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Learn how to say "How is your boss?", "I do not like my boss.", "How is the job?", or "I really do not like my job." in Spanish!

No me gusta mi jefe., Realmente no me gusta mi trabajo., ¿Cómo está el trabajo?, ¿Cómo está tu jefe?!

Learn how to say Patchy, Supple, Excessive, or Impoverished in Spanish!

Flexible, Irregular de, Empobrecido, Excesivo!

Learn how to say Remark, Condemn, Convince, or Free in Spanish!

Observación, Condenar, Convencer, Gratis!

Learn how to say Participatory Democracy, Dystopia, Elector, or Electorate in Spanish!

Democracia participativa, Elector, Distopia, Electorado!

Learn how to say Question, Information, Interest, or Idea in Spanish!

Interesar, Idea, Pregunta, Información!

Learn how to say Listen, Visit, Admit, or Assume in French!

Assumer, Admettre, Écouter, Visite!

Learn how to say Miss, Laugh, Care, or Commit in French!

Commettre, Manquer, Se soucier, Rire!

Learn how to say Ice Cream, Bread Roll, Macaroni, or Pasta in French!

Pain, Crème glacée, Macaroni, Pâtes!

Learn how to say Concept, Target, Failure, or Turn in French!

Tour, Cible, échec, Concept!

Learn how to say Routine, Allowance, Consent, or Commune in French!

Routine, Allocation, Commune, Consentement!

Learn how to say "Can you throw that away for me?", "I will throw it away for you.", "Do you have a pencil?", or "I have a pencil." in Italian!

Puoi gettarlo via per me?, Hai una matita?, Ho una matita., Lo butterò via per te.!

Learn how to say Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, or Twenty in Italian!

Diciannove, Diciassette, Venti, Diciotto!

Learn how to say "We like it a lot.", "We don't like it at all.", "We also agree.", or "We disagree." in Italian!

Non siamo d'accordo., Non ci è piaciuto affatto., Siamo d'accordo., Ci piace molto.!

Learn how to say Attempt, Emerge, Approach, or Repeat in Italian!

Tentativo, Emergere, Approccio, Ripetere!

Learn how to say Rose, String, Wheel, or Hat in Italian!

Corda, Cappello, Rosa, Ruota!

Castle of Ludwig II, Bavaria, Germany,
Photo by Moyan Brenn, CC BY License

Learn how to say Kayaking, Canoeing, Unicycling, or Billiards in German!

Billard, Kanusport, Kajakfahren, Einradfahren!

Learn how to say Tin, Alarm, Cable, or Craft in German!

Kunst, Alarm, Kabel, Zinn!

Learn how to say Representation, Request, Championship, or Clause in German!

Meisterschaft, Anfordern, Klausel, Darstellung!

Learn how to say "When did your children leave?", "Did your children enjoy California?", "Where do you want to meet?", or "Is it okay if we meet by the food stand?" in German!

Wo willst du dich treffen?, Wann sind deine Kinder gegangen?, Haben Ihre Kinder Kalifornien genossen?, Ist es in Ordnung, wenn wir uns am Stand des Essens treffen?!

Learn how to say "Are you going to breakfast?", "I am going to dinner.", "When will you go to lunch?", or "This is just a snack." in German!

Das ist nur ein Snack., Gehst du zum Frühstück?, Wann wirst du zum Mittagessen gehen?, Ich gehe zum Abendessen.!

Learn how to say Generation, Insurance, Commitment, or Conflict in Japanese!

コミットメント, 世代, 保険, 紛争!

Learn how to say Trusty, Trite, Canny, or Awkward in Japanese!

厄介な, 台無し, 賢い, 信頼できる!

Learn how to say Directive, Entertainment, Federation, or Incentive in Japanese!

インセンティブ, 娯楽, フェデレーション, 指令!

Learn how to say Observation, Shot, Strike, or Origin in Japanese!

観察, ショット, 原点, ストライク!

Learn how to say "Can you hold this for me?", "Yes, I can hold that.", "Where is the TV?", or "Do you want to watch TV?" in Japanese!

はい、私はそれを保持することができます。, テレビはどこですか?, あなたは私のためにこれを保持できますか?, テレビを見たいですか?!

Learn how to say Blanket, Bronze, Brush, or Cab in Chinese!

刷, 青铜, 毯, 出租车!

Learn how to say "Who are you?", "Who is that?", "Who are they?", or "Who was that?" in Chinese!

你是谁?, 他们是谁?, 那是谁?, 那是谁?!

Learn how to say Shrewd, Kindly, Cunning, or Stately in Chinese!

和蔼, 精明, 庄严, 狡猾!

Learn how to say Mad, Smooth, Pleasant, or Welcome in Chinese!

欢迎, 光滑, 愉快, 狂!

Learn how to say Divorce, Glory, Liberation, or Reign in Chinese!

荣耀, 解放, 离婚, 统治!

Learn how to say Russian, Mexican, Hindi, or Ethiopian in Hindi!

रूसी, मैक्सिकन, हिंदी, इथियोपियाई!

Learn how to say Sure, Real, Easy, or Hard in Hindi!

असली, ज़रूर, कठिन, आसान!

Learn how to say Notion, Beauty, Topic, or Phrase in Hindi!

सुंदरता, धारणा, विषय, मुहावरा!

Learn how to say Answer, Record, Notice, or Define in Hindi!

नोटिस, अभिलेख, उत्तर, परिभाषित!

Learn how to say File, Sentence, Balance, or Length in Hindi!

वाक्य, फ़ाइल, लंबाई, संतुलन!

Learn how to say "Are you going to breakfast?", "I am going to dinner.", "When will you go to lunch?", or "This is just a snack." in Indonesian!

Apakah kamu akan sarapan?, Kapan kamu akan pergi makan siang?, Ini hanya camilan., Saya akan makan malam!

Learn how to say Procedure, Circumstance, Help, or Goal in Indonesian!

Prosedur, Membantu, Keadaan, Tujuan!

Learn how to say Dress, Iron, Milk, or Motor in Indonesian!

Besi, Susu, Motor, Gaun!

Learn how to say One, Two, Three, or Four in Indonesian!

Satu, Dua, Empat, Tiga!

Learn how to say Weekend, Sample, Volume, or Category in Indonesian!

Kategori, Mencicipi, Akhir pekan, Volume!

Learn how to say Legislation, Administration, Introduction, or Manner in Dutch!

Administratie, Invoering, Wetgeving, Manier!

Learn how to say Trusty, Trite, Canny, or Awkward in Dutch!

Betrouwbaar, Afgezaagd, Onhandig, Omzichtig!

Learn how to say Justification, Liberty, Receipt, or Seminar in Dutch!

Vrijheid, Rechtvaardiging, Ontvangst, Congres!

Learn how to say Hockey, Racing, Soccer, or Baseball in Dutch!

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey!

Learn how to say Dolphin, Wolf, Panda, or Pelican in Dutch!

Panda beer, Pelikaan, Dolfijn, Wolf!

Fountain of Proserpina, Poznan, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Smoke, Steam, Tissue, or Wire in Polish!

Palić, Drut, Parowy, Tkanka!

Learn how to say Teacher, Voice, Arm, or Parent in Polish!

Głos, Roślina mateczna, Nauczyciel, Ramię!

Learn how to say Sandwich, Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner in Polish!

śniadanie, Obiad, Kanapka, Lunch!

Learn how to say Two Thousand, Seventeen, Two Thousand, Eighteen, Two Thousand, Nineteen, or Two Thousand, Twenty in Polish!

Dwa tysiące, dwadzieścia, Dwa tysiące, dziewiętnaście, Dwa tysiące osiemnaście, Dwa tysiące, siedemnaście!

Learn how to say Juice, Orange Juice, Apple Juice, or Lemonade in Polish!

Sok, Sok pomarańczowy, Lemoniada, Sok jabłkowy!

Learn how to say Reserve, Sand, Scope, or Tale in Portuguese!

Areia, Escopo, Reserva, Conto!

Learn how to say Knit, Copy, Research, or Invent in Portuguese!

Malha, Pesquisa, Cópia de, Inventar!

Learn how to say Society, Money, Council, or Policy in Portuguese!

Dinheiro, Conselho, Sociedade, Política!

Learn how to say Left, Fair, Rich, or Safe in Portuguese!

Seguro, Justo, Esquerda, Rico!

Learn how to say Hummingbird, Coyote, Firefly, or Duck in Portuguese!

Coiote, Pato, Vaga-lume, Beija Flor!

Learn how to say Walk, Defendant, Neighbor, or Engineer in Russian!

сосед, инженер, ходить, ответчик!

Learn how to say Involvement, Stress, Cycle, or Mode in Russian!

Режим, стресс, участие, цикл!

Learn how to say Smoky, Snowy, Quaint, or Limp in Russian!

снежно, прихрамывать, причудливый, дымчатый!

Learn how to say Thank, Indicate, Publish, or Express in Russian!

публиковать, экспресс, спасибо, указывать!

Learn how to say Moscow, Russia, Cairo, Egypt, Jakarta, Indonesia, or Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo in Russian!

Каир, Египет, Москва, Россия, Джакарта, Индонезия, Киншаса, Демократическая Республика Конго!

Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Golf, Rc Racing, Sailing, or Walking in Korean!

항해, 보행, 골프, RC 레이싱!

Learn how to say Militarism, Theocracy, Conscription, or Inquisition in Korean!

군국주의, 징병, 조사, 신정!

Learn how to say Appoint, Order, Reply, or Propose in Korean!

주문, 정하다, 댓글, 제안하다!

Learn how to say Sword, Whiskey, Basket, or Bean in Korean!

위스키, 바구니, 검, 콩!

Learn how to say Interval, Acre, Equivalent, or Ton in Korean!

동등한, 톤, 에이커, 간격!

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