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Learn how to say Portuguese, Punjabi, Javanese, or Korean in Spanish!

Javanés, Punjabi, Portugués!

Learn how to say Edition, Count, Measurement, or Dimension in Spanish!

Edición, Medición, Contar, Dimensión!

Learn how to say Aunt, Host, Human, or Peasant in Spanish!

Anfitrión, Humano, Tía, Campesino!

Learn how to say "Can you carry this for me?", "I will carry this for you.", "Did you break that?", or "I didn't break it on purpose." in Spanish!

Learn how to say Acid, Bottle, Wave, or Component in Spanish!

Ola, Botella, Componente, ácido!

Learn how to say Luck, Survival, Barrier, or Climate in French!

Survie, Climat, Barrière, La chance!

Learn how to say Reggae, Ska, Hip Hop, or Electronic Music in French!

Reggae, Ska, Musique électronique, Hip hop!

Learn how to say Cricket, Ballet, Cheerleading, or Gymnastics in French!

Gymnastique, Criquet, Ballet, Cheerleading!

Learn how to say Gang, Gender, Hierarchy, or Loyalty in French!

Gang, Hiérarchie, Fidélité, Le genre!

Learn how to say "Please sit down.", "I want to sit down.", "Is your throat sore?", or "My throat is sore." in French!

Est-ce que votre gorge est douloureuse?, Je veux m'asseoir., Ma gorge est sèche., Asseyez-vous s'il vous plaît.!

Learn how to say Free Trade, Private Property, Nationalization, or Cooperative in Italian!

Nazionalizzazione, Libero commercio, Proprietà privata, Cooperativa!

Learn how to say Tame, Lowly, Trendy, or Needy in Italian!

Bisognoso, Di moda, Umile, Domare!

Learn how to say "What's your address?", "What's the address of the hospital.", "Don't worry, I will find the address.", or "The address has to be here somewhere." in Italian!

Qual'è il tuo indirizzo?, L'indirizzo deve essere qui da qualche parte., Non ti preoccupare, troverò l'indirizzo., Qual è l'indirizzo dell'ospedale.!

Learn how to say Vast, Net, Slight, or Absolute in Italian!

Netto, Leggero, Assoluto, Vasto!

Learn how to say Sleepy, Tasty, Ghastly, or Thirsty in Italian!

Assetato, Gustoso, Assonnato, Orribile!

Hameln, Lower Saxony, Germany,
Photo by Pom Angers, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Outline, Ride, Tragedy, or Triumph in German!

Skizzieren, Triumph, Tragödie, Reiten!

Learn how to say Horror Film, Action Film, Thriller Film, or Western Film in German!

Actionfilm, Thriller, Horrorfilm, Western!

Learn how to say Fast, Grand, Brief, or Near in German!

Schnell, Großartig, Kurz, In der Nähe von!

Learn how to say Suspicion, Arrest, Guarantee, or Virtue in German!

Verdacht, Verhaften, Garantie, Tugend!

Learn how to say Inspection, Advertisement, Ceremony, or Domain in German!

Inspektion, Zeremonie, Domain, Werbung!

Learn how to say Orchestra, Music Band, Musician, or Singer in Japanese!

音楽バンド, 歌手, ミュージシャン, オーケストラ!

Learn how to say Sane, Shrill, Numb, or Silky in Japanese!

麻痺する, 元気, 甲高い, シルキー!

Learn how to say Hope, Meaning, Assessment, or Consideration in Japanese!

希望, 評価, 考慮, 意味!

Learn how to say "Will we talk soon?", "I will talk to you soon.", "Who are they waiting for?", or "They are waiting for us." in Japanese!

彼らは私たちを待っています。, 誰が待っていますか?, 私たちはすぐに話しますか?, 私はすぐにあなたと話をします。!

Learn how to say Paint, Sing, View, or Acknowledge in Japanese!

見る, 認める, 歌う, ペイント!

Learn how to say "Do you need more?", "I don't need anymore.", "Do you have any more?", or "We have plenty more." in Chinese!

你需要更多吗?, 我不需要了, 我们还有更多。, 你有更多吗!

Learn how to say Vote, Ballot, Majority, or Minority in Chinese!

少数民族, 投票, 选票, 多数!

Learn how to say "Is your family with you?", "Yes, our family is with us.", "She is not in right now.", or "He is available at the moment." in Chinese!

他现在可以使用, 你的家人和你在一起吗, 她现在不在。, 是的,我们的家人和我们在一起。!

Learn how to say Effort, Lady, Skill, or Character in Chinese!

字符, 技能, 功夫, 淑女!

Learn how to say Appearance, Existence, Improvement, or Crisis in Chinese!

危机, 出现, 存在, 起色!

Learn how to say "Wait for me.", "We will wait for you.", "Will you wait for me?", or "We cannot wait for you." in Hindi!

हम आपके लिए इंतजार नहीं कर सकते, मेरा इंतजार करना।, क्या तुम मेरे लिए इंतजार करोगे?, हम आपकी प्रतीक्षा करेंगे।!

Learn how to say Example, Difference, Quality, or Pound in Hindi!

पौंड, उदाहरण, अंतर, गुणवत्ता!

Learn how to say "Can I have one glass of water please?", "Can I have two glasses of water please?", "Can I have three glasses of water please?", or "Can I have four glasses of water please?" in Hindi!

क्या मेरे पास एक गिलास पानी हो सकता है?, क्या मुझे दो गिलास पानी मिल सकता है?, क्या मेरे पास चार गिलास पानी हो सकता है?, क्या मेरे पास तीन गिलास पानी हो सकता है?!

Learn how to say Attempt, Emerge, Approach, or Repeat in Hindi!

दोहराना, प्रयास, पहुंच, उभरना!

Learn how to say "Nonsense!", "Terrific!", "That looks great.", or "That looks terrible." in Hindi!

बहुत खूब!, Hindi, बकवास!, उसका दिखना बहुत ही बढ़िया है।!

Learn how to say Fleet, Gear, Illustration, or Counter in Indonesian!

Ilustrasi, Melawan, Gigi, Armada kapal!

Learn how to say Funeral, Ideology, Jury, or Kingdom in Indonesian!

Juri, Kerajaan, Pemakaman, Ideologi!

Learn how to say Volunteer, Ally, Applicant, or Commander in Indonesian!

Sukarelawan, Komandan, Sekutu, Pemohon!

Learn how to say Cabinet, Engine, Stuff, or Bus in Indonesian!

Barang, Mesin, Kabinet, Bis!

Learn how to say "Can you check for me?", "Let me check.", "Did you have a look?", or "Let's go have a look." in Indonesian!

Biarkan aku memeriksa, Bisakah kamu memeriksa aku, Apakah Anda melihat-lihat?, Mari kita lihat.!

Learn how to say Complaint, Corporation, Inflation, or Score in Dutch!

Klacht, Corporatie, Partituur, Inflatie!

Learn how to say Historian, Operator, Princess, or Professional in Dutch!

Professioneel, Prinses, Operator, Geschiedschrijver!

Learn how to say Adventure Film, Animation, War Film, or Romantic Film in Dutch!

Horrorfilm, Horrorfilm, Horrorfilm, Horrorfilm!

Learn how to say Answer, Record, Notice, or Define in Dutch!

Kennisgeving, Antwoord, Bepalen, Record!

Learn how to say Discount, Innovation, Excuse, or Identification in Dutch!

Excuus, Innovatie, Identificatie, Korting!

National Library of Poland, Warsaw, Poland,
Photo by photobeppus, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Continent, Residence, Shower, or Inn in Polish!

Zajazd, Prysznic, Rezydencja, Kontynent!

Learn how to say Diet, Expectation, Signal, or Charity in Polish!

Diet, Signal, Expectation, Charity!

Learn how to say Weekend, Sample, Volume, or Category in Polish!

Tom, Weekend, Kategoria, Próba!

Learn how to say Singer, Delegate, Fool, or Hip in Polish!

Delegate, Singer, Hip, Fool!

Learn how to say Potato Chips, Junk Food, Fast Food, or Unhealthy Food in Polish!

Czipsy, Niezdrowe jedzenie, Fast food, Niezdrowe jedzenie!

Learn how to say Harm, Humor, Interface, or Invitation in Portuguese!

Interface, Humor, Convite, Prejuízo!

Learn how to say Pigeon, Zebra, Snail, or Turkey in Portuguese!

Caracol, Pombo, Zebra, Peru!

Learn how to say Two Thousand, Five, Two Thousand, Six, Two Thousand, Seven, or Two Thousand, Eight in Portuguese!

Dois mil sete, Dois mil e oito, Dois mil e cinco, Dois mil seis!

Learn how to say Divorce, Glory, Liberation, or Reign in Portuguese!

Libertação, Reinado, Divórcio, Glória!

Learn how to say Clear, Black, White, or Fine in Portuguese!

Bem, Preto, Claro, Branco!

Learn how to say Urgent, Nasty, Unhappy, or Crazy in Russian!

противный, несчастный, псих, срочный!

Learn how to say Come, Look, Become, or Leave in Russian!

приехать, оставлять, стали, смотреть!

Learn how to say Reggae, Ska, Hip Hop, or Electronic Music in Russian!

электронная музыка, хип-хоп, регги, ска!

Learn how to say Spoken Word, Dance, Party, or Festival in Russian!

фестиваль, танец, произнесенное слово, вечеринка!

Learn how to say Snappy, Weedy, Dusky, or Earthy in Russian!

быстро, землистый, тощий, сумеречный!

Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Hummingbird, Coyote, Firefly, or Duck in Korean!

반딧불, 코요테, 오리, 벌새!

Learn how to say Routine, Allowance, Consent, or Commune in Korean!

코뮌, 동의, 루틴, 수당!

Learn how to say Water, Bottled Water, Seltzer Water, or Water With Ice in Korean!

탄산수, 물, 얼음이 든 물, 생수!

Learn how to say Resign, Compete, Negotiate, or Borrow in Korean!

협상하다, 사임하다, 경쟁하다, 빌다!

Learn how to say Mayor, Governor, City Council, or Town Council in Korean!

시의회, 시의회, 지사, 시장!

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