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Caldoveiro Peak, Asturias, North Spain,
Photo by jacinta lluch valero, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Depend, Gain, Collect, or Employ in Spanish!

Depender, Recoger, Ganancia, Emplear!

Learn how to say Infection, Policeman, Witness, or Adviser in Spanish!

Infección, Asesor, Testigo, Policía!

Learn how to say Put, Hold, Keep, or Bring in Spanish!

Guardar, Put, Traer, Sostener!

Learn how to say "Can you count this for me?", "I will count it for you.", "Do you have a clean cup?", or "I don't have a cup." in Spanish!

¿Puedes contar esto para mí?, Lo contaré para usted., ¿Tienes una taza limpia?, No tengo una taza.!

Learn how to say Disability, Equity, Era, or Explosion in Spanish!

Explosión, Equidad, Discapacidad, Era!

Learn how to say Say, Tell, Ask, or Show in French!

Dire, Demander, Montrer, Dire!

Learn how to say Mouth, Sister, Miss, or Executive in French!

Sœur, Manquer, Bouche, Exécutif!

Learn how to say Rope, Server, Butter, or Crystal in French!

Corde, Serveur, Cristal, Beurre!

Learn how to say Recording, Substance, Carpet, or Curtain in French!

Enregistrement, Tapis, Rideau, Substance!

Learn how to say Thinking, Premise, Poem, or Average in French!

Poème, En pensant, Moyenne, Prémisse!

Learn how to say Buddhism, Sikhism, Animism, or Spiritism in Italian!

Buddismo, Spiritismo, Sikhismo, Animismo!

Learn how to say Ice Cream, Bread Roll, Macaroni, or Pasta in Italian!

Panino, Gelato, Maccheroni, Pasta!

Learn how to say "Is your father home?", "My father is at work.", "Is your mother home?", or "My mother is at the office." in Italian!

È la casa di tua madre?, Mio padre è al lavoro., È tuo padre a casa?, Mia madre è in ufficio.!

Learn how to say Robust, Tricky, Frail, or Ripe in Italian!

Difficile, Fragile, Robusto, Maturo!

Learn how to say Witty, Vain, Cheeky, or Posh in Italian!

Elegante, Vano, Sfacciato, Spiritoso!

Learn how to say Instance, Curve, Pace, or Delay in German!

Kurve, Tempo, Verzögern, Beispiel!

Learn how to say Nutrition, Nutrient, Health, or Healthy in German!

Gesundheit, Nährstoff, Ernährung, Gesund!

Learn how to say Hell, Castle, Lane, or Passage in German!

Hölle, Schloss, Passage, Fahrbahn!

Learn how to say "Have you been in Hanoi yet?", "Which direction is the hotel in?", "How do I get to the public park?", or "How long does it take to get there?" in German!

Wie komme ich in den öffentlichen Park?, In welche Richtung ist das Hotel?, Waren Sie schon in Hanoi?, Wie lange dauert es, um dorthin zu gelangen?!

Learn how to say Fiery, Sturdy, Bland, or Split in German!

Feurig, Fade, Teilt, Robust!

Learn how to say Redistribution, Referendum, Republic, or Repatriation in Japanese!

マックラーカー, マックラーカー, マックラーカー, マックラーカー!

Learn how to say Vote, Persuade, Accompany, or Accuse in Japanese!

投票, 非難する, 説得する, 付随する!

Learn how to say Harm, Humor, Interface, or Invitation in Japanese!

害, 招待, ユーモア, インタフェース!

Learn how to say Remedy, Slope, Stop, or Strip in Japanese!

スロープ, 救済, やめる, ストリップ!

Learn how to say Trade, Training, Relationship, or Rule in Japanese!

トレード, トレーニング, ルール, 関係!

Learn how to say Reader, Shoulder, Owner, or Pain in Chinese!

疼痛, 所有者, 肩, 读者!

Learn how to say Imagine, Associate, Aim, or Observe in Chinese!

守, 关联, 想像, 目标!

Learn how to say Conversion, Friendship, Pass, or Registration in Chinese!

友谊, 注册, 转变, 通过!

Learn how to say "Do you have a table near the window?", "I haven't finished eating.", "I'll have a cup of tea, please.", or "I'll have a bottle of water, please." in Chinese!

窗户附近有桌子吗?, 请给我一杯茶。, 我还没吃完, 请给我一瓶水。!

Learn how to say Navy, Raid, Rhythm, or Shortage in Chinese!

韵律, 海军, 短缺, 袭击!

Learn how to say "What time do you go to work everyday?", "I go to work everyday at 8:00 AM.", "What time do you get out of work?", or "I get out of work at 4:00 PM everyday." in Hindi!

मैं हर रोज 8:00 बजे काम करता हूं।, मुझे रोजाना 4:00 बजे काम से बाहर निकलना पड़ता है, आप हर रोज काम करने के लिए कब जाते हैं?, आपको काम से बाहर निकलने का समय क्या है?!

Learn how to say Unit, Date, Amount, or Bit in Hindi!

बिट, तारीख, इकाई, रकम!

Learn how to say "Was there an accident?", "There was a car accident.", "Where was the accident?", or "The accident happened at the store two streets away." in Hindi!

दुर्घटना दुकान पर दो सड़कों दूर हुआ।, एक कार दुर्घटना थी, क्या कोई दुर्घटना हुई?, दुर्घटना कहाँ थी?!

Learn how to say Cry, Rumour, Compromise, or Portfolio in Hindi!

समझौता, अफवाह, रोना, पोर्टफोलियो!

Learn how to say Emotion, Investor, Lad, or Landlord in Hindi!

भावना, बालक, निवेशक, मकान मालिक!

Learn how to say Commonwealth, Concession, Coup, or Delegation in Indonesian!

Delegasi, Konsesi, Kup, Persemakmuran!

Learn how to say Trend, Warning, Achievement, or Democracy in Indonesian!

PERINGATAN, Kecenderungan, Prestasi, Demokrasi!

Learn how to say Bet, Beg, Exchange, or Hire in Indonesian!

Bertukar, Mempekerjakan, Mengemis, Bertaruh!

Learn how to say Card, Document, Supply, or Rock in Indonesian!

Kartu, Dokumen, Batu, Menyediakan!

Learn how to say Finger, Employee, Band, or Partner in Indonesian!

Jari, Pita, Karyawan, Pasangan!

Windmill 'Prinsenmolen', Rotterdam, Netherlands,
Photo by Vincent_AF, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Leader, King, Secretary, or Lord in Dutch!

Leider, Heer, Koning, Secretaris!

Learn how to say Settle, Acquire, Own, or Contribute in Dutch!

Vestigen, Bijdragen, Eigen, Verkrijgen!

Learn how to say Interview, Tour, Tradition, or Traffic in Dutch!

Verkeer, Interview, Traditie, Tour!

Learn how to say Transfer, Ride, Attach, or Wash in Dutch!

Rijden, Hechten, Wassen, Overdracht!

Learn how to say Wonder, Ambition, Collapse, or Conception in Dutch!

Ineenstorting, Opvatting, Ambitie, Wonder!

Learn how to say Setting, Landscape, Laboratory, or Peak in Polish!

Oprawa, Laboratorium, Szczyt, Krajobraz!

Learn how to say Sergeant, Tongue, Architect, or Assistant in Polish!

Sergeant, Tongue, Architect, Assistant!

Learn how to say Profession, Protest, Recommendation, or Restriction in Polish!

Profession, Protest, Recommendation, Restriction!

Learn how to say Satellite, Bible, Clothing, or Stake in Polish!

Stawka, Satelita, Biblia, Odzież!

Learn how to say Snappy, Weedy, Dusky, or Earthy in Polish!

Mroczny, Ziemisty, żwawy, Zachwaszczony!

Learn how to say January, February, March, or April in Portuguese!

Fevereiro, Abril, Marcha, Janeiro!

Learn how to say Load, Expansion, Ratio, or Variable in Portuguese!

Relação, Expansão, Variável, Carga!

Learn how to say Reason, Figure, Research, or Decision in Portuguese!

Decisão, Pesquisa, Razão, Figura!

Learn how to say Branch, Copy, Wind, or Train in Portuguese!

Ramo, Vento, Trem, Cópia de!

Learn how to say Satellite, Bible, Clothing, or Stake in Portuguese!

Estaca, Bíblia, Satélite, Roupas!

Learn how to say Brash, Gaudy, Sporty, or Stealthy in Russian!

нахальный, спортивный, скрытый, безвкусный!

Learn how to say Sweet, Rough, Cool, or Extreme in Russian!

милая, круто, грубый, экстремальный!

Learn how to say Comedy Film, Romantic Comedy Film, Musical, or Documentary Russian!

документальный, романтический фильм о комедии, музыкальный, комедийный фильм!

Learn how to say Government, Work, Problem, or Kiss in Russian!

проблема, Работа, поцелуй, правительство!

Learn how to say Screen, Map, Metal, or Pool in Russian!

экран, бассейн, карта, металл!

Gyeonghuigung Palace, Seoul, South Korea,
Photo by travel oriented, CC BY-SA License

Learn how to say Senator, Congress, Congressman, or Congresswoman in Korean!

Learn how to say Accommodation, Boundary, Dispute, or Identity in Korean!

분쟁, 정체, 적응, 경계!

Learn how to say Sweet, Rough, Cool, or Extreme in Korean!

시원한, 극단, 거칠게, 단!

Learn how to say Argentina, Ukraine, Algeria, or Iraq in Korean!

이라크, 아르헨티나, 우크라이나, 알제리!

Learn how to say Load, Expansion, Ratio, or Variable in Korean!

변하기 쉬운, 확장, 비율, 하중!

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