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Sierra de Ayllón, Madrid, Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Urgent, Nasty, Unhappy, or Crazy in Spanish!

Loca, Asqueroso, Urgent, Infeliz!

Learn how to say File, Sentence, Balance, or Length in Spanish!

Longitud, Archivo, Frase, Equilibrar!

Learn how to say House, World, Area, or Home in Spanish!

Mundo, Casa, Hogar, Zona!

Learn how to say Chemical, Circuit, Clock, or Cream in Spanish!

Circuito, Químico, Crema, Reloj!

Learn how to say "Sorry to bother you.", "Sorry if I'm interrupting.", "Do you mind if I take some of your time?", or "Do you have a minute to spare?" in Spanish!

Lo siento si estoy interrumpiendo., Perdón por molestarte.!

Learn how to say Guide, Inspire, Murder, or Admire in French!

Inspirer, Admirer, Meurtre, Guider!

Learn how to say Factor, Love, Performance, or Pressure in French!

Amour, Facteur, Pression, Performance!

Learn how to say Approval, Crew, Export, or Funding in French!

Exportation, Approbation, équipage, Financement!

Learn how to say "How far away until May 1st?", "It is August 5th.", "What week in October?", or "It is the second week of July." in French!

Quelle semaine en octobre?, C'est le 5 août., Jusqu'au 1er mai?, Translating...!

Learn how to say Cyan, Blue, Indigo, or Violet in French!

Bleu, Indigo, Violet, Cyan!

Learn how to say "This is Mr. Paine.", "How do you do, Mr. Paine?", "What's your last name?", or "What's your first name?" in Italian!

Questo è il signor Paine., Qual'è il tuo cognome?, Qual'è il tuo nome?, Come fai, signor Paine?!

Learn how to say "Where is the embassy?", "I need to contact the American embassy.", "Where can I send a package?", or "I want to send a package to America." in Italian!

Devo contattare l'ambasciata americana., Dove posso inviare un pacchetto?, Dov'è l'ambasciata?, Voglio inviare un pacco in America.!

Learn how to say "Now or later?", "I want to do that now.", "I want to do that later.", or "Either time is fine for me." in Italian!

Ora o tardi?, Il tempo è bello per me., Ora voglio farlo., Voglio farlo più tardi.!

Learn how to say Run, Move, Stand, or Sit in Italian!

Stare in piedi, Sedersi, Mossa, Correre!

Learn how to say "What would you like to drink?", "I would like some whiskey.", "What would you like to eat?", or "I would like a falafel." in Italian!

Vorrei un falafel., Cosa ti va da bere?, Vorrei un whisky., Cosa vorresti mangiare?!

Castle of Ludwig II, Bavaria, Germany,
Photo by Moyan Brenn, CC BY License

Learn how to say "How many people are coming?", "There are ten people on the way.", "How big is your city?", or "New York is home to millions of people." in German!

In New York leben Millionen von Menschen., Es sind zehn Leute unterwegs., Wie viele Leute werden kommen?, Wie groß ist deine Stadt?!

Learn how to say Month, Night, Rate, or Hour in German!

Nacht-, Stunde, Preis, Monat!

Learn how to say Drowsy, Hazy, Gruesome, or Slack in German!

Locker, Grausam, Schläfrig, Dunstig!

Learn how to say Throat, Tourist, Birthday, or Hero in German!

Held, Tourist, Kehle, Geburtstag!

Learn how to say Heel, Hint, Indicator, or Launch in German!

Hinweis, Hacke, Einführung, Indikator!

Learn how to say "We have plenty of time.", "We have a whole hour.", "The whole day.", or "The whole week." in Japanese!

私たちは一時間を過ごしています。, 一日。, まる1週間。, 私たちは多くの時間を持っています。!

Learn how to say "It's over here.", "It's over there.", "Where is it?", or "Where did you see it last?" in Japanese!

あなたはどこでそれを最後に見ましたか?, それはどこにある?, それはここにある。, あちらにあります。!

Learn how to say Urgent, Nasty, Unhappy, or Crazy in Japanese!

不幸, 不快な, 狂った, 緊急!

Learn how to say Darling, Mayor, Stranger, or Voter in Japanese!

ダーリン, ストレンジャー, 有権者, 市長!

Learn how to say Connect, Construct, Defend, or Damage in Japanese!

守る, 損傷, 接続する, 構成する!

Learn how to say "Can I take a message?", "Okay, I'm writing a message for you.", "Can you take a message for me?", or "Yes, I will take a message for you." in Chinese!

我可以留言吗?, 是的,我会给你一个信息。, 你能给我留言吗?, 好的,我正在为你写信。!

Learn how to say Join, Represent, Discuss, or Argue in Chinese!

讨论, 代表, 加入, 争论!

Learn how to say "I've heard that Barcelona is a beautiful place.", "Is Barcelona a beautiful place?", "St. Petersburg is a wonderful place, too.", or "Have you been to St. Petersburg?" in Chinese!

你去过圣彼得堡吗?, 巴塞罗那是美丽的地方吗?, 圣彼得堡也是一个美好的地方。, 我听说巴塞罗那是一个美丽的地方。!

Learn how to say Flee, Creep, Depart, or Crawl in Chinese!

爬行, 爬行, 逃跑, 离开!

Learn how to say "What do you think of these shoes?", "These shoes are beautiful.", "Where is my shirt?", or "You left your shirt on the chair." in Chinese!

这些鞋子很漂亮, 你把你的衬衫放在椅子上。, 我的衬衫在哪里?, 你觉得这些鞋子怎么样?!

Learn how to say Seem, Try, Begin, or Going in Hindi!

शुरू, लगता है, जा रहा, प्रयत्न!

Learn how to say Agenda, Charter, Conservation, or Dividend in Hindi!

संरक्षण, कार्यसूची, चार्टर, लाभांश!

Learn how to say "Cheers!", "Excuse me!", "Do you need help?", or "Can I help you?" in Hindi!

क्या मैं आपकी मदद कर सकता हूं?, क्या आपको मदद की ज़रूरत है?, क्षमा कीजिय!, चीयर्स!!

Learn how to say Coal, Crown, Literature, or Wing in Hindi!

ताज, साहित्य, विंग, कोयला!

Learn how to say Manta Ray, Ostrich, Lobster, or Ladybug in Hindi!

लेडीबग, झींगा मछली, मंता रे, शुतुरमुर्ग!

Learn how to say Exclusion, Execution, Gesture, or Squad in Indonesian!

Pengecualian, Sikap, Pasukan, Eksekusi!

Learn how to say Room, Road, Office, or Center in Indonesian!

Kamar, Pusat, Kantor, Jalan!

Learn how to say State, Judiciary, Executive, or Legislative in Indonesian!

Pengadilan, Eksekutif, Negara, Legislatif!

Learn how to say Date, Monitor, Behave, or Compromise in Indonesian!

Bertingkah, Monitor, Kompromi, Tanggal!

Learn how to say Complaint, Corporation, Inflation, or Score in Indonesian!

Skor, Perusahaan, Inflasi, Keluhan!

Learn how to say Protein Bar, Tomato Soup, Ramen Soup, or Rice in Dutch!

Ramen soep, Proteïnereep, Tomatensoep, Rijst!

Learn how to say Resignation, Sympathy, Allocation, or Declaration in Dutch!

Sympathie, Ontslag, Toewijzing, Verklaring!

Learn how to say Strength, Presence, Consequence, or Exercise in Dutch!

Aanwezigheid, Oefening, Gevolg, Kracht!

Learn how to say Prefer, Cry, Worry, or Illustrate in Dutch!

Verkiezen, Huilen, Illustreren, Zorgen!

Learn how to say Safety, Start, Accident, or Move in Dutch!

Ongeval, Veiligheid, Verhuizing, Begin!

Learn how to say Fill, Drop, Operate, or Shake in Polish!

Działać, Potrząsnąć, Upuszczać, Wypełniać!

Learn how to say Sound, Mighty, Deadly, or Handy in Polish!

Poręczny, Potężny, Dźwięk, śmiertelnie!

Learn how to say Knit, Copy, Research, or Invent in Polish!

Badania, Robić na drutach, Wymyślać, Kopiuj!

Learn how to say Fancy, Dim, Daft, or Frank in Polish!

Szczery, Stuknięty, Ciemny, Fantazyjny!

Learn how to say Soft, Quick, Joint, or Average in Polish!

Połączenie, średni, Miękki, Szybki!

Learn how to say Resignation, Sympathy, Allocation, or Declaration in Portuguese!

Alocação, Simpatia, Declaração, Pedido de demissão!

Learn how to say Accommodation, Boundary, Dispute, or Identity in Portuguese!

Disputa, Fronteira, Alojamento, Identidade!

Learn how to say Drama Novel, Biography, Autobiography, or Non-Fiction Novel in Portuguese!

Autobiografia, Novela de drama, Biografia, Novela de não ficção!

Learn how to say Connect, Construct, Defend, or Damage in Portuguese!

Construir, Defender, Conectar, Danificar!

Learn how to say Reflect, Intend, Regard, or Teach in Portuguese!

Ensinar, Refletir, Pretende, Que diz respeito!

Learn how to say Remark, Evaluation, Consultation, or Turnover in Russian!

оценка, консультация, оборот, замечание!

Learn how to say State, Judiciary, Executive, or Legislative in Russian!

государство, законодательные, должностное лицо, судебная система!

Learn how to say Medium, Version, Visit, or Advantage in Russian!

посещение, версия, средний, преимущество!

Learn how to say Spell, Spread, Timing, or Beam in Russian!

орфографии, синхронизация, распространение, луч!

Learn how to say Analysis, Thought, Statement, or Choice in Russian!

заявление, анализ, думал, выбор!

Boshingak, Jongno, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Beijing, China, New Delhi, India, Tokyo, Japan, or Manila, Philippines in Korean!

뉴 델리, 인도, 일본 도쿄, 베이징, 중국, 필리핀 마닐라!

Learn how to say Seem, Try, Begin, or Going in Korean!

시험, 시작하다, 보다, 진행!

Learn how to say Officer, President, Son, or Director in Korean!

아들, 대통령, 장교, 감독!

Learn how to say Shy, Noisy, Rude, or Dumb in Korean!

우둔한, 시끄러운, 수줍은, 거친!

Learn how to say Hoarse, Juicy, Gritty, or Fruity in Korean!

흥미 진진한, 쉰, 껄끄 러운, 과일 같은!

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