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Learn how to say "Are you fine?", "I'm fine.", "What's the matter?", or "Everything is fine." in Spanish!

Todo esta bien., Estoy bien., ¿Estás bien?, ¿Qué pasa?!

Learn how to say Preference, Percent, Proof, or Addition in Spanish!

Adición, Prueba, Preferencia, Por ciento!

Learn how to say Inquiry, License, Resolution, or Struggle in Spanish!

Lucha, Investigación, Resolución, Licencia!

Learn how to say Result, Name, Line, or View in Spanish!

Nombre, Resultado, Ver, Línea!

Learn how to say Remark, Condemn, Convince, or Free in Spanish!

Condenar, Gratis, Convencer, Observación!

Learn how to say Mad, Smooth, Pleasant, or Welcome in French!

Bienvenue, Lisse, Agréable, Furieux!

Learn how to say Feel, Like, Hope, or Wish in French!

Comme, Ressentir, Souhait, Espérer!

Learn how to say "I'm sorry, but I have the wrong phone number.", "Do you know the area code?", "What is the zip code?", or "Who do you work for?" in French!

Pour qui travailles-tu?, Connaissez-vous l'indicatif régional?, Quel est le code postal?, Je suis désolé, mais j'ai le mauvais numéro de téléphone.!

Learn how to say Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, or Sixteen in French!

Quatorze, Treize, Seize, Quinze!

Learn how to say "How is the weather?", "The weather is good today.", "Is the weather going to be bad?", or "How is the weather tomorrow?" in French!

Comment est la météo demain?, Comment est le temps?, Il fait beau aujourd'hui., Le temps va-t-il être mauvais?!

Learn how to say Brave, Secure, Boring, or Calm in Italian!

Calma, Noioso, Coraggioso, Sicuro!

Learn how to say "How far away is it?", "How close is it?", "Is it far?", or "Is it close?" in Italian!

Quanto è vicino?, Quanto è lontano?, È lontano?, È vicino?!

Learn how to say "Hello.", "Goodbye.", "What is your name?", or "My name is john." in Italian!

Ciao., Addio., Come ti chiami?, Il mio nome è John.!

Learn how to say Beijing, China, New Delhi, India, Tokyo, Japan, or Manila, Philippines in Italian!

Tokyo, Giappone, Manila, Filippine, Nuova Delhi, India, Pechino, Cina!

Learn how to say "Are you self-employed?", "I am self-employed.", "Do you work at the cooperative?", or "I work at the cooperative." in Italian!

Sono un lavoratore autonomo., Lavori alla cooperativa?, Sei un lavoratore autonomo?, Lavoro alla cooperativa.!

Hameln, Lower Saxony, Germany,
Photo by Pom Angers, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Cat, Eagle, Bird, or Killer Whale in German!

Katze, Killerwal, Vogel, Adler!

Learn how to say Outline, Ride, Tragedy, or Triumph in German!

Skizzieren, Triumph, Reiten, Tragödie!

Learn how to say Bother, Review, Assist, or Resolve in German!

Mühe, Entschlossenheit, Überprüfung, Helfen!

Learn how to say Dismiss, Interpret, Search, or Analyze in German!

Suche, Interpretieren, Anerkennung, Analysieren!

Learn how to say Inquiry, License, Resolution, or Struggle in German!

Kampf, Anfrage, Lizenz, Lösung!

Learn how to say Tray, Bush, Ambulance, or Diagram in Japanese!

救急車, トレイ, 図, ブッシュ!

Learn how to say "What time do you go to work everyday?", "I go to work everyday at 8:00 AM.", "What time do you get out of work?", or "I get out of work at 4:00 PM everyday." in Japanese!

私は毎日午前8時に仕事をします。, 何時に仕事から出るのですか?, 毎日何時に仕事に行くのですか?, 私は毎日午後4時に仕事を休みます。!

Learn how to say Essay, Lock, Machinery, or Particle in Japanese!

粒子, ロック, エッセイ, 機械!

Learn how to say Song, Consumer, Gentleman, or Lip in Japanese!

消費者, 歌, 紳士, リップ!

Learn how to say Impact, Danger, Reaction, or Aim in Japanese!

反応, 危険, 目的, 影響!

Learn how to say Consider, Expect, Read, or Remember in Chinese!

读, 考虑, 期望, 记得!

Learn how to say Successor, Widow, Analyst, or Builder in Chinese!

寡妇, 接班人, 建设者, 分析人士!

Learn how to say Clue, Devil, Disadvantage, or Essence in Chinese!

坏处, 魔鬼, 线索, 本质!

Learn how to say Obtain, Control, Remove, or Throw in Chinese!

扔, 控制, 获得, 去掉!

Learn how to say Guilty, Glad, Healthy, or Sad in Chinese!

健康, 有罪, 伤心, 高兴!

Learn how to say Desert, Fat, Hardware, or Photo in Hindi!

मोटी, रेगिस्तान, हार्डवेयर, तस्वीर!

Learn how to say "You speak English very well.", "You don't speak English very well.", "That's not English.", or "Is this English?" in Hindi!

यह अंग्रेजी नहीं है, आप बहुत अच्छी तरह से अंग्रेजी बोलते हैं।, क्या यह अंग्रेजी है?, आप बहुत अच्छी तरह से अंग्रेजी नहीं बोलते हैं।!

Learn how to say "Can I come with you?", "You can come with me.", "How long has your sister been here?", or "Has your brother been to Paris?" in Hindi!

आप मेरे साथ आ सकते हो।, आपकी बहन कितनी देर तक रही है?, क्या आपका भाई पेरिस गया है?, क्या मैं आपके साथ आ सकता हूँ?!

Learn how to say "I'm going to Mexico.", "I went to Barcelona last year.", "When will you go to Guatemala next?", or "Is Catalonia on your list of stops to visit?" in Hindi!

मैं मेक्सिको जा रहा हूँ, आपकी सूची के लिए कैटलोनिया बंद हो जाता है?, आप कब अगले ग्वाटेमाला जाएंगे?, मैं पिछले साल बार्सिलोना गया था!

Learn how to say Stroke, Trace, Worry, or Bonus in Hindi!

बोनस, निशान, चिंता, आघात!

Learn how to say Swift, Sticky, Bleak, or Sandy in Indonesian!

Cepat, Berpasir, Lengket, Suram!

Learn how to say "How far away until May 1st?", "It is August 5th.", "What week in October?", or "It is the second week of July." in Indonesian!

Seberapa jauh sampai tanggal 1 Mei?, Ini adalah minggu kedua bulan Juli., Minggu apa di bulan Oktober, Ini adalah 5 Agustus.!

Learn how to say "Where is your luggage?", "My luggage is missing.", "My watch was stolen.", or "Did you see who stole my watch?" in Indonesian!

Dimana barang bawaan anda?, Jam tangan saya dicuri., Koper saya hilang, Apakah kamu melihat siapa yang mencuri arlojiku?!

Learn how to say User, Brother, Husband, or Chairman in Indonesian!

Saudara, Suami, Pengguna, Ketua!

Learn how to say Understand, Describe, Draw, or Explain in Indonesian!

Menggambarkan, Menjelaskan, Seri, Memahami!

Learn how to say Example, Difference, Quality, or Pound in Dutch!

Kwaliteit, Pond, Voorbeeld, Verschil!

Learn how to say Chemical, Circuit, Clock, or Cream in Dutch!

Klok, Chemisch, Circuit, Room!

Learn how to say Chapel, Resort, Clinic, or Bath in Dutch!

Toevlucht, Bad, Kapel, Kliniek!

Learn how to say Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, or Twenty in Dutch!

Achttien, Twintig, Zeventien, Negentien!

Learn how to say Kayaking, Canoeing, Unicycling, or Billiards in Dutch!

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey!

Learn how to say Meat, Vegetables, Grains, or Protein in Polish!

Warzywa, Białko, Ziarna, Mięso!

Learn how to say Potato Chips, Junk Food, Fast Food, or Unhealthy Food in Polish!

Niezdrowe jedzenie, Niezdrowe jedzenie, Fast food, Czipsy!

Learn how to say Damage, Requirement, Option, or Aid in Polish!

Opcja, Uszkodzić, Wymaganie, Pomoc!

Learn how to say Envelope, Fluid, Juice, or Missile in Polish!

Koperta, Płyn, Sok, Pocisk!

Learn how to say Organ, Detective, Competitor, or Creditor in Polish!

Organ, Detective, Competitor, Creditor!

Learn how to say Conference, Commission, Post, or Attack in Portuguese!

Postar, Conferência, Ataque, Comissão!

Learn how to say Listen, Visit, Admit, or Assume in Portuguese!

Assume, Ouço, Visita, Admitem!

Learn how to say Paint, Sing, View, or Acknowledge in Portuguese!

Cantar, Pintura, Reconhecer, Visão!

Learn how to say Fragment, Insight, Removal, or Tide in Portuguese!

Maré, Remoção, Fragmento, Discernimento!

Learn how to say Guide, Inspire, Murder, or Admire in Portuguese!

Assassinato, Admirar, Guia, Inspirar!

Learn how to say Praise, Punish, Cheer, or Obey in Russian!

наказать, подчиниться, ура, хвалить!

Learn how to say Light, Bed, Wall, or Computer in Russian!

легкий, компьютер, стена, постель!

Learn how to say Brave, Secure, Boring, or Calm in Russian!

Храбрый, спокойный, безопасный, расточка!

Learn how to say Mouth, Sister, Miss, or Executive in Russian!

должностное лицо, рот, Мисс, сестра!

Learn how to say Fish, Shark, Owl, or Rabbit in Russian!

Акула, Сова, Рыба, Кролик!

Gyeonghuigung Palace, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by travel oriented, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Bind, Fix, Alter, or Mix in Korean!

혼합, 묶다, 바꾸다, 고치다!

Learn how to say Twin, Clerk, Fellow, or Folk in Korean!

사람, 사람들, 서기, 쌍!

Learn how to say Strike, Survive, Charge, or Touch in Korean!

요금, 생존하다, 접촉, 스트라이크!

Learn how to say Couple, Degree, Mile, or Season in Korean!

마일, 정도, 두, 시즌!

Learn how to say Student, Foot, Boy, or Back in Korean!

발, 소년, 학생, 뒤로!

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