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Casa Milà, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain,
Photo by Rick Ligthelm, CC BY License

Learn how to say Trusty, Trite, Canny, or Awkward in Spanish!

Trillado, Torpe, Astuto, Fiel!

Learn how to say "What school does he go to?", "He goes to one of the downtown schools.", "Is that a good school?", or "It is one of the better schools." in Spanish!

Es una de las mejores escuelas., ¿Es una buena escuela?, Va a una de las escuelas del centro., ¿A qué escuela va?!

Learn how to say Favor, Grade, Acceptance, or Constituency in Spanish!

Aceptación, Favor, Grado, Distrito electoral!

Learn how to say Honor, Intervention, Rent, or Reply in Spanish!

Intervención, Honor, Respuesta, Alquilar!

Learn how to say "Can you hear me?", "I can't hear you.", "She is hearing us.", or "He cannot hear us." in Spanish!

¿Puedes escucharme?, No puede oírnos., No puedo oírte., Ella nos escucha.!

Learn how to say Smile, Investigation, Regulation, or Wage in French!

Sourire, Règlement, Enquête, Salaire!

Learn how to say Pop Star, Rock Star, Rapper, or Performer in French!

Pop star, Rappeur, Rock star, Interprète!

Learn how to say Red, Orange, Yellow, or Green in French!

Jaune, Vert, Orange, Rouge!

Learn how to say Rusty, Hardy, Hairy, or Gold in French!

Or, Robuste, Rouillé, Poilu!

Learn how to say "Can you write this down?", "I will write this down for you.", "Can you read this for me?", or "I will read this for you." in French!

Pouvez-vous lire cela pour moi?, Je vais écrire ceci pour vous., Pouvez-vous écrire cela?, Je vais lire ceci pour vous.!

Learn how to say "I'm going to Mexico.", "I went to Barcelona last year.", "When will you go to Guatemala next?", or "Is Catalonia on your list of stops to visit?" in Italian!

Quando andrai in Guatemala dopo?, Sono andato a Barcellona lo scorso anno., La Catalogna è la tua lista di fermate da visitare?, Andrò in Messico.!

Learn how to say Reject, Impose, Invite, or Warn in Italian!

Invitare, Rifiutare, Avvisare, Imporre!

Learn how to say Practitioner, Stomach, Democrat, or Republican in Italian!

Democratico, Repubblicano, Professionista, Stomaco!

Learn how to say Republic, Expenditure, Experiment, or Program in Italian!

Spesa, Sperimentare, Programma, Repubblica!

Learn how to say "May 1st.", "October 17th.", "December 10th.", or "July 22nd." in Italian!

22 luglio., 17 ottobre., 10 dicembre., 1 ° maggio.!

Zwinger Palace, Dresden, Germany,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Oppose, Expose, Found, or Enhance in German!

Expose, Verbessern, Gefunden, Ablehnen!

Learn how to say "I'm thirsty.", "Are you thirsty?", "I want a snack.", or "Do you have any snacks?" in German!

Hast du Snacks?, Ich will einen Snack., Hast du Durst?, Translation error!

Learn how to say Syndicalist, Totalitarian, Marxist, or Soviet in German!

Linker flügelspieler, Linker flügelspieler, Linker flügelspieler, Linker flügelspieler!

Learn how to say Reach, Walk, Rise, or Catch in German!

Fang, Walk, Erreichen, Erhebt euch!

Learn how to say Judge, Steal, Comment, or Withdraw in German!

Stehlen, Richter, Abheben, Kommentar!

Learn how to say Focus, Habit, Input, or Efficiency in Japanese!

フォーカス, 入力, 効率, 習慣!

Learn how to say "It is behind the post office.", "It is in front of the bus stop.", "How do I get there?", or "Do you know how to get to the market?" in Japanese!

バス停の前にあります。, それは郵便局の後ろにある。, あなたは市場に出る方法を知っていますか?, どうやってそこまで行くの?!

Learn how to say "Where is your home?", "My home is very far away.", "Can I visit your home?", or "You can visit my home any time." in Japanese!

あなたの家はどこですか?, いつでも私の家に行くことができます。, 私の家はとても遠いです。, あなたの家に行くことはできますか?!

Learn how to say Estimate, Count, Focus, or List in Japanese!

フォーカス, 推定, カウント, リスト!

Learn how to say Position, Course, Lot, or Street in Japanese!

ポジション, ロット, 通り, コース!

Learn how to say "Do you have a table near the window?", "I haven't finished eating.", "I'll have a cup of tea, please.", or "I'll have a bottle of water, please." in Chinese!

窗户附近有桌子吗?, 我还没吃完, 请给我一杯茶。, 请给我一瓶水。!

Learn how to say Item, Drug, Press, or Blood in Chinese!

药物, 项目, 血液, 按!

Learn how to say Borough, Depression, Destruction, or Exposure in Chinese!

曝光, 毁坏, 镇, 萧条!

Learn how to say Palace, Parish, Territory, or Camp in Chinese!

教区, 营, 宫, 领土!

Learn how to say Trader, Trainer, Tutor, or Archbishop in Chinese!

大主教, 商人, 训练者, 导师!

Learn how to say Be, Do, Go, or See in Hindi!

देख, कर, होना, चले जाओ!

Learn how to say "Can you come here?", "I am on the way.", "How are the roads?", or "The roads are slippery." in Hindi!

सड़कों फिसलन हैं, मैं रास्ते मे हूँ।, सड़कों कैसे हैं?, क्या तुम यहाँ आ सकते हो?!

Learn how to say "Are you alone?", "I'm waiting for my friends.", "Can I bring my friend?", or "Yes, you can bring your friend." in Hindi!

क्या आप अकेले हो?, मैं अपने दोस्तों के लिए इंतज़ार कर रहा हूँ, क्या मैं अपने दोस्त ला सकता हूँ?, हाँ, आप अपने दोस्त ला सकते हैं!

Learn how to say Medium, Version, Visit, or Advantage in Hindi!

मध्यम, यात्रा, फायदा, संस्करण!

Learn how to say Nine Hundred, One Thousand, One Thousand, One Hundred, or One Thousand, Two Hundred in Hindi!

नौसो, एक हजार एक सौ, बारह सौ, एक हज़ार!

Learn how to say Volunteer, Ally, Applicant, or Commander in Indonesian!

Sekutu, Komandan, Sukarelawan, Pemohon!

Learn how to say Custom, Dollar, Possession, or Promotion in Indonesian!

Dolar, Milik, Promosi, Adat!

Learn how to say "I am good.", "And you?", "What's up?", or "What's going on?" in Indonesian!

Apa yang sedang terjadi?, Dan kau?, Ada apa?, Saya baik.!

Learn how to say Coach, Lifespan, Mood, or Personality in Indonesian!

Kepribadian, Masa hidup, Pelatih, Suasana hati!

Learn how to say Cricket, Ballet, Cheerleading, or Gymnastics in Indonesian!

Balet, Pemandu sorak, Olahraga senam, Jangkrik!

Learn how to say Collector, Defender, Developer, or Graduate in Dutch!

Verzamelaar, Afstuderen, Ontwikkelaar, Verdediger!

Learn how to say Stony, Flimsy, Ghostly, or Shady in Dutch!

Schaduwrijk, Spookachtig, Dun, Steenachtig!

Learn how to say Stay, Contain, Reduce, or Establish in Dutch!

Verminderen, Bevatten, Verblijf, Tot stand brengen!

Learn how to say Potato, Van, Vat, or Chocolate in Dutch!

Vat, Busje, Aardappel, Chocola!

Learn how to say Disturb, Greet, Criticize, or Forgive in Dutch!

Storen, Bekritiseren, Begroeten, Vergeven!

Learn how to say Greedy, Blunt, Prudent, or Clumsy in Polish!

Ostrożny, Niezdarny, Chciwy, Tępy!

Learn how to say Overnight, Minute, Obscure, or Hollow in Polish!

Wydrążony, Chwila, Nocny, Niejasny!

Learn how to say Polish, Indian, American, or Polish in Polish!

Amerykański, Polskie, Indyjski!

Learn how to say Rock Music, Punk Music, Pop Music, or Alternative Music in Polish!

Muzyka alternatywna, Muzyka punkowa, Muzyka rockowa, Muzyka popowa!

Learn how to say Offense, Absence, Error, or Transfer in Polish!

Błąd, Transfer, Wykroczenie, Brak!

Learn how to say Roleplaying Game, Dungeons And Dragons, Open World Game, or Puzzle Game in Portuguese!

Jogo de quebra-cabeças, Jogo de RPG, Masmorras e Dragões, Jogo mundial aberto!

Learn how to say Moscow, Russia, Cairo, Egypt, Jakarta, Indonesia, or Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo in Portuguese!

Pequim, China, Pequim, China, Pequim, China!

Learn how to say Medium, Version, Visit, or Advantage in Portuguese!

Vantagem, Médio, Visita, Versão!

Learn how to say Suspicion, Arrest, Guarantee, or Virtue in Portuguese!

Garantia, Suspeita, Virtude, Prender!

Learn how to say Recession, Reputation, Arrival, or Drama in Portuguese!

Drama, Recessão, Chegada, Reputação!

Learn how to say Top, Bottom, Left, or Right in Russian!

дно, оставил, правильно, Вверх!

Learn how to say Treasury, Ban, Coalition, or Grammar in Russian!

запрет, коалиция, грамматика, казначейство!

Learn how to say Commissioner, Earl, Emperor, or Maker in Russian!

производитель, уполномоченный, граф, император!

Learn how to say Envelope, Fluid, Juice, or Missile in Russian!

сок, ракета, конверт, жидкость!

Learn how to say Anarchist, Libertarian, Statist, or Authoritarian in Russian!

статистик, авторитарный, анархист, либертарианский!

Boshingak, Jongno, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Chinese, Indian, American, or Indonesian in Korean!

옥수수, 미국 사람, 중국말, 인도네시아 인!

Learn how to say Reading, Troop, Membership, or Revenue in Korean!

수익, 독서, 군대, 회원!

Learn how to say Play, Hear, Include, or Live In Korean!

포함, 놀이, 살고 있다, 듣다!

Learn how to say Peace, Review, Speech, or Sport in Korean!

리뷰, 스포츠, 연설, 평화!

Learn how to say Hummingbird, Coyote, Firefly, or Duck in Korean!

벌새, 코요테, 반딧불, 오리!

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