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Casa Milà, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain,
Photo by Rick Ligthelm, CC BY License

Learn how to say "You're smarter than him.", "She is more intelligent than he is.", "They're both better at this than us.", or "We could do better at our own game." in Spanish!

Ojalá mi casa fuera tan hermosa como tú. Eres más inteligente que él., Ambos son mejores en esto que nosotros., Podríamos hacerlo mejor en nuestro propio juego., Ella es más inteligente que él.!

Learn how to say Surfing, Skateboarding, Dodgeball, or Rock Climbing in Spanish!

Escalada de roca, Skateboarding, Surf, Esquivar!

Learn how to say Dolphin, Wolf, Panda, or Pelican in Spanish!

Delfín, Pelícano, Lobo, Oso panda!

Learn how to say "Wait for me.", "We will wait for you.", "Will you wait for me?", or "We cannot wait for you." in Spanish!

No podemos esperar por ti., ¿Esperarás por mi?, Espérame., Esperaremos por ti.!

Learn how to say White, Gray, Black, or Clear in Spanish!

Claro, Blanco, Negro, Gris!

Learn how to say Honest, Silly, Mean, or Clever in French!

Honnête, Signifier, Idiot, Intelligent!

Learn how to say "Do you know what the weather is going to be?", "It depends on the weather.", "Is it cold outside?", or "Is it warm outside?" in French!

Savez-vous ce que la météo va être?, Cela dépend du temps., Il fait froid dehors?, Est-ce chaud à l'extérieur?!

Learn how to say Pale, Mere, Fit, or Pink in French!

En forme, Simple, Rose, Pâle!

Learn how to say Fight, Hearing, Shift, or Sake in French!

Bats toi, Saké, Audition, Décalage!

Learn how to say "Next time.", "Last time.", "This time.", or "Either time." in French!

Soit le temps., Dernière fois., Cette fois., La prochaine fois.!

Learn how to say House Of Commons, Incumbent, Jingoism, or Lobbyist in Italian!

Incombente, Lobbista, Camera dei comuni, Sciovinismo!

Learn how to say Assignment, Panic, Pity, or Contest in Italian!

Panico, Concorso, Assegnazione, Pietà!

Learn how to say Disease, Ability, Pupil, or Speaker in Italian!

Malattia, Allievo, Capacità, Altoparlante!

Learn how to say Drowsy, Hazy, Gruesome, or Slack in Italian!

Nebbioso, Macabro, Allentato, Sonnolento!

Learn how to say Fence, Kit, Lamp, or Processor in Italian!

Lampada, Recinto, Kit, Processore!

Zwinger Palace, Dresden, Germany,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Vegetable, Belt, Ceiling, or Check in German!

Gürtel, Decke, Gemüse, Prüfen!

Learn how to say Know, Think, Write, or Believe in German!

Kennt, Schreiben, Denken, Glauben!

Learn how to say Tournament, Tribunal, Attendance, or Discrimination in German!

Gericht, Turnier, Teilnahme, Diskriminierung!

Learn how to say Doctor, Population, Player, or Individual in German!

Arzt, Person, Spieler, Bevölkerung!

Learn how to say Candidate, Driver, Master, or Queen in German!

Kandidat, Königin, Meister, Treiber!

Byodo-In Temple, Outside Honolulu, Hawai'i,
Photo by Prayitano, CC BY License

Learn how to say "More than 100 miles.", "More than 2,000 kilometers.", "The bar is close to the library.", or "It's near the library." in Japanese!

それは図書館の近くです。, 2000キロ以上, 100マイル以上, バーは図書室の近くにあります。!

Learn how to say Christian, Muslim, Atheist, or Hindu in Japanese!

イスラム教徒, ヒンズー教徒, キリスト教の, 無神論者!

Learn how to say "Here it is.", "The book is on the table.", "The mat is behind the chair.", or "The desk is below the cabinets." in Japanese!

本がテーブルの上にある。, デスクはキャビネットの下にあります。, マットは椅子の後ろにあります。, ここにあります。!

Learn how to say Heat, Priority, Spot, or Motion in Japanese!

熱, スポット, モーション, 優先!

Learn how to say Miss, Laugh, Care, or Commit in Japanese!

笑い, ミス, コミット, お手入れ!

Great Wall of China, Mutianyu Section,
Photo by Robin Zebrowski, CC BY License

Learn how to say "Where is your home?", "My home is very far away.", "Can I visit your home?", or "You can visit my home any time." in Chinese!

我的家很远。, 你可以随时访问我的家。, 我可以去你家吗?, 你家在哪里?!

Learn how to say Salt, Pack, Seed, or Tail in Chinese!

盐, 尾巴, 包, 种子!

Learn how to say Specify, Convert, Submit, or Trust in Chinese!

相信, 指定, 提交, 兑换!

Learn how to say "Did you send me flowers?", "I will send her flowers.", "Do you sell batteries?", or "Where do they sell batteries?" in Chinese!

你卖电池吗?, 你给我寄花了吗, 他们在哪里卖电池?, 我会送她的花!

Learn how to say Flag, Bureau, Carrier, or Crack in Chinese!

裂纹, 局, 旗, 支架!

Learn how to say Hearty, Cross, Crafty, or Cuddly in Hindi!

Cuddly, चालाक, पार करना, हार्दिक!

Learn how to say "Does it snow a lot in Patagonia?", "Patagonia doesn't get much snow.", "Does it rain a lot in Vietnam?", or "Rain is regular in Vietnam for half of the year." in Hindi!

क्या यह वियतनाम में बहुत बारिश करता है?, पेटगोनी में ज्यादा बर्फ नहीं मिलता है, क्या पेटगनिया में बहुत बर्फ है?, वर्षा के आधे वर्ष के लिए वियतनाम में वर्षा नियमित होती है।!

Learn how to say Need, Kind, Action, or Cost in Hindi!

जरुरत, मेहरबान, कार्य, लागत!

Learn how to say "Do you have a table near the window?", "I haven't finished eating.", "I'll have a cup of tea, please.", or "I'll have a bottle of water, please." in Hindi!

मेरे पास पानी की एक बोतल है, कृपया, मैंने खाना खत्म नहीं किया है, क्या आपके पास खिड़की के पास एक मेज है?, मेरे पास एक कप चाय है, कृपया!

Learn how to say Fiery, Sturdy, Bland, or Split in Hindi!

विभाजित करें, उग्र, तगड़ा, नरम!

Learn how to say Amendment, Announcement, Conviction, or Draft in Indonesian!

Pengumuman, Konsep, Keyakinan, Amandemen!

Learn how to say Mill, Tower, Port, or Cottage in Indonesian!

Menara, Pabrik, Pelabuhan, Pondok!

Learn how to say Mess, Necessity, Therapy, or Transformation in Indonesian!

Transformasi, Kebutuhan, Terapi, Kekacauan!

Learn how to say "Who sent this?", "Thomas sent this.", "Would you like to buy this.", or "I don't want to buy anything." in Indonesian!

Siapa yang mengirim ini?, Saya tidak ingin membeli apapun., Thomas mengirim ini, Apakah Anda ingin membeli ini?!

Learn how to say Reject, Impose, Invite, or Warn in Indonesian!

Menolak, Undang, Memaksakan, Memperingatkan!

Wijnstraat, Dordrecht, Netherlands,
Photo by Paul van de Velde, CC BY License

Learn how to say Pigeon, Zebra, Snail, or Turkey in Dutch!

Slak, Turkije, Zebra, Duif!

Learn how to say Recession, Reputation, Arrival, or Drama in Dutch!

Drama, Reputatie, Recessie, Aankomst!

Learn how to say Education, Act, Industry, or Class in Dutch!

Klasse, Onderwijs, Handelen, Industrie!

Learn how to say Aunt, Host, Human, or Peasant in Dutch!

Menselijk, Gastheer, Tante, Boer!

Learn how to say Producer, Actor, Guy, or Relative in Dutch!

Kerel, Familielid, Acteur, Producent!

Learn how to say Summer, Winter, Fall, or Spring in Polish!

Zimowy, Spadek, Lato, Wiosna!

Learn how to say Buddhism, Sikhism, Animism, or Spiritism in Polish!

Animizm, Sikhizm, Buddyzm, Spirytyzm!

Learn how to say Thinking, Premise, Poem, or Average in Polish!

Myślący, Przesłanka, średni, Wiersz!

Learn how to say Issue, Process, Type, or Subject in Polish!

Kwestia, Przedmiot, Proces, Rodzaj!

Learn how to say People, Man, Woman, or Child in Polish!

Ludzie, Człowiek, Kobieta, Dziecko!

Learn how to say Custom, Dollar, Possession, or Promotion in Portuguese!

Dólar, Promoção, Posse, Personalizadas!

Learn how to say Manta Ray, Ostrich, Lobster, or Ladybug in Portuguese!

Avestruz, Lagosta, Joaninha, Arraia!

Learn how to say Male, Female, Politician, or Resident in Portuguese!

Político, Residente, Masculino, Fêmea!

Learn how to say Building, Ground, Land, or Field in Portuguese!

Terra, Chão, Construção, Campo!

Learn how to say Guardian, Infant, Psychology, or Companion in Portuguese!

Psicologia, Guardião, Companheiro, Infantil!

Hermitage and Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Interaction, Mortgage, Permission, or Rank in Russian!

ранг, ипотека, взаимодействие, разрешение!

Learn how to say Fleet, Gear, Illustration, or Counter in Russian!

шестерня, флот, счетчик, иллюстрация!

Learn how to say Income, Organization, Technology, or Behavior in Russian!

доход, поведение, организация, технологии!

Learn how to say Involvement, Stress, Cycle, or Mode in Russian!

цикл, участие, Режим, стресс!

Learn how to say Explanation, Selection, Definition, or Intention in Russian!

определение, намерение, объяснение, выбор!

Gyeonghuigung Palace, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by travel oriented, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Alone, Bloody, Busy, or Rare in Korean!

드문, 피의, 혼자, 바쁜!

Learn how to say Iranian, Turkish, Thai, or Congolese in Korean!

태국 사람, 이란의, 터키어, 콩고!

Learn how to say Concept, Target, Failure, or Turn in Korean!

개념, 실패, 회전, 목표!

Learn how to say Screen, Map, Metal, or Pool in Korean!

금속, 풀, 화면, 지도!

Learn how to say Roleplaying Game, Dungeons And Dragons, Open World Game, or Puzzle Game in Korean!

열린 세계 게임, 던전 앤 드래곤, 퍼즐 게임, 롤 플레잉 게임!

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