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Caldoveiro Peak, Asturias, North Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Egg, Notice, Tape, or Weapon in Spanish!

Darse cuenta, Huevo, Cinta, Arma!

Learn how to say Swift, Sticky, Bleak, or Sandy in Spanish!

Desolado, Rápido, Pegajoso, Arenoso!

Learn how to say Data, Model, Method, or Scheme in Spanish!

Esquema, Método, Datos, Modelo!

Learn how to say "Do you want coffee or tea?", "Would you like some wine?", "I like to eat olives.", or "I cannot eat olives." in Spanish!

Me gusta comer aceitunas., ¿Quieres café o té?, ¿Te gustaría algo de vino?, No puedo comer aceitunas.!

Learn how to say Guilty, Glad, Healthy, or Sad in Spanish!

Saludable, Triste, Culpable, Alegre!

Learn how to say Flute, Cello, Bass Guitar, or Yukelele in French!

Flûte, Violoncelle, Ukulélé, Guitare basse!

Learn how to say "I lost my watch.", "I cannot find my watch.", "Do you see a watch?", or "Can you help me find my watch?" in French!

Pouvez-vous m'aider à trouver ma montre?, J'ai perdu ma montre., Je ne peux pas trouver ma montre., Voyez-vous une montre?!

Learn how to say Interaction, Mortgage, Permission, or Rank in French!

Interaction, Autorisation, Hypothèque, Rang!

Learn how to say Card, Document, Supply, or Rock in French!

Document, La fourniture, Carte, Roche!

Learn how to say Appointment, Enterprise, Assembly, or Criticism in French!

Assemblée, Entreprise, Critique, Rendez-vous!

Learn how to say Involvement, Stress, Cycle, or Mode in Italian!

Stress, Modalità, Ciclo, Coinvolgimento!

Learn how to say Fictional Film, Scifi, Fantasy, or B-Movie in Italian!

B-Movie, Scifi, Fantasia, Film fiction!

Learn how to say "I will pick you up.", "I am coming to pick you up.", "Will you pick me up?", or "Who is coming to pick us up?" in Italian!

Mi prenderai?, Chi sta venendo a prenderci?, Sto venendo a prenderti., Ti passerò a prendere.!

Learn how to say "Can you please say that more slowly?", "You are speaking too fast for me to understand.", "Does the guide speak English?", or "Does anyone speak English?" in Italian!

Puoi dire che più lentamente?, Stai parlando troppo in fretta per capirlo., La guida parla inglese?, Qualcuno parla inglese?!

Learn how to say "Why are you laughing?", "Every moment is worth laughing about.", "Do you have a lot to do?", or "I have lots to do." in Italian!

Hai molto da fare?, Perché stai ridendo?, Ogni momento vale la pena di ridere., Ho molto da fare.!

Neuschwanstein Schloss, Bavaria, Germany,
Photo by Pedro Paulo Boaventura, CC BY License

Learn how to say Caterpillar, Otter, Pig, or Moose in German!

Elch, Otter, Schwein, Raupe!

Learn how to say Rope, Server, Butter, or Crystal in German!

Butter, Server, Seil, Kristall!

Learn how to say Deep, Huge, Light, or Broad in German!

Enorm, Breit, Tief, Licht!

Learn how to say Musician, Reporter, Pet, or Palm in German!

Palme, Reporter, Haustier, Musiker!

Learn how to say Need, Kind, Action, or Cost in German!

Brauchen, Aktion, Kosten, Art!

Learn how to say Tray, Bush, Ambulance, or Diagram in Japanese!

トレイ, 図, ブッシュ, 救急車!

Learn how to say Resign, Compete, Negotiate, or Borrow in Japanese!

競争する, かりて, 辞任する, 交渉する!

Learn how to say Create, Work, Need, or Provide in Japanese!

作業, 提供する, 作成する, 必要!

Learn how to say Consciousness, Probability, Thesis, or Communism in Japanese!

確率, 論文, 意識, 共産主義!

Learn how to say Supplier, Conservative, Observer, or Opponent in Japanese!

相手, 保守的な, サプライヤー, 観察者!

Learn how to say "This is boring.", "Are you bored?", "This is exciting.", or "I can't wait." in Chinese!

这很无聊, 这真让人兴奋。, 我迫不及待了, 你无聊吗!

Learn how to say Snake, Horse, Alligator, or Bat in Chinese!

马, 蝙蝠, 蛇, 鳄鱼!

Learn how to say British, French, Chinese, or South African in Chinese!

英国的, 中文, 法国, 南非的!

Learn how to say "What would you like to drink?", "I would like some whiskey.", "What would you like to eat?", or "I would like a falafel." in Chinese!

我想要一个沙龙吧, 我想要一些威士忌, 你想喝点什么?, 你想吃什么?!

Learn how to say "He will be back in an hour.", "She will be back in twenty minutes.", "They will be back by the night.", or "Everyone will be back at the party shortly." in Chinese!

她会在二十分钟内回来。, 每个人都会在晚会回来。, 他会在一个小时内回来。, 他们将在晚上回来。!

Learn how to say Illness, Muscle, Uncle, or Chancellor in Hindi!

चाचा, रोग, कुलाधिपति, मांसपेशी!

Learn how to say "Where is Mr. Orwell?", "Mr. Orwell is at the bar.", "Is this Mr. Orwell?", or "This is Mr. Orwell." in Hindi!

श्री ओरवेल बार में है, श्री ऑरवेल कहां हैं?, यह श्री ओरवेल है, क्या यह श्री ओरवेल है?!

Learn how to say "Who are you?", "Who is that?", "Who are they?", or "Who was that?" in Hindi!

वह कौन था?, तुम कौन हो?, कौन है वह?, वे कौन है?!

Learn how to say "Do you come here often?", "I come here often.", "Do you go to Mexico often?", or "I travel to Mexico often." in Hindi!

क्या आप अक्सर मेक्सिको जाते हैं?, आप अक्सर यहाँ आते हैं?, मैं अक्सर मेक्सिको की यात्रा करता हूँ, मैं यहाँ अक्सर आ रहा हूँ!

Learn how to say Protein Bar, Tomato Soup, Ramen Soup, or Rice in Hindi!

प्रोटीन बार, रामन सूप, चावल, टमाटर सूप!

Learn how to say Prisoner, Knee, Lawyer, or Councillor in Indonesian!

Penasihat, Tawanan, Pengacara, Lutut!

Learn how to say "Is this a safe area?", "Yes, this area is very quiet.", "Is this area always so safe?", or "You will be safe, as long as you don't stay out past midnight." in Indonesian!

Ya, daerah ini sangat sepi., Apakah ini daerah yang aman?, Apakah daerah ini selalu aman?, Anda akan aman, selama Anda tidak tinggal di luar lewat tengah malam.!

Learn how to say Tactic, Tune, Casualty, or Dismissal in Indonesian!

Lagu, Pemecatan, Taktik, Korban!

Learn how to say Judge, Visitor, Author, or Victim in Indonesian!

Korban, Pengunjung, Penulis, Hakim!

Learn how to say Bend, Print, Swing, or Drag in Indonesian!

Tikungan, Menyeret, Mencetak, Ayunan!

Learn how to say Historian, Operator, Princess, or Professional in Dutch!

Professioneel, Geschiedschrijver, Prinses, Operator!

Learn how to say Acquisition, Consumption, Defeat, or Demonstration in Dutch!

Nederlaag, Consumptie, Demonstratie, Acquisitie!

Learn how to say Ticket, Bone, Fuel, or Gift in Dutch!

Gift, Bot, Brandstof, Ticket!

Learn how to say Five Hundred, Six Hundred, Seven Hundred, or Eight Hundred in Dutch!

Zeshonderd, Vijfhonderd, Achthonderd, Zevenhonderd!

Learn how to say Range, History, Account, or Record in Dutch!

Reeks, Geschiedenis, Record, Account!

Fountain of Proserpina, Poznan, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Dog, Cheetah, Grasshopper, or Elephant in Polish!

Gepard, Pies, Konik polny, Słoń!

Learn how to say Menu, Productivity, Proposition, or Sociology in Polish!

Wydajność, Menu, Socjologia, Propozycja!

Learn how to say Friend, Minister, Proletarian, or Mother in Polish!

Przyjaciel, Minister, Proletariacki, Mama!

Learn how to say Hilly, Bumpy, Leafy, or Dingy in Polish!

Obskurny, Pagórkowaty, Liściasty, Nierówny!

Learn how to say Plebeian, Patrician, Plutocracy, or Poll in Polish!

Patrycjusz, GÅ‚osowanie, Plebejski, Plutokracja!

Learn how to say Sleek, Skinny, Baggy, or Murky in Portuguese!

Lustroso, Magro, Folgado, Escuro!

Learn how to say Examine, Study, Recognize, or Stare in Portuguese!

Estude, Reconhecer, Examinar, Olhar fixamente!

Learn how to say Republic, Expenditure, Experiment, or Program in Portuguese!

Experimentar, República, Programa, Despesa!

Learn how to say Five Hundred, Six Hundred, Seven Hundred, or Eight Hundred in Portuguese!

Quatrocentos, Quatrocentos, Quatrocentos, Quatrocentos!

Learn how to say Title, Discussion, Institution, or Profit in Portuguese!

Discussão, Instituição, Título, Lucro!

Learn how to say Summary, Wish, Childhood, or Confusion in Russian!

детство, резюме, путаница, желание!

Learn how to say Harbour, Landing, Shore, or Avenue in Russian!

посадка, гавань, проспект, берег!

Learn how to say Cell, Energy, Growth, or Treatment in Russian!

клетка, лечение, энергия, рост!

Learn how to say Water, Bottled Water, Seltzer Water, or Water With Ice in Russian!

воды, вода со льдом, бутилированная вода, зелтерная вода!

Learn how to say Net, Snow, Tip, or Bowl in Russian!

снег, сеть, наконечник, миска!

Learn how to say Prague, Czech Republic, Brussels, Belgium, Dublin, Ireland, or Ottawa, Canada in Korean!

더블린, 아일랜드, 브뤼셀, 벨기에, 프라하, 체코, 캐나다 오타와!

Learn how to say Walk, Defendant, Neighbor, or Engineer in Korean!

피고, 이웃 사람, 산책, 기사!

Learn how to say Assess, Divide, Recognize, or Select in Korean!

인정하다, 고르다, 분할, 평가하다!

Learn how to say Manta Ray, Ostrich, Lobster, or Ladybug in Korean!

랍스터, 무당 벌레, 만타 레이, 타조!

Learn how to say Republic, Expenditure, Experiment, or Program in Korean!

공화국, 프로그램, 지출, 실험!

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