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Learn how to say Crowd, Curriculum, Violence, or Ministry in Spanish!

Violencia, Multitud, Ministerio, Plan de estudios!

Learn how to say Scientist, Professor, Soldier, or Tooth in Spanish!

Diente, Científico, Soldado, Profesor!

Learn how to say Senator, Congress, Congressman, or Congresswoman in Spanish!

Congreso, Senador, Congresista, Mujer participante!

Learn how to say "Do you sell medicine?", "Where can I buy medicine?", "Do you sell aspirin?", or "Where can I find something for a headache?" in Spanish!

¿Dónde puedo encontrar algo para un dolor de cabeza?, ¿Vendes medicina?, ¿Dónde puedo comprar medicamentos?, ¿Vendes aspirina?!

Learn how to say "Does it snow a lot in Patagonia?", "Patagonia doesn't get much snow.", "Does it rain a lot in Vietnam?", or "Rain is regular in Vietnam for half of the year." in Spanish!

¿Llova mucho en Vietnam?, Patagonia no consigue mucha nieve., ¿Nieve mucho en la Patagonia?, La lluvia es regular en Vietnam durante la mitad del año.!

Learn how to say Condition, Activity, Death, or Sense in French!

Décès, Activité, Condition, Sens!

Learn how to say Evening, Standard, Page, or Size in French!

Taille, Page, Soir, La norme!

Learn how to say "What did you do last night?", "Last night, we went to the library.", "What did you do yesterday?", or "Yesterday, we went to the bar." in French!

Qu'as tu fais la nuit dernière?!

Learn how to say Assignment, Panic, Pity, or Contest in French!

Concours, Panique, Affectation, Pitié!

Learn how to say Robust, Tricky, Frail, or Ripe in French!

Mûr, Rusé, Frêle, Robuste!

Learn how to say Calculation, Hypothesis, Logic, or Poetry in Italian!

Calcolo, Logica, Poesia, Ipotesi!

Learn how to say Firm, Straight, Remote, or Plain in Italian!

Dritto, Pianura, Azienda, A distanza!

Learn how to say Regionalism, Localism, Centralization, or Decentralization in Italian!

Regionalismo, Centralizzazione, Campanilismo, Decentramento!

Learn how to say Emotion, Investor, Lad, or Landlord in Italian!

Ragazzo, Emozione, Investitore, Proprietario!

Learn how to say Assess, Divide, Recognize, or Select in Italian!

Selezionare, Valutare, Riconoscere, Dividere!

Zwinger Palace, Dresden, Germany,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Notion, Beauty, Topic, or Phrase in German!

Phrase, Begriff, Thema, Schönheit!

Learn how to say Villa, Abbey, Cliff, or Compound in German!

Verbindung, Abtei, Cliff, Villa!

Learn how to say "I'm across the street from the pub.", "How many miles until we get to the pub?", "How far away is the capital?", or "I am going to the capital across 1,000 miles." in German!

Wie weit ist die Hauptstadt entfernt?, Wie viele Meilen bis wir in die Kneipe kommen?, Ich fahre über 1.000 Meilen in die Hauptstadt., Ich bin auf der anderen Straßenseite von der Kneipe.!

Learn how to say Resignation, Sympathy, Allocation, or Declaration in German!

Erklärung, Zuweisung, Sympathie, Rücktritt!

Learn how to say Specification, Spectrum, Sphere, or Cube in German!

Spezifikation, Kugel, Spektrum, Würfel!

Learn how to say Volunteer, Ally, Applicant, or Commander in Japanese!

ボランティア, 応募者, 指揮官, アリー!

Learn how to say Scientist, Professor, Soldier, or Tooth in Japanese!

歯, 兵士, 科学者, 教授!

Learn how to say Pretty, Still, Round, or Dirty in Japanese!

汚れた, 円形, かなり, まだ!

Learn how to say Urge, Dance, Kiss, or Celebrate in Japanese!

祝う, 衝動, ダンス, キッス!

Learn how to say Rose, String, Wheel, or Hat in Japanese!

文字列, ホイール, 帽子, ローズ!

Learn how to say "25 dollars.", "50 cents.", "1 dollar and 75 cents.", or "9 dollars and 99 cents." in Chinese!

9美元和99美分。, 50美分, 1美元和75美分。, 25美元。!

Learn how to say "Will you take me home?", "Are they coming?", "John is going on vacation tomorrow.", or "My vacation starts next week." in Chinese!

我的假期从下周开始, 你会带我回家吗?, 他们来了吗, 约翰明天要去度假。!

Learn how to say Commonwealth, Concession, Coup, or Delegation in Chinese!

代表团, 让步, 政变, 联邦!

Learn how to say "When is the next bus to Portland?", "The next bus to Portland is at 5:15.", "For how long?", or "For how many nights?" in Chinese!

多少个晚上?, 下一班巴士什么时候到波特兰?, 多长时间?, 下一班车到波特兰是在5:15。!

Learn how to say "I need to change clothes.", "I need to go home.", "Where do you live?", or "I live in Glasgow." in Chinese!

我需要换衣服, 我需要回家, 我住在格拉斯哥。, 你住在哪里?!

Learn how to say Perceive, Highlight, Outline, or Trace in Hindi!

रूपरेखा, मुख्य आकर्षण, निशान, समझना!

Learn how to say Disk, Guitar, Journal, or Knife in Hindi!

पत्रिका, गिटार, डिस्क, चाकू!

Learn how to say "I know.", "I'm not sure.", "I don't know.", or "Do you know?" in Hindi!

मुझे नहीं पता।, मुझे यकीन नहीं है।, क्या आप जानते है?, मुझे पता है।!

Learn how to say "I was just about to leave the restaurant.", "Are you coming to the restaurant?", "I can wait here, if you let me know that you are coming.", or "Do you know how to get to the restaurant?" in Hindi!

क्या आपको पता है कि रेस्तरां में कैसे जाना है?, मैं बस रेस्तरां छोड़ने के बारे में था, क्या आप रेस्तरां में आ रहे हैं?, मैं यहाँ इंतजार कर सकता हूँ, अगर तुम मुझे बताओ कि तुम आ रहे हो!

Learn how to say Red, Orange, Yellow, or Green in Hindi!

नारंगी, पीला, हरा, लाल!

Learn how to say Sandwich, Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner in Indonesian!

Makan siang, Sarapan, Sandwich, Makan malam!

Learn how to say "I'm across the street from the pub.", "How many miles until we get to the pub?", "How far away is the capital?", or "I am going to the capital across 1,000 miles." in Indonesian!

Seberapa jauh ibu kota?, Saya di seberang jalan dari pub., Berapa mil sampai kita sampai di pub?, Saya pergi ke ibukota melintasi 1.000 mil.!

Learn how to say Consider, Expect, Read, or Remember in Indonesian!

Mempertimbangkan, Ingat, Baca baca, Mengharapkan!

Learn how to say Lose, Add, Change, or Remain In Indonesian!

Kalah, Perubahan, Tetap, Menambahkan!

Learn how to say Gray, Sunny, Brown, or Yellow in Indonesian!

Kelabu, Coklat, Kuning, Cerah!

Learn how to say Advance, Cease, Exceed, or Strengthen in Dutch!

Overtreffen, Van te voren, Ophouden, Versterken!

Learn how to say Wave, Communicate, Protest, or Interview in Dutch!

Golf, Protest, Communiceren, Interview!

Learn how to say Judgment, Penalty, Presentation, or Resistance in Dutch!

Oordeel, Boete, Presentatie, Weerstand!

Learn how to say Supporter, Pilot, Gene, or Spokesman in Dutch!

Gen, Piloot, Woordvoerder, Supporter!

Learn how to say Shy, Noisy, Rude, or Dumb in Dutch!

Stom, Onbeleefd, Luidruchtig, Verlegen!

Fountain of Proserpina, Poznan, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Fighting, Invasion, Jurisdiction, or Merger in Polish!

Inwazja, Połączenie, Jurysdykcja, Walczący!

Learn how to say Adult, Skin, Dad, or Employer in Polish!

Tata, Dorosły, Skóra, Pracodawca!

Learn how to say Competition, Majority, Parliament, or Talk in Polish!

Majority, Talk, Parliament, Competition!

Learn how to say Sane, Shrill, Numb, or Silky in Polish!

Jedwabisty, Przenikliwy, Zdrętwiały, Rozsądny!

Learn how to say Impure, Spanish, Proud, or Holy in Polish!

Zanieczyszczony, święty, Dumny, Język hiszpański!

Learn how to say Monopoly, Muckraker, Oligarchy, or Political Platform in Portuguese!

Plataforma política, Monopólio, Oligarquia, Muckraker!

Learn how to say Government, Work, Problem, or Kiss in Portuguese!

Governo, Problema, Trabalhos, Beijo!

Learn how to say Praise, Punish, Cheer, or Obey in Portuguese!

Obedecer, Torcer, Elogio, Punir!

Learn how to say Menu, Productivity, Proposition, or Sociology in Portuguese!

Produtividade, Sociologia, Proposição, Cardápio!

Learn how to say One Thousand, Seven Hundred, One Thousand, Eight Hundred, One Thousand, Nine Hundred, or Two Thousand in Portuguese!

Mil e setecentos, Mil e novecentos, Mil e oitocentos, Dois mil!

Learn how to say Settle, Acquire, Own, or Contribute in Russian!

селиться, приобретать, своя, делать вклад!

Learn how to say Good, Young, Right, or Wrong in Russian!

правильно, молодой, хорошо, неправильно!

Learn how to say Manager, Wife, Sir, or Worker in Russian!

менеджер, сэр, жена, работник!

Learn how to say Factory, Address, Bedroom, or Store in Russian!

Спальня, завод, магазин, адрес!

Learn how to say Federalism, Grass Roots, Hegemony, or Senate in Russian!

гегемония, федерализм, сенат, травы!

Boshingak, Jongno, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Person, City, Girl, or Father in Korean!

아버지, 소녀, 시티, 사람!

Learn how to say Fancy, Dim, Daft, or Frank in Korean!

어리석은, 솔직한, 공상, 어둑한!

Learn how to say Text, Cause, Trouble, or Possibility in Korean!

수고, 원인, 본문, 가능성!

Learn how to say Address, Declare, Influence, or Recommend in Korean!

권하다, 주소, 영향, 알리다!

Learn how to say Envelope, Fluid, Juice, or Missile in Korean!

봉투, 유동체, 주스, 미사일!

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