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Sierra de Ayllón, Madrid, Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Two Thousand, Nine, Two Thousand, Ten, Two Thousand, Eleven, or Two Thousand, Twelve in Spanish!

Dos mil doce, Dos mil once, Dos mil diez, Dosmil nueve!

Learn how to say "It is a quarter past 6.", "It is a quarter before 5.", "At 3 o'clock.", or "It starts at 1 o'clock." in Spanish!

Son las seis y cuarto., Empieza a las 1 en punto., Es un cuarto antes de las 5., A las 3 en punto.!

Learn how to say "Can you please put this in the car for me?", "I will put it in the car.", "Where did you put it?", or "I put it in the car." in Spanish!

¿Donde lo pusiste?, La puse en el auto., Lo pondré en el auto., ŻPuedes poner esto en el auto para mí?!

Learn how to say Immigration, Immigrant, Nationalism, or Nationalist in Spanish!

Inmigrante, Nacionalismo, Nacionalista, Inmigración!

Learn how to say Disability, Equity, Era, or Explosion in Spanish!

Discapacidad, Explosión, Equidad, Era!

Learn how to say "We like it a lot.", "We don't like it at all.", "We also agree.", or "We disagree." in French!

Nous ne sommes pas d'accord., Nous l'aimons beaucoup., Nous ne l'aimons pas du tout., Nous sommes également d'accord.!

Learn how to say Directive, Entertainment, Federation, or Incentive in French!

Motivation, Fédération, Divertissement, Directif!

Learn how to say Burn, Jump, Slip, or Exercise in French!

Brûler, Exercice, Saut, Caleçon!

Learn how to say Interval, Acre, Equivalent, or Ton in French!

Tonne, équivalent, Intervalle, Acre!

Learn how to say Filter, Flexibility, Fraction, or Ghost in French!

Fraction, Fantôme, Filtre, La flexibilité!

Learn how to say "Do you sell medicine?", "Where can I buy medicine?", "Do you sell aspirin?", or "Where can I find something for a headache?" in Italian!

Vendi la medicina?, Dove posso acquistare medicinali?, Vendi l'aspirina?, Dove posso trovare qualcosa per un mal di testa?!

Learn how to say Eggs, Dip, Sauce, or Seasoning in Italian!

Tuffo, Salsa, Uova, Stagionatura!

Learn how to say "There are some books on the table.", "There are some mats behind the chair.", "There are several tables beneath the cabinets.", or "There are several lawn chairs in the yard." in Italian!

Ci sono alcuni tappeti dietro la poltrona., Nel cortile ci sono diverse sedie da prato., Ci sono diversi tavoli sotto gli armadietti., Ci sono alcuni libri sul tavolo.!

Learn how to say "In 2 hours.", "The last 2 hours.", "The next 2 hours.", or "Every 2 hours." in Italian!

In 2 ore., Le ultime 2 ore., Ogni 2 ore., Le prossime 2 ore.!

Learn how to say Syndicalist, Totalitarian, Marxist, or Soviet in Italian!

Sovietico, Sindacalista, Marxista, Totalitario!

Castle of Ludwig II, Bavaria, Germany,
Photo by Moyan Brenn, CC BY License

Learn how to say Hoarse, Juicy, Gritty, or Fruity in German!

Fruchtig, Heiser, Kiesig, Saftig!

Learn how to say Adventure Film, Animation, War Film, or Romantic Film in German!

Romantischer Film, Abenteuerfilm, Kriegsfilm, Animation!

Learn how to say Male, Female, Politician, or Resident in German!

Männlich, Einwohner, Politiker, Weiblich!

Learn how to say Cousin, Mate, Printer, or Traveller in German!

Kamerad, Reisende, Drucker, Cousin!

Learn how to say Influence, Call, Opposition, or Network in German!

Einfluss, Netzwerk, Opposition, Anruf!

Learn how to say Buddhism, Sikhism, Animism, or Spiritism in Japanese!

アニミズム, 霊魂, シチズム, 仏教!

Learn how to say Emotion, Investor, Lad, or Landlord in Japanese!

投資家, 若者, 家主, 感情!

Learn how to say "Can you count this for me?", "I will count it for you.", "Do you have a clean cup?", or "I don't have a cup." in Japanese!

私はカップがありません。, きれいなカップがありますか?, あなたは私のためにこれを数えることができますか?, 私はあなたのためにそれを数えます。!

Learn how to say Stone, Image, Oil, or Seat in Japanese!

画像, 油, 石, シート!

Learn how to say Pile, Roll, Rubbish, or Cloth in Japanese!

パイル, ロール, 布, ごみ!

Learn how to say Desert, Fat, Hardware, or Photo in Chinese!

硬件, 脂肪, 照片, 沙漠!

Learn how to say "She said you like movies.", "Well, do you like movies?", "What do people do in the Summer here normally?", or "The Summer is a great time for the beaches." in Chinese!

夏天是海滩的好时光。, 人们在夏天在这里正常工作?, 嗯,你喜欢电影吗?, 她说你喜欢电影。!

Learn how to say "The book is on the shelf.", "The cat is underneath the bed.", "The dog is outside the house.", or "The cat is inside its cat-house." in Chinese!

这本书在架子上。, 猫在床下面。, 狗在屋外。, 猫在它的猫屋内。!

Learn how to say Cash, Contribution, Debate, or Reform in Chinese!

辩论, 现金, 改革, 贡献!

Learn how to say "Sorry to bother you.", "Sorry if I'm interrupting.", "Do you mind if I take some of your time?", or "Do you have a minute to spare?" in Chinese!

抱歉打扰你。, 你有一分钟吗?, 对不起,如果我打断了, 你介意我花些时间吗?!

Learn how to say Platform, Stream, Airport, or Province in Hindi!

प्रांत, हवाई अड्डा, धारा, मंच!

Learn how to say Tin, Alarm, Cable, or Craft in Hindi!

शिल्प, केबल, टिन, अलार्म!

Learn how to say "I have to go to the library.", "Do you have to go to the market?", "Is this the bus to Barcelona?", or "This is the bus to Barcelona." in Hindi!

क्या आपको बाज़ार जाना है?, यह बार्सिलोना के लिए बस है, क्या यह बार्सिलोना के लिए बस है?, मुझे पुस्तकालय जाना है!

Learn how to say Jew, Bahá'í, Jainist, or Pagan in Hindi!

बहाई, Jainist, यहूदी, बुतपरस्त!

Learn how to say "How do you spell the word 'Paris'?", "How do you say the word 'Paris'?", "Can you hear me?", or "I can't hear you." in Hindi!

क्या आप मुझे सुन सकते हैं?, How do you say शब्द 'पेरिस'?, मैं आपको सुन नहीं सकता, आप शब्द 'पेरिस' कैसे जादू करते हैं?!

Learn how to say Hope, Meaning, Assessment, or Consideration in Indonesian!

Berarti, Pertimbangan, Berharap, Penilaian!

Learn how to say Coffee, Dinner, Football, or Meal in Indonesian!

Kopi, Sepak bola, Makan malam, Makan!

Learn how to say "How many brothers do you have?", "I have two sisters.", "Where is your daughter?", or "My daughter is right here." in Indonesian!

Putriku ada di sini., Dimana anak perempuanmu?, Berapa saudara yang anda miliki?, Saya mempunyai dua saudara perempuan.!

Learn how to say "I get out of work at 6.", "I am going to the part at 7.", "I am drinking until midnight.", or "I am sleeping in tomorrow morning." in Indonesian!

Saya keluar dari pekerjaan di 6., Saya minum sampai tengah malam., Saya akan ke bagian di 7., Aku tidur besok pagi.!

Learn how to say Custom, Dollar, Possession, or Promotion in Indonesian!

Dolar, Adat, Promosi, Milik!

Learn how to say Mouth, Sister, Miss, or Executive in Dutch!

Missen, Uitvoerend, Mond, Zus!

Learn how to say Address, Declare, Influence, or Recommend in Dutch!

Verklaren, Aanbevolen, Adres, Invloed!

Learn how to say Step, Attempt, Feature, or Difficulty in Dutch!

Poging, Moeilijkheid, Kenmerk, Stap!

Learn how to say Resist, Pause, Relax, or Rush in Dutch!

Stormloop, Weerstand bieden, Pauze, Kom tot rust!

Learn how to say Summary, Wish, Childhood, or Confusion in Dutch!

Verwarring, Overzicht, Wens, Kinderjaren!

Fountain of Proserpina, Poznan, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Step, Attempt, Feature, or Difficulty in Polish!

Cecha, Trudność, Próba, Krok!

Learn how to say Water, Bottled Water, Seltzer Water, or Water With Ice in Polish!

Woda, Woda z lodem, Woda seltzer, Woda butelkowana!

Learn how to say Directive, Entertainment, Federation, or Incentive in Polish!

Federacja, Zachęta, Zabawa, Dyrektywa!

Learn how to say Trial, League, Nation, or Contact in Polish!

Nation, Contact, Trial, League!

Learn how to say Solve, Sort, Detect, or Doubt in Polish!

Wykryć, Sortować, Rozwiązać, Wątpić!

Learn how to say Specify, Convert, Submit, or Trust in Portuguese!

Converter, Especificamos, Confiar em, Enviar!

Learn how to say Cook, Kick, Race, or Breathe in Portuguese!

Respirar, Pontapé, Corrida, Cozinhar!

Learn how to say Year, Day, Group, or Week in Portuguese!

Semana, Grupo, Ano, Dia!

Learn how to say Riot, Scandal, Subsidiary, or Subsidy in Portuguese!

Subvenção, Tumulto, Subsidiária, Escândalo!

Learn how to say Session, Conversation, Loan, or Theater in Portuguese!

Sessão, Conversação, Teatro, Empréstimo!

Learn how to say Lizard, Chipmunk, Woodpecker, or Donkey in Russian!

Осел, Дятел, Бурундук, ящерица!

Learn how to say Beijing, China, New Delhi, India, Tokyo, Japan, or Manila, Philippines in Russian!

Манила, Филиппины, Нью-Дели, Индия, Пекин, Китай, Токио, Япония!

Learn how to say Stop, Receive, Decide, or Return in Russian!

Получать, вернуть, стоп, принимать решение!

Learn how to say Squirrel, Camel, Skunk, or Goat in Russian!

Козел, верблюд, Белка, скунс!

Learn how to say Birth, Ear, Solicitor, or Brain in Russian!

ухо, головной мозг, стряпчий, рождение!

Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Tennis, Volleyball, Iceskating, or Basketball in Korean!

아이스 스케이팅, 배구, 테니스, 농구!

Learn how to say Manager, Wife, Sir, or Worker in Korean!

아내, 매니저, 경, 노동자!

Learn how to say Impure, Spanish, Proud, or Holy in Korean!

더러운, 거룩한, 스페인 사람, 교만한!

Learn how to say Vast, Net, Slight, or Absolute in Korean!

거대한, 순수한, 근소한, 그물!

Learn how to say Date, Monitor, Behave, or Compromise in Korean!

날짜, 감시 장치, 타협, 굴다!

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