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Casa Milà, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain,
Photo by Rick Ligthelm, CC BY License

Learn how to say Dismiss, Interpret, Search, or Analyze in Spanish!

Despedir, Buscar, Analizar, Interpretar!

Learn how to say "Can you pick up your clothes?", "I will pick up my clothes.", "When will you clean your room?", or "I'm cleaning my room right now." in Spanish!

Recogeré mi ropa., Estoy limpiando mi habitación ahora mismo., ¿Puedes recoger tu ropa?, ¿Cuándo va a limpiar su habitación?!

Learn how to say Run, Move, Stand, or Sit in Spanish!

Correr, Movimiento, Estar, Sentar!

Learn how to say Prove, Introduce, Ensure, or Refer in Spanish!

Referir, Introducir, Asegurar, Probar!

Learn how to say Trader, Trainer, Tutor, or Archbishop in Spanish!

Tutor, Arzobispo, Entrenador, Comerciante!

Learn how to say Salt, Pepper, Apple Sauce, or Cookie in French!

Poivre, Biscuit, Sel, Compote de pommes!

Learn how to say "Next time.", "Last time.", "This time.", or "Either time." in French!

Dernière fois., La prochaine fois., Cette fois., Soit le temps.!

Learn how to say Directive, Entertainment, Federation, or Incentive in French!

Directif, Fédération, Motivation, Divertissement!

Learn how to say "The car is still broken.", "When will the car be fixed?", "Is the car fixed?", or "The car is now fixed." in French!

Quand la voiture sera-t-elle réparée?, La voiture est encore cassée., La voiture est maintenant réparée., La voiture est-elle réglée?!

Learn how to say Sane, Shrill, Numb, or Silky in French!

Soyeux, Sain, Engourdi, Aigu!

Learn how to say Love, Enjoy, Relate, or Suffer in Italian!

Godere, Riferirsi, Soffrire, Amore!

Learn how to say Meeting, Game, Role, or Stage in Italian!

Ruolo, Palcoscenico, Gioco, Incontro!

Learn how to say Drowsy, Hazy, Gruesome, or Slack in Italian!

Sonnolento, Nebbioso, Allentato, Macabro!

Learn how to say "Will it rain tomorrow?", "Will it snow today?", "Will it storm tomorrow?", or "Will it flood today?" in Italian!

Sarà tempesta domani?, Sarà neve oggi?, Sarà inondato oggi?, Pioggia domani?!

Learn how to say Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, or Twenty in Italian!

Venti, Diciannove, Diciassette, Diciotto!

Neuschwanstein Schloss, Bavaria, Germany,
Photo by Pedro Paulo Boaventura, CC BY License

Learn how to say Berry Juice, Energy Drink, Coffee, or Espresso in German!

Beeren-Saft, Espresso, Kaffee, Energiegetränk!

Learn how to say "Where is your friend from?", "Is your friend from Paris, too?", "Have you been there?", or "I have been there." in German!

Ist dein Freund auch aus Paris?, Warst du schon dort?, Ich bin dort gewesen., Woher kommt dein Freund?!

Learn how to say Flute, Cello, Bass Guitar, or Yukelele in German!

Cello, Flöte, Ukulele, Bassgitarre!

Learn how to say Capability, Clash, Correlation, or Entity in German!

Fähigkeit, Zusammenstoß, Entität, Korrelation!

Learn how to say Consciousness, Probability, Thesis, or Communism in German!

These, Kommunismus, Bewusstsein, Wahrscheinlichkeit!

Byodo-In Temple, Outside Honolulu, Hawai'i,
Photo by Prayitano, CC BY License

Learn how to say Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, or Sixteen in Japanese!

13, 15, 14, 16!

Learn how to say Surface, Return, Variety, or Access in Japanese!

表面, 品種, リターン, アクセス!

Learn how to say Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, or Twenty in Japanese!

20, 19, 18才, 17!

Learn how to say "Occasionally.", "From time to time.", "He's coming soon.", or "He's coming late." in Japanese!

時々。, 時々。, 彼はすぐに来ている。, 彼は遅れて来る。!

Learn how to say Moment, Age, Century, or Section in Japanese!

セクション, 瞬間, 世紀, 年齢!

Learn how to say Very, Thin, Fat, or Tiny in Chinese!

小, 非常, 脂肪, 瘦!

Learn how to say Assess, Divide, Recognize, or Select in Chinese!

评估, 划分, 选择, 认识!

Learn how to say "There you are.", "He is in the bedroom.", "She is in the kitchen.", or "He is a student at the university." in Chinese!

你的孩子和你在一起吗, 你有亲戚吗, 她在厨房里。, 你的老婆跟你在一起吗, 他在卧室里。!

Learn how to say Fragment, Insight, Removal, or Tide in Chinese!

分段, 浪潮, 眼光, 切除!

Learn how to say "Are you sure?", "You're not sure, are you?", "Tell me.", or "I will tell you." in Chinese!

告诉我。, 你确定?, 你不确定,是吗?, 我会告诉你。!

Learn how to say Honey Bee, Polar Bear, Stingray, or Bear in Hindi!

स्टिंग्रे, ध्रुवीय भालू, भालू, मधुमक्खी!

Learn how to say Snappy, Weedy, Dusky, or Earthy in Hindi!

पतला, काला, मिट्टी की, तेज़!

Learn how to say "Did you buy anything?", "I bought this shirt yesterday.", "My clothes are dirty.", or "These clothes need washing." in Hindi!

इन कपड़े धोने की आवश्यकता है, आपने कुछ भी खरीदा?, मैंने कल इस शर्ट को खरीदा, मेरे कपड़े गंदे हैं!

Learn how to say "When do you want to meet?", "I'm available any time after 7:00 PM.", "When should we all get together?", or "Let's get together this week." in Hindi!

आइए इस सप्ताह एक साथ मिलें।, मैं 7:00 बजे के बाद किसी भी समय उपलब्ध हूं, तुम कब मिलना चाहते हो?, हमें कब एक साथ मिलना चाहिए?!

Learn how to say Data, Model, Method, or Scheme in Hindi!

आदर्श, तरीका, जानकारी, योजना!

Learn how to say Cut, Waste, Weather, or Connection in Indonesian!

Koneksi, Limbah, Memotong, Cuaca!

Learn how to say Government, Work, Problem, or Kiss in Indonesian!

Masalah, Ciuman, Pemerintah, Kerja!

Learn how to say Estimate, Count, Focus, or List in Indonesian!

Menghitung, Memperkirakan, Daftar, Fokus!

Learn how to say Palace, Parish, Territory, or Camp in Indonesian!

Wilayah, Paroki, Istana, Kamp!

Learn how to say Amendment, Announcement, Conviction, or Draft in Indonesian!

Konsep, Amandemen, Keyakinan, Pengumuman!

Learn how to say Election, Animal, Music, or Charge in Dutch!

In rekening brengen, Muziek-, Verkiezing, Dier!

Learn how to say Justification, Liberty, Receipt, or Seminar in Dutch!

Ontvangst, Rechtvaardiging, Congres, Vrijheid!

Learn how to say Attempt, Emerge, Approach, or Repeat in Dutch!

Poging, Opduiken, Herhaling, Nadering!

Learn how to say Weekend, Sample, Volume, or Category in Dutch!

Volume, Weekend, Categorie, Monster!

Learn how to say Painter, Pensioner, Pope, or Receiver in Dutch!

Paus, Schilder, Gepensioneerde, Ontvanger!

Barbican, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Service, Party, School, or Country in Polish!

Service, School, Party, Country!

Learn how to say Vulture, Deer, Lion, or Gerbil in Polish!

Gerbil, Lew, Sęp, Jeleń!

Learn how to say Fence, Kit, Lamp, or Processor in Polish!

Płot, Zestaw, Lampa, Edytor!

Learn how to say Fan, Servant, Cancer, or Champion in Polish!

Sługa, Wentylator, Nowotwór, Mistrz!

Learn how to say Play, Credit, Belief, or Comment in Polish!

Comment, Belief, Play, Credit!

Learn how to say Harbour, Landing, Shore, or Avenue in Portuguese!

Aterrissagem, Costa, Avenida, Porto!

Learn how to say Routine, Allowance, Consent, or Commune in Portuguese!

Abono, Consentimento, Comuna, Rotina!

Learn how to say Killer, Offender, Auditor, or Lung in Portuguese!

Pulmão, Ofensor, Assassino, Auditor!

Learn how to say Sound, Mighty, Deadly, or Handy in Portuguese!

Som, Acessível, Poderoso, Mortal!

Learn how to say Cut, Waste, Weather, or Connection in Portuguese!

Desperdício, Clima, Conexão, Cortar!

Hermitage and Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia,
Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Term, Period, Million, or Minute in Russian!

миллиона, срок, период, минут!

Learn how to say Stone, Image, Oil, or Seat in Russian!

камень, сиденье, масло, образ!

Learn how to say Disk, Guitar, Journal, or Knife in Russian!

гитара, нож, журнал, диск!

Learn how to say Abuse, Alliance, Bid, or Certificate in Russian!

сертификат, предложение, злоупотребление, союз!

Learn how to say Jew, Bahá'í, Jainist, or Pagan in Russian!

бахаи, язычник, еврей, Jainist!

Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Action-Adventure Game, Turned-Based Strategy Game, Survival Game, or Horror Game in Korean!

액션 어드벤처 게임, 공포 게임, 생존 게임, 턴 기반 전략 게임!

Learn how to say Mellow, Frosty, Lousy, or Moody in Korean!

싸늘한, 변덕스러운, 부드러운, 듬뿍 있는!

Learn how to say Conference, Commission, Post, or Attack in Korean!

게시하다, 회의, 공격, 위원회!

Learn how to say Constituency, Constitution, Demagogue, or Direct Democracy in Korean!

후원자, 선동가, 헌법, 직접 민주주의!

Learn how to say Collectivism, Individualism, Conformity, or Non-Conformity in Korean!

집단주의, 적합성, 개인주의, 비국교도!

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