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Sierra de Ayllón, Madrid, Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Appoint, Order, Reply, or Propose in Spanish!

Orden, Proponer, Nombrar, Respuesta!

Learn how to say One Thousand, Seven Hundred, One Thousand, Eight Hundred, One Thousand, Nine Hundred, or Two Thousand in Spanish!

Mil ochocientos, Dos mil, Mil novecientos, Mil setecientos!

Learn how to say Weakness, Assault, Constraint, or Expertise in Spanish!

Restricción, Pericia, Debilidad, Asalto!

Learn how to say "Do you need to take a shower?", "I have to take shower.", "Do you need to brush your teeth?", or "I need to brush my teeth." in Spanish!

Tengo que tomar una ducha., ¿Necesita cepillarse los dientes?, Necesito cepillarme los dientes., ¿Necesitas tomar una ducha?!

Learn how to say Register, Storm, Album, or Bench in Spanish!

Tormenta, Registro, Banco, álbum!

Learn how to say Syndicalist, Totalitarian, Marxist, or Soviet in French!

Marxiste, Syndicaliste, Totalitaire, Soviétique!

Learn how to say "Did you have an accident?", "I had an accident.", "Are you sick?", or "I am sick." in French!

J'ai eu un accident., Avez-vous eu un accident?, Je suis malade., Es tu malade?!

Learn how to say Misty, Roast, Smelly, or Down in French!

Rôti, Brumeux, Malodorant, Vers le bas!

Learn how to say Fleet, Gear, Illustration, or Counter in French!

Illustration, Flotte, Compteur, équipement!

Learn how to say Obtain, Control, Remove, or Throw in French!

Obtenir, Jeter, Contrôle, Retirer!

Learn how to say South Korean, North Korean, Colombian, or Italian in Italian!

Colombiano, Corea del Sud, Italiano, Corea del nord!

Learn how to say Range, History, Account, or Record in Italian!

Storia, Disco, Gamma, Account!

Learn how to say Join, Represent, Discuss, or Argue in Italian!

Aderire, Rappresentare, Discutere, Discutere!

Learn how to say "Can you check for me?", "Let me check.", "Did you have a look?", or "Let's go have a look." in Italian!

Puoi controllarmi per me?, Andiamo a dare un'occhiata., Fammi controllare., Hai fatto un'occhiata?!

Learn how to say Mellow, Frosty, Lousy, or Moody in Italian!

Lunatico, Pastoso, Schifoso, Gelido!

Neuschwanstein Schloss, Bavaria, Germany,
Photo by Pedro Paulo Boaventura, CC BY License

Learn how to say Surgery, Composition, Departure, or Excitement in German!

Aufregung, Abreise, Chirurgie, Zusammensetzung!

Learn how to say "Do you have your passport?", "Can I see your passport?", "Yes, I have my passport.", or "My passport is right here." in German!

Hast du deinen Reisepass?, Mein Pass ist hier., Ja, ich habe meinen Reisepass., Darf ich Ihr Pass sehen?!

Learn how to say Cloudy, Hasty, Rainy, or Weighty in German!

Bewölkt, Regnerisch, Gewichtig, Hastig!

Learn how to say Transfer, Ride, Attach, or Wash in German!

Reiten, Übertragung, Anfügen, Waschen!

Learn how to say Leaflet, Mud, Nail, or Skirt in German!

Rock, Broschüre, Schlamm, Nagel!

Learn how to say Fictional Film, Scifi, Fantasy, or B-Movie in Japanese!

ファンタジー, 架空の映画, SF, B-ムービー!

Learn how to say Wonder, Ambition, Collapse, or Conception in Japanese!

野心, 崩壊, ワンダー, 概念!

Learn how to say Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, or Twenty in Japanese!

19, 17, 18才, 20!

Learn how to say North, South, East, or West in Japanese!

西, 北, 南, 東!

Learn how to say "Are you serious?", "I am just kidding.", "I speak two languages.", or "I speak three languages." in Japanese!

冗談だよ。, 真剣ですか?, 私は3つの言語を話す。, 私は2つの言語を話す。!

Learn how to say Theft, Accent, Capitalism, or Dialogue in Chinese!

对话, 盗窃, 口音, 资本主义!

Learn how to say Honey Bee, Polar Bear, Stingray, or Bear in Chinese!

熊, 黄貂鱼, 蜜蜂, 北极熊!

Learn how to say List, Film, Cup, or Machine in Chinese!

名单, 电影, 杯子, 机!

Learn how to say "I know it.", "Everyone knows it.", "He's wrong.", or "She's right." in Chinese!

我知道。, 他错了, 她是对的, 大家都知道!

Learn how to say Provision, Floor, Bill, or Glass in Chinese!

地板, 规定, 法案, 玻璃!

Learn how to say Action-Adventure Game, Turned-Based Strategy Game, Survival Game, or Horror Game in Hindi!

कार्रवाई साहसिक खेल, चालू-आधारित रणनीति खेल, हॉरर गेम, अस्तित्व बनाए रखना!

Learn how to say Bet, Beg, Exchange, or Hire in Hindi!

किराया, अदला बदली, निवेदन करना, शर्त!

Learn how to say Singer, Delegate, Fool, or Hip in Hindi!

गायक, प्रतिनिधि, बुद्धू, कमर!

Learn how to say Beijing, China, New Delhi, India, Tokyo, Japan, or Manila, Philippines in Hindi!

बीजिंग, चीन, मनिला, फिलीपींस, टोक्यो, जापान, नई दिल्ली भारत!

Learn how to say Warm, Strange, Ill, or Alienated in Hindi!

गरम, अलग-थलग, बीमार, अजीब!

Learn how to say Income, Organization, Technology, or Behavior in Indonesian!

Tingkah laku, Pendapatan, Teknologi, Organisasi!

Learn how to say Determination, Import, Replacement, or Strain in Indonesian!

Ketegangan, Penentuan, Impor, Penggantian!

Learn how to say Toilet, Uniform, Cupboard, or Doorway in Indonesian!

Seragam, Lemari, Toilet, Pintu keluar masuk!

Learn how to say Crash, Swallow, Tap, or Brush in Indonesian!

Jatuh, Keran, Sikat, Menelan!

Learn how to say "The food is delicious.", "What's your favorite food?", "My favorite food is sushi.", or "Sushi is delicious." in Indonesian!

Makanan favorit saya adalah sushi., Apa makanan favorit Anda?, Makanannya enak., Sushi lezat.!

Learn how to say Couple, Degree, Mile, or Season in Dutch!

Paar, Mate, Seizoen, Mijl!

Learn how to say Institute, Silence, Treaty, or Congress in Dutch!

Congres, Instituut, Verdrag, Stilte!

Learn how to say Interaction, Mortgage, Permission, or Rank in Dutch!

Rang, Toestemming, Wisselwerking, Hypotheek!

Learn how to say Overnight, Minute, Obscure, or Hollow in Dutch!

Gedurende de nacht, Hol, Minuut, Obscuur!

Learn how to say Result, Name, Line, or View in Dutch!

Naam, Lijn, Resultaat, Uitzicht!

Learn how to say Pull, Hit, Push, or Lay in Polish!

Ciągnąć, Trafienie, Pchać, Kłaść!

Learn how to say Institute, Silence, Treaty, or Congress in Polish!

Treaty, Institute, Silence, Congress!

Learn how to say Fortune, Hold, Pitch, or Smell in Polish!

Smoła, Fortuna, Zapach, Utrzymać!

Learn how to say Anxiety, Compensation, Lecture, or Occupation in Polish!

Niepokój, Odszkodowanie, Wykład, Zawód!

Learn how to say Catalogue, Cheese, Dish, or Shell in Polish!

Danie, Katalog, Ser, Muszla!

Learn how to say Tin, Alarm, Cable, or Craft in Portuguese!

Lata, Construir, Alarme, Cabo!

Learn how to say Potato, Van, Vat, or Chocolate in Portuguese!

Batata, Chocolate, Cuba, Furgão!

Learn how to say Democracy, Monarchy, Parliamentarianism, or Party Politics in Portuguese!

Democracia, Monarquia!

Learn how to say Format, Nerve, Reflection, or Specimen in Portuguese!

Nervo, Formato, Reflexão, Espécime!

Learn how to say Luck, Survival, Barrier, or Climate in Portuguese!

Sorte, Barreira, Sobrevivência, Clima!

Learn how to say Scientist, Professor, Soldier, or Tooth in Russian!

ученый, профессор, зуб, солдат!

Learn how to say Owe, Purchase, Retire, or Finance in Russian!

финансы, покупка, задолжать, выходить на пенсию!

Learn how to say Smoke, Steam, Tissue, or Wire in Russian!

ткань, Стим, провод, дым!

Learn how to say Fear, Cope, Hate, or Hurt in Russian!

Fear, ненавидеть, причинить боль, справиться!

Learn how to say Smart, Wealthy, Drunk, or Kind in Russian!

умная, пьяный, состоятельный, своего рода!

Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by the Republic of Korea, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Lose, Add, Change, or Remain In Korean!

변화, 잃다, 더하다, 남아있는!

Learn how to say Provision, Floor, Bill, or Glass in Korean!

유리, 규정, 계산서, 바닥!

Learn how to say Fan, Servant, Cancer, or Champion in Korean!

하인, 부채, 챔피언, 암!

Learn how to say Holder, Bishop, Boss, or Chest in Korean!

가슴, 보스, 보유자, 주교!

Learn how to say Emotion, Investor, Lad, or Landlord in Korean!

투자자, 젊은이, 감정, 주인!

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