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Caldoveiro Peak, Asturias, North Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Proletariat, Lumpenproletariat, Marxism, or Sovietism in Spanish!

Sovietismo, Lumpenproletariat, Proletariado, Marxismo!

Learn how to say "Where can I buy tickets?", "Is that the ticket vendor?", "Less than ten dollars.", or "More than ten dollars." in Spanish!

Menos de diez dólares., ¿Es el vendedor de billetes?, ¿Dónde puedo comprar las entradas?, Más de diez dólares.!

Learn how to say "What time is it?", "It's 5 o'clock.", "It will be 5 o'clock soon.", or "Is it time yet?" in Spanish!

Pronto será las 5., ¿Es tiempo todavía?, ¿Que hora es?, Son las 5 en punto.!

Learn how to say Flag, Bureau, Carrier, or Crack in Spanish!

Portador, Crack, Bandera, Oficina!

Learn how to say "When do you arrive?", "I will arrive on Tuesday.", "Where do you want to go?", or "Let's go to the bar." in Spanish!

¿A donde quieres ir?, Llegaré el martes., Vayamos al bar., ¿Cuando llegas?!

Learn how to say Specify, Convert, Submit, or Trust in French!

Confiance, Soumettre, Convertir, Spécifier!

Learn how to say Sink, Bury, Capture, or Tackle in French!

évier, Capturer, Tacle, Enterrer!

Learn how to say "Are you going to breakfast?", "I am going to dinner.", "When will you go to lunch?", or "This is just a snack." in French!

As-tu déjà mangé?, As-tu déjà mangé?, As-tu déjà mangé?, As-tu déjà mangé?!

Learn how to say Interval, Acre, Equivalent, or Ton in French!

équivalent, Intervalle, Acre, Tonne!

Learn how to say "Do you have the number for the hotel?", "The number of the hotel is 555-555-1234.", "Do you sell phone cards?", or "I'd like to buy a phone card." in French!

Avez-vous le numéro de l'hôtel?, Le numéro de l'hôtel est 555-555-1234., Vendez-vous des cartes téléphoniques?, Je voudrais acheter une carte de téléphone.!

Learn how to say True, Poor, French, or Nice in Italian!

Vero, Francese, Povero, Simpatico!

Learn how to say Theme, Combination, Faith, or Interpretation in Italian!

Fede, Tema, Interpretazione, Combinazione!

Learn how to say Building, Ground, Land, or Field in Italian!

Sbarcare, Campo, Costruzione, Terra!

Learn how to say Argentina, Ukraine, Algeria, or Iraq in Italian!

Ucraina, Iraq, Argentina, Algeria!

Learn how to say Filter, Flexibility, Fraction, or Ghost in Italian!

Flessibilità, Filtro, Frazione, Fantasma!

Schloss Münster, Münster, Germany,
Photo by Polybert49, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Assurance, Attraction, Audit, or Blow in German!

Schlag, Sicherheit, Prüfung, Attraktion!

Learn how to say Robust, Tricky, Frail, or Ripe in German!

Reif, Knifflig, Gebrechlich, Robust!

Learn how to say Travel, Layer, Recovery, or Perspective in German!

Wiederherstellung, Reise, Schicht, Perspektive!

Learn how to say Search, Trip, Display, or Drive in German!

Suche, Fahrt, Anzeigen, Ausflug!

Learn how to say Celebration, Colony, Controversy, or Fiction in German!

Fiktion, Feier, Kolonie, Kontroverse!

Learn how to say Create, Work, Need, or Provide in Japanese!

作成する, 提供する, 作業, 必要!

Learn how to say Resignation, Sympathy, Allocation, or Declaration in Japanese!

割り当て, 同情, 宣言, 辞任!

Learn how to say Turtle, Chicken, Squid, or Frog in Japanese!

いか, チキン, カメ, カエル!

Learn how to say Rose, String, Wheel, or Hat in Japanese!

ホイール, ローズ, 文字列, 帽子!

Learn how to say Chemical, Circuit, Clock, or Cream in Japanese!

回路, クロック, クリーム, 化学!

Learn how to say "Sorry to bother you.", "Sorry if I'm interrupting.", "Do you mind if I take some of your time?", or "Do you have a minute to spare?" in Chinese!

你有一分钟吗?, 你介意我花些时间吗?, 抱歉打扰你。, 对不起,如果我打断了!

Learn how to say Trusty, Trite, Canny, or Awkward in Chinese!

可靠, 谨慎的, 平凡的, 尴尬!

Learn how to say "Abigail is Steve's girlfriend.", "Steve is Abigail's boyfriend.", "How is your dog?", or "How are your cats?" in Chinese!

阿比盖是史蒂夫的女朋友。, 史蒂夫是阿比盖尔的男朋友。, 你的猫怎么样?, 你的狗怎么样?!

Learn how to say Dead, Chief, Fresh, or Cheap in Chinese!

首席, 低廉, 死, 新鲜!

Learn how to say "How many clothes do you have?", "I think you have too many clothes.", "Whose book is that?", or "It's my book." in Chinese!

你有几件衣服?, 这是我的书。, 那是谁的书?, 我想你有太多的衣服。!

Learn how to say "Not recently", "Not today.", "Not yet.", or "Not this month." in Hindi!

हाल ही में नहीं है, आज नहीं।, अभी नहीं।, नहीं इस महीने।!

Learn how to say "What are you thinking about?", "I'm not thinking about anything.", "What are you two talking about?", or "We two are just talking about the weather." in Hindi!

आप द्वारा किस बारे में सोचा जा रहा है?, मैं कुछ भी नहीं सोच रहा हूँ, आप दो के बारे में क्या बात कर रहे हैं?, हम दोनों सिर्फ मौसम के बारे में बात कर रहे हैं।!

Learn how to say Transaction, Assistance, Currency, or Minority in Hindi!

अल्पसंख्यक, लेन-देन, सहायता, मुद्रा!

Learn how to say "Where did you learn it?", "I learned it back in America.", "Who taught you that?", or "My uncle from Glasgow taught me that." in Hindi!

मैं इसे अमेरिका में वापस सीखा।, तुमने इसे कहाँ सीखा?, ग्लासगो से मेरे चाचा ने मुझे सिखाया, तुम्हें कौन सिखाया?!

Learn how to say Share, Agreement, Contract, or Security in Hindi!

अनुबंध, समझौता, शेयर, सुरक्षा!

Learn how to say Long, Far, Low, or Likely in Indonesian!

Panjang, Jauh, Mungkin, Rendah!

Learn how to say Reading, Troop, Membership, or Revenue in Indonesian!

Keanggotaan, Pasukan, Pendapatan, Bacaan!

Learn how to say Infection, Policeman, Witness, or Adviser in Indonesian!

Penasihat, Polisi, Saksi, Infeksi!

Learn how to say "Are they the same?", "Are they different?", "He is faster than me.", or "She is slower than me." in Indonesian!

Apakah mereka sama?, Dia lebih cepat dariku., Dia lebih lambat dariku., Apakah mereka berbeda?!

Learn how to say "Sorry to bother you.", "Sorry if I'm interrupting.", "Do you mind if I take some of your time?", or "Do you have a minute to spare?" in Indonesian!

Maaf kalau aku menyela., Maaf mengganggu Anda., Apakah Anda punya waktu luang?, Apakah Anda keberatan jika saya menghabiskan sebagian waktu Anda?!

Wijnstraat, Dordrecht, Netherlands,
Photo by Paul van de Velde, CC BY License

Learn how to say Officer, President, Son, or Director in Dutch!

Officier, Regisseur, President, Zoon!

Learn how to say Look, Element, Aspect, or Division in Dutch!

Element, Kijken, Afdeling, Aspect!

Learn how to say Patchy, Supple, Excessive, or Impoverished in Dutch!

Verarmde, Soepel, Buitensporig, Onregelmatig!

Learn how to say Fictional Film, Scifi, Fantasy, or B-Movie in Dutch!

Horrorfilm, Horrorfilm, Horrorfilm, Horrorfilm!

Learn how to say Calculation, Hypothesis, Logic, or Poetry in Dutch!

Hypothese, Poëzie, Logica, Berekening!

Learn how to say Firm, Straight, Remote, or Plain in Polish!

Firma, Proste, Zdalny, Równina!

Learn how to say Legislation, Administration, Introduction, or Manner in Polish!

Introduction, Legislation, Manner, Administration!

Learn how to say House Of Commons, Incumbent, Jingoism, or Lobbyist in Polish!

Beneficjant, Izba Gmin, Lobbysta, Szowinizm!

Learn how to say Painting, Key, Drink, or Ship in Polish!

Obraz, Klawisz, Statek, Drink!

Learn how to say Fleshy, Crusty, Dumpy, or Bushy in Polish!

Krzaczasty, Mięsisty, Przysadzisty, Skorupiasty!

Learn how to say Seem, Try, Begin, or Going in Portuguese!

Início, Indo, Parecem, Experimentar!

Learn how to say Sandwich, Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner in Portuguese!

Sanduíche, Café da manhã, Almoço, Jantar!

Learn how to say Deft, Bossy, Brainy, or Ungainly in Portuguese!

Inteligente, Mandão, Desagradável, Hábil!

Learn how to say Hide, Combine, Spread, or Disappear in Portuguese!

Desaparecer, Espalhar, Combinar, Ocultar!

Learn how to say Wave, Communicate, Protest, or Interview in Portuguese!

Protesto, Comunicar, Entrevista, Onda!

Hermitage and Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Two Thousand, Five, Two Thousand, Six, Two Thousand, Seven, or Two Thousand, Eight in Russian!

две тысячи пять, 2007, две тысячи шесть, две тысячи восемь!

Learn how to say Emission, Episode, Escape, or Gaze in Russian!

побег, излучение, посмотреть, эпизод!

Learn how to say Comfort, Imagination, Mystery, or Profile in Russian!

воображение, профиль, комфорт, тайна!

Learn how to say Poland, Canada, Morocco, or Peru in Russian!

Марокко, Канада, Польша, Перу!

Learn how to say Salad, Mashed Potato, Waffle, or Toast in Russian!

вафельный, тост, салат, картофельное пюре!

Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Christian, Muslim, Atheist, or Hindu in Korean!

힌두 인, 신자, 무슬림, 무신론자!

Learn how to say Quarter, Whole, Afternoon, or Scale in Korean!

대낮, 규모, 쿼터, 완전한!

Learn how to say Painting, Key, Drink, or Ship in Korean!

그림, 키, 배, 음주!

Learn how to say Spirit, Official, Agent, or Artist in Korean!

공무원, 예술가, 정신, 에이전트!

Learn how to say Promote, Attract, Belong, or Promise in Korean!

약속, 승진시키다, 있다, 끌다!

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