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Learn how to say Commonwealth, Concession, Coup, or Delegation in Spanish!

Delegación, Mancomunidad, Concesión, Golpe!

Learn how to say Date, Monitor, Behave, or Compromise in Spanish!

Compromiso, Fecha, Comportarse, Monitor!

Learn how to say Five Hundred, Six Hundred, Seven Hundred, or Eight Hundred in Spanish!

Ochocientos, Quinientos, Seiscientos, Setecientos!

Learn how to say "Can you write this down?", "I will write this down for you.", "Can you read this for me?", or "I will read this for you." in Spanish!

Voy a escribir esto para usted., ¿Puedes escribir esto?, ¿Puede leer esto para mí?, Voy a leer esto para usted.!

Learn how to say "Is this your garden?", "This garden is mine.", "Is that her garden?", or "That is our garden." in Spanish!

¿Este es tu jardín?, Ese es nuestro jardín., Este jardín es mío., ¿Es ese su jardín?!

Learn how to say Lazy, Wary, Icy, or Gloomy in French!

Sombre, Prudent, Glacé, Paresseux!

Learn how to say Tame, Lowly, Trendy, or Needy in French!

Branché, Humble, Nécessiteux, Apprivoiser!

Learn how to say Stout, Messy, Bulky, or Shadowy in French!

Désordonné, Volumineux, Bière, Ombragé!

Learn how to say "What time is it?", "It's 5 o'clock.", "It will be 5 o'clock soon.", or "Is it time yet?" in French!

Ce sera bientôt 5 heures., Il est 5 heures., Quelle heure est-il?, Est-il encore temps?!

Learn how to say Society, Money, Council, or Policy in French!

Conseil, Politique, Société, Argent!

Learn how to say "That car is similar to mine.", "That car is nothing at all like my own.", "The car is kind of like mine.", or "The car is not like mine at all." in Italian!

L'auto è come la mia., L'auto non è affatto come la mia., Quella macchina è simile alla mia., Quella macchina non è affatto come il mio.!

Learn how to say Church, Bank, Team, or Town in Italian!

Banca, Chiesa, Squadra, Cittadina!

Learn how to say Volunteer, Ally, Applicant, or Commander in Italian!

Volontario, Alleato, Comandante, Richiedente!

Learn how to say Funeral, Ideology, Jury, or Kingdom in Italian!

Funerale, Giuria, Ideologia, Regno!

Learn how to say Market, Court, Job, or Report in Italian!

Rapporto, Mercato, Lavoro, Tribunale!

Learn how to say Nine, Ten, Eleven, or Twelve in German!

Elf, Zwölf, Neun, Zehn!

Learn how to say Simple, Close, Happy, or Sorry in German!

Einfach, Schließen, Glücklich, Es tut uns leid!

Learn how to say "Has your father been there?", "My father has been there.", "Is this your first time here?", or "It is my first time here." in German!

Mein Vater ist dort gewesen., War dein Vater schon da?, Es ist mein erstes Mal hier., Ist das dein erstes Mal hier?!

Learn how to say Palace, Parish, Territory, or Camp in German!

Gemeinde, Lager, Palast, Gebiet!

Learn how to say Approval, Crew, Export, or Funding in German!

Die Genehmigung, Crew, Export, Finanzierung!

Learn how to say Boil, Carve, Crush, or Rip in Japanese!

煮る, 刻む, RIP, 粉砕する!

Learn how to say Urge, Dance, Kiss, or Celebrate in Japanese!

キッス, ダンス, 衝動, 祝う!

Learn how to say "Can I borrow some money?", "You cannot borrow my money.", "How much does it cost in hours?", or "It costs twenty dollars per hour." in Japanese!

1時間に20ドルの費用がかかります。, 私のお金を借りることはできません。, 時間内にどれくらいの費用がかかりますか?, お金を借りることはできますか?!

Learn how to say "Give me the pen.", "I will give you a pen.", "What are you wearing?", or "What should I wear?" in Japanese!

あなたは何を着ている?, 何を着たらよい?, 私にペンをください。, 私はあなたにペンを差し上げます。!

Learn how to say "It is raining now.", "It is snowing now.", "It is storming now.", or "It is flooding now." in Japanese!

今は雪が降っている。, 今は雨が降ってます。, 今は洪水です。, それは今激しく襲ってきている。!

Summer Palace, Beijing, China,
Photo by David Stanley, CC BY License

Learn how to say Oppose, Expose, Found, or Enhance in Chinese!

反对, 发现, 暴露, 提高!

Learn how to say Confirm, Demand, Marry, or Deny in Chinese!

确认, 需求, 结婚, 拒绝!

Learn how to say Wonder, Ambition, Collapse, or Conception in Chinese!

志向, 坍方, 概念, 奇迹!

Learn how to say "Where are you from?", "I am from New York.", "Where is she from?", or "She is from Morocco." in Chinese!

她从哪里来的?, 我来自纽约。, 她来自摩洛哥。, 你来自哪里?!

Learn how to say Share, Agreement, Contract, or Security in Chinese!

分享, 合同, 协议, 安全!

Learn how to say "Where did you work before here?", "Where do you work now?", "Your children are well-behaved.", or "How well-behaved do you expect them to be?" in Hindi!

आप यहां से पहले कहां काम करते थे?, कितनी अच्छी तरह से आप उन्हें होने की उम्मीद करते हैं?, आप अभी कहां काम करते हो?, आपके बच्चे अच्छे व्यवहार करते हैं!

Learn how to say Capability, Clash, Correlation, or Entity in Hindi!

सह - संबंध, क्षमता, संघर्ष, सत्ता!

Learn how to say "What's your favorite movie?", "Seven is my favorite movie.", "Are there any concerts?", or "Do you want to go to the movies?" in Hindi!

क्या आप फिल्मों में जाना चाहते हैं?, आपकी पसंदीदा फिल्म कौन सी है?, क्या कोई संगीत समारोह है?, सात मेरी पसंदीदा फिल्म है!

Learn how to say Stockholm, Sweden, Havana, Cuba, Vienna, Austria, or Warsaw, Poland in Hindi!

वारसॉ, पोलैंड, स्टॉकहोम स्वीडन, वियना, ऑस्ट्रिया, हवाना, क्यूबा!

Learn how to say "How much does falafel cost?", "How much does this rice cost?", "Is the hummus expensive?", or "Are the chickpeas expensive?" in Hindi!

क्या हुमस महंगे हैं?, क्या चना महंगा है?, यह चावल कितना खर्च करता है?, फलाफेल कितना खर्च करता है?!

Learn how to say Foggy, Fluffy, Arch, or Springy in Indonesian!

Lengkungan, Berkabut, Halus, Kenyal!

Learn how to say "Who are you?", "Who is that?", "Who are they?", or "Who was that?" in Indonesian!

Kamu siapa?, Siapa itu?, Siapa itu?, Siapa mereka?!

Learn how to say Beer, Cider, Cocktail, or Liquor in Indonesian!

Minuman keras, Bir, Sider, Koktail!

Learn how to say Cabinet, Engine, Stuff, or Bus in Indonesian!

Bis, Barang, Kabinet, Mesin!

Learn how to say Urgent, Nasty, Unhappy, or Crazy in Indonesian!

Gila, Penting, Tidak bahagia, Menjijikan!

Windmill 'Prinsenmolen', Rotterdam, Netherlands,
Photo by Vincent_AF, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Dozen, Estimate, Frequency, or Qualification in Dutch!

Schatting, Kwalificatie, Dozijn, Frequentie!

Learn how to say Pop Star, Rock Star, Rapper, or Performer in Dutch!

Popster, Rapper, Performer, Rockster!

Learn how to say Insect, Whale, Walrus, or Mantis in Dutch!

Walrus, Mantis, Walvis, Beestje!

Learn how to say Philippines, Egypt, Vietnam, or Dutchy in Dutch!

Dutchy, Egypte, Vietnam, Filippijnen!

Learn how to say Beijing, China, New Delhi, India, Tokyo, Japan, or Manila, Philippines in Dutch!

Beijing, China, Manila, Filippijnen, Tokio, Japan, New Delhi, India!

Fountain of Proserpina, Poznan, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Match, Strategy, Truth, or Doubt in Polish!

Wątpić, Mecz, Prawda, Strategia!

Learn how to say Session, Conversation, Loan, or Theater in Polish!

Theater, Loan, Session, Conversation!

Learn how to say Vehicle, Hole, Package, or Telephone in Polish!

Telefon, Pojazd, Otwór, Pakiet!

Learn how to say Bubbly, Zany, Wacky, or Strong in Polish!

Silny, Wacky, Szampan, Błazen!

Learn how to say Cash, Contribution, Debate, or Reform in Polish!

Cash, Debate, Reform, Contribution!

Learn how to say Reserve, Sand, Scope, or Tale in Portuguese!

Escopo, Areia, Reserva, Conto!

Learn how to say Income, Organization, Technology, or Behavior in Portuguese!

Tecnologia, Comportamento, Renda, Organização!

Learn how to say Satire, Fictional Novel, Essay, or Mystery Novel in Portuguese!

Redação, Sátira, Romance de mistério, Romance de ficção!

Learn how to say Breath, Winner, Deputy, or Specialist in Portuguese!

Especialista, Respiração, Vencedora, Deputado!

Learn how to say Urgent, Nasty, Unhappy, or Crazy in Portuguese!

Desagradável, Louco, Urgente, Infeliz!

Learn how to say Snappy, Weedy, Dusky, or Earthy in Russian!

землистый, сумеречный, быстро, тощий!

Learn how to say Ignore, Concentrate, Test, or Demonstrate in Russian!

контрольная работа, концентрат, игнорировать, демонстрировать!

Learn how to say Wry, Windy, Chilly, or Dizzy in Russian!

ветреный, голова кружится, перекошенный, зябко!

Learn how to say Quota, Recall, Racial Profiling, or Recession in Russian!

квота, расовое профилирование, спад, отзыв!

Learn how to say Sleepy, Tasty, Ghastly, or Thirsty in Russian!

ужасный, вкусно, жаждущий, сонный!

Boshingak, Jongno, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Light, Bed, Wall, or Computer in Korean!

침대, 빛, 벽, 컴퓨터!

Learn how to say Right-Wing, Left-Wing, Communism, or Capitalism in Korean!

좌익, Translation error, 오른쪽 윙, 공산주의!

Learn how to say Stay, Contain, Reduce, or Establish in Korean!

세우다, 줄이다, 머무르다, 있다!

Learn how to say Octopus, Koala Bear, Penguin, or Scorpion in Korean!

투석기, 문어, 코알라, 펭귄!

Learn how to say Create, Work, Need, or Provide in Korean!

필요한 것, 작업, ~을 제공하다, 몹시 떠들어 대다!

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