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Casa Milà, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain,
Photo by Rick Ligthelm, CC BY License

Learn how to say Hall, Park, Sun, or River in Spanish!

Río, Sala, Parque, Sol!

Learn how to say Brazilian, Pakistani, Nigerian, or Bengali in Spanish!

Bengalí, Brasileño, Pakistaní, Nigeriano!

Learn how to say Suspicion, Arrest, Guarantee, or Virtue in Spanish!

Arrestar, Garantía, Virtud, Sospecha!

Learn how to say "When are you coming?", "We need to know when you are coming.", "I usually sleep at 10:00 at night.", or "Sometimes I sleep at 12:00 at night." in Spanish!

¿Cuando vienes?, A veces duermo a las 12:00 de la noche., Normalmente duermo a las 10:00 de la noche., Necesitamos saber cuando vienes.!

Learn how to say Light, Bed, Wall, or Computer in Spanish!

Pared, Cama, Computadora, Ligero!

Learn how to say Governor, Creature, Critic, or Guard in French!

Critique, Gouverneur, Gardien, Créature!

Learn how to say Boney, Reliable, Durable, or Resistant in French!

Boney, Durable, Résistant, Fiable!

Learn how to say "He always does that.", "She never does that.", "He broke the chair.", or "She fixed the computer." in French!

Elle a réparé l'ordinateur., Il fait toujours cela., Elle ne le fait jamais., Il a cassé la chaise.!

Learn how to say "Can you hear me?", "I can't hear you.", "She is hearing us.", or "He cannot hear us." in French!

Elle nous entend., Je ne peux pas vous entendre., Il ne peut pas nous entendre., Peux-tu m'entendre?!

Learn how to say Examine, Study, Recognize, or Stare in French!

Regard, Examiner, étude, Reconnaître!

Learn how to say "I need to practice English.", "Are you going to practice English?", "There are lots of people here.", or "How many people are there?" in Italian!

Quante persone ci sono?, Ci sono un sacco di gente qui., Devo praticare l'inglese., State praticando l'inglese?!

Learn how to say "I think it's good.", "I think it's bad.", "I thought the food was cheaper.", or "I thought the clothes were more expensive." in Italian!

Ho pensato che il cibo era più economico., Pensavo che i vestiti erano più costosi., Penso che sia male., Penso che sia buono.!

Learn how to say Sound, Mighty, Deadly, or Handy in Italian!

A portata di mano, Potente, Mortale, Suono!

Learn how to say "Can you open the door?", "I will open the door for you.", "Is it okay if I open this window?", or "I'm going to open a window." in Italian!

Va bene se apro questa finestra?, Apro una finestra., Puoi aprire la porta?, Apro la porta per te.!

Learn how to say Right-Wing, Left-Wing, Communism, or Capitalism in Italian!

Ala destra, Capitalismo, Ala sinistra, Comunismo!

Schloss Münster, Münster, Germany,
Photo by Polybert49, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Suit, Beer, Bread, or Cake in German!

Brot, Bier, Kuchen, Anzug!

Learn how to say Lose, Add, Change, or Remain In German!

Bleiben übrig, Verlieren, Hinzufügen, Veränderung!

Learn how to say Wonder, Suppose, Determine, or Design in German!

Bestimmen, Entwurf, Wunder, Annehmen!

Learn how to say "Where can I buy a scarf?", "There is a store over there selling scarves.", "Do you like it here?", or "I like it here very much." in German!

Dort gibt es ein Geschäft, in dem Schals verkauft werden., Magst du es hier?, Ich mag es hier sehr., Wo kann ich einen Schal kaufen?!

Learn how to say Lush, Taut, Shabby, or Greasy in German!

Straff, üppig, Fettig, Schäbig!

Learn how to say Market, Court, Job, or Report in Japanese!

報告する, 市場, 裁判所, ジョブ!

Learn how to say Lonely, Casual, Handsome, or Mature in Japanese!

寂しい, カジュアル, 成熟した, ハンサム!

Learn how to say "Do you come here often?", "I come here often.", "Do you go to Mexico often?", or "I travel to Mexico often." in Japanese!

メキシコに頻繁に行くのですか?, あなたはここによく来ますか?, 私は頻繁にメキシコに旅行します。, 私は頻繁にここに来る。!

Learn how to say Spirit, Official, Agent, or Artist in Japanese!

アーティスト, 公式, 精神, エージェント!

Learn how to say Small, Large, Big, or Full in Japanese!

満員, 小さい, 大きい, 大!

Learn how to say "Do you sell medicine?", "Where can I buy medicine?", "Do you sell aspirin?", or "Where can I find something for a headache?" in Chinese!

在哪里可以找到头痛的东西?, 你卖阿司匹林吗?, 你卖药吗, 哪里可以买药?!

Learn how to say "How does it taste?", "It's delicious.", "Do you enjoy eating apples?", or "I love eating oranges!" in Chinese!

这很美味。, 味道怎么样?, 我喜欢吃橘子!, 你喜欢吃苹果吗!

Learn how to say Restore, Preserve, Lock, or Pour in Chinese!

锁, 保留, 倒, 恢复!

Learn how to say Weary, Foul, Cozy, or Coarse in Chinese!

舒适, 犯规, 厌倦, 粗!

Learn how to say "It's only two miles.", "It's five kilometers away.", "It's more than twenty yards.", or "It's fewer than five feet." in Chinese!

只有两英里, 这是二十码以上, 距离酒店五公里。, 它不到五英尺!

Learn how to say "Can you carry this for me?", "I will carry this for you.", "Did you break that?", or "I didn't break it on purpose." in Hindi!

क्या आपने इसे तोड़ दिया?, मैंने इसे उद्देश्य पर नहीं तोड़ दिया।, मैं इसे तुम्हारे लिए ले जाऊंगा।, क्या आप इसे मेरे लिए ले जा सकते हैं?!

Learn how to say "It will be hot tomorrow.", "It will be cold tonight.", "It will be hotter tomorrow.", or "It will be colder next week." in Hindi!

यह कल गर्म होगा, यह कल गर्म होगा, यह अगले सप्ताह ठंडा होगा।, यह आज रात ठंडी होगी।!

Learn how to say "I lost my watch.", "I cannot find my watch.", "Do you see a watch?", or "Can you help me find my watch?" in Hindi!

मैंने अपनी घड़ी खो दी है, मुझे मेरी घड़ी नहीं मिल रही है, क्या आप मेरी घड़ी ढूंढने में मेरी सहायता कर सकते हैं?, क्या आप एक घड़ी देखते हैं?!

Learn how to say Commonwealth, Concession, Coup, or Delegation in Hindi!

छूट, राष्ट्रमंडल, तख्तापलट, शिष्ठ मंडल!

Learn how to say Cover, Initiative, Journey, or Noise in Hindi!

यात्रा, शोर, पहल, आवरण!

Learn how to say "Can you tell me about it?", "I will tell you about it.", "Do you have any idea about it?", or "I have an idea." in Indonesian!

Saya akan memberitahu Anda tentang hal itu, Apakah Anda tahu tentang itu?, Bisakah Anda ceritakan tentang hal itu?, Saya punya ide.!

Learn how to say One Thousand, Three Hundred, One Thousand, Four Hundred, One Thousand, Five Hundred, or One Thousand, Six Hundred in Indonesian!

Seribu lima ratus, Seribu enam ratus, Seribu empat ratus, Seribu tiga ratus!

Learn how to say Border, Engineering, Foundation, or Religion in Indonesian!

Agama, Dasar, Teknik, Berbatasan!

Learn how to say Leaf, Chain, Present, or Desk in Indonesian!

Meja tulis, Menyajikan, Rantai, Daun!

Learn how to say Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday in Indonesian!

Minggu, Rabu, Selasa, Senin!

Learn how to say Governor, Creature, Critic, or Guard in Dutch!

Criticus, Bewaker, Gouverneur, Schepsel!

Learn how to say Constitution, Partnership, Pollution, or Command in Dutch!

Opdracht, Vennootschap, Grondwet, Verontreiniging!

Learn how to say Flag, Bureau, Carrier, or Crack in Dutch!

Barst, Vlag, Bureau, Carrier!

Learn how to say Villa, Abbey, Cliff, or Compound in Dutch!

Villa, Klif, Abdij, Samenstelling!

Learn how to say Chinese, Indian, American, or Indonesian in Dutch!

Indiaas, Chinese, Amerikaans, Indonesisch!

Fountain of Proserpina, Poznan, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Put, Hold, Keep, or Bring in Polish!

Utrzymać, Przynieść, Położyć, Trzymać!

Learn how to say Successor, Widow, Analyst, or Builder in Polish!

Analyst, Widow, Builder, Successor!

Learn how to say Husky, Chunky, Glassy, or Meek in Polish!

Szklisty, Cichy, Chudy, Ochrypły!

Learn how to say Competition, Majority, Parliament, or Talk in Polish!

Parliament, Talk, Competition, Majority!

Learn how to say Thing, Part, Place, or Book in Polish!

Książka, Rzecz, Miejsce, Część!

Learn how to say Writer, Colleague, Expert, or Farmer in Portuguese!

Especialista, Escritor, Agricultor, Colega!

Learn how to say King, Queen, President, or Prime Minister in Portuguese!

Presidente, Primeiro ministro, Rainha, Rei!

Learn how to say Transaction, Assistance, Currency, or Minority in Portuguese!

Moeda, Minoria, Assistência, Transação!

Learn how to say Piece, Tree, Plant, or Fire in Portuguese!

árvore, Peça, Plantar, Fogo!

Learn how to say Flee, Creep, Depart, or Crawl in Portuguese!

Rastejar, Fugir, Partida, Rastejar!

Learn how to say Bother, Review, Assist, or Resolve in Russian!

обзор, помощь, разрешить, беспокоить!

Learn how to say Concentration, Instruction, Teaching, or Desire in Russian!

концентрация, обучение, желание, инструкция!

Learn how to say Knit, Copy, Research, or Invent in Russian!

копия, выдумывать, вязать, исследование!

Learn how to say Soft, Quick, Joint, or Average in Russian!

совместный, быстро, в среднем, мягкий!

Learn how to say Suspicion, Arrest, Guarantee, or Virtue in Russian!

арестовывать, гарантия, добродетель, подозрение!

Learn how to say Jazz, Swing, Classical, or Folk in Korean!

대중 음악, 대중 음악, 대중 음악, 대중 음악!

Learn how to say Answer, Record, Notice, or Define in Korean!

기록, 대답, 밝히다, 주의!

Learn how to say Dozen, Estimate, Frequency, or Qualification in Korean!

자격, 견적, 다스, 회수!

Learn how to say Movement, Detail, Application, or Chance in Korean!

운동, 신청, 기회, 세부 묘사!

Learn how to say Mean, Sign, Attend, or Perform in Korean!

행하다, 기호, 참석하다, 평균!

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