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Learn how to say Income, Organization, Technology, or Behavior in Spanish!

Organización, Ingresos, Tecnología, Comportamiento!

Learn how to say "What does he look like?", "You look like my brother.", "Have you finished?", or "I just finished." in Spanish!

¿Qué aspecto tiene?, Acabo de terminar., Te pareces a mi hermano., ¿Has terminado?!

Learn how to say Glance, Horror, Margin, or Passion in Spanish!

Margen, Vistazo, Pasión, Horror!

Learn how to say Franc, Forint, Zloty, or Lira in Spanish!

Forint, Lira, Zloty, Franco!

Learn how to say "Do you like the book?", "What do you think of the author?", "How much would you like?", or "I would like a lot." in Spanish!

¿Qué piensas del autor?, ¿Cuanto te gustaría?, Me gustaría mucho., ¿Te gusta el libro?!

Learn how to say "Do you have the number for the hotel?", "The number of the hotel is 555-555-1234.", "Do you sell phone cards?", or "I'd like to buy a phone card." in French!

Avez-vous le numéro de l'hôtel?, Le numéro de l'hôtel est 555-555-1234., Je voudrais acheter une carte de téléphone., Vendez-vous des cartes téléphoniques?!

Learn how to say Rome, Italy, Kiev, Ukraine, Taipei, Taiwan, or Paris, France in French!

Rome, Italie, Kiev, Ukraine, Taipei, Taiwan, Paris, France!

Learn how to say "Wait for me.", "We will wait for you.", "Will you wait for me?", or "We cannot wait for you." in French!

On t'attendra., Translation error, Nous ne pouvons pas vous attendre., M'attendras-tu?!

Learn how to say Grass, Plane, Root, or Database in French!

Avion, Herbe, Racine, Base de données!

Learn how to say "How many clothes do you have?", "I think you have too many clothes.", "Whose book is that?", or "It's my book." in French!

Public Bikes finds searching cyclists. San Francisco-based Public Bikes used Google Shopping campaigns to grow their reach and share the joy of biking far and wide., Public Bikes finds searching cyclists. San Francisco-based Public Bikes used Google Shopping campaigns to grow their reach and share the joy of biking far and wide., Public Bikes finds searching cyclists. San Francisco-based Public Bikes used Google Shopping campaigns to grow their reach and share the joy of biking far and wide., Public Bikes finds searching cyclists. San Francisco-based Public Bikes used Google Shopping campaigns to grow their reach and share the joy of biking far and wide.!

Learn how to say Shout, Contact, Recall, or Welcome in Italian!

Benvenuto, Grido, Richiamare, Contatto!

Learn how to say Franc, Forint, Zloty, or Lira in Italian!

Fiorino, Franco, Lira, Zloty!

Learn how to say Wonder, Ambition, Collapse, or Conception in Italian!

Crollo, Concezione, Meravigliarsi, Ambizione!

Learn how to say Enthusiasm, Implementation, Satisfaction, or Storage in Italian!

Implementazione, Conservazione, Soddisfazione, Entusiasmo!

Learn how to say Flight, Challenge, Mark, or Output in Italian!

Produzione, Volo, Sfida, Marchio!

Hameln, Lower Saxony, Germany,
Photo by Pom Angers, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Prefer, Cry, Worry, or Illustrate in German!

Veranschaulichen, Bevorzugen, Sorge, Schrei!

Learn how to say Scream, Ban, Consult, or Request in German!

Verbot, Anfordern, Konsultieren, Schrei!

Learn how to say Simple, Close, Happy, or Sorry in German!

Glücklich, Schließen, Einfach, Es tut uns leid!

Learn how to say Justify, Appreciate, Blame, or Complain in German!

Rechtfertigen, Schuld, Beschweren, Schätzen!

Learn how to say Blanket, Bronze, Brush, or Cab in German!

Bürste, Bronze-, Decke, Taxi!

Learn how to say "How do you pronounce that?", "Am I pronouncing it correctly?", "How do you say it in English?", or "How do you write it in English?" in Japanese!

どのように英語で書いていますか?, どのように英語でそれを言うのですか?, 私はそれを正しく発音していますか?, あなたはどのように発音していますか?!

Learn how to say Rhinoceros, Crab, Ant, or Monkey in Japanese!

蟻, モンキー, カニ, サイ!

Learn how to say "What does this mean?", "That's the word for 'revolution.'", "What language are those people speaking?", or "Those people are speaking in English." in Japanese!

それらの人々はどの言語を話していますか?, これは何を意味するのでしょうか?, それが「革命」の言葉です。, それらの人々は英語で話しています。!

Learn how to say Long, Far, Low, or Likely in Japanese!

低い, 長いです, 遠い, おそらく!

Learn how to say Swift, Sticky, Bleak, or Sandy in Japanese!

粘着性の, 砂の, 迅速, 荒涼!

Learn how to say Lofty, Worldly, Uncanny, or Unruly in Chinese!

神秘的, 不羁, 高远, 世俗!

Learn how to say Isle, Pond, Nursery, or Temple in Chinese!

小岛, 苗圃, 池塘, 寺庙!

Learn how to say Law, Bill, Cabinet, or Candidate in Chinese!

法案, 内阁, 法, 候选人!

Learn how to say "Is the room a mess?", "The room is a little bit messy.", "What is its color?", or "The color is red." in Chinese!

它的颜色是什么?, 房间是乱七八糟吗, 房间有点混乱。, 颜色是红色的!

Learn how to say "What kind of music do you like?", "Are you a morning person?", "Want to have dinner with me?", or "Can I take you to the movies?" in Chinese!

我可以带你去看电影吗?, 你喜欢哪种音乐?, 你是早晨的人吗?, 想和我一起吃饭吗?!

Learn how to say "I am on the way.", "Are you coming?", "I will be leaving soon.", or "Are you going home?" in Hindi!

क्या आप घर जा रहे है?, क्या तुम आ रहे हो?, मैं रास्ते मे हूँ।, मैं जल्द ही छोड़ जाऊंगा!

Learn how to say Argentina, Ukraine, Algeria, or Iraq in Hindi!

अर्जेंटीना, इराक, यूक्रेन, एलजीरिया!

Learn how to say Snake, Horse, Alligator, or Bat in Hindi!

घोड़ा, बल्ला, साँप, मगरमच्छ!

Learn how to say "Is this a safe area?", "Yes, this area is very quiet.", "Is this area always so safe?", or "You will be safe, as long as you don't stay out past midnight." in Hindi!

आप सुरक्षित रहेंगे, जब तक कि आप पिछली आधी रात को नहीं छोड़ते।, हां, यह क्षेत्र बहुत ही शांत है, क्या यह क्षेत्र हमेशा इतना सुरक्षित है?, क्या यह एक सुरक्षित क्षेत्र है?!

Learn how to say "Can you call me later?", "I'll call you.", "Do you understand?", or "I understand." in Hindi!

क्या आप समझे?, मै समझता हुँ।, मैं आपको फोन करूँगा।, क्या आप मुझे बाद में फोन कर सकते हैं?!

Learn how to say Generation, Insurance, Commitment, or Conflict in Indonesian!

Komitmen, Asuransi, Generasi, Konflik!

Learn how to say "Hi, is John there?", "No, John is not here.", "Do you know when John will be back?", or "John will be back at 4:30." in Indonesian!

Tidak, John tidak ada di sini., Apakah Anda tahu kapan John akan kembali?, Hai, apakah Yohanes ada di sana?, John akan kembali jam 4:30.!

Learn how to say Pocket, Ring, Device, or Fruit in Indonesian!

Buah, Cincin, Alat, Saku!

Learn how to say Pop Star, Rock Star, Rapper, or Performer in Indonesian!

Penampil, Bintang pop, Bintang rock, Rapper!

Learn how to say Commissioner, Earl, Emperor, or Maker in Indonesian!

Komisaris, Kaisar, Pangeran, Pembuat!

Windmill 'Prinsenmolen', Rotterdam, Netherlands,
Photo by Vincent_AF, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Rule, Appeal, Challenge, or Restrict in Dutch!

Regel, Beperken, Uitdaging, In beroep gaan!

Learn how to say Horror Film, Action Film, Thriller Film, or Western Film in Dutch!

Horrorfilm, Horrorfilm, Horrorfilm, Horrorfilm!

Learn how to say Settlement, Fee, Grant, or Recognition in Dutch!

Erkenning, Verlenen, Honorarium, Nederzetting!

Learn how to say South Korean, North Korean, Colombian, or Dutch in Dutch!

Colombiaans, Noord Korea, Nederlands, Zuid-Koreaans!

Learn how to say Notion, Beauty, Topic, or Phrase in Dutch!

Uitdrukking, Onderwerp, Schoonheid, Begrip!

Barbican, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Satire, Fictional Novel, Essay, or Mystery Novel in Polish!

Tajemnicza powieść, Powieść fikcyjna, Satyra, Praca pisemna!

Learn how to say Right-Winger, Left-Winger, Communist, or Capitalist in Polish!

Kapitalista, Prawicowy skrzydłowy, Komunistyczny, Lewy skrzydłowy!

Learn how to say Top, Bottom, Left, or Right in Polish!

Dolny, Dobrze, Top, Lewo!

Learn how to say Mess, Necessity, Therapy, or Transformation in Polish!

Transformacja, Konieczność, Terapia, Bałagan!

Learn how to say Understanding, Conclusion, Content, or Confidence in Polish!

Pewność siebie, Zadowolony, Zrozumienie, Wniosek!

Learn how to say Iranian, Turkish, Thai, or Congolese in Portuguese!

Congoleses, Tailandês, Iraniano, Turco!

Learn how to say Two Thousand, Five, Two Thousand, Six, Two Thousand, Seven, or Two Thousand, Eight in Portuguese!

Dois mil e oito, Dois mil sete, Dois mil seis, Dois mil e cinco!

Learn how to say Painter, Pensioner, Pope, or Receiver in Portuguese!

Pintor, Receptor, Papa, Pensionista!

Learn how to say Burden, Admission, Schedule, or Conduct in Portuguese!

Admissão, Cronograma, Conduta, Peso!

Learn how to say Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, or Intolerance in Portuguese!

Homofobia, Sexismo, Racismo, Intolerância!

Learn how to say Lucky, Dear, Flat, or Wet in Russian!

влажный, везучий, Уважаемые, квартира!

Learn how to say Horizon, Incidence, Ingredient, or Instinct in Russian!

ингредиент, горизонт, падение, инстинкт!

Learn how to say Overnight, Minute, Obscure, or Hollow in Russian!

безвестный, полый, минут, с ночевкой!

Learn how to say Weakness, Assault, Constraint, or Expertise in Russian!

экспертиза, слабое место, нападение, ограничение!

Learn how to say Worth, Wound, Adventure, or Airline in Russian!

рана, приключение, стоимость, авиакомпания!

Gyeonghuigung Palace, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by travel oriented, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Celebration, Colony, Controversy, or Fiction in Korean!

축하, 식민지, 소설, 논쟁!

Learn how to say Wood, Sheet, Tv, or Asset in Korean!

TV, 유산, 목재, 시트!

Learn how to say Sandwich, Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner in Korean!

아침 식사, 공식 만찬, 점심, 샌드위치!

Learn how to say Vehicle, Hole, Package, or Telephone in Korean!

꾸러미, 차량, 구멍, 전화!

Learn how to say Salt, Pepper, Apple Sauce, or Cookie in Korean!

소금, 후추, 쿠키, 사과 소스!

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