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Learn how to say Grave, Memorial, Labor Hall, or Headquarters in Spanish!

Sala de trabajo, Memorial, Sede, Tumba!

Learn how to say "Can you call back later?", "I will call back later.", "Do you have an example?", or "Let me give you an example." in Spanish!

Llamaré después., ¿Puedes llamar más tarde?, ¿Tienes un ejemplo?, Dejame!

Learn how to say "Do you remember?", "I remember.", "I speak lots of English.", or "I only speak a little bit of Spanish." in Spanish!

Hablo mucho inglés., ¿Te acuerdas?, Sólo hablo un poco de español., Recuerdo.!

Learn how to say Liberalism, Conservativism, Socialism, or Fascism in Spanish!

Socialismo, Fascismo, Conservatismo, Liberalismo!

Learn how to say Flesh, Patch, Pen, or Portrait in Spanish!

Bolígrafo, Parche, Retrato, Carne!

Learn how to say "Now or later?", "I want to do that now.", "I want to do that later.", or "Either time is fine for me." in French!

Le temps est bien pour moi., Maintenant ou plus tard?, Je veux le faire maintenant., Je veux le faire plus tard.!

Learn how to say "Did you pay for the tickets?", "I will pay for the tickets.", "When will the tickets be ready?", or "I have the tickets right here." in French!

Je commanderai la même chose., Je commanderai la même chose., Je commanderai la même chose., Je commanderai la même chose.!

Learn how to say Thinking, Premise, Poem, or Average in French!

En pensant, Poème, Prémisse, Moyenne!

Learn how to say "What time is it?", "It's 5 o'clock.", "It will be 5 o'clock soon.", or "Is it time yet?" in French!

Ce sera bientôt 5 heures., Est-il encore temps?, Il est 5 heures., Quelle heure est-il?!

Learn how to say Prove, Introduce, Ensure, or Refer in French!

Prove, Référer, Présenter, Assurer!

Learn how to say "It is 12 dollars.", "It is free.", "It is only 50 cents.", or "It will be 2 dollars cheaper if you buy it together." in Italian!

È solo 50 centesimi., Sarà 2 dollari più conveniente se lo acquisti insieme., Sono 12 dollari., È gratis.!

Learn how to say Obtain, Control, Remove, or Throw in Italian!

Ottenere, Controllo, Rimuovere, Gettare!

Learn how to say Cabinet, Engine, Stuff, or Bus in Italian!

Cose, Consiglio dei ministri, Autobus, Motore!

Learn how to say Shame, Sin, Succession, or Autonomy in Italian!

Autonomia, Peccato, Vergogna, Successione!

Learn how to say Sandwich, Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner in Italian!

Cena, Sandwich, Pranzo, Colazione!

Neuschwanstein Schloss, Bavaria, Germany,
Photo by Pedro Paulo Boaventura, CC BY License

Learn how to say Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday in German!

Montag, Mittwoch, Dienstag, Sonntag!

Learn how to say "This is boring.", "Are you bored?", "This is exciting.", or "I can't wait." in German!

Ich kann nicht warten., Bist du gelangweilt?, Das ist langweilig., Das ist spannend.!

Learn how to say Golf, Rc Racing, Sailing, or Walking in German!

Segeln, Gehen, Rc rennsport, Golf!

Learn how to say Blues Music, Indie Music, Latin Music, or Trip Hop in German!

Reise hop, Blues, Lateinamerikanische Musik, Indie Musik!

Learn how to say Cat, Eagle, Bird, or Killer Whale in German!

Adler, Katze, Killerwal, Vogel!

Learn how to say Situation, University, Hospital, or Site in Japanese!

状況, サイト, 病院, 大学!

Learn how to say Leadership, Marketing, Mass, or Revolution in Japanese!

マーケティング, 革命, 質量, リーダーシップ!

Learn how to say Regionalism, Localism, Centralization, or Decentralization in Japanese!

集中化, 地域主義, ローカリズム, 地方分権!

Learn how to say "About 100 miles.", "One way ticket.", "Can I buy a round trip ticket?", or "Does this road go to Vladivostok?" in Japanese!

片道切符。, 約100マイル。, 往復航空券を購入することはできますか?, この道はウラジオストクに行きますか?!

Learn how to say Simple, Close, Happy, or Sorry in Japanese!

閉じる, 単純, ハッピー, ごめんなさい!

Learn how to say "I'm thirsty.", "Are you thirsty?", "I want a snack.", or "Do you have any snacks?" in Chinese!

我想要点心, 我口渴。, 你口渴吗?, 你有零食吗!

Learn how to say Dead, Chief, Fresh, or Cheap in Chinese!

低廉, 首席, 死, 新鲜!

Learn how to say Trick, Withdrawal, Angel, or Coverage in Chinese!

天使, 招, 覆盖, 退出!

Learn how to say Rebel, Trustee, Businessman, or Colonel in Chinese!

陆军上校, 受托人, 商人, 反叛!

Learn how to say Grip, Verse, Merit, or Premium in Chinese!

值得, 握, 诗, 额外费用!

Learn how to say Comfort, Imagination, Mystery, or Profile in Hindi!

रहस्य, आराम, प्रोफ़ाइल, कल्पना!

Learn how to say Dainty, Classy, Fussy, or Arty in Hindi!

उत्तम दर्जे का, मिठाइयां, आर्टि, उधम मचाते!

Learn how to say "Will you attend the wedding?", "I have a wedding to attend.", "Did you like school?", or "I don't like school or the school authorities." in Hindi!

मुझे स्कूल या स्कूल के अधिकारियों को पसंद नहीं है, क्या आप शादी में शामिल होंगे?, क्या तुम्हें विद्यालय पसंद आया?, मेरे पास भाग लेने के लिए एक शादी है!

Learn how to say London, England, Lima, Peru, Bangkok, Thailand, or Bogotá, Colombia in Hindi!

बोगोटा, कोलंबिया, लंदन, इंग्लॆंड, लीमा, पेरु, बैंकाक, थाईलैंड!

Learn how to say Address, Declare, Influence, or Recommend in Hindi!

की सिफारिश, पता, घोषित, प्रभाव!

Learn how to say "He is a bad student.", "She is a good student.", "He thinks we're coming.", or "She thinks we don't want to come." in Indonesian!

Dia pikir kita akan datang., Dia pikir kita tidak mau ikut., Dia adalah murid yang baik., Dia adalah murid yang buruk.!

Learn how to say Channel, Temperature, Phase, or Sequence in Indonesian!

Saluran, Suhu, Tahap, Urutan!

Learn how to say Travel, Layer, Recovery, or Perspective in Indonesian!

Pemulihan, Perspektif, Lapisan, Perjalanan!

Learn how to say Church, Bank, Team, or Town in Indonesian!

Bank, Kota, Gereja, Tim!

Learn how to say Depend, Gain, Collect, or Employ in Indonesian!

Mendapatkan, Tergantung, Mempekerjakan, Mengumpulkan!

Geulle aan de Maas, Geulle Castle, Netherlands,
Photo by Bert Kaufmann, CC BY License

Learn how to say Question, Information, Interest, or Idea in Dutch!

Interesseren, Vraag, Informatie, Idee!

Learn how to say Apply, Cover, Grow, or Cut in Dutch!

Groeien, Deksel, Besnoeiing, Van toepassing zijn!

Learn how to say September, October, November, or December in Dutch!

September, November, Oktober, December!

Learn how to say Action-Adventure Game, Turned-Based Strategy Game, Survival Game, or Horror Game in Dutch!

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey!

Learn how to say Breath, Winner, Deputy, or Specialist in Dutch!

Plaatsvervanger, Specialist, Adem, Winnaar!

Learn how to say Deficit, Participation, Pride, or Summit in Polish!

Udział, Szczyt, Deficyt, Duma!

Learn how to say Construction, Discipline, Distribution, or Housing in Polish!

Discipline, Distribution, Housing, Construction!

Learn how to say Understanding, Conclusion, Content, or Confidence in Polish!

Wniosek, Zadowolony, Pewność siebie, Zrozumienie!

Learn how to say Share, Agreement, Contract, or Security in Polish!

Agreement, Share, Security, Contract!

Learn how to say Merry, Rocky, Dire, or Jolly in Polish!

Wesoły, Wesoły, Straszny, Skalisty!

Learn how to say Harm, Humor, Interface, or Invitation in Portuguese!

Interface, Convite, Humor, Prejuízo!

Learn how to say Killer, Offender, Auditor, or Lung in Portuguese!

Pulmão, Ofensor, Assassino, Auditor!

Learn how to say Heel, Hint, Indicator, or Launch in Portuguese!

Sugestão, Salto, Lançamento, Indicador!

Learn how to say Theme, Combination, Faith, or Interpretation in Portuguese!

Interpretação, Fé, Tema, Combinação!

Learn how to say Pop Star, Rock Star, Rapper, or Performer in Portuguese!

Artista, Rapper, Pop star, Estrela do rock!

Learn how to say Counterpart, Disappointment, Engagement, or Complexity in Russian!

сложность, разочарование, копия, помолвка!

Learn how to say Representation, Request, Championship, or Clause in Russian!

пункт, представление, запрос, чемпионат!

Learn how to say Pretty, Still, Round, or Dirty in Russian!

круглый, все еще, грязный, Симпатичная!

Learn how to say Remark, Condemn, Convince, or Free in Russian!

свободно, осуждать, убеждать, замечание!

Learn how to say Caterpillar, Otter, Pig, or Moose in Russian!

Caterpillar, Свинья, выдра, лось!

Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Advance, Cease, Exceed, or Strengthen in Korean!

중지, 전진, 강하게 하다, 넘다!

Learn how to say South Korean, North Korean, Colombian, or Korean in Korean!

한국의, 북한, 콜롬비아 사람, 한국어!

Learn how to say Fund, Leg, Note, or Box in Korean!

상자, 노트, 축적, 다리!

Learn how to say Petrol, Silk, Bike, or Flame in Korean!

불꽃, 실크, 자전거, 가솔린!

Learn how to say Potato, Van, Vat, or Chocolate in Korean!

봉고차, 감자, 초콜릿, 큰 통!

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