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Learn how to say Purple, Shiny, Dusty, or Tidy in Spanish!

Ordenado, Púrpura, Brillante, Polvoriento!

Learn how to say "I don't like him.", "I like her.", "I'm from America.", or "I'm American." in Spanish!

Soy de América., Soy americana., Ella me gusta., No me gusta.!

Learn how to say Doctor, Population, Player, or Individual in Spanish!

Jugador, Población, Doctor, Individual!

Learn how to say Interval, Acre, Equivalent, or Ton in Spanish!

Equivalente, Tonelada, Intervalo, Acre!

Learn how to say "What's wrong?", "Is anything wrong?", "No, nothing is wrong.", or "Everything is all right." in Spanish!

¿Qué sucede?, ¿Hay algún problema?, Todo está bien., No, nada está mal.!

Learn how to say Vegetable, Belt, Ceiling, or Check in French!

Vérifier, Plafond, Ceinture, Légume!

Learn how to say Wave, Communicate, Protest, or Interview in French!

Entretien, Vague, Protestation, Communiquer!

Learn how to say Witty, Vain, Cheeky, or Posh in French!

Chic, Vain, Effronté, Spirituel!

Learn how to say Leisure, Salary, Shopping, or Unity in French!

Achats, Un salaire, Unité, Loisir!

Learn how to say Calculate, Glance, Question, or Suspect in French!

Calculer, Suspect, Question, Regard!

Learn how to say Hanoi, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Baghdad, Iraq, or Singapore, Singapore in Italian!

Hong Kong, Cina, Baghdad, Iraq, Hanoi, Vietnam, Singapore, Singapore!

Learn how to say "What does your father do?", "My father is a lawyer.", "Where is your grandmother?", or "My grandmother passed away a long time ago." in Italian!

Mio padre è un avvocato., Mia nonna morì molto tempo fa., Cosa fa tuo padre?, Dov'è tua nonna?!

Learn how to say "Is the tavern that far?", "Is the tavern further than ten miles away?", "Is there a movie theater nearby?", or "Is there a movie theater in town?" in Italian!

C'è un cinema in città?, C'è un cinema nelle vicinanze?, La taverna è lontana?, La taverna è più di dieci miglia di distanza?!

Learn how to say Awareness, Tendency, Discovery, or Equation in Italian!

Scoperta, Tendenza, Equazione, Consapevolezza!

Learn how to say Accommodation, Boundary, Dispute, or Identity in Italian!

Identità, Confine, Alloggio, Controversia!

Learn how to say Five Hundred, Six Hundred, Seven Hundred, or Eight Hundred in German!

Vierhundert, Vierhundert, Vierhundert, Vierhundert!

Learn how to say Operation, Opportunity, Source, or Color in German!

Betrieb, Farbe, Quelle, Gelegenheit!

Learn how to say "It is far away.", "It is close by.", "It is in the next town.", or "It is just outside of town." in German!

Es ist weit weg., Es ist in der nächsten Stadt., Es ist etwas außerhalb der Stadt., Es ist in der Nähe.!

Learn how to say Good, Young, Right, or Wrong in German!

Jung, Falsch, Gut, Recht!

Learn how to say Kill, Occur, Enter, or Arrive in German!

Ankommen, Töten, Eingeben, Auftreten!

Learn how to say Filter, Flexibility, Fraction, or Ghost in Japanese!

柔軟性, フィルタ, 分数, 幽霊!

Learn how to say Award, Board, Picture, or Hair in Japanese!

賞, ボード, 画像, ヘア!

Learn how to say Hefty, Snug, Soggy, or Sickly in Japanese!

ぴったり, 病気, 濁った, 重い!

Learn how to say "Can you ask them to come over here?", "Are you going by train or by plane?", "I am going by train.", or "I am going by plane." in Japanese!

私は飛行機で行く。, ここに来るように彼らに頼むことができますか?, 私は列車で行く。, 列車でも、飛行機でも行きますか?!

Learn how to say Smile, Investigation, Regulation, or Wage in Japanese!

スマイル, 調査, 規制, 賃金!

Learn how to say Chief, Citizen, Editor, or General in Chinese!

编辑, 公民, 一般, 首席!

Learn how to say "Can I make an appointment?", "When is your appointment?", "I'm getting ready to go to my appointment.", or "I'm getting ready to go out." in Chinese!

我可以预约吗, 我准备出门了, 我准备去我的约会了, 你什么时候预约!

Learn how to say Brash, Gaudy, Sporty, or Stealthy in Chinese!

华而不实的, 鬼鬼祟祟, 性急的, 运动型!

Learn how to say Meeting, Game, Role, or Stage in Chinese!

会议, 阶段, 角色, 游戏!

Learn how to say "What do you have?", "I have a ball.", "What is it?", or "I have it." in Chinese!

我有它, 你有什么?, 我有一个球, 它是什么?!

Learn how to say Envelope, Fluid, Juice, or Missile in Hindi!

लिफ़ाफ़ा, मिसाइल, रस, तरल पदार्थ!

Learn how to say Painter, Pensioner, Pope, or Receiver in Hindi!

पेंशनभोगी, रिसीवर, चित्रकार, पोप!

Learn how to say Sheep, Cow, Komodo Dragon, or Porcupine in Hindi!

भेड़, पोर्कूपीन, कोमोडो ड्रैगन, गाय!

Learn how to say "Would you like to go for a walk?", "I'd like to go for a walk.", "Walking is enjoyable.", or "Now would be a good time for a walk." in Hindi!

चलना सुखद है, अब चलने के लिए एक अच्छा समय होगा, क्या आप टहलने के लिए जाना चाहते हैं?, मैं सैर के लिए जाना चाहता हूं!

Learn how to say "Do you have someone to help you?", "I have someone to help me.", "Is someone coming?", or "Someone is coming." in Hindi!

कोई आ रहा है।, क्या कोई आ रहा है?, मुझे मेरी मदद करने के लिए कोई है, क्या आपकी मदद करने के लिए कोई है?!

Learn how to say "Will you be back by 11 o'clock tonight?", "When do you think you will be back?", "I will try to be back soon.", or "I may be out all night." in Indonesian!

Saya akan mencoba untuk segera kembali., Aku bisa keluar semalaman., Kapan kamu pikir kamu akan kembali?, Maukah kamu kembali jam 11 malam ini?!

Learn how to say Bother, Review, Assist, or Resolve in Indonesian!

Mengganggu, Menyelesaikan, Ulasan, Membantu!

Learn how to say "What do you have?", "I have a ball.", "What is it?", or "I have it." in Indonesian!

Saya punya bola, Apa yang kamu punya?, Apa itu?, Aku memilikinya.!

Learn how to say "It's here.", "It's there.", "It's everywhere.", or "It's nowhere." in Indonesian!

Itu disini., Tak ada tempat., Itu di mana-mana., Itu ada!

Learn how to say King, Queen, President, or Prime Minister in Indonesian!

Perdana Menteri, Presiden, Raja, Ratu!

Geulle aan de Maas, Geulle Castle, Netherlands,
Photo by Bert Kaufmann, CC BY License

Learn how to say Water, Car, Door, or Matter in Dutch!

Er toe doen, Water, Auto, Deur-!

Learn how to say Exist, Encourage, Smile, or Prepare in Dutch!

Aanmoedigen, Bestaan, Bereiden, Glimlach!

Learn how to say Fuzzy, Furry, Gaunt, or Spooky in Dutch!

Spookachtig, Fuzzy, Harige, Mager!

Learn how to say Student, Foot, Boy, or Back in Dutch!

Voet, Terug, Jongen, Student!

Learn how to say Brave, Secure, Boring, or Calm in Dutch!

Beveiligen, Kalmte, Dapper, Saai!

Fountain of Proserpina, Poznan, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Inspector, Plaintiff, Shareholder, or Sleep in Polish!

Plaintiff, Inspector, Sleep, Shareholder!

Learn how to say Theory, Pattern, Design, or Knowledge in Polish!

Wiedza, umiejętności, Wzór, Teoria, Projekt!

Learn how to say Increase, Measure, Sector, or Direction in Polish!

Sektor, Kierunek, Zmierzyć, Zwiększać!

Learn how to say Chocolate, Orange, Apple, or Berry in Polish!

Jagoda, Czekolada, Pomarańczowy, Jabłko!

Learn how to say Judge, Steal, Comment, or Withdraw in Polish!

Wycofać, Komentarz, Kraść, Sędzia!

Learn how to say Give, Use, Find, or Want in Portuguese!

Usar, Quer, Dar, Encontrar!

Learn how to say Foggy, Fluffy, Arch, or Springy in Portuguese!

Arco, Nebuloso, Elástico, Fofo!

Learn how to say Illness, Muscle, Uncle, or Chancellor in Portuguese!

Doença, Músculo, Chanceler, Tio!

Learn how to say Lose, Add, Change, or Remain In Portuguese!

Mudança, Permanecer, Adicionar, Perder!

Learn how to say Hall, Park, Sun, or River in Portuguese!

Parque, Dom, Rio, Corredor!

Learn how to say Navy, Raid, Rhythm, or Shortage in Russian!

набег, флот, ритм, нехватка!

Learn how to say Prison, Yard, Mountain, or Bridge in Russian!

двор, гора, тюрьма, мост!

Learn how to say Ball, Equipment, Tea, or Newspaper in Russian!

чай, мяч, оборудование, газета!

Learn how to say Communication, Public, Budget, or Career in Russian!

бюджет, связь, общественности, карьера!

Learn how to say Summary, Wish, Childhood, or Confusion in Russian!

резюме, путаница, детство, желание!

Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Couple, Degree, Mile, or Season in Korean!

시즌, 마일, 정도, 두!

Learn how to say Magazine, Plate, Rain, or Aircraft in Korean!

플레이트, 비, 매거진, 항공기!

Learn how to say Celebration, Colony, Controversy, or Fiction in Korean!

논쟁, 식민지, 축하, 소설!

Learn how to say Address, Declare, Influence, or Recommend in Korean!

알리다, 주소, 영향, 권하다!

Learn how to say Chocolate, Orange, Apple, or Berry in Korean!

말린 씨앗, 사과, 초콜릿, 주황색!

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