren't you going?" in Spanish!

¿La habitación viene con cable?, ¿Por qué no vas?, ¿Vas a ir?, ¿La habitación viene con aire acondicionado?!

Learn how to say Coal, Crown, Literature, or Wing in Spanish!

Literatura, Ala, Corona, Carbón!

Learn how to say Have, Get, Make, or Take in French!

Faire, Avoir, Prendre, Obtenir!

Learn how to say Sleepy, Tasty, Ghastly, or Thirsty in French!

Assoiffé, Délicieux, Somnolent, Horrible!

Learn how to say "When will you be ready?", "When will everyone be ready?", "Are you ready?", or "Is anyone ready?" in French!

Quand tout le monde sera-t-il prêt?, Est-ce que quelqu'un est prêt?, Quand seras-tu prêt?, Es-tu prêt?!

Learn how to say Two Thousand, One Hundred, Fifty-One, Two Thousand, One Hundred, Fifty-Two, Two Thousand, One Hundred, Fifty-Three, or Two Thousand, One Hundred, Fifty-Four in French!

Deux milles cent cinquante et un, Deux mille cent cinquante-deux, Deux mille cent cinquante-trois, Deux mille cent cinquante-quatre!

Learn how to say "Can you come here?", "I am on the way.", "How are the roads?", or "The roads are slippery." in French!

Pouvez-vous venir ici?, Les routes sont glissantes., Je suis sur le chemin., Comment sont les routes?!

Learn how to say Assurance, Attraction, Audit, or Blow in Italian!

Revisione, Garanzia, Soffio, Attrazione!

Learn how to say Breath, Winner, Deputy, or Specialist in Italian!

Vincitore, Specialista, Respiro, Vice!

Learn how to say Dead, Chief, Fresh, or Cheap in Italian!

Morto, Capo, Fresco, A buon mercato!

Learn how to say Pocket, Ring, Device, or Fruit in Italian!

Dispositivo, Anello, Tasca, Frutta!

Learn how to say "Do you want coffee or tea?", "Would you like some wine?", "I like to eat olives.", or "I cannot eat olives." in Italian!

Vorresti del vino?, Non posso mangiare olive., Mi piace mangiare olive., Vuoi caffè o tè?!

Zwinger Palace, Dresden, Germany,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Consciousness, Probability, Thesis, or Communism in German!

Kommunismus, Bewusstsein, Wahrscheinlichkeit, These!

Learn how to say Directory, Discretion, Forum, or Fraud in German!

Betrug, Diskretion, Verzeichnis, Forum!

Learn how to say Sleek, Skinny, Baggy, or Murky in German!

Glatt, Trübe, Ausgebeult, Dünn!

Learn how to say Student, Foot, Boy, or Back in German!

Schüler, Zurück, Fuß, Junge!

Learn how to say Pizza, Corn, Energy Bar, or Falafel in German!

Energieriegel, Pizza, Mais, Falafel!

Learn how to say "Is your father home?", "My father is at work.", "Is your mother home?", or "My mother is at the office." in Japanese!

母親は帰宅していますか?, 私の父は仕事中です。, 私の母はオフィスにいる。, あなたの父親は家にいますか?!

Learn how to say Mad, Smooth, Pleasant, or Welcome in Japanese!

ようこそ, 怒っている, 滑らかな, 楽しい!

Learn how to say "Cheers!", "Excuse me!", "Do you need help?", or "Can I help you?" in Japanese!

何か手伝いましょうか?, 乾杯!, すみません!, いかがなさいましたか?!

Learn how to say Honey Bee, Polar Bear, Stingray, or Bear in Japanese!

スティングレイ, ミツバチ, くま, ポーラーベア!

Learn how to say Understand, Describe, Draw, or Explain in Japanese!

ドロー, わかる, 説明する, 説明する!

Learn how to say Pack, Store, Waste, or Mount in Chinese!

商店, 浪费, 包, 安装!

Learn how to say "Do you have another one?", "I am all out.", "Is there anymore?", or "There is plenty more." in Chinese!

你有另一个吗?, 我全都出来了, 还有吗, 还有更多的东西!

Learn how to say "What do you want to do?", "I want to quit my job.", "What school did you go to?", or "I went to the school that everyone dropped out of." in Chinese!

我去了学校,大家都退学了。, 那你想做什么?, 你去哪所学校?, 我想退出我的工作!

Learn how to say Come, Look, Become, or Leave in Chinese!

成为, 看, 来, 离开!

Learn how to say Continent, Residence, Shower, or Inn in Chinese!

旅店, 大陆, 淋浴, 住宅!

Learn how to say Dozen, Estimate, Frequency, or Qualification in Hindi!

आवृत्ति, योग्यता, दर्जन, आकलन!

Learn how to say Settle, Acquire, Own, or Contribute in Hindi!

अधिग्रहण, योगदान, अपना, बसना!

Learn how to say Soda, Hot Cocoa, Tea, or Iced Tea in Hindi!

सोडा, चाय, बर्फीला चाय, गर्म कोकआ!

Learn how to say Stony, Flimsy, Ghostly, or Shady in Hindi!

प्रेत का, छायादार, तार, बेदर्द!

Learn how to say Ankara, Turkey, Santiago, Chile, Berlin, Hindiy, or Damascus, Syria in Hindi!

दमिश्क, सीरिया, अंकारा, तुर्की, बर्लिन, हिंदी, सेंटियागो, चिली!

Learn how to say "I am good.", "And you?", "What's up?", or "What's going on?" in Indonesian!

Dan kau?, Saya baik., Apa yang sedang terjadi?, Ada apa?!

Learn how to say Essay, Lock, Machinery, or Particle in Indonesian!

Partikel, Mesin, Mengunci, Karangan!

Learn how to say Roof, Shoe, Soil, or Tank in Indonesian!

Tanah, Tangki, Atap, Sepatu!

Learn how to say Respond, Threaten, Feed, or Insist in Indonesian!

Bersikeras, Menanggapi, Makan, Mengancam!

Learn how to say Two Thousand, Seventeen, Two Thousand, Eighteen, Two Thousand, Nineteen, or Two Thousand, Twenty in Indonesian!

Dua ribu, sembilan belas, Dua ribu dua puluh, Dua ribu tujuh belas, Dua ribu delapan belas!

Learn how to say Manta Ray, Ostrich, Lobster, or Ladybug in Dutch!

Kreeft, Mantarog, Struisvogel, Lieveheersbeestje!

Learn how to say Minimum, Monopoly, Motive, or Myth in Dutch!

Motief, Mythe, Minimum, Monopoly!

Learn how to say Guess, Distinguish, Locate, or Predict in Dutch!

Voorspellen, Raden, Bevind zich, Onderscheiden!

Learn how to say Outline, Ride, Tragedy, or Triumph in Dutch!

Rijden, Schets, Tragedie, Triomf!

Learn how to say Spiky, Steely, Sloppy, or Slick in Dutch!

Slordig, Glad, Puntig, Stalen!

Barbican, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Ankara, Turkey, Santiago, Chile, Berlin, Germany, or Damascus, Syria in Polish!

Ankara, Turcja, Santiago, Chile, Damaszek, Syria, Berlin, Niemcy!

Learn how to say French Fries, Potatoes, Hamburger, or Hotdog in Polish!

Hamburger, Hotdog, Frytki, Ziemniaki!

Learn how to say Twist, Insert, Repair, or Assemble in Polish!

Skręcać, Gromadzić, Naprawa, Wstawić!

Learn how to say Adjustment, Anniversary, Bulk, or Delight in Polish!

Objętość, Rocznica, Rozkosz, Dostosowanie!

Learn how to say Labor, Demand, Capital, or Association in Polish!

Demand, Labor, Association, Capital!

Learn how to say Potato, Van, Vat, or Chocolate in Portuguese!

Furgão, Cuba, Batata, Chocolate!

Learn how to say Suspicion, Arrest, Guarantee, or Virtue in Portuguese!

Suspeita, Prender, Virtude, Garantia!

Learn how to say Fleet, Gear, Illustration, or Counter in Portuguese!

Frota, Ilustração, Engrenagem, Contador!

Learn how to say Feel, Like, Hope, or Wish in Portuguese!

Sentir, Gostar, Esperança, Desejo!

Learn how to say Octopus, Koala Bear, Penguin, or Scorpion in Portuguese!

Urso coala, Pinguim, Polvo, Escorpião!

Learn how to say Exist, Encourage, Smile, or Prepare in Russian!

улыбка, поощрять, подготовить, существовать!

Learn how to say Route, Path, Track, or Estate in Russian!

трек, имущество, дорожка, маршрут!

Learn how to say Tame, Lowly, Trendy, or Needy in Russian!

непритязательный, модный, нуждающийся, приручать!

Learn how to say Romance Novel, Fantasy Novel, Horror Novel, or Poetry in Russian!

фантастический роман, поэзия, Любовный роман, роман ужасов!

Learn how to say Attack, Clear, Clean, or Sweep in Russian!

чистый, Чисто, подметать, атака!

Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Criterion, Billion, Characteristic, or Square in Korean!

특성, 십억, 광장, 표준!

Learn how to say Ticket, Bone, Fuel, or Gift in Korean!

뼈, 연료, 티켓, 선물!

Learn how to say Hanoi, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Baghdad, Iraq, or Singapore, Singapore in Korean!

바그다드, 이라크, 홍콩, 중국, 하노이, 베트남, 싱가포르, 싱가포르!

Learn how to say Title, Discussion, Institution, or Profit in Korean!

토론, 제도, 표제, 이익!

Learn how to say Beer, Cider, Cocktail, or Liquor in Korean!

맥주, 분비액, 사과주, 칵테일!

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